Posted by: Mr. M | March 31, 2013

Never would have guessed …

Never would have guessed ...

This is why I love what I’m doing. I wish I could have filmed the conversation I had with these two. And I will be able to soon – hopefully.

You should have seen the look on the white-liberals faces as these two were talking about Obama. It was all I could do to keep from losing it.



  1. 🙂 w h a t a cute couple…must have been nice talking with them…do you have a video option on your mobile phone? its just as handy and less conspicuous don’t coin yourself with a political party label do you? because those are stories for the citizens to further separate and occupy themselves over.

    • Actually they were very aware. I don’t know about “cute,” but they sure were fun to talk too.

      I’m never quit sure what kind of reaction I’m going to get out there on the streets. After all, it’s the streets. Anything can happen.

      I hardly have a phone. But soon, hopefully, I’ll have cameras following me around.

  2. I commend you on your efforts Mr M.

    • I have just begun to fight.

      • oh…you do, mr. M…you do ;0hehe

  3. Damn! I love it when you fight!

    • Any NEW Bird-pig flu in Japan, Pat?

    • The only way I go to a camp is as if they surprise me. Otherwise there will be blood on my doorstep.

      • M, locked and loaded? Good for you 😉

  4. Well M, they look very happy to be talking with you as well. That’s a great picture! The guy kinda looks a bit like Obummer himself but much more sincere and unrobotic-like 😉

    So happy you are still takin’ it to the streets ! ❤

    • Hey Deb,

      Still no word from Master Puddy?

      Wonder what’s up with that???


      • I heard from him today Will. He’s had the flu and his power went out and no computer. He’s ok and says he will return !!

        • Thanks for the upsy-datesy Deb,

          Glad to hear you heard, sorry to hear he’s been ill. Three bams at once aye…wow.


          • I missed you all. Like a loss of a limb it was for those days. Peace (but with a large limb)

    • Deb,

      I’m just grateful I have a gift for gab and am finding an outlet, that hopefully might have an impact.

      But it’s like the very first day I was on the streets with this rig, and a scooter-riding cop comes up and checks the wagon out and asks; “You really think anything you’re going to do is going to make a difference?”

      And I answered: “No, but what difference does that make? Maybe I can’t change anything, but I’m not going to let that change me.”

      Now every time he sees me he rides by and says, “Nothings going to change.”

      With this next incarnation of the Info-Wagon it will be like an infusion of jet-fuel into a Model-T. I really have plans for this thing that are off the charts. Like street theater. Filming us going into police depts. and demanding the arrest of politicians and Feds. Live-streaming various acts of peaceful civil disobedience.

      • When you see this cop smile…slightly laugh…as if u feel sorry for him…and say. Good Luck to you.shaking your head and still smiling. He wont like that. Guaranteed. ;).

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  5. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you the best. The head of the Libertarian Party here has told me to stop talking about 9/11 at the meetings! Said she, “doesn’t want to scare potential members away.”

    I called her a pathetic hypocrite.

    • I could think of a few more things to call her. A sheep. For one. Or someone who ios clearly missing the point. We dont NEED government. We should stop thinking in terms of CHANGING OR TRYING TO FIX WHAT IS A MADE _TO _BE FUCKED SYSTEM OF CONTROL and enslavement. Theres no fixing it and its high time we stopped subscribing and supporting it. That Libertarian party is just a waste of your time..unless you are there to change paths for some.

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      • Oh, agree wholeheartedly.

        But what gets me is that the very first meeting it was dominated by truthers. The next meeting had more people, mainly because of the first meeting, and then by the third meeting this gate-keeping bitch wants to put a stop to the very thing that was making the meetings grow!

        This is exactly the kind of shit that got us all kicked-off Op-Ed (pa-uth!).

        It’s the TRUTH! I can’t fucking help it if it’s ugly! Deal with it and it
        may possibly get better. I plan on going to one of the next meetings and just tearing a new ass-hole. Fuck these hypocrites. As if everything isn’t right here on the Internet for anyone too see. Gee, whatever you do don’t mention A&E For 9/11 Truth! God forbid anyone should slip-up and shake these people out of their trance.

        I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s because I’m so self-important that I think I have something to say, but when someone tells me to stop talking, just because I’m telling what I believe to be the truth, I go ape-shit.

        • You were one of the best things about Op-Ed News, and COTO encouraged me to be really active there, until… I wonder what they slipped Rob? It looked to me like the editorial work there was an easy target for infiltration. Rob should have been aware of that. My guess was he was never really on the same page as us, and it was easy to persuade him that Op-Ed News would be better off without our point of view. I go there now to read Paul Craig Roberts, but beyond his articles, there is practically nothing. Can’t even call it “mainstream,” more like ossified.

          • “Our point of view” isn’t even “our” point of view. It is what is. It’s the obvious part of obvious.

            I can’t even articulate properly what should be obvious to all, and then we have masters such as Dr. Roberts, a man of significant credentials, that at one time throw in the towel, and continues to speak the bleak truth, being ignored.

            Roberts, much like Vonnegut, from oh so-long ago, doesn’t seem to leave much hope. There’s a resignation there that strikes a cord deep within, that doesn’t comfort as much as disturbs.

          • I think Rob was always cointel from the get go. OPED BLOGS for the most part all are data collectors and feedback loops. COTO may be a feedback loop as well but at least were not corrupt.

            • Yea, that’ll be the day that we sell out to Huffpo or the NY Times. Rob Clown Karr has certainly changed his tune these days though…..

              • Holding on to his holdings better termed. I run through occasinally and it’s stilll liberal betrayal. Must be tough to have all the answers but unable to match them them to the questions.

        • keep it up! Ya I feel the same…I dont think its self importance..i think its of universal importance ❤

    • Dammit Michael, wish I could be there spreading the word with you. Don’t believe that ass that says you are changing nothing. You are. The more you press for the truth the more people that are exposed to it will, at the very least ,start thinking about the information you are giving them.

      The worse the economy gets, the more the prices rise, the more people notice politicians are doing NOTHING for them, the easier it will be for you to break through their cognizant dissonance.

      Keep on keepin on…’re doing a stellar job..

      • …. “sigh” …. YOU wish you could be here? Me too.

        • “but when someone tells me to stop talking, just because I’m telling what I believe to be the truth, I go ape-shit.”

          That is what I love best about you my dear M. You are a fighter for what you believe in and you get out there and prove it. Ain’t nothin’ finer than that.

  6. no biz like show biz! here’s a unique venue

    • Passed it today on my way uptown.

      One of the things I plan on doing is when they hold their ritual events, is to park my rig as close as I can get and blast the truth.

      New Orleans is ripe with targets. This is one of the epicenters for the Illuminati and a vortex to the gate of Hell. I have pledged myself to being point-man as a dagger to their black-little hearts.

      • Vodumbing in New Orleans. I have to give you enormous credit too M. At our age I admit my tank is empty on one one with the deer headlights. That shut down you can see in the face and eyes like an iPAd shutting off. They even begin to sing a little tune or hum when they power off.

        I must confess to being a codependent to it too. Their eyes flash and go dark and I lose audio. I have been talking to a group of teens though and they have been spreading the blog. I even gave them log ins to Alex Jones TV. For $.60 a log in, how much easier is it to get the word out. I have asked to get a chance to do some talks at a local Baptist Church but not getting the response.

        It’s nice to see you when you get by. I miss the toons but the work on the streets is far more important. Especially there in N.O. as important a location for the NAU around the corner.

    • Looks like a lovely place for a ritualistic sacrifice…..

      As always, the Secretary will disavow
      any knowledge of your actions

  7. Did Rady go hollywood? Any poop on that scoop?

    • Rady is still here doing movie extra work, and getting by the best she can picking-up odd jobs and whatnot. But the longer she stays the more New Orleans is getting its hooks into her. This is a very seductive place.

      • Oh yes I know. The friendliest people and the greatest night life and Jazz. I was hooked. Weekends from Houston regularly. A lot of drinking and driving on I-10 , potholes and all. Give her my best.

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