Posted by: veritytwo | March 29, 2013

Civil War and the Litmus Test- Will you shoot Americans

A very stark truth spoken here on the cusp of the collapse. How far will these criminals go to maintain their foothold. All the way it appears.



  1. so Paddy….WHAT do you know about QUESTION #46 ?

  2. ooodas splatterblitz ja?

    werph aucht no doobities boutits.

    dey no wanna we lookid dissen…took me five temps ta seezet…yup

    issa no loady here-eyeznz hadda go ta oootooberz issef to finalizer da lookie.

    bam bam bam sez unkie sam


  3. Does the good of the many
    outweigh the good of the one?

  4. “Does the good of the many
    outweigh the good of the one?”

    “This webpage is not available” – every time I have pulled up this page…

    So there is no context to put to the question asked about the good of the one or the good of the many.

    Not enough info for a computation as per the relation. Woodchucks ya know.


    • you don’t support our woodchucks?


    • From what I gather from the rhyme, the woodchucks ability to chuck is highly over rated. But I haven’t done the field studies ti be certain about this.

      gawd SOMETHING murka…yup!


      • Didn’t leave the planet this weekend. Too bad you couldn’t view that one Willy. it was a good follow up to my posting

    • Ya know Veri,

      Every video on this page consistently loads as ‘not available’…
      for me at least. I don’t think it is my browser’s problem, I often get to view vids on COTO…I did on the last page…WTF??

      I can tell ya this dood…I am off planet every night when I go to sleep, and even days during naps now. The Lucid Lucy Show. I was leaping tall buildings in a single bound, running a hundred mph…doing amazing things…and it is like “real life” Lol…whatever the fuck that means anymore.


      • Too bad you can’t Wil. These are from “Storm Clouds Gathering” and is some of the clearest elucidation out there on the web.

      • Interesting Willy, I’m getting pretty darned weird dreams myself lately. Smart meter is working overtime at my house!

        • I don’t have a Smart meter…
          but my garbage disposal still works, but the faucet still drips, if I don’t take special care to push the handle just so…

          Last night I woke up in a strange hotel room. I heard keys jangling roughly shoving a key in the doorknob. I looked up from my pillow and saw the door ajar. In the hallway was one of those maid’s carts with towels stacked on top and those little soap and shampoo bottles in a net bag on one end.
          I heard someone mumble, it sounded farther from the door.

          It took great effort to pull myself to a sitting position…I felt almost paralyzed, but finally with a burst of will power I sat up, and immediately went for the door. As I reached it I realized I was in my own bedroom looking out towards the kitchen and living room.
          Then it struck me…I really had to pee.

          This whole sequence was just a story to wake me up to pee.

          I thought it was funny, and I told myself so.


          • Don’t know about you Wil but when that scenario happens, I always come from the throws of a erotic dream and a chub on.

  5. A Tale of Two Londons
    by Nicholas Shaxson

  6. I put this one up a while back. Listen to what this man has to say. Make sure you have a barf bag close by.

  7. Hmmm…so now the videos showed up.

    And I have obviously overcome the difficulty in accessing the blog.

    Mysteries abound…


  8. Recent conversations with police. A Lt. in the Tampa police dept. said about 90% of the police will not confiscate the guns. A 19-yr. navy man said 95% of his men are awake. And a local cop I talked to today said about 60% are on board.

    If they want a shooting war it will be shot, ugly and they won’t like the

    • short …. “will be short …”

      I suspect I’m going out of my mind. There’s a form of comfort doing that I suppose.

      If all goes well new ground will be broken soon. They are not going to be ready for this and there is only one way they can stop me. And if they do that, they lose. Because then the idea of it will spread like wildfire.

      I gotta post the picture I took today, but I don’t know how to do that posting on thing anymore. I suppose I have to “up-grade” to something or other.

      My life is a trip. I wouldn’t wish it anyone but myself.

    • As for the majority of cops not shooting we citizens, that’s very good news! Hope the entire military feels the same way but somehow I doubt that. What bothers me is the foreign forces they have here which have no allegiance to we the people.

      • The foreign troops will not be fighting for anything, and we’ll be fighting for our land, on our land. I promise you, the only way they’ll take the Southern-swamp lands, is to nuke them.

  9. M,what are you talking about? What aren’t they gonna be ready for? If you have a photobucket acct you can send it there and copy the htlm to post it in your comment. If not, you can send me the picture and I will post it for you if you want..

    • They are not going to be ready for what I’m going to do. My next project. If – and that’s an iffy “if,” I can get all the funding needed I’m going to blend the best of the Internet, the streets, the truth and the people, all in one big show.

      Never knowing where I might show-up next. And if this goes well, the idea will spread to other cities. It will be like “We Are Change” on steroids.

      Photobucket, huh … yeah, okay … how would you like to be my assistant? Pay sucks, it’s dangerous, nerve-racking, work, but you will get a lot of “atta-boy’s” – or in your case “atta-girl’s.”

  10. Atta girl? That’s more than I get from my dr boss at work ! Send the pic to my email. I’ll post it and tag it as yours .

  11. Brandon Smith
    March 31, 2013

    There are two types of people in this world; those who worship the ideal of centralized command authority, and those who do not. Those who value freedom regardless of risk or pain, and those who value slavery in a desperate bid to avoid risk and pain. When I consider the ultimate folly of man, in the end I look to the meek and unquestioning masses who strive to avoid risk, because it is they who always end up feeding the machines of war, despair, and tyranny. The power thirsty halls of elitism surely instigate and manipulate the tides of this wretched ocean of quivering souls, but ultimately, the weak-hearted and weak minded make all terrible conquests possible.
    The smaller this dominant group becomes, the more corrupt and criminal the government generally is. A government reaches a state of despotism whenever its functions are twisted for the sake of an elite few to the detriment of the common man, and when it ignores the natural inborn rights of the individual for the sake of some fabricated collective . If one were to closely examine the birth of every iron-fisted oligarchy throughout history, they would find a cyclical pattern of centralization; the removal of checks and balances, the removal of legitimate public involvement in the political process, a dependent and infantized citizenry, and the rise of a “bureaucratic class” which regards itself as superior and born to lead. All steps taking place within Western societies today.
    The most dangerous and insidious of governments present themselves as a kind of social vanity mirror. They allow the citizenry to project their collective desires, biases, shortcomings, and fears, and reflect back an image that entices and placates the majority. The lies and manipulations of big government are designed to satiate our basest fantasies, but what we see as a concrete edifice of political and legal might, in the end, is a mirage mired in the fog of our own naïve expectations.

    When questioned about the Constitutionality of the growing drone surveillance grid in American skies, Bloomberg had this to say:

    “Everybody wants their privacy, but I don’t know how you’re going to maintain it. It’s just we’re going into a different world, uncharted, and, like it or not, what people can do, what governments can do, is different. And you can to some extent control, but you can’t keep the tides from coming in.”
    The argument against using automation, it’s this craziness– oh, it’s Big Brother. Get used to it.”

    And there you have it. The new age (for Bloomberg and big government elites like him) is a place in which government is separate and above the people. The government does not exist to serve the citizenry; the citizenry exists to serve the government. Privacy is a privilege that governments can take anytime they wish. Citizens, being slaves, should not expect such privileges. And, this subjugated nightmare world is a place that we must accept as a natural extension of progress. Big Brother is the future, so grow up and “get used to it”…

  12. Word through the vine is that the military will be placed in a position to be under DHS with DHS the predominant force. If and when this becomes a shooting war it won’t just be a gun behind every blade of grass in Yamamoto’s words. Assholes taught half the country to be warriors then try to drug them into oblivion then rule them as being potential terrorists. Don’t you think that doesn’t read as the logic of someone losing it?

  13. By the bye,

    I just want to make sure that everyone realized that the little story about the Yuppalope I wrote in the thread just before this is a satire.

    What should give it away is that I cite a document that is written in the future.

    A “yuppalope” is actually a term I coined for a “yesman” or “yeswoman” or “yesyeoman” or a melted snowman. The fruit or antelope question was just a compound joke, connected to the Fuckasaurus line of thunkidy.

    So all in all…it don’t mean sheet.


  14. Now…to be serious.

    Are we not being a bit naïve in our assessment of “the People”?

    What would be the actual result of a civil war on the scale that we are anticipating here? It is my thinking that it will be utter chaos, and complete mayhem, and the system will break down to such a degree that we could be yanked back to a feudal paradigm – unhinged from modern technology throughout vast stretches of territory.

    Technology will be maintained in spotty areas, just through luck and circumstance, some elite conclaves still functioning, some usurped by some hired thugs that took over in the heat of battle.

    This is very much the “Mad Max” scenario, warlords of certain partially functioning areas…and anarchy throughout most of the landmasses. As I think this will go global, and at some point in the hysteria nukes will fly.


    Something utterly novel and unexpected could happen, like waking up from a dream, and everything goes back to being weird and iffy again, but never came to a head like in the nightmare you just awoke from.
    And waking up might just be a mental jump to an alternate reality, that isn’t quite as terminal than the one you just woke up from.

    So, whattaya wanna do? I bet it’s upta you.


  15. “when your born in this world
    your given a ticket to the freak show,
    when your born in america
    your given a front row seat.” ~ carlin

  16. Hehe.. George is awesome! Refreshing.
    Love the way he wields his stick. lol

    • Yes,

      The George Carlin videos are a national treasure.

      He put “comedy” to its most critical task, that of satire against the prevailing bullshit. The man was a true genius.


  17. Got ailments? Something you might want to look at.

  18. “B “B” But they love us.

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