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Above the Law, Below the Radar, On the Big Screen, Behind the Curtain, CONspiracy is for Certain

SAVING Banks, STEALING from Depositors

All of this sounds like “HISTORY” that has been buried? History Repeating Again in Countries Around the World. Vestiges of HOLODOMOR… The Holodomor — “Inspired” by Stalin. Who was he? Rediscover History, and Present Day machinations will suddenly “sync up” as repeated “policies” presented by the current crop of evil-doers.

Have you asked yourself “Why does America ‘need’ a Police State?” Who is implementing it? Who is paying for it? When Police States have been set up in the past, what followed on the heels of such a State/Banker-imposed environment?”

Americans are not afraid of “Terror” or “Terrorists”. Exactly “WHOM” is BEHIND terrorism? Exactly “WHOM” COMMITS terrorist ACTS? Exactly “WHOM” is ACTING “ABOVE THE LAW?”

The answers to such questions are RIGHT IN FRONT OF ALL OF OUR FACES!,000_More_Rounds_of_Hollow_Point_Ammunition_/24949/0/0/0/Y/M.html

FIRST OFF — THEY REFUSE to answer why DHS and other “Agencies” need and ARE securing grotesque amounts of military weaponry. THEN, they gesticulate, hoping the LIGHT SHINING ON THEIR ACTIONS will dim and go out…

“Who is William Kristol? Co-Founder of the PNAC! Khazar. Do your “Jew” Diligence to uncover the ACTORS behind the curtain.


Khazar Kristol —

Kristol is associated with a number of prominent conservative think tanks. He was chairman of the New Citizenship Project from 1997 to 2005. In 1997, he co-founded the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) with Robert Kagan. He is a member of the board of trustees for the free-market Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, a member of the Policy Advisory Board for the Ethics and Public Policy Center, and a director of the Foreign Policy Initiative. He is also one of the three board members of Keep America Safe, a think tank co-founded by Liz Cheney and Debra Burlingame, and serves on the board of the Emergency Committee for Israel and the Susan B. Anthony List”.[2]

WHOM is Doing WHAT? The People ASK Again…So, here WE SEE a number of KEY WORDS:

1) SENATE Passes 2) MONSANTO 3) “Protection ACT” (sic) 4) GRANTING MONSANTO 5) POWER OVER U.S. GOVERNMENT. Interesting isn’t it? WHOM BENEFITS? WHOM WILL SUFFER at the END OF THIS AG GUN? WHOM received Money, power, and inducements for this POLICY to be passed and EN-“ACTED”? BINGO AGAIN!!!

Do WE the People continue to see “policy” being made in the halls of power completely at odds with what is good (by any stretch) for AMERICANS, and AMERICA? “YES, WE DO!!!” It is Rinse and Repeat, in ever faster cycles. ALL — ABOVE THE LAW, AGAINST THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE. Often, below-the-radar, behind the curtain, and CONspiracy for certain!



Brad Pitt stars in WORLD WAR Z. In theaters June 21st, 2013. {Hey! Nice choice of dates there muthas!}

World War Z Official Movie Trailer 2 With the quote, “Daddy, what’s Martial Law?” YES! WHOM IS ZOOMIN WHOM?!



  1. Whom is receiving AUS tax payers money to possibly help fund a US police state?

  2. What’s with all the “whom” stuff?

    “Whom” is used instead of “who” where one would use “him” instead of “he.” That’s why you ask “Who hit whom?”; because the answer is “He hit him.”

    Would you say “Him is behind terrorism” or “Him commits terrorist acts”?

    • rkae,

      The “whom-a-coochie” is methinks an inside joke gone wild.

      I much prefer the 23rd century term “whoozit”…but that is likely due to my off-planet affiliations and pedigree.

      Yooda hafta beans thar…


  3. methinks rkae may have a masters in english…… ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee…

    “No man is an Island, intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine; if a Clod bee washed away by the Sea, Europe is the lesse, as well as if a Promontorie were, as well as if a Mannor of thy friends or of thine owne were; any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.” John Donne

    Holy crapicola… look at that spelling.. is that old English or just bad English?? 🙂 WHenever I hear “whom” I think of this poem.

    • In 23rd century Anglub-Westins, it woodbee:

      “Whoozits dat dingaling go bongfer? Yoozms daddio yoozms”

      Askins yooduz? the orginali is, “Middle English”, not to instinguish with middlemerth, whichtwichin says bitchin cuz the doggies partied first.
      {Jusslooki da laun}

      Beezins yookle devolved with manikans don doot cuz; whoozits dat dingaling go bongfer? Yoozms daddio yoozms” [23c-A/W]


      • lol….what???

        • “Whoozits dat dingaling go bongfer? Yoozms daddio yoozms”:

          Is as an exact translation as possible of the Middle English {below} into 23rd century Anglub-Westins:

          “ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee…”


  4. The first novel ever written on a typewriter was TOM SAWYER…

    ..a racist screed writ on locoweed ‘cordin toda criticismers ofda tym.


    • But then..
      …whooda ever thunk they’d try to kill ya with toothpaste?


  5. Whom iz Zoomin Whom iz da question?

    • No flies on frank…

      “..ask not for whom the broom sweeps,
      it sweeps for thee…”

      ~The Canterwailer Tails


  6. No one exposes the zionists quite as well as David Duke. His videos regarding Israel are always spot on.

    I’ve been asking for years why Israel is such a great ally. Really? Why? What do they do for us besides take billions of dollars from our people every single year? Americans are suffering with schools in major cities closing and services cut …while taxes keep going up and up. Wtf…

    • “What do they do for us besides take billions of dollars from our people every single year?”

      That is precisely IT sugar…thass their yob.

      So…whazza you yob tootsieoozums? To no givie you moollah, wifholdem doz bucks. Tellumz ta goze sux. Sayzam noz lux.
      Den smilez an sez shux.

      “ooooo__danger danger” sez yoozum” ja?

      hoy hoy hoy dassa gonna beezums anykahooz so whassa matta yooz?


  7. I just finished it Boomer. Like a Whom-dunnit I could not stop until I had read it all.
    It’s easier everyday to connect the dots and see the interlacing of the grand scheme.

    Listen to the frequencies on Navy Seals. They are going to assassinate again. Not some Timmy Ossman or rogue Colonel but a real dirty dude. Assad? Blame it on the Mossad. Either that or Obama sends drone strike to take him out. Can’t afford another war while they are planning the one on America. As Duke knows he’s not an American and he hates us. Just like London and the rest of Khazar Street or Law Street… I mean Wall Street.

    Can’t wait to see the script on the ammo inquiry. Much like Fast & Furious. Sheeple don’t even know what happened after contempt order issued? Just like all the others it just fades away as scalars in space. Eventually it will come back as a soundbite again to drift back into the election cycle which officially started in Spring. 2016 ? It’s like Christmas on the shelves in October. Time for the surprise.

    Do you think we are just fiat in flesh now COTO. A haircut is mothers love compared to daddy’s love. It’s up the keester America. Holodomor is just a dumping of non performing assets. Cyprus is a beta test, most assuredly. Get out of the banks —period!!

    Great post – great connections Boomer *****

    p.s. love that brother -n-

    • Stellar New Header there Mr. Dunne! Flying on the Freakwentsees again.

      This post is one of those that just falls in line. I read the Links in this piece quickly this a.m., and then just put them into a dot-connect to-dot fashion, as the THEME of the SCENE rather jumps up into your face and whacks you about the head and neck.

      I’ve went back and added Kristol’s Wiki page, and the PNAC wiki. I forgot to add em, though I looked at them. Somewhere back, probably last year, I posted a piece where I looked up the wikipages on some of the Names on the PNAC document. It is fascinating to see the threads running from the schools they attended, their positions in business, politics, and other stuff. Whom (haha) they associated with, and where (in the political arena, in the financial arena, or the revolving door spoken of).

      It is quite telling that individuals of a particular ilk, pre-PNAC, and signers of it — WHAT have they lent their “bent” to through the years? Particularly the “Hawks” and the “Gatekeepers”. The Same Names are skulking about brewing and chewing for MORE WAR, while being Investors in MIC companies and making bank all through these times of lawlessness. So, its telling that Kristol’s still around doing the same schtick. Kissinger is still “advising” Presidents and PTB. They continue on, as the scheming, lying psychopaths that they are, doing the exact same things. AND — The People allow them continued Access to the Powerful Drugs they Crave…their lawless “rap sheet” lists their Acts. Most assuredly, the really heinous crimes are hidden by the usual Cloak & Dagger ops we are witness to continuously.

      Anyways — NOTE! This was just one brief morning’s reading of the deeds that the erring do. The damage done by these creatures to the positive energies on this earth are incalculable! There must be a special Hell awaiting them. May they hurry onwards to slip up on Mr. Karma’s Wild Ride!!

      • Most interesting is the way they have effectively moved the ENMOD climate change and tie it to the finite assets and dwindling resources. This earth is bountiful beyond conception and they know it.

        Whom would dispute the difference between the pink and the azure. The shades and shadows of illusion. Left handlers are for eugenics ala sterilization and the viruses while the right would prefer slave labor and war. It’s where the fiat frequencies intersect and they both seem to be running full throttle.

        Derivative f(x)= π⋅ln(x)+3x6sin(x√) Dump

        • Yes Sir, on that I would agree. Full throttle scheming. Destroyers are They.

  8. yezzumz all be kristol klear hear here..

    au tippy canoe tiltum ta kayaks,

    whooz yaks anyaks till the tale caves in.

    yoozums tails caves in till theyzums tale caves in.

    den iss back to da caves and go over ginanagin.

    see quinshul…ja?

    but whole.


  9. ya seezam da plan right tight inya faziez ja?

    dey suck’m up alda boolettes anow even da localyokal polikie no gottum for deyz gunz…whoozitz gotzim allz???

    ho ho ho da homielandzers das whoozimz

    so whenda shush cumda puv dey gossum nobollyelse gossum and bang bang comes onda onewayz streetz

    gawblesmurkah anher jellybeens…


  10. And yes your rogueness — I do grok the greek peelings you’ve pasted. No scope needed to see the targets of the helpful “homeland” security jackboots. They’re most likely programmed so Gung Ho, they think they’re the “Protectors of Our Freedoms” as they demolish them at the insistence of the Order Givers. History repeats…but then, a whole lotta muthas can’t read.

    • “History repeats…but then, a whole lotta muthas can’t read.”~Booomer

      AND prickably despicably a whole lotta nuthah muthas whom CAN read, WON’T read to spite their diddlylions theyselves.

      Ohh…they’d better watch out they better not cry they better not shout I’m tellin you why, Big Jack Booty’s comin’ to town
      He knows when thy been sleepin’ he knows when they’s awake he knows when they’s been bad no good – no goodness is at stake…

      Well…”I told you so”…COTO told’em so…yuppins.
      And refrain again jussa one mo time daddios and sistah blistahs…
      I can thunkin of no one more deserving of turning in dat karmic chit than these good ol Murkans and dey dumbshit dingaling jingobells.



  11. Nice rhyme with reason woven there TunesmithRogue1! Kudos.

    There’s some North Korea blustering on Could be fear mongering and more. Seeing that Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt were Big League Masons and whatever else, working for the GothRoth Banksters, we can probably assume all the ranting, waving, and cussing going on ’round the round ball is from “inter-connected” Puppet Leaders playing there same games as dey ever was.

    • I’d put a wager on yer thesis Boomerorangutang…

      Issa Big Round Puppet Show snow-job beev’n’wob.

      Orwell nailed the game – s’all theater for the domesticated publickers of each region. The flim-flam cram jam uppidy poop-shooters. They’s no dice but loaded dice and all the farm is undah ice.

      Purdy zoom beatnik drones from Xanadu yakkin “ho ho hoes” like da powder filled party nose. Bowin’ and scrapin’ da only job in Jingotown.


  12. I heard the attack on Heston. “out of my cold dead hand” some scuttle from the freaks. Jim Carrey? Ha ha! Even crazy Renee had to escape the clown car.

    Speaking of Freaks, let’s see Harrison Ford and the CFR. Super Freak!

    Harrison Ford’s leading role in saving the planet

    Washed up and hung out to dry. Looking for the Bohemian Grove/Bilderberg there Indy?

  13. British Queen urged to relinquish power because of ill health.

    NO NO NO Nannette. Her health is just fine and no poison could kill her. New World Order needs no cash cows. The Pink panther strikes again. Time for agenda 21’s Prince of death and Monsanto fan. With Sir Charles in charge, the global genesis operation will be in good hands.

    Church actions in five countries mark start of Easter Reclamation Campaign as Queen of England may resign:

    Bye Bye!

  14. Zombies??? Zombie Plagues??? Stupid shit made into billion dollar movies…oy vader…

    Then I discovered that Johnny Depp is Tonto in the new Lone Ranger movie…and I say “whut” again…

    WHUT?? AGAIN…cheese.

    Maybe I got too old for my own good…???


  15. MK-Loughner and the psychotropic of cancer.

    Major findings in records about Giffords shooting – Yahoo! News via @YahooNews

    “I’ve just had a rough time,”

    We know JLL, all those tasks, phone calls, texts and programs are not easy. They should have mentioned those but you know how this works.

  16. I know how Loughner feels… I got these on my MK Questionnaire..
    so I’m cheating by asking for outside help…but I’m inside my room, so what the…?

    Is a FUCKASAURUS a type of prehistoric creature, or a type of sexual dictionary?

    And a YUPPALOPE…a type of melon or type of deer?

    How many neurohormones are classified illegal drugs?

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if it were a she named Barbara?
    …dent they make the tower of babble out of stone? Or did Disney prop makers do that one?

    Make sure to check your answers before induction, it will make the difference between a blower and suction {unless you ordered the microwave oven}.
    All gifts final: NO RETURNS.


  17. Aye Rogue1! I just ended up by accident at the ole “Whom?” dun it thread.

    Just reading the comments makes me LOL! .

    In ALL SERIOUSNESS — If there are ANY RULES We the People should feel free to break — Without Oppression — it should be the rules pertaining to Dickshun and Grahammer. LOL!

    WE the People should not be so Obsequious (one of my favorite words for its meter, mystery (not too many are familiar with it), and similarity to another seldom, if ever heard nerd word — Loquashious. Both ripe and luscious words are similar in sound and meaning… Sycophancy, toadying, fawning. O.K. I’ll use modern parlance — “Suck Up!”. It feels good to whip it out on the unsuspecting grammar pharisees when they least expect combative rhetoric.

    Above, in various and sundry comments of “inspired” creative writing, and loose use of the gander and the goose for the more obtuse — you have embedded clues to your muse, more over, savoir faire of the fairest complexion. 36-24-36 — “She’s a BRICK…House”.

    So, back to your fundamentally sound and foundationally profound query about the FUCKASAURUS. Undoubtedly, a beast of previously unknown proclivities. {Sxwing that axe handle!}

    I may suggest to you, that your winsome Beast, the FUCKASAURUS is at least familiar with the End Result, the veritable Exclamation point of the “Change” that this thread initially focused upon, that is — The CLUSTERFUCK! Experience, Observation, even couch-potato posturing and TV watching results in a realization that the “Leaders”, the FUCK-US-SORE-US, have been out to take down this country and its people by a most diabolical subterfuge. It doesn’t matter what Americans want, or fund with their very back-breaking peonage — they get a CLUSTERFUCK from the “Administrators”.

    The Happy Ending to this Storyline, is that many more each day grok the CLUSTERFUCK created by the FUCK-US-SORE-US. Thus WE shall apply the appropriate remedy for such an irritating infestation…

    I am sure — You, The Rogue1, will reply, in customary temerity? LOL…

    • A wonderfully smashing construction and deconstruction in one rhythmic set of stanzas mon Boomerangman.

      Obsequious and Loquashious, are indeed enchanting melodic words. Almost squishy, and certainly gooey, and likely sticky, perhaps even sickly. One thinks of flowers made of frog dermis.

      As to the second term of the questionnaire:


      Well, the Yuppalope is actually an area on the upper Pineal gland that is a transmission/receiving region entwined with a bundled nerve center having to do with the senses of perceiving stimulation from beyond the physical body; sight, smell, hearing, and the portal connection as a vestige socket for a ‘wiring into’ – what would lead to antenna in an insect.

      Some believe with conscious will, this port can still receive and send signals via surrounding neural networks, in essence build synoptic pathways by purposeful ideation. It is supposed that this could be the organ of the “6th Sense”, or telepathy. The wavelength of the area is very close to radar.~Dr Bram Draglum PhD, Neurosurgery Dept, Rearmount University – Pigsfield, Nebraska USA, NAU

      Excerpt from:
      ‘Neural Latices as Epistemic Bardos: Levels of Conceptualizations of Being’ [2021 Hartford Press]


      • Excellent explanation of the pineal YUPPALOPE. Perhaps the elite swine only possess a vestigial blandishment here, of what was once a prime sensory organ for “real” human beings? Yup!


    And in the end, what does it all mean? What is “the Thing of It”?
    Shall we refer again to the magnificent Mr Natural? There is some weight to the proposition from my perspective.

    Think of it. Think of what automatons our enemies are, these so-called elites.
    They are Frankinhead Fruitcakes with butt-cheese batter for brains.
    They have no idea of what is happening as they read this commentary. Whether we are mortally serious or satirically snide, they know not the difference.

    Flights of bewildering fancy will not delight, but will confound their circuits creating cascades of paranoiac hiccups, which can only foul their systems.
    “THEY COULD BE WINDMILLS”… or; ‘IT COULD BE BULLSHIT’. And always the trains meeting head-on in dramatic and explosive episodes of heat seeking private parts hidden in the mailstorm of figurative flambe.

    To make fun of these zombie morons is to counter their attempt to impose darkness into our thinking consciousness. Fuck these Bozos that try to pass off a slot machine Nickelodeon as a “President”.

    “Click…bzzztt…ah Clem” ….. sure….

    Ang’m by the yardarms mateys.


    • Oafff! “Battered-Butt Cheese for Brains”… You have wiped their alien minds clean with the swipe of a velvet cloth of frankensqueeze — pulled out the handy Asswipe if you will, Will.

      Aye — clear the decks of these squid. They write “laws” with their squid ink, thinking it won’t stink and nobody will notice their peckers are also their assholes. Befuddle em with tomfoolery. Its most fun thataway, I say!

  19. “And all should cry, Beware! Beware!
    His flashing eyes, his floating hair!
    Weave a circle round him thrice,
    And close your eyes with holy dread,
    For he on honey-dew hath fed,
    And drunk the milk of Paradise.”

    Đại Việt Empire, the three repulsions of Kublai Khan (the grandson of Genghis Khan and the last Khan of the Mongol Empire) in 1258, 1285 and 1288.

    Then there were others…the Nippons, the French, the Murkans…now just ghosts in rice paddies. O’by Jingo.


  20. Hey PD, did you hear Steve Pieczenik on AJ today say that Sandy Hook was a false flag and never happened? Of course big mouth Alex had to talk over him at the end because all along he was pushin’ the Lanza was drugged up on SSRI’s angle…..ha..looking forward to Steve’s next appearance .

    • Steve Pieczenik…said that “Sandy Hook was a false flag and never happened..”~Deb

      And what were the proofs or reasoning he put to this assertion?
      Did he have anything new to offer? Anything we don’t know, or think we know here?

      What did he say that you found convincing? Anything in particular?


      • Will, he said it at the end of the program and bigmouth Jones talked over him when he was going into it.. then…the show ended. So I was VERY anxious to hear what he had to say but AJ shut him down.

        However, in fairness to Alex, he did say he wanted him back on to discuss Sandy Hook among other topics. We’ll see if he lets him talk this time. AJ has been pushing that Lanza did it and is blaming SSRIS. I don’t know why he keeps pushing this meme when there is NO evidence that this is the case.

        Looking forward to him having Pieczenik back on to see if he lets the man speak.

        • You might recall that Pieczenik said that he knew for a fact that Israel was going to attack Iran last year, even gave the exact date and time.

          And of course we ALL know that Iran is now a smoldering cinder of radiated ruins that no one will be able to visit for the next ten thousand years…right?



    • Didja see this’m Deb?
      . . . . .
      Judge approves redaction of details in Lanza search warrants 27 Mar 2013 A Superior Court judge approved a prosecutor’s request Wednesday to redact details from search warrant applications related to the investigation of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. In several motions made public Wednesday, Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky had asked Superior Court Judge John Blawie to consider redacting the name of a “citizen witness” who is referred to in various parts of the search warrant applications for Nancy Lanza’s house and a car. It’s unclear whether Sedensky is referring to more than one witness. The state’s attorney also requested the omission of serial numbers for several items that were seized by investigators from the Lanza home at 36 Yogananda St. in Newtown, as well as phone numbers and credit card numbers that were related to the case. [See also: Sandy Hook Shooting ‘Oddities’.]
      . . . . .
      Now, they have had a lot of time to ‘produce’ evidence, and put together a more cohesive story. This coming from the prosecution side is curious in itself. Who is being prosecuted in this instance is a question that isn’t all that clear. What is the question that a jury would be asked to decide here?

      Has anyone here been paying more than spotty attention to this court case? I know I haven’t. I just got the above info from a ‘Citizens for Legitimate Government’ email notice that Veri was so kind to send me.


      • Start listening at about 27:00 for the SH bit….

    • I did not but applaud him for going the distance. Jones does not want it made known as it would throw water on the fire. I’d love to see Gabby when she’s at home. Lucid and gabbie.

      What sadness to see the gullible continue to live in denial. while nothing is real when delivered by the government. ZERO.

      • Patrick, funny you mentioned Gabby. Just yesterday I saw a picture of her on yahoo and thought….I’d love to be a fly on the wall in her house……… FAKE FAKE FAKE

        • Did you all hear the uPdate to SH? Contrived, scripted holyrood style on CNN, just as mamby Obamby is hitting the gun law trail again.

          REMEMBER COTO – 300 seconds!
          for that’s all the time necessary to write this script.

          • I only watched as much as I could stomach Patrick which was about 10 mins of Andy Pooper Scooper.

            I hope to post some fascinating stuff i found on Veronique Pozner probably on Sunday since I’m busy all day tomorrow. She’s as phoney as a three dollar bill or any bill for that matter.

  21. Hear! Hear! Charlie McGrath.

    JG & Will, you are talking about Sandy Hook above. Willyloman’s addresses James Holmes’ trial/no trial at .

    Some good articles over at Scroll down through em.

    Giant fissure / Crack in Peru at since.dutch website.

    • I love Charlie:) I try to listen to him most nights of the week or catch the podcast. I feel as if he’s a kindred spirit…


    ‘The State’ has the classic serial Modus Operendi – that of the Psychopathic serial killer. This has been historically so since long before Machiavelli. It is a Primal thing, despotism. The Motive, as always is: Power. The Opportunity is monumental as the state defines ‘reality’ and turns ‘Crime’ to “Justice” by perception manipulation and long and deep conditioning. With the power of psychotronic PR the system has metaphorically turned shit to chocolate, and the viewing audience stand in long lines to buy it.

    It is enchantment achieved by electromagnetic reprocessing the thinking of the subject/audience, the medium delivers a virus that causes, what we might call, “the Forever War Blues”: an angst driven neurosis that is undiagnosed – that diagnosis being taboo. Homo Vishnu Amerikanus Stupidicus is the ‘human’ result of this process.

    These pathetic creatures dwell in a fanciful theme-park of the mind. One can always recognize such as they will always ask you to, “squeeze the wheeze” – which is that red rubber bulb on the end of their Bozo nose. Of course I mean this metaphorically as well; they reveal themselves readily in their canned dialog, and attitudes. They are literal ‘automatons’, with a hive-mind. For them to come across a true description of the world all they can make out is dissonant static, and they very often become annoyed and combative over issues that they have utterly misconceived.

    This is not hypothetical by any means, and a long field study on the Internet has produced a wealth of my own personal experience with such entities. The main issue we deal with in these subjects is emotional, not rational. The rational has been superseded by persistent conditioning, and the establishment of emotional road blocks. *My paper on ‘the effects of watching television’ goes into the technical details of how these processes work.

    It would seem that a survey of this technical information, which is not so difficult to understand when laid out, however the reader must remain cognizant throughout the intake of the information. The process itself may be understood consciously by a programmed subject, but denial that it could be effective on them personally remains intact – that is the way the processing works by putting a hypnotic block, on certain natural and reasonable sequiturs, preventing certain beads in a chain of thought to snap together. And this is what creates the cognitive dissonance that becomes that mental static. Logically they may know the pieces fit, but emotionally it becomes impossible that it applies to them.


    • Excellent! Probably deserves its own article.

    • Yes indeed Rogue. How about some postings with this gold trimmings?

  23. War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity: The Story of U.S. Exceptionalism in Iraq

    By Ajamu Baraka
    Global Research, March 26, 2013

    Url of this article:


  24. ‘Tis coming up 12 years since the 9/11 False Flag event…has been 10 years since the US invasion of Iraq, and we are under the boot of the second Obamanation administration.

    How does all of this sit with thee?

    It seems a new leaf should turn soon. Aye? It SHOULD…but that is no guarantee is it? No. The blowback fractal of “Novelty” as remaining the same, as novelty becomes routine…that seems the undelightful blight-full sitch of the ation at this point. And the point…what of it? Can we make the point any clearer than is already made at COTO?

    I don’t know…I have had thoughts of moving on. Of paying more attention to my other interests. But it is hard to pull away here. I have other thoughts as to what to do as far as writing goes. But being so caught up in ‘Current Events’ leaves me with a full plate of issues consistently.

    Some of my current commentary here, the stuff in ‘future language’ or “23rd century Anglub-Westins” has the seeds to a style I would like to do a novel in. As it flows rather naturally from some subconscious place as a sort of loose verse “flow of consciousness”, I am taken with the idea of taking it further into an imaginary realm.

    My situation is iffy as well…financially that is. I may end up going mobile. So the novelty may become a personal thing with me…

    I hope we have contributed some good to the blunt the woes of the world in our tenure here.

    Who knows what the morrow will bring?


  25. Good Points to Ponder Rogue1…

    What “value” can we each offer the world in this macabre “play”? I wonder, too.

    • Boom, THANK YOU for posting the link to Scott’s article on the Sandy Hook redactions. Only problem is, where he posts the actual pages, I get boxes with red x’s!

      But Scott feels the same way PD and I do about this case. He’s not buyin’ the SSRI bs that Jones,Rappaport & Adams have been pushing. To buy that crap, you have to believe Adam Lanza was the shooter. No way in hell he was the shooter nor was he even there.

      I don’t know what actually happened that day but I don’t believe any kids or adults were killed in that school. It’s a total false flag of some kind just as Pieczenik states which is what I’ve believed from the get go.

      • Here ya go Deb,

        You can read the whole doc yourself.


      • I don’t know what actually happened that day so I don’t know whether or not any kids or adults were killed in that school.

        This is a rational evidence-based conclusion, disregarding any emotional conjecture.


        • Well my rational mind tells me there is no evidence AT ALL.and that the story is fishier than the 9/11 fairytale. At least we saw planes hit buildings and then saw them fall. Since there is no evidence I say there was no killing done at the school. Other than the entire thing being a drill, my other theory is that the children were taken by underground tunnel to be used in ritualistic sacrifice. In that case there may be dead children but they were not shot at point blank range with 11 bullets.

          I can’t prove it either way since no one has shown me or anyone else ANY proof whatsoeever that deaths occured. The msm are liars,the police are liars, the coroner is a liar, the prez and his govt are liars…sooooo..If you think I’m irrational in that thinking than I’d have to say you’re irrational for believing any of this story they are telling us is true.

          AND now the more research I’m doing just tonight, thanks to others who have diligently been investigating what tiny bits of info are available and coming up with some pretty amazing
          stuff, I am more convinced than ever that the entire thing is a total scam of monumental proportions. Hopefully, I’ll have time this weekend to post an article on what I’ve found so far and it’s pretty damn good.

          • “I can’t prove it either way since no one has shown me or anyone else ANY proof whatsoeever that deaths occured.”

            Yes Deb, that is all I am saying, but the flip side of that is you have no proof whatsoever that no deaths occurred.

            It really does seem to me that this becomes one of those roundabouts. It is simple – you have no basis for your belief that nobody was actually killed other than your ‘gut instinct’. And the problem with ‘gut instinct’ is that your cannot convey it as a rational position. It is an issue of what is empirical and what is opinion.

            I have no issue with you having your own opinion. I am simply saying that such an opinion sans empirical evidence is not something that will sway my opinions.



            • Will, I have no idea what your “opininon” on SH is… Have you stated it? Don’t give me the not enough info line, we here at coto always have our own theories.

              The fact that there is NO evidence presented speaks volumes so does the fact that Adam Lanza was listed dead on 12/13/12, a whole day before the false flag.

          • “If you think I’m irrational in that thinking than I’d have to say you’re irrational for believing any of this story they are telling us is true.”~Deb

            This is the crux of the matter Deb. I just told you that I don’t ‘believe’ anything without empirical evidence. Then it should be OBVIOUS that I DO NOT BELIEVE the official story.


            What is obvious is that this whole thing is a PSYOP…that is the ONLY sure thing about it. Everything about this event has been spun every which way, by not only the mainstream press, but by every sort of “independent” researcher on the Internet…and how much of THAT is part of the PSYOP?

            All that can be determined here is that it is a strategy of tension. And as far as that goes it is a super sized woozy.

            What has it achieved? What are the effects? These are things that are obvious and ongoing. Aren’t they?

            You can likely spin your wheels for the rest of your life trying to crack this nut, only to eventually discover it isn’t a nut at all, but a solid piece of plastic that only looked like a nut.

            So, you know the products…ALMOND JOY, or, MOUNDS BAR?

            Maybe it’s my age and concurrent dental situation but I’ll go for the MOUNDS at this point. Chewing that rich chocolate and shredded coconut gives me visions of ‘Gun Control’ and ‘psychological profiling’ for gun ownership, and battle lines drawn between pro-gun and gun-control groups. And that is to me the crux of the matter as per Sandy Hook, and the rest of it is a hook in your mouth and the bait got away.


      • How about the report that Ms. Lanza’s Xmas card to her son said “Heres a check so you can buy yourself another assault rifle, love mom”

        The SSRI-MAOI angle prevents 60 million people from buying guns if they can sell that angle. You either are on them because you are nuts or your nuts if you are not on them.

        This was an easy observation with the new DSM-V manual and 16 or so new mental disorders of which COTO is suffering from several of the most serious. We deviate, therefore we are.

        • I gotta say, because I started a new post this a.m. after reading headlines on alt news, and sitting back and contemplating what’s really going — I gotta say a Whole Hell of a Lot of the Angles that are created by TPTB {or shall we say — those that can get their “spin” up on the media spin-cycle}; these Angles are created as “speed bumps” if you will. Distractions. Disinfo, rabbit trails.

          I’ll put up my post soon, over the weekend. It deals with the Not-So-Obvious, which is simply “hidden” by all the distractions. The Obvious really is right in front of us. And not to be mysterious myself about it, it is This — Tyranny is already upon us all in the U.S., and through-out the world.

          We know how it is happening {has happened} — THEY simply CHANGE the Rules/Laws to serve themselves, while condemning the population to obeisance, and draconian punishment for “breaking” their so-called “Newly Legal” laws.

          It is quite the mindfuck, and I mind the fuck a whole bunch!

          Anyways, I’ll make my points in the piece. I look forward to folks comments…

  26. Thanks Will…will check that out.

    Wow, I am totally hooked on Sandy again. There is SO much more out there than the last time I looked.

    Check these vids out: meanwhile, I am researching that LIAR Veronique Pozner …I’m starting with her because she’s an even bigger phoney than Robbie Parker….

    • Gonna hafta sez one more time;

      Being shocked to find evidence of photo retouching in pro studio shots is simply goofy. Pros have been touching up photos since the days of the airbrush and earlier.

      That these simple to use tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator and others are part of the professional studio’s toolbag should be well enough understood – it’s the 21st century for kryste sake.

      It is almost a given that a studio that does a lot of group shots, family or school shots or other, will take a series of quick shots for the very purpose of having subjects posed the same in case of closed eyes, funny expressions, blurred heads from movement, etc.

      I have done this type of work myself and have done the exact same thing, replacing the head and face of someone in a group shot.
      Taking unwanted items out of backgrounds. Even taking telephone wires out of shots to clean them up for publication, etc.

      I think this aspect of “forensic analysis” is one of the cheesiest areas of the Sandy Hook investigation infestation. And would posit that many of the first “analysts” leading this bandwagon are indeed cointelpro stoogedoobers.


      • Yea, people touch up photos all the time.. However,not grade school class photos.. They take one shot ..are in and out and have the pictures to the parents poste haste. Quite profitable form of photography.

        That photo was obviously fooled with.. why?

        • You don’t get it Deb, I explained why.

          It is the truth, it’s factual, all modern pro studios do this work, for their own benefit, so they don’t have to get that one perfect shot of everybody.

          The photo wasn’t “fooled with” it was touched up for professional reasons in one of the quickest and easiest methods there are.


          • Will, you are dead wrong about first grade class pictures. I know all about this. I raised two kids and have 5 grandkids…. I’ve seen tons of these pix and bought them “as is”
            …some kids look this way, some look that…some are smiling some not. Some have hair out of place, some have collars askew.
            They do NOT take the time to fool w/grade school class pictures. It’s shoot em, collect the money upfront and ship em out fast…move on to the next school.

            You’re talking about professional grade photos not school photos. Yea, they touch them up for your graduation pix and you pay extra for it…that’s it.

            • “I’ve seen tons of these pix and bought them “as is”

              What’s “as is” Deb? You “know all about this” because you bought the finished product? Lol…

              Jeezus Kryste Deb…

              I am not saying they are doing “custom work” on anything here, I am saying taking several shots is simply typical in the digital photo world – and having a shot with a simple touch up is as typical as it gets. You don’t even have to ‘develop’ pictures anymore. They are all sorted out in the computer. They are already in the computer. Just doing lighting adjustments and such are already done in the computer…it is a new technological world, it is simple to do things that would be considered “custom” in the analog days…

              You are talking “professional grade” if you pay for photography, you are parsing words to make a point about something you only know about from the outside. I have done this type of work myself and know how simple it is…you are making a tempest in a snowstorm…something out of nothing…and you obviously don’t even know what that something is supposed to be – because you cannot say “why” they would “fool with” this pic.

              I went through all this before with the Emile Parker family photos, which you also claim has some deep sinister meaning…but you never explained how that all fit together. What? Emile never existed? They placed her in that photo of the family sitting on the bale of hay for WHAT EXACT REASON? But no…it can’t be because she never existed, “it is because she wasn’t really killed”
              So give me some logic as to what this is all supposed to mean to you. She is also supposed to be the one that was on Obama’s knee…”so she is still alive”…well, WTF?

              Now I am not claiming that there aren’t aspects to the Sandy Hook event that aren’t suspicious as hell, I see it as a false flag as well. I don’t think one person could have pulled off the alleged killings – Adam Lanza or anyone else. I think there is evidence of a shooter team. There is all sorts of indications for this…but then, why would there be evidence of a shooter team if there was no shooting?

              Tell ya what Deb, you go ahead and “obsess” on this trip, and you make up your theory about what really went down that day.
              I’m interested to see what you come up with. But I have to say, I have very little confidence that you are going to come up with anything that makes any real sense – at least to me. As it is my experience with you so far on this matter that you are in deep hysteria mode building castles out of clouds and vapor.

              I don’t believe that the authorities are playing straight with the public here. But I think the “no murders” angle is just as stupid as the “official story”.

              There is a lot of bullshit on this from both sides, the “official story” and the “conspiracy theorists”…and like I said before, I think a lot of the initial so-called “independent researchers” that started this “no murders” wankaroo are setting things up so somebody gets away with murder. And that ‘somebody’ surely isn’t Adam Lanza, he’s fuckin’ dead.

              Sorry to be brutally frank here Deb, but I call it as I see it.


              • To me Sandy Hook was created not just for gun control but more so for the purpose of division, dividing the likes of coto.
                I’m with jg regarding all the photoshop’n, Why you ask Rogue1?
                For the exact reason you ask the question. Confusion is the game played here. It’s not a matter of why would they photoshop THAT picture but why WOULDN’T they photoshop that picture, all to fuck with your head.

                There are no facts to the event at all, it’s like the first “non-existent” false flag, all evidence contradicts itself creating a cloud of confusion, all intentional IMHO.

                Look at the classic Robbie Parker clip, did anyone actually see that on live TV? Or was it posted on jewtube for a reason?
                Me thinks it was, they are more sophisticated in operations now compared to 911

                • To me Sandy Hook was created not just for gun control but more so for the purpose of division, dividing the likes of coto.

                  Bingo! Jay that is the answer to rogue. That is exactly how I feel too. They did it superbly with 9/11 with people arguing and dividing up over how the buildings came down. Which is why the likes of AJ, PJ Watson, Mike Adams, J Rappaport and others are pushing the SSRI line when you know guys that smart know that there is no way in hell skinny, timid little Lanza was physically able to shoot 26 people in 5 minutes ! (if Adam Lanza ever existed at all)

                  Makes ya wonder who those guys are protecting doesn’t it?

                  • “Makes ya wonder who those guys are protecting doesn’t it?”

                    No, more so it makes me wonder that some cannot imagine others having another opinion beyond their own.

                    Let me make it crystal clear here. I am not arguing that there were indeed murders at Sandy Hook. My point, and I will not retract it in spite of this “peer pressure” {grin}…

                    My point is: WE DON’T KNOW ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.


        • Let’s try this another way Deb,

          You tell me why that photo was “fooled with”.


  27. This is a pretty long discussion podcast, but I enjoyed the whole thing and recommend a listen:

    James Corbett joins StormCloudsGathering, GroundedBeing, and Charlie McGrath for a roundtable discussion on money, economy, geopolitics, society and governance on SCGLive.


  28. Thx Rogue, listened to it all, especially enjoyed the convo about sovereign/natural rights. Has always interested me/knew something was wrong even way before I knew coto material.

    Found it interesting that there was no real emphasis placed on the principle that in a “Sovereign/Natural/Common Law” scenario the people are the law, & the law enforcers.

    There seems to be a consensus among the masses that humans are naturally violent and a system of natural law, (taking responsibility for your self & actions), would turn to shit ultimately because “we” need governance.

    I disagree violently 🙂

    We have been conditioned into believing this. Society’s handlers have the blood on their hands, not the people.

    Ultimately a system like this will fail stupendously if implemented in a timely manner, the pit hole the masses fall into and true but they can’t see beyond, they don’t see what humanity ultimately is & born to be, (as JFK said) to be free & independent.

    • Hey Jay,

      Yea, I liked the part about ‘sovereign/natural rights’ and ‘common law’ as well. I am very much with Corbett’s views as far as ‘government’ goes…that is ‘government’ should GO, as it is due for the trash heap of blistery…er history.

      Transitional problems will be sticky gooey and caca pooey…but the issue of Liberty is clearly one that is not understood by any substantial portion of the contemporary population of the Planet of Terror here.

      I have no idea of how the future is going to shake out, but there was a bit of the dialog where a couple of the speakers, and Corbett was one of them, pointed out that, once the NWO is thoroughly established and has everything in its mail-fisted grip…it could be centuries before the recovery of human freedom–if ever.

      I still think something is up on another channel though. I think that the internal hubris of these elite shits is what will take them down.

      Whatever, I have to say that I get real twitchy when I hear and read about Utopian socialist dreams and such…the ultimate daydreamer’s trust in big government. Not that there were any speakers on this program that had such cotton-candy in their head. apparently there was a former panel discussion that ran into some of that, that they referred to.


      • Here is another podcast with just Jim Corbett and Charlie McGrath that is fairly short, but fully interesting:



      • ” once the NWO is thoroughly established and has everything in its mail-fisted grip…it could be centuries before the recovery of human freedom–if ever. ”

        This is THE POINT of it all…!!! This is my main worry & why I get riled, I fight and try to inform people but.. nope, I get “why do u care about the USA?” “who cares what the banksters do, we know it’s a scam!” , “we know the government lies!”, “look after yourself!” …..Fukn Blah Blah ! Arhh … It drives me sane listening to bumbling fools.

        I see we are heading to a point of no return, simple as that..
        UN-less the sheeple awake… hmmm

        • sumtymes ya needsdat holy smokes ta soothzya…

          a can e’bus connecticus to da mainframe goinz “toot toot toot”

          andeyz callzme meller yeller quite write slix.



          • The Point made above by Jay is the “elites” or whatever you want to call them { I call them psychopaths, which in most folks understanding is an “insane criminal” who “does what he/she does” just like a reptile }; They cannot be rehabilitated. They must be put out of commission in any number of ways.

            And The Point I was trying to make is that Everybody who is a Nobody is sitting on the sidelines more or less, while these insane creatures are robbing us and using these funds to continue building THEIR Arsenal, their Police State, their Drone Fleet, the Newly hatched Legislative “Laws and Executive Orders”, etc., etc. Society sits and watches as the gallows { analogy } are being constructed for them and their families.

            THIS is the PRIME PROBLEM confronting us at this late stage of the BUILD-UP to the scheduled CRISIS!

            HOW LONG does humanity, Americans, WAIT before deciding that the NAZI NWO TEAM means business?

            • “HOW LONG does humanity, Americans, WAIT before deciding that the NAZI NWO tEAM means business?”

              Until that crashboom happens to their own front door. Isn’t history plain and to the point with that answer?

              Most folks have the historical memory of a gnat. And that’s that.


    • The Vatic Project has had this quote on its Header for quite some time. It applies to the 99%. Once Aware of the “War on Humanity”, it should be easy enough for the 99% to Turn On and render accountability and justice to the 1%:

      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like… if, during periods of mass arrests, … people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? ~ – Alexander Solzhenitsyn”.

      This IS History’s lesson to the 99%.

      What can the 1% do on their own? Not much. It is why they use “Deception” to get the 99% to destroy themselves in innumerable ways. Its a magic trick. Psy-Op Central is the name of their game. They are the Sponsors of Wars and most of what keeps humanity down. Here’s an example, an article written by Tony Cartalucci which makes the point about guv psyops — “WARNING: “Final” Psy-Op Vs. Syria Begins” March 29, 2013 / .

      On another track, the results soft kill are vividly shown here — . The PICS are astounding in their individual revelation of the low level humanity is brought to by Industry and such. WE must remember, that ALL these pathetic and grim scenarios have Owners. “Someone” is behind this shit! And they are empowered by Administrators and others on their payrolls.

      Obviously, the Human Condition, the Environment, etc. is worth nothing to these greedy psychopaths.

      The above info is contained in this piece from the Vatic Project blog, where many more “Links” can be explored: .

  29. Some footage here of, um.. some people walking around.

    • Thanks Jay.. seems that’s all people did that day…walk around and walk around and walk around in circles……………..I’m obsessed all over again since the latest bullshit came out!

  30. Oh I had to laugh!! I presume it’s Puddy’s.. The title pic with, “Whom” & “who” …


  31. One indelible sign of state capture by pirate corporations and the financial jackals holding sway on Wall Street and the City of London is the ease with which former “regulators” slip into plum positions with the firms whom they supposedly “regulated” as “public servants.”

    While the drone kill-crazy Obama regime has done yeoman’s work cementing in place extra-constitutional policies first enacted by the Bush gang–only to exceed Bushist depredations by a whole order of magnitude–kool-aid sipping “progressives” and troglodytic “conservatives” have given the president a free pass when it comes to policing the financial criminals who blew up the world economy.

    But when it comes to US spy agencies probing and sweeping up your financial information, well, the sky’s the limit!~ Tom Burghardt

    Global Research, March 28, 2013


    • Yuppinz puppinz,

      Andat glorious singin’ gal, Holly Lula, over at Big Jack Booty’s Iron Heel Bumper Lounge…whewoowo

      Yazferchur…Ms Holly sings bout dem symbiosis bimbosis obdem cops’n’robbers anhow dey ain’t ne’er gonna lub anuther like each’n’other and nuther limbocatered lyricus suchadeyz -solmost like chatter-ax eegadsy bendigo doz Tahitian firewankers time-trippen to babbly lawns er sumpin.

      Dem doors be kollida-scopin’ nufta aktenazda gyroscopin ans keepsda ship’o’state from tippin into Larry Looselipp’s komic-book feetchurs, where da goalposts are temp-jobs pendent on a neklace o’pop’beads.

      Anif twernt chur nowzumz nebber gonnabeez cuz I aintan I nebber andid nope done.



  32. “There are many arguments to be made against the concept of government: arguments from effect, arguments of morality. But there is an even more fundamental argument to consider: government authority does not exist. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the most dangerous superstition.”

    Yet another good Corbett Report:


    • Good watch . Thx

  33. OHhhhh Patrick!!?? Have you seen this pos story from PJ Watson @ prison planet?? What/?!! Laughable bunch of bullshit if it weren’t such poison to the truth.


    This is all the Lanza did it on SSRIS pushers got: In Lanza’s case, Louise Tambascio, a family friend of the shooter and his mother, told 60 Minutes, “I know he was on medication and everything….I knew he was on medication, but that’s all I know.

    REALLY??!! lol Wow, that’s some locked up, stone cold evidence there boy!

    • Just so you realize that I’m not just picking on you Deb. I agree with you on this matter. I don’t think it is possible that Adam Lanza did it.
      Did what? Committed all those murders…hmmm, now there’s the sticking point. Aye?

      So now, what about the black Honda Civic? The report on the search warrants now say it was registered to Nancy Lanza [872YEO]. So where did the info on Chris Rodia go?

      Exhibit number 505; one Saiga 12 shotgun, serial number HO8402282, with two magazines containing 70 rounds of Winchester 12 gauge shotgun rounds – [allegedly found in the trunk of said Civic] But no mention of the second long gun seen in videos being recovered at the same time as the shotgun….???

      The initial report describing the crime scene is the one I am most interested in. It was stated as a matter of fact that the victims and Lanza was found with him in possession of two semiautomatic hand guns – no mention of a long gun anywhere inside the school. To my mind it is simply impossible to miss the long gun if it were there initially, and particularly to mistake all those brass casings as having come from the handguns; hundreds of them. A 9mm brass casing is no longer than 3/4 inch. A .223 is almost 3 inches long. WTF?

      It is these types of anomalies that catch my interest. There are glaring lies being told. But I don’t think that one of them is lying that there were murders when there were none.

      So there are some of my thoughts on this case – that you asked about above.


      • Dear Mr Rogue, thank you for your thoughts on SH. But where is ANY evidence of a “shooter team”? Where is any evidence that ANY killings took place? Just show me one or two pieces of proof that there WERE DEAD BODIES? Can you do that? And no, Pozner talking about what her dead son’s body looked like does not count.. She’s one of the biggest fuckin’ liars involved with Sandy Hook. It’s been stated that NO parents were permitted to view their “dead children.” Even family members that specifically asked to see them were denied. She apparently had an open casket viewing… oh come on now.

    • I didn’t get past the photoshop’d Lanza pic…. lol

      • Which pic Jay? The two where his face looks like a skull? Actually, in the one with the weird hat, he reminds me of Woody

        • In the prison planet article u posted.

          • Thanks Jay.. I didn’t even notice that vid. Ahh the incredible morphing hand. Guess they added that shadow behind him so that he’d look more sinister because he sure just looks like a goofy kid otherwise. I have to wonder too if they deleted that other poster on the wall because of what it said?

  34. Rogue1, you must have meant 7 rounds of 12 ga. shotgun shells, not 70?

    Your points are all solid. This entire SH fiasco is so full of holes, it may never be sorted out, since the “investigation” has been so compromised. In my opinion, the logical starting point is to call the entire thing Bullshit, and move forward from that point. And with that in mind, I ask the question, “Is there anybody ‘anywhere’ within the investigation, reportage, etc. who has any integrity whatsoever? That can be trusted? With all of the officers (or actors mixed in) who actually got to the school, the site of the shootings, who of them can be trusted? The same goes for the Aurora debacle and others. The “stories” that come out are probably like 9/11 and all the other tainted “events”. Nothing is even close to resembling the actual happenings.

    • “Rogue1, you must have meant 7 rounds of 12 ga. shotgun shells, not 70?”~Boomer

      Rounds not “shells”…

      No, it is not what I meant, it is what the search warrant states. We are talking about a Saiga 12 – a magazine fed long gun, not an under-barrel tube-feed. The Saiga has long banana style mags just like an “assault weapon” – as it is in fact a tactical shotgun.

      Read the search warrant. It is not my story – it’s the cop’s.


      • Alrighty then. However,I do recall seeing the “officer” only rack a few shells out of the “long gun” in the back of the car in the parking lot. Of course, it was dark out, and it could have been anywhere…

        • Well Boomer,

          You have to understand, I am not claiming any of this is true. I am saying what has been reported. I saw the video too, in the extended version you can see the guys is white overalls take two guns and walk towards what is clearly the school…same parking lot, same Civic parked at an angle.

          The shots of the one long gun handled and rounds ejected from does look like the Saiga. So that is visual evidence. As far as the Warrant Reports, they could be as fictional as moon cheese for all I know.

          The real flap is that the whole day it was reported by the authorities that the deceased “shooter” had only two pistols – which morphed to four by evening. It was also claimed that hundreds of spent shell casings were found inside the school.

          The next morning with the Carver news conference we suddenly have all of the wounds caused by a long gun…a .223 semi-auto.

          Again “hundreds of shell casings” – the trouble here is that a 9mm brass is an open face casing only about 3/4 inches long, whereas a .223 brass is a bottle-nosed casing almost three full inches long. For the first official reportage to claim that the fatal shots came from one of two handguns, and that the casings were in view – obviously – HOW COULD THEY HAVE BEEN TAKEN FOR 9mm shells?

          Impossible in my view. So taking the Warrant claims at face value is a non-starter for me. In fact taking ANYTHING at face value involving this case is a non-starter in my view. By that I do mean ANYTHING, cops, media, and including alternative media. This case is literally soaked in bullshit.

          The only things we know for sure are the ongoing travelling repercussions; Bad Jazz.


  35. Will, we shall agree to disagree about the classroom photos. I think most parents know exactly what I’m saying and would concur. Did you even look at the photo? Your answer leads me to believe you didn’t and you are just arguing on the fact that photogs always touch up photos. The children’s heads were BLOCKS in that picture… that’s more than mere touchup darlin.

    Moving on. You are zeroing in on one SH anomaly when there are hundreds? It’s the mass compilation of all that leads me personally to the conclusion of a massive hoax with no dead bodies. In other words, looking at the big picture NOTHING adds up. Speaking of dead bodies…

    Here’s a question for ya and everyone here. It’s bothered me for a while now. I notice in all the photos I’ve seen on the internet so far, there is not one bloody footprint on the ground. How can that be? All that blood splatter from those close range shots.. There had to be massive amounts of blood and brain matter all over the place. Yet, no one carried the blood on their feet while walking to and from the school? Really??!!

  36. JG, I believe that’s a “touche” with your sword there. I don’t recall any photos with blood, or anything else that may be considered prima facie evidence. The broken glass on the front door was about as “deep” as they got into the crime scene as far as photos. Everything else was stuff meant to conjure up emotional reactions of empathy. That which the orchestrators, and complicit are missing.

    • Thank you boom. Just another anomaly to add to the mountain of “evidence” that nothing happened.

  37. Yes, no blood anywhere.
    Think about it.
    It’s a test to see how far they can milk it.
    Wouldn’t it be easy to throw some red paint around for the camera’s?
    Why wouldn’t you knowing it will create a more hysterical reaction from the people?

    Super psyop

  38. Right Jay. This may be the first time we are experiencing a psyop within a psyop.

    Remember after 9/11 when they released the vid to the public of the “plane” hitting the pentagon (haha) and anyone with eyes and functioning brain could see that was NO plane? Well, of course the alternate internet community jumped all over it and said that was no plane that was a missle.. I figured they were setting us all up as crazy CTs and that they intended to pull out a more detailed version that did indeed show a plane crashing into the building to make us all look like loons. But after 12 years, it’s never happened. Proving, they don’t care. They know enough people are stupid enough to believe what they tell them the first time and the rest will argue over semantics to the point of pissing each other off and dividing up any movement that could possibly spring forth.

    Same thing is happening with SH and to my mind in a bigger way because how dare you disrespect those dead children and their families by asking questions. Dead children is a very hot button issue and they used it to the hilt. So, they pull a false flag with no evidence other than them telling us it happened. Why on earth would you believe your own lying eyes that NOTHING did?

  39. The more I know about it, and the more I read the comments here, the more convinced I am that it is true: the WHOLE THING about Sandy Hook is a PSYOP.

    So what do we really know about it? Just that and NOTHING ELSE.

    But there continue to be these continuing claims of “smoking guns”, especially in the “video and photo analysis”. Well, how do you know that the analysis photos and vids weren’t made out of whole cloth by the “analyst”?

    I could do it. I could take a group shot of any group, put it in Photoshop, and take off body parts, resize them and replace them, so that those parts were inferior pixel wise …ending up with a product wherein I could prove beyond doubt is a “faked photo”.

    Now, as to the lack of bloody footprints that would “certainly” be left by the first responding officers: What? They saw the carnage and just couldn’t help but wading through the pools of slippery blood and body parts?

    I get the feeling that many are speaking beyond their knowledge grade here.
    When someone is killed, their heart stops beating. Wounds will certainly spill ample amounts of blood. But the fact is that someone who is gravely wounded and remains alive will bleed out, because the heart still pumps the blood. And this is a scenario where the most blood – the majority in the human body will be found outside of that body.

    At any rate, I don’t see the lack of bloody footprints to be at all the logical coup that it’s accepted as in the comments here. Lack of proof is not proof, it is lack of proof.

    I agree that Sandy Hook is a psychological operation meant to achieve political ends. And I have made the point constantly that it goes simply beyond ‘gun control’. As a strategy of tension it is causing hysterical thinking and divisions – that is the effect it is meant to have.

    We know it was and is a continuing PSYOP – all else is conjecture.
    I will conjecture no more. I think it is a waste of time.


    • Whaddaya mean beyond their knowledge “pay grade”? That’s needless ad hominem Rogue1. Since ALL of us are getting our “facts & evidence” via some kind of “filter”, media or otherwise, we really don’t know anything for sure. A lack of bloody footprints, etc. is just another missing piece of evidence that one might expect to see, like the .223 casings vs the pistol casings, which we haven’t “seen” either.

      We can establish that the hokum and bunkum of this “event” is Off-the-Charts, so that tells us some important stuff. Our “angles” get a little sharper. We can certainly establish that the Khazar Krowd went Apeshit regarding attacking guns, gun owners, everything guns and ammo and promoting obviously pre-written legislation to Shitcan the 2nd Amendment. We CAN establish they didn’t miss a trick for taking advantage of a crisis { Rahm’s Rhyme }. This tells us a whole lot about these assholes.

      AND, we can establish that TPTB have also went Apeshit in continuing to ramp up their Police State Agenda by buying/ordering up massive quantities of Ammo & Expensive Military Weapons, etc., etc. AND, THEY REFUSE TO DISCLOSE “WHY?” { Like WE don’t know }, when asked. But then, THEY always blow off the peasants.

      But anyways, “Its not nice” to slam COTO folks for their efforts at Discovery. The Process of what we do here informs us all.

      I prefer to just hear a hearty “That’s Bullshit!” from you, and then you list Why you think that is. Plus, I’ve yet to be “Paid” for anything on COTO, so I’ve got a zero pay grade, even while my Knowledge Bank Account has increased tremendously. { grin }

      • Yea Boom,

        All of the obvious repercussions of Sandy Hook are there in the state agenda.

        STILL there is nothing to grasp onto as to whether there were real murders or not.

        How can I make it any clearer than that? No one has yet to give a definitive and substantive argument proving there were no murders. The official story is replete with suspicious anomalies, but if there is PROOF one way or the other as to whether there were killings or not I haven’t seen it – here or elsewhere.

        And I didn’t say anything about “pay”. I have however had a lot to say about unfounded certainties, based on “gut feelings”. Intuition is fine for a lead, but one cannot base conclusions on gut feelings alone.

        One more fucking time – I am not saying that there were murders at Sandy Hook – god damn it – I am saying I do not know one way or the other. All of the repercussions are plain enough, and that is a freight-train headed straight for us…if you want some sort of consensus here, you got it on that angle.


        • You’re right, you didn’t say “pay”. I’m rather rushed today, but I wanted to respond, and that was a faux pas.

          I almost prefer to consider/analyze all of the weird and wacky shit surrounding these “events” to frame a picture of the thing. The stuff that the media herks up, the politicians, the “agencies”, writers and commenters of all stripes, and the omissions, glaring or otherwise. Add in the videos, photos, supposed “witnesses”, their stories, their cockamiemie (however that’s spelled) stories, the “investigators”, idiots like the the coroner in the SH case, mouthpieces like Lt. Vance, new legilslation & the individuals selling it, on & on the circus parade winds.

          All of THIS “stuff” is actually telling about these “events”. Since, for all intents and purposes, WE the People NEVER get even an ounce of Truth or anything concrete, WE form our opinions in more unconventional guerilla ways.

          • Boom actually it was worse than “pay” grade… This is what he said :
            “I get the feeling that many are speaking beyond their knowledge grade here.” That’s an insult and totally uncalled for. No one is saying anything that is written in stone here. We are in the process of sussing things out. Apparently Rogue is offended by that and instead of just shutting the fuck up about it and letting us have OUR discussion he has to constantly deride us for our thoughts.

  40. Peer pressure? lol That’s how you see it when someone disagrees with YOUR opinion? Well, ok then 🙂

    Oh and to clarify the blood issue.. Someone stated that a little girl came out of the school splattered with blood.. a supposed survivor. I’m thinking she couldn’t be the only one then and surely others had blood on their shoes exiting the building. With all that blood everywhere there had to be bloody footprints somewhere just as with the footprints at Aurora. But my opinion and others does not matter. Because you say it’s impossible it must be so, right Will? You are the only one here that has the proper perspective and presence of mind to ask the right questions and come to any type of logical conclusion.

    Sorry your highness for offending your sensibilities.

    • “You are the only one here that has the proper perspective and presence of mind to ask the right questions and come to any type of logical conclusion.”

      And what is my conclusion Deb? Do you recall after all these centuries what my conclusion is?

      Well then let me state it again in the present tense:

      I do not know whether there were any murders or not at Sandy Hook.
      Do you Princess Debra? {grin}


  41. haha.. that would be spelled Princess Deborah 😀

    • So, Whattaya know, Princess Deborah?


  42. This is a comment made on James Tracy’s ‘Memory Hole’ blog:
    . . . . .
    I see this confluence of events, and I agree that Sandy Hook is the proximate cause of the events, and how it is social engineering.

    What I still don’t see is material substance for any firm conclusion as to what actually did and did not take place at Sandy Hook. We are obviously dealing with a PSYOP. And it obviously was put into effect for those effects listed in this essay. But this has been spun every-which-way, over-under-sideways-down. I find a lot of the “conspiracy theory” to be channeled in by the psychological operators – much of it to jump start hysterical thinking and speculation based on flatulence.

    Many seem to have gone far beyond what can be reasonably determined…and going round’a’bout in futile whirlpools – while the real issue is the consequences we see articulated in this article.

    It is obvious that the official story is garbage – but there isn’t enough solid information to parse reality from scripted memorex. Ultimately the PSYOP extends as a distraction to the ongoing actions on the ground while most are focused in fascination of the “Hooking Event”.

    A very good article which I highly recommend.


    • Gee Will, sounds like you wrote it. However, below this post you wrote how we have to keep 9/11 alive after over 11 years. What’s the difference? Everyone that discusses 9/11 on truth & shadows or coto knows without a doubt it was an inside job. All you guys do over there is argue about how the buidlings came down… I consider THAT a waste of time after 11 years of going round in circles..

      Of course 9/11 was important it was the catalyst for the police state but a formal investigation is never going to happen. You are still spinning your wheels arguing for thermite when others argue for DEW or anti nukes.. I’ve seen the pages of dialog. So that’s productive to you?

      Sandy Hook just happened. How dare anyone condescend to tell us not to discuss it when it is the latest, freshest false flag psyop. Go on with your bad self arguing semantics over at T&S. The only thing I want to hear about 9/11 now is that the perpetrators have been identified and are being indicted and hung. 9/11 will never be forgotten but a true investigation will never happen unless an entirely new govt of by and for the people is set in place.

      So,You don’t like the convo about SH.?.. then simply don’t engage and continue on at T&S debating how the towers fell.

      • “Sandy Hook just happened. How dare anyone condescend to tell us not to discuss it when it is the latest, freshest false flag psyop.”
        ~Magic Princess

        I never told anyone “not to discuss it”.

        I did say that a lot of the discussion was BULLSHIT however. And the hotter the panty dribble gets, the less inclined I am to blunt my criticisms. Especially to those so intent on describing the flavor and aftertaste of their burps, and any other signs of indigestion.


        • You think anyone that disagrees with your opinion is full of shit. I for one am getting sick of that attitude. Who are you to tell us how to think, what to think and if we should think about a subject at all? WHo do you think u are? You are not better than anyone here and don’t forget it.

          • Oh no Ma’am I certainly won’t forget it Your Highness,

            Any way you want it, that’s the way it will be.

            “Whatever Lola wants – Lola gets”

            Your wish is my command. I am here but to serve thee O’highest of high.

            I’ll be a fool or a wise man, my darling you hold the key…yes any way you want me, that’s how I will be.
            In your hands my mind is clay to take and to mold as you may.
            I’m what you make me, you’ve only to take me…etc…


            • hahahahaha.. GOOD !

  43. I would like to alert COTO that a new series is appearing on Truth and Shadows, written by Barrie Zwicker, which will surely be an informative and educational tour of sociopolitical history:

    An excerpt of Craig McKee’s introduction:

    “I know that many “official story” believers wonder why some of us are still questioning the truth about 9/11 more than 11 years after the event. Why don’t we just move on?

    The answer, of course, is that this is not only an event that continues to have terrible repercussions for the world (horrific wars, ridiculous arms spending, and the accelerating destruction of privacy and personal freedoms), but it is not an event that “changed the world forever” as we’ve been told so often. It just continued a longstanding process of global elites controlling the masses through intimidation and deception.”


  44. How ’bout playing with this info Will?

    • Ask Jersey Boomer, she’s the visual and photo expert on the blog.


      • Boomer,

        Actually, aside from being grumpy, I no longer can access the Vatic project site…which used to be no problem for me..justa coupla weeks ago.

        Sorry dood.


      • Never said I was an expert Will.. that’s your line.

        • That’s right toots, and never forget it.



    • You’re grumpy. Visit the “flowers”. Cheers!

  45. By James F. Tracy
    Global Research, March 28, 2013

    Url of this article:


  46. WOW! This thread has got me in stitches!

    Not really…Let’s chill and do the “SMACK DOWN MAN” on those who(m) deserve it. By-the-way, this who/whom shit is really an annoyance and a trifle ’bout a truffle. So — Senor Snore Snout. I’m just going to be communicating however I feel it gets the point across. Damn the Tostados!

  47. Not really Boomer??


    I think it’s pretty funny. After all, if it was any other than the magic princess herself in a ‘squabble’ – she would be calling the parties in dispute 3rd graders and chastising them for acting like children.

    It’s likely a matter of plumbing…\


  48. Rogue, you better shut up already or this “magic princess” will turn you into a frog…

    Ooops!! too late, you are already a toad 😀

    • The option of shutting up is a mutual one my dear.
      Of course the when you say, ” squabbles betwen you and Senor, oh yes indeed, you were acting like children..”

      That is somehow magically transformed into something ‘different’, in a whole different ‘category’ because by gawd it is the magic in the possession of the princess and the princess only, because …because..because?

      Because of the magical special person she is. We wouldn’t dare speak above a whisper here, the word…{shhh} “hypocrisy”….

      No no no no no….shut yo mouth Willy…




      • Mr Toad’s wild ride, you’re calling me a hypocrite? lol I don’t tell anyone their ideas are bullshit unless it’s Wanda insisting that Jerry Sandusky is Kevin Costner. You, on the other hand have no problem calling people names or making fun of their thoughts if they don’t concur with your opinion on a subject or you simply disagree with theirs, say on 9/11 for instance or Sandy Hook or any other number of issues. You are not the all powerful, all knowing wizard you think you are. That is unless you are the great Wizard of Oz.

        • Ooey-gooey tata; dat black magic potion from the goddess Estros…bubble bubble toil and trouble…yup yoozda kickerz lady.

          Go on…yoozgotza more? Deeza colleciboidal. Deyz belongs inda Book of Daze….classics Deebie Doll.



  49. Btw, if you are referring to the squabbles betwen you and Senor, oh yes indeed, you were acting like children, name calling et al.

    • My stepdad used to say,

      “Do as I say – not as I do”…
      ..never realizing people learn by and follow example.

      When I tire of…get bored with your game here Deborah, that is when I will “shut up”…or I can follow your example if you shut up first.

      Time will tell. Meanwhile, I am not in a state of angst or pissed off at all. Like I said, this is funny, it’s silly…and you are a more fun than a barrel of monkeys sweetheart.


  50. “[H-53] Refusal to work or eat. Individuals may refuse to work or eat (collectively or individually) as a means of harassing the detaining power or in an attempt to gain concessions from the detaining power. Prompt isolation and segregation of such offenders and their ringleaders normally control this type of disorder.”
    [pg.245 – FM 3-39.40]

    This is a very interesting document from a philosophical and epistemic perspective. The subtext glows like neon…the assumptions this protocol is based on is so obvious in the depth of error, and can be rightfully characterized as psychotic.

    Just the term “detaining power” is problematic as far as to the twists of logic needed to assert that this ‘power’ has any moral or rational legitimacy.

    The attempt to reverse the victim/perpetrator concept we see the term, “harassing” used to describe what in reality is defensive, not aggressive activities.

    And here we have a 326 page tome, a grimoire of black magic spells written as modern English rhetoric, when in fact the paradigmatic ground is medieval and deep dark ages.
    If ever the human race becomes enlightened, it will look back on such documents as these in great disgusted wonder and awe.


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