Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 1, 2013

The Auricles: A Feverish Frequency


Greetings comrades from the viral ward. While settling in for a few days of committee fever recently I was  replacing my second computer this year after a power surge spike episode unlike I have seen in the ancient Appalachian abberation zone. I was stricken two days later with a case of  earwig factory fever and the flu (w/o vax)

I had managed to get the poor baby to a new motherboard for care but I had to rough it out with my own virus. It gave me a chance to clear the channels and I used the boob tube as the colonic to purge the system. While in the grips of hallucinations I did catch a few  interesting visions. One was the History Channel’s,  The Bible series in its entirety.  About eight hours that holographic spectacle and though it was quite enjoyable and well crafted it had occurred to me that all channels were tuned to the passover frequencies. The Passion of the Christ ran 24/7 plus a multitude of biblical science NATGEO’s from the face of the shroud to the gospel of Judas.

It seemed during my last trip into the committee viral ward,  I succumbed to the  pre-apocalyptic ancient alien extravaganza with a dash of salt and few shakes of preppers, but alas the event has run its cycle and now it appears the next phase of the big blue flu and main stream macabre is now focused on reinvigorating the Christian outrage and the willingness to walk to mount olive carry our crosses after the thorough torture that comes before the large spikes to be hammered into the auricles of the walking dead public at large.

There’s nothing like watching a good Christ, like Caviezel getting bludgeoned with razor whips for an hour to make your vomiting and fever seem like a new Disney ride.  Herod’s taking of the head of John the Baptist almost had some appeal to me at that time with my current peak of blue flu fever. With the recent  Vatican concavity and vexing, and the heightened earwigging of the Aurora hologram,  Sandy Hoax and now the Texas and Colorado Southern Poverty white crime mobile unit in high swing I expect even atheists would want to see Paul of Tarsus kick some committee ass right about now.

For COTO,  I think it all fits the bill-0-fare for the bigger event coming after every grandmother in Arizona and elsewhere has received a free Obama shotgun. Just like food stamps the taxpayers money gives those who want free food a limited choice of big agri and big purveyors like Beatrice a kick in the wallet at our expense.  Why not the arms manufacturers?  They are on the team as well.  It’s their time to see some stock surge to help the peaking Dow hit the acme and they deserve to ring the bell too.

I heard Piers and his guests, discussing the Aurora hoax and James Holmes.  Dana Loesch and Grover Norquist state that Holmes should be executed twelve times. Certainly Christ like in the Passion sense. don’t you think, for these two republicans?  It had to make the party so proud.  Just coming off the review of  author and book “Killing Jesus” had the author defending his take on Jew on Jew crime as anti-semitic, which never has any racial overtones when discussing black on black crime and murder. More GOP from the JooGoo  I guess.

The father of Alex Teves,  Mr Tom Teves said about young James the Lesser;

 “I have no interest in understanding him – my interest would be to see him exterminated”

Pretty harsh for a kid who did not do anything?  I think so and now even Alex Jones said it was 100% psyops. Yay Alex, it’s about time brother. Yes all in all I have to say that the hallucinations and holograms I saw during the big blue flu were more real than what I have witnessed since coming back to 98.6 but I thought I’d check with you all in case I may have relapsed.



  1. Good to see you back Puddy. Hope u get well soon.

    • Cheers Jay7Sun. Good to see your rockin icon as well.

  2. Glad you and your computer are feeling better Patrick 🙂 But I really want to know where I sign up for my Obama gun 😉

      • lol !! the magical princess smiles deviously as she picks up the revolver and takes aim at one hybrid rogue……

        Thank you PD… that was perfect timing and quite cathartic 🙂

        • Aw…it’s just your internal chemistry toots.

          Remember to hold the pistol grip properly honeychild…you devious thing you.


  3. As for your flucinations… who can tell the diff between those and today’s reality. What a strange, curious road we are traveling on…….

  4. Wow, sounds like a real trip Puddy.

    All experience is a learning experience if one is open to the learning aspect in larks tongue.

    Perhaps a synthesizer set up to bombard the area with the Schumann Resonance…and a deck of cards lacking the Queen of Diamonds.

    You could watch the squirrels doin’ the cha cha cha in the trees outside your window.

    Glad to see you back dood.


  5. “… like a new Disney ride.”

    • Not surprised they use the face of the wicked witch for their makeup line logo. No thank you… wait …at second glance there is a black profile of a child in that logo… that is really sinister.

    • Pure Disney cheese…

      iss stoopid


    • Okay, this has convinced me that the eugenicists are right. Kill everyone involved with “Beautifully Disney.” Kill the creators, the workers, the actors, the people that buy into this shit.

  6. Glad to be back from the O-zone Willie. I feel invigorated Deb. Ready to go preach the gospel according to COTO like Michael D.. The timeline seems to be progression with oppression but the masses seem to be optimistic. Is that possible?

    I think that time has almost ceased to exist and we are just getting loopbacks and reruns from key coordinates much like flashbacks from a bad trip. But I confess to feeling some optimism. Are they beginning the big purge? Has the doping begun? Maybe.

    Ready to see some more postings from the group and I have a new derivative calculator and maybe I can sink it into the vortex. I want to give dates from now on. All numbers are events, all events nines and history is the keypad. New toys are great.

    Watch the religious locations around the world and not just the Vatican. We got force and energy colliding. Big news coming.

    • I still feel that we are in the Event Horizon, that Time is in a paradoxical abeyance, where the dream world and the ‘real world’ are merging into our consciousness as one.

      Talk about cathartic!! Maybe even catholicfartic!!!!


      • Well said mon ami.

        Me thinks the North Koreans will be the antithesis to the Christian Vodumbing by the powers that be.

        Kim Jong UN via the UN controlled MISO-NATO.

        New Nuclear threats and the global Haarpology mean business at the end of a carbon tax.

        Rapid firing coming to a theater near and dear to the liberal leaning. I still suspect L.A. for either quake or false flag. It’s on the coordinates and I do not want to be wrong.

    • Careful about all that optimism, that can only lead to disappointment. It’s just the afterglow one gets after getting over the flu.

      My theory is to wake-up expecting the worst, so if it happens I’m not surprised, and if it doesn’t I can consider it a good day.

      • Right Michael and like I have said before it always happens at that time. Too much optimism is a fabrication of some sort and it means to dope the senses.

  7. People you should check out Catholic end time prophecies. Scroll down to THE END TIMES title on this blog:

    • Hey Trancendover,

      Whatcha spoze ol Lord Byron meant by, “midnight blast”?


  8. Things sure looked brighter around South Jersey today. The sun was shining ALL DAY with blue sky & REAL puffy clouds. Not a chemtrail in sight. It was cold and windy especially for flippin April.. high 40’s. But whenever I see a real sky I want to cry with joy 🙂

    • There’s your warning. Ride it while we can. Nice here today except for the Spring Fever.

  9. It is hitting the fan here in Texas. An assistant DA and the DA of Kaufman County have been taken out. Law enforcement cries it is investigating who might have had motive. The usual sources say its the Aryan Nation. The chickens they sometimes come home to roost,other times they are barbequed.

    • Southern Poverty hitmen and assassins Korn. There’s a Judge Roll behind each one. I wish I had time to spend on that research. What happened to all the COTO slueths?

  10. The Confiscation of Bank Savings to “Save the Banks”: The Diabolical Bank “Bail-In” Proposal

    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
    Global Research, April 02, 2013
    Url of this article:

    Look at what is coming..this is why the martial law and camps are being structured…bing bang walla walla zing tang…

    Good luck kiddies


  11. I have no savings other than a pension fund at work which I can’t touch until I leave.(which of course will be depleted by the banksters first) I live paycheck to paycheck.

    However, I have been warning everyone else to get their money out of banks entirely including credit unions. They’re getting shit for interest anyway. A nice big, heavy, super fireproof safe is your best bet these days.

    We all know Cypress was just the beginning of the domino fall. It’s now just a matter of determining when to expect our turn.

    • One of the things that robs some of my credibility is when people ask if I’m prepared. And of course I’m not. Even though I’ve seen this coming for 45-yrs. I’m as vulnerable now as I’ve ever been. I don’t even have any appreciative skills.

      About the only value I have left is either being the first to take a bullet, or the to be the last line of defense before they take the women and children.

      Unless of course, the space-aliens finally land and bitch-slap us back into our senses.

      • M, if they ask you why you aren’t prepared, tell them all renegades travel light 😉

    • I wish you could covert it Deb.

  12. PD, .. love the new Art work, thank you

    (static) mayday… mayday… mayday…

    • Thank to you too.

      Great video. Maxwell and Tarplay may differ but the deeper power is the isms. The five tiers to a crescendo of what will be a global fasco=governance. The Hague and UN front the secret orders.
      Mafia rules even in Immobiliare.

      The bundle of sticks featuring an axe, indicating the power over life and death and not just an AX and faggot.

    • Love the Commies – New Day

  13. Against “Objective” Journalism
    By Kevin Carson

    As Christopher Lasch described it, in The Revolt of the Elites, Lippmann’s view of society and government in general was that

    [s]ubstantive questions could be safely left to experts, whose access to scientific knowledge immunized them against the emotional “symbols” and “stereotypes” that dominated public debate.

    His influence on twentieth century journalism, in particular, was to destroy the earlier function of newspapers in the nineteenth century as the center of democratic debate.

    Newspapers might have served as extensions of the town meeting. Instead they embraced a misguided ideal of objectivity and defined their goal as the circulation of reliable information….

    Lasch believed that ideal of objectivity was wrong-headed because it ignored the dialectical nature of truth:

    What democracy requires is vigorous public debate, not information. Of course, it needs information too, but the kind of information it needs can be generated only by debate. We do not know what we need to know until we ask the right questions, and we can identify the right questions only by subjecting our own ideas about the world to the test of public controversy. Information, usually seen as the precondition of debate, is better understood as its byproduct. When we get into arguments that focus and fully engage our attention, we become avid seekers of relevant information. Otherwise we take in information passively–if we take it in at all.

    * * *

    Lippmann had forgotten what he learned (or should have learned) from William James and John Dewey: that our search for reliable information is itself guided by the questions that arise during arguments about a given course of action. It is only by subjecting our preferences and projects to the test of debate that we come to understand what we know and what we still need to learn…. It is the act of articulating and defending our views that lifts them out of the category of “opinions”…. In short, we come to know our own minds only by explaining ourselves to others.

    There are serious problems with the “both sides” model of “objective reporting.” As Justin Lewis described it in Project Censored Yearbook 2000,

    The norms of “objective reporting” thus involve presenting “both sides” of an issue with very little in the way of independent forms of verification… [A] journalist who systematically attempts to verify facts–to say which set of facts is more accurate–runs the risk of being accused of abandoning their objectivity by favoring one side over another….

    ….[J]ournalists who try to be faithful to an objective model of reporting are simultaneously distancing themselves from the notion of independently verifiable truth….

    The “two sides” model of journalistic objectivity makes news reporting a great deal easier since it requires no recourse to a factual realm. There are no facts to check, no archives of unspoken information to sort through…. If Tweedledum fails to challenge a point made by Tweedledee, the point remains unchallenged.


    • Some here may recall my arguments with Lesser on OEN over his advocacy of a return to “The Fairness Doctrine”…that would impose a representation from “the Other Side” on all media.

      I think the above essay by Carson exposes the fallacy of such idea’s as ‘objective reporting’ and the pure lunacy of there being only 2 sides to any issue – which is the false paradigm of the dualoptic wizz of the Hegelian Dialectic – which is NOT a true dialectic but a restricted one of enforcing a two sided ‘debate’ between posers.

      Recall that Lesser was one of those ‘Up and Coming’ Democratic Party Klowns…and a “Prize” operative for the bullshit of OEN.


      • They obviously choose to reject it. Or as we see they just dismiss it in debate. Accepting core unproven truths thay operate on all other levels.

        MSM operates strategically on this technique. They move beyond it after they have assauted the spongebobs with the basic premises and then divert and deflect any debate on the core objections.

        Sandy Hook was back in the frequencies as the gun bill comes to the cycles end. Obama was in Denver today talking at Police Academy and he said something similar to ” we have to come together to do whatever it takes to stop the gun deaths. Whatever it takes to stop one death, we have to do it and it’s worth it”

        I’d like to tell him 26 kids died of vaccinations as reported by the W.H.O. So lets ban and end all vaccinations? That attacks the core of the argument for if I said that in debate they would say that vaccines saves lives. Well so do guns. But ….but…but and they cannot defend it.

  14. If there is any good thing about getting the flu it’s how good you feel right after you get over it. Not that you ever needed any excuse to be in rare form, but your insight and writing are sharper than ever.

    The tsunami shit storm is so close now can smell it.

    • Yup Mr M,

      The Vishnu mass is in for a big Shock’n’Awe party…

      Trust in the chaos to provide cover for us…the “Powers that Be” are about to open a Pandora’s Box that will let loose Nemesis on such a scale that there is no managing it. That’s Hubris for ya.


    • Thanks Michael. This COTO thing you created was my energy to force. I’d all but given up on fighting the currents until Rob inspired you to create this movement.

  15. Remember…

    You film it at high speed so that it plays back in slo-mo…

    Event Horizon


  16. Leaked TPP documents detail how the Obama administration intends to surrender US sovereignty to international tribunals that operate under World Bank and UN rules to settle disputes arising under the TPP, specifically designed to leave Congress out in the cold while creating a judicial authority higher than the US Supreme Court. In theory, the TPP would give international judicial entities the authority to override US laws, allowing foreign companies doing business in the United States the privilege of operating in a legal environment that would give them significant economic advantages over American companies that remain tied to US laws, placing domestic companies who do not move offshore at a competitive disadvantage.
    By Nile Bowie
    Global Research, April 02, 2013

    Url of this article:


  17. “A Simple Lesson In Economics
    And Obama Socialism”

    OR…as I would re-title it: ‘Simplistic Bullshit’ by someone who doesn’t understand corporatism.

    Anyone insisting that this system is “socialist” is flat out stupid.

    Misinterpreting ‘statism’ as socialism is the first error. Using simplistic allegories is the second error. Missing the fact of ‘Corporate Socialism’, and the difference between the terms, “the rich”, and “the elite” is the final and fatal error.

    Anyone who has read my commentary knows I am dead-set against Socialism. So my argument here should not be misconstrued as an argument for. My argument is against statism, in every shape and form.


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