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The War on [your] Consciousness

GH-The war on consciousness

Disclose.tvGraham Hancock – The War on Consciousness @ TEDxWhitechapel

The Dark Side of Ayahuasca

In response to the videos posted by Boomerang that included the offerings from Graham Hancock, David Wilcock and others who hang in the Project Camelot crowd, I have followed these characters for many years in the nineties and have finally concluded for myself they are Frauds and psyoperators.  I keep a running list in a database of the works, ideas and beliefs of these new ager, ufologists and pseudo-intellectuals and shaman wannabes and I find them dangerous to those trying to escape the matrix.

I also have studied the tryptamines and other amino acids and the benefits medicinally as versus the recreational abuser and DMT with a Monoamine oxidase inhibitor is very dangerous and MAOI’s in PhRMA are worse than the SSRI versions in the anti-depressants kingdom.  Dietary and chemical considerations can have deadly effects as noted in this recent case of Nolan in the article above. There are many benefits to Cannabis and psilocybin when used  medicinally. How it’s grown and cultivated are the of huge concern and when the government takes control of all of it, it will be unusable and contaminated or adulterated. Best you know and grow your own.

But to the subject at hand I’d like coto’s take on G. Hancock, David Wilcock,  Jordan Maxwell, Bill Ryan and others in that fraternity. Like the Fulfords, Kurzweils and Celente’s, I find them to be just as suspect, but that’s just my sense.  What’s yours?

After years of conspiracy research I can say most of it has been the CIA psyops and Psychopharmacology or  Psee-eye-a-r-us as the new ager model for this millenium. I warn those who will listen about getting in too deep with these most dangerous ladder designers.   From Leary, McKenna and Frank Olson to Jonestown and to Aurora, it’s the most potent of behavior control and social engineering.







    [Recently, his captivating TED Talk, “The War on Consciousness,” a sober and intelligent argument for the liberation of the human mind, was deliberately removed from You Tube by TED curator Chris Anderson.

    “Graham Hancock’s talk, again, shares a compelling and unorthodox worldview, but one that strays well beyond the realm of reasonable science. While attempting to critique the scientific worldview, he misrepresents what scientists actually think…” Chris Anderson, [TED]

    After some debate between Hancock and Anderson, this presentation was not fully re-posted to TED’s site, but rather subjugated to a new, unseen basement corner on TED’s site, canceling it’s record of views and limiting it’s future visibility.

    Is Hancock sharing ideas worth censoring? Decide for yourself…]

    In-Q-Tel, CIA and Psyop. Nothing there to suppress but let’s make everyone think there is.

  2. It is good to question all sources of info/disinfo. Disinformation is only effective if it is 95 (or something like that) percent true. Yet we all know lying liars who constantly lie like it was some kind of contest–and millions of the most amazing dupes that ever existed who go on believing them!

    I suspect Benjamin Fulford of being a disinfo agent, but I went ahead and quoted him recently because part of what he said was confirmed by a source I know personally and trust. OTOH, I have not been able to find any other confirmation that banks in Asia and Europe are discriminating between US currency issued in America and that issued abroad. There should have been a hue and cry by now. My friend, who got stiffed on quite a pile of US cash and will go to America in order to use it, says he too is amazed there hasn’t been an outcry. Perhaps it is just that so many much bigger things are happening now.

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      • Some truth in everything. The unseen truth is the objective. One has to ask why the government in their “we care” suit, are constantly trying to eliminate Hemp, Cannabis and tobacco while promoting GMO, Aspartame, Smart meters, HFCS, SSRI’s, MAOI’s vaccines and birth control when numerous studies show harmful effects.

        Smoke em if you got em and if you aint got em, get em.

        • Good post, Puddy. I’ve busy and away; just arrived. What you point out right above is sooo crucial for people to grok. A visual just popped into my head of an idea for a laughnmatter toon where a guv “rep” is shaking the right hand of a citizen, while the rep also has a knife in his left hand behind the citizen, stabbing him in the back simultaneously.

          Your example above highlights the alien concept of Duplicitous, as it is wielded by the socio/psychopaths we see in these agency/admin driver’s seats. They practice Ultimate Hypocrisy, and everyone best be savvy to their murderous “Game”.

      • This is a nice conversation. Too busy yesterday to jump in–spring is upon us, and the fields call, yea, demand, practically roar for attention. The barn swallows arrived ten days earlier this year than last, and last year I was amazed how early they came, so I started jotting down the dates of things. Amazed tho’ how many places around the world are sufferin drought, and America seems to have the winter that wouldn’t quit.

        We would wind up paralyzed if we really demanded to know what was disinformation before passing news along. That’s really the point of it. I roll my eyes at what Fulford says sometimes, but I think he is sincere. He seems to think Japan and China will set the world straight again. I wouldn’t hold my breath. Economically, they are both tinderboxes ready to burst into flame at any moment. The advantage they have in the long run is that despite considerable economic success, the people maintained their self discipline to some degree. The Japanese never picked up a sense of entitlement, and for twenty years they’ve endured economic hardship, so the younger generation is more accustomed to deprivation. If they can maintain this through the collapse and all its terrors, they stand a good chance of coming out on top.

        The Chinese are said to be itching to try out their war machine, and that’s what happens when you produce a surfeit of young men. Still I don’t see them doing much for a while. The older generation in charge remembers what war was.

  3. It’s important IMO to not only listen to what they say but to listen to what they do.
    Julian Assange is a classic example.
    Gets caught hacking government web sites in his early twenties. *CIA licking lips*
    Has a life of mystery over the years, does his wiki-leaks thing, giving him superstar status, the great Aussie freedom fighter. lol
    Jewish news is all over him, this article, that article, oh look what assange is doing for christmas everyone! lol
    Lady Gaga goes to visit him ?
    TV shows made about him?
    I think the elites want the info leaked, all part of the grand revealing.

    • And they go to the ends to create the illusion that they find these people a threat. Well it’s true. Julian Assange is dangerous. To us.

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  5. Regarding TED, lookie:

    • Who is eddie huang and why is he complaining? I’m sure he knew the rules of the conference before he attended. Did he not read the memo or didn’t he get it?

      • Jg, you ask what he’s complaining about?
        Did you watch the clip? The man speaks for himself 😉

        • I hear what he’s saying and what a pain in the ass for sure. I’d hate having to be sequestered like a jury in a murder trial. But my question is, wasn’t he given an itinerary before he attended and know the rules of TED? He didn’t make that clear. Did they just impose all this on him when he got there without informing him?

          I like TED because it exposes the fakes like Bill Gates and his vaccine agenda. Cult-like it may be but hey, exposure is good

  6. Diet Coke and Pepsi are probably worse for you than any of that supershit Psycho-Delilah wankaroo.

    I don’t pay much attention to these guys you listed. I have always taken Celente as more entertainment…like Max Kaiser.

    I still think Leary was sincere — he might have been flipped out, but I think he was saying what he really believed.

    I never had a guru anyway…other than my own muse.

    But we can call everyone a bullshit artist…that way we are safe…aye?


    • But we can call everyone a bullshit artist…that way we are safe…aye?

      It seems everyone is suspect that is having an impact in the internet community. I don’t know of anyone that is that hasn’t been called a disinfo agent or shill..Not one!

      That can’t be right, can it?

    • How would you rate the population at large from the Leary culture through the new age movement? It seems to me to be the largest segment of the population now and I do not see much difference in the transition now than I did back then, with exception for larger scale of the CIA operations today.

      • “How would you rate the population at large from the Leary culture through the new age movement? It seems to me to be the largest segment of the population now…”~P

        It is obvious that the majority got swooped back into the net during the “yippie” era, as things morphed and the social engineers got a handle on what had happened, and put even more high tech skills into the mix…and consolidated the control of media into a tightly controlled PR machine.

        But those who really got it, deep in their souls never could go back to the ‘business as usual’ model. It takes a lot of talent and insight to play the system without it snatching you up.

        There is no getting around the fact that the majority have been successfully programmed by the postmodern system into TVZombies.

        But yet still, all is in flux – nothing is determined.


        • Just a techno-polished version but the mechanisms are the same. There seems to be an aversion to trusting oneself to know and function without the consensus, approval and gimmicky devices of the matrix.

          I always liked the road less traveled but was always pegged as contrary but I always thought it appropriate for true enlightenment and discovery.

  7. Right on PD. I had to agree with what Hancock was presenting at TED, he pretty much summed up how I feel about the scientifc community and the soul. That is, until he started his drug pushing. Very Timothy Leary-like,indeed. I never liked nor trusted Leary. Anyone encouraging people to turn on, tune in, tune out is no friend of mine. I didn’t fall for it then when so many of my friends did, nor will I fall for this new version of it now. My cousin jumped off a two story building (and amazingly survived) during an lsd trip when he thought he could fly. Leary always seemed a sleazy drug pusher to me same as Hugh Hefner was the sleazy porn pusher. Of course. back then i knew nothing of the total control agenda. My intuition told me I didn’t need to tune in to the drug culture frequency. I have never felt disconnected from my soul or inner consciousness. Maybe that’s why.

    Besides, there are other ways to expand your consciousness without the risk of dangerous side effects, be the drug natural or pharma produced. And yes, I can see the govt take over of it to keep us all drugged up and stupid. Like they aren’t already doing that?!! It’s where they want us. Brave New World it is, eh?

    Take your soma !

    Great post Patrick. I have doubts about all you listed. I think Fulford is mentally deranged which may be why I still like him even though the ninjas are never coming. I am still on the fence about Celente. Keiser seems to have jumped the shark with bitcoin. What do you have on Celente? I must admit, I’ve lost track of them all lately.

    And yes Will…wordpress is driving me crazy! Slow and freezes and kicks me out in the middle of trying to post an article !!!!

    • Thanks Deb. The transmittors and frequencies are the same as the sixites. The JFK era moving on to today seems resemble the same movement. Now the Bush/Cheney gang are the Nixonians. Graham Hancock and the internet version of the awakening seem somewhat reminiscent of the tune in/turn on.

      I agree that once you get the platform, you are suspect. Once you get the following you are suspicious and labeled cointel. But history tells us if you aren’t cointel you are usually dead.

      Assassinations occur almost daily now and the lessons learned by the committee are handle sooner rather than later. In the case of Alex Jones, he had to be very lucky to get where he has gotten unscathed. But ever since the death of Bill Cooper, anyone who gets to that level can’t be on the level.

      BTW, does anyone know anyone with a serious marijuana problem? Other than the incarceration issue?

  8. So Deb…you never had a drink of liquor?

    Wow…whatta “Tea Toobler” {grin}


    • haha.. not hardly.. social drinker but not much of one. Tried pot back in the day but it made me hungry and sleepy. I think pot is Aok in moderation as long as you don’t smoke yourself into a daily stupor where your brain slows down to 0….much betterfor you than liquor. Don’t like the mind altering types cause I don’t like nuttin’ messin’ with my mind, I’ve seen too many bad effects of hallucinogens.

      If others believe they are the key to enlightenment..have at it. Just not my thing is all.

  9. ‘The Dark Side of Ayahuasca’

    After reading this article, I would be inclined to say it is miss-titled and should read; ‘The Dark Side of Con-men and Hucksters’.

    Ayahuasca doesn’t strike me as any less safe than say…a visit to an Amerikan hospital, and trusting all the drug pushing witch-doctors backed by AMA, and fistfoodled by the FDA.

    And as far as ‘bad trips’ on LSD…the great majority of these tales are not verified, and the greatest likelihood is that anything taking place beyond 1967-68__that the substance wasn’t actually LSD, but a methamphetamine laced with rat poison. Just like the Ayahuasca/Toe situation, dealing with “pushers” is dangerous, as you have no guarantees as to the purity, or even if the substance you are getting is what it is billed as.

    If you want to totally protect your brain chemistry in the 21st century, be sure not to ingest: eat, drink, or breath ANYTHING…
    ..{‘cept java, of course}



      class CotoNose {
      public static void main(String[] args) {
      System.out.println(“Hello Coto!”);

    • Ahh but Will…we have no choice but to eat drink and breathe. Don’t need to compound my problems by ingesting questionable natural or pharma drugs.

      Don’t buy your grass from pushers….grow your own 😉

  10. When you consider, that most religions have their basis in the mushroom and psychotropic natural substances cults of ancient times. It doesn’t stand to just dismissing this whole subject out of hand. I listened to what Graham Hancock had to say on TED. I don’t buy into his spin but he did make some good points in regards to humanity’s conscious evolution sparked by these substances.
    I just recently viewed a video called “The Sacred Science” that reads on the jacket of the DVD as follows.
    Diabetes, Prostate cancer, Alcoholism, Parkinson’s disease. Just to name a handful of many common illnesses that western medicine has been inadequate in treating.
    Witness the story of eight brave souls as they they leave the developed world behind in search of deep answers. Living in seclusion for one month in the heart of the Amazon jungle, these men and women take part in the powerful healing practices of Peru’s indigenous medicine men. In their most desperate hour, these patients are forced to confront not only their physical ailments, but their own spiritual and psychological barriers in the process.
    They went looking for one last chance. What they found would change their lives forever.
    Ayahuasca was one of the rituals they undertook with others also.
    I did the sixties, it was a very short period of time but like any spark of true magic, you blinked, you missed it, a percentage didn’t, too many others sold out or just missed it. CIA generated? Yes, but on a scale of a flu virus escaping their labs. Ken Kesey said they had the best acid (One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest).A absolute riot of a read is “Electric Koolaid AcidTest” by Tom Wolfe.
    I suggest that upon discussing the shortcomings of Timothy Leary, the readership might want to take a journey that actually goes back to the early fifties that doesn’t begin with Aldous Huxley but that’s where the story takes off about Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Huston Smith and Andrew Weil who have been, with some still, major voices in this ongoing story.
    To wipe out Shamanism, the monsters that run this show and have for a long time have been wiping out whole cultures of indigenous peoples, after all, can’t have people being connected to the maker. How could people be controlled be that the case. Makes them look like the nasty joke they are.

    • OOPS! Wanna check out where this goes

    • Well,

      Part of it is actually BEING THERE when this all happened. Just reading about it as a younger person, it is like any second hand information, the judgments will rely on a host of factors.

      I met Lilly, and Leary. I knew a lot of people that knew them and the general click involved. Anyone who trusts their own ability to read someone’s ‘vibe’ will make such a judgment on their own experiences, rather than press accounts.

      I think it also helps to really grasp the preceding years, the 1950s to understand how ‘uptight’ the population was, the whole induced trauma of ‘nuclear annihilation’…and the mind-set of the times. The
      ‘Agencies’ simply did not have the imagination to pull off the ’60s’ as a social engineering operation. They were definitely caught by surprise when the Psychedelic Genie escaped from their bottle. It took them years to understand it, even as it was going on right in their faces.

      There is always going to be ‘revisionist’ history attempted, a retelling to again puff these jackasses that run things up to appear more farseeing and prescient than they are.

      I see accusing Leary and those around him of being ‘agents’ as ridiculous as accusing Prof Steven Jones of being an ‘agent’. It is in these ‘recreations’ of history that is the PSYOP.

      I have read a lot of bullshit about the 60s and 70s that attempts to characterize the whole thing as purposeful social engineering, when in fact the era is defined by those who broke free of that engineering. It is the PR system’s duty to erase this revelation and paint it black.


      • Gotta say that the uptight / danger is back again and it’s an opening for just another one of those blue pill diversions into a scape of transformation.

        Though I do see the whole 60’s event as a social engineered experiment, it does not mean that it was not a willing participation and an opportunity to develop some independence among the free radicals and revolution. It elevated the awareness and exposed the contemporary fiction from the historical fact.

  11. Of course they want an end to the shamans and all natural cures. Look at the healing benefits of marijuana used medicinally here at home. Can’t have that !

    If everyone really knew the truth about these wonderous natural remedies big pharma would be out of business for damn sure.

  12. It’s the truth like Patricia says, 95%. 95% or 1%. Who you screw carries risks. Who you buy or buy from carries more. In all my years in the big box of screws, no one I spoke to died from the screw but most are broke from brokers or dead from peddlers.

    Whether you accept this observation as I do is much like the PhRMA commercial. “Deaths have been reported though rare” though the other side effects are not lethal they are serious. We can get anything we want except the truth, for once we get it, it’s game over.

  13. Truth is, like pure spring water bubbling out of the ground into a pond. All the flora and fauna thrives. It can be polluted but eventually, after the source of the vileness has extinguished itself as a virus does a host, the purity will return. That’s how it is.

  14. Do you know how hard it is to broadcast these days? Even what is required to transmit shortwave. There are none since Bill Cooper who are free to speak on any topic and Bill Cooper was in constant hot water while he was on the Hour of the Time.

    Those who broadcast like Alex Jones are required to record all call ins and it is monitored just as thoroughly as the internet facadebooks.

    • “There are none since Bill Cooper who are free to speak on any topic..”~P

      I think this is exaggeration. This generalization is posited on the concept of the ‘Manichean Devil’ – an enemy of such utter and complete power that is literally controls all.

      That is certainly the impression this system would like for us to have of it. But I submit that it is inefficient at the human interface, that it breaks down and is but a fraction of how “Ultra” it is portrayed to be.

      The greatest danger is not the gaining of complete control over the human spirit, it is in the destruction of the natural environment to the point that the fabric of life can no longer sustain itself. This is far along now, and there is no telling whether that tipping point may have already been reached.


      • The greatest danger is not the gaining of complete control over the human spirit, it is in the destruction of the natural environment to the point that the fabric of life can no longer sustain itself. This is far along now, and there is no telling whether that tipping point may have already been reached.


        I agree. The biggest threat right now is the poisoning of air, water and earth.. Nothing is safe to eat or drink and our air is filled with heavy metals, radiation and deadly bacteria. Even if we grow our own gardens, the soil may be contaminated and the rain water is too. Nothing makes me sadder than to see how sick the trees are becoming and what it forbodes for all living things.

  15. I’m listening to George Noory on Infowars and I think it’s all bullshit.
    Everything I hear on these shows is old news, rhetoric and therefore just pump and dump. Then you have to look to the source. Like Reuters, who runs main stream traffic, who runs these scalar waves? The alternate frequencies? They fail to deliver a direction or force to action and just emit a magnitude of ego.

    Congress is run by a gang of ten. Patrick Leahy is the most powerful I believe. Much like a cub-scout or brownie troop the scout leaders run the dens in house and senate. All legislation comes outside the hill as bills. The member’s of the Pac(k)s, don’t write a thing. If they did it would be much like the Audacity of Hope over Dreams of My Father.

    I wonder where OZ is located and who is behind that curtain. I’ll never know the truth and I cannot buy the alternate media’s integrity. When the revolution happens I say once again, you will be better off on your own than occupying any established thesis or sanction.

    • Yea, I certainly doubt we’ll know the truth in our lifetime. There are a lot of people shooting their mouths off on talk shows without a care in the world. That seems odd for sure. Even Bill Cooper, who seemed genuine seemed to crack at the end. He was all about the alien agenda and then did an abrupt about face. I think they shut him up about it and then permanently shut him up about it.

      But that’s my theory and mine alone because i do believe in that alien agenda. I also know the govt has their own bluebeam invasion planned. Perhaps it is really going to be about a true alien invasion and the holgraphic bluebeam part is the disinfo?

      Funny how this ct stuff always keeps you looking for the next twist in the story…………

      • Any pschologist worth his/her shit would determine that I am frustrated and disillusioned. The hacks would say depressed and in need of medications. But the fact is I am just absolutely without a mentor or source for inquiry or anything outside the corporate scientific dogma. I can find all the peddlers, just no Rodins or Tsarions to move closer to the base.

        I really think it’s a case of the box being saturated and the crud has moved outside the confines and have contaminated all the science. A totally toxic environment in the physical of course but as well in the ethers. Beyond Orwell, the confinements are not as vivid as his vision in fiction but are every bit as palpable and more.

        • PD it is truly frustrating to watch this horror show unfold and not know who, if anyone, we can trust for honest, unadulterated information. The last thing you or any of us need is medication to dull our minds when we need them most.

          Hang in there. You’re not alone. I’m experiencing that foreboding feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. So many of us are..even the most unaware amongst us know something is just not right.. Right now, it’s as if we are in suspended animation waiting for the next big thing to happen.

        • ” I can find all the peddlers, just no Rodins or Tsarions to move closer to the base.”~P

          Look into Jiddu Krishnamurti.


  16. Will, you are a little older than me but I was there during the 60’s & 70’s too. I protested the viet nam war at 17 in Philly on the U of P campus amongst all those children of rich parents and privelege that attended Penn. Kids whose parents would never allow them to be drafted. I know all about that time, I too lived it. I see it differently than you though. I lost many friends to that war.

    The hippie cry of free love, free drugs, turn on, tune in droupout was a copout and pure hedonism. Most of the “leaders” of our generation went off and became yuppies in the 80’s… yuk. Angela Davis was stumping for Obama last election for god sake.

    I find it funny that the 80’s were called the “me” generation. They were the greed generation. Our generation was the “me” generation. We were stoned and self centered, not enlightened. If we were things might be different today. Instead, i find myself yearning for the 50’s.. How sick is THAT?

    Recreating history is what we flower children do when we romanticize all the good stuff we did for the world back then. We did nothing of value when you think about it. It was just fun to wear flowers in our hair and sing along to the great music of the day.

    Btw, what a shock when we learned Gloria Steinam was CIA. Yea, we were duped alright.

    • Here’s a throwback to the day with words that fit

    • Whats with xjerseyg?

      • ???? I don’t know Patrick! Seriously, how did that x get there? the ex jerseyg…x marks the domestic terrorist? I didn’t even notice until I just read your comment. It’s just on that one comment too. Too flippin’ weird.

    • “I lost many friends to that war.”~Deb

      I lost ALL my friends to that war. Not because they all got killed in Nam, but because I didn’t go, so I wuzza “commie pinko” in their eyes…
      These were my HS friends, not the later ‘musical friends’ who I could relate to.

      And now…the forecast for ghastly weather…yup…SNOW on the way. this actually the beginning of a new Ice Age? How would we know ’till summer never comes?


      • Snow here too.. what? End of March… snow. It just gets weirder and creepier every day.

  17. And the memories come flooding back………….. thanks V. “is it real or is it fake”? ha.. who knows..hard to tell anymore..~sigh

    • It’s a different time with a different media to transmit ideas. Back then, music was on the emergent as a source of truth before it was totally co-opted for commercial gain. The Madonna’s and Lady Gaga’s weren’t on the horizon yet. Propaganda was there for sure but as far as TV went, it was only emerging out of the hokey stage yet. There was a fresh consciousness that created a ripple that reverberated around the world and was one of those ” Hundred Monkeys” moments.
      Our current avenue is the internet, amongst the debunk dis-info BS, there’s some hard truths emerging. It might only be in little clues yet C/O MSM but it’s there to be seen and sensed, my senses tell me that their human fallibilities emerge. I believe this is a thing that a person has to rely on their instincts to behold what actually is.

  18. “We were stoned and self centered, not enlightened.”~Deb

    Pardon me ma’am, but you speak for yourself. And of course that is how it should be. I have the perspective I have already articulated.

    We did nothing of value you say?

    We put the fear of God into the morter forkers. Read ‘Orders to Kill’, the chapter with the minutes of the National Security meetings when the people had DC surrounded – occupied. The “government” thought that at any moment the protesters were going to pull the place down brick by brick and hang the military and civilian leadership from lamp posts.

    It was THAT close to happening too. What might have come of that? Who’s to say?


  19. Yea, the protests were amazing… would love to see that happen again, no doubt. BUT you know as well as I the real reason most of those kids were out there in the streets….one word… DRAFT. Hell no, we won’t go!! Most were scared for their very lives as well they should have been. Like i said, i lost several male friends to that fuckin’ useless war.(as if any war is useful)

    Many of my progressive friends believe a draft today would wake more people up especially the younger generation.

    I can’t agree with that for any reason.

    • “BUT you know as well as I the real reason most of those kids were out there in the streets….one word… DRAFT.”

      Lotsa hippy chicks…no chicks were ever drafted…they just were there to party with flowers in their hair….

      And I thought I had grown cynical…{grin}


      • Lest we forget all those that fled to canada 🙂


    That a guy ain’t special unless he can lick his elbow.



  21. Terrence McKenna CIA FOIA

    Dr. Stanley Krippner

    Remote Viewing Program CIA (1972-1977)

    From the Dulles brothers to James Holmes it’s all CIA-R-US. 70 years of MK-Ultra, Psychopharmacology and New Age psyops.

    • This is interesting re McKenna: (I find it kinda funny that he blamed cannabis for his brain tumor and not psychedelics)

      A longtime sufferer of migraines, in mid-1999 McKenna returned to his home on the big island of Hawaii after a long lecturing tour. He began to suffer from increasingly painful headaches. This culminated in three brain seizures in one night, which he claimed were the most powerful psychedelic experiences he had ever known. Upon his emergency trip to the hospital on Oahu, Terence was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, a highly aggressive form of brain cancer. For the next several months he underwent various treatments, including experimental gamma knife radiation treatment. According to Wired magazine, McKenna was worried that his tumour was caused by his 35-years of smoking cannabis; though his doctors assured him there was no causal relation.

      In late 1999, Erik Davis conducted what would be the last interview of McKenna.[17] During the interview McKenna also talked about the announcement of his death:

      I always thought death would come on the freeway in a few horrifying moments, so you’d have no time to sort it out. Having months and months to look at it and think about it and talk to people and hear what they have to say, it’s a kind of blessing. It’s certainly an opportunity to grow up and get a grip and sort it all out. Just being told by an unsmiling guy in a white coat that you’re going to be dead in four months definitely turns on the lights. … It makes life rich and poignant. When it first happened, and I got these diagnoses, I could see the light of eternity, a la William Blake, shining through every leaf. I mean, a bug walking across the ground moved me to tears..

  22. As per: ‘Terrence McKenna CIA FOIA’:
    Jan Irvin on November 16, 2012 at 11:17 pm:
    > “That’s called a paraphrase. I like how your second rewording is a nice straw man and omits the key word “affiliation”.
    Again, try to see all the words together there. Again, you have to use some logic that there would be nothing to classify or appeal to if there was nothing there. You can’t classify a nothing. You can’t appeal a nothing. Therefore, it exists.”
    . . . . . . . .

    I agree with the critics of Jan Irvin have to say on this back and forth. Jan does not understand the wording as a generic form. This is official wording for the purpose of not revealing anything, not an affirmative nor a negative.

    “basic glossary is here to help people understand the FIOA.
    . . . . . .
    Does Irvin understand that the above is a glossary? That it is not the answer to his request, but the terms needed to understand the answer to his request?
    Those are the definition of what the words will mean in the body of the answer to the request.

    The FOIA system is simply telling Irvin that they will not reveal anything about the subject.
    . . . . . .
    Read Jan Irvin once again:
    > “1]You can’t classify a nothing.2] You can’t appeal a nothing. 3]Therefore, it exists.”
    . . .
    1} Certainly they can speak in the official language of an agency dealing with classified information.
    2} One can appeal a reply one is unsatisfied with, the “something/nothing” here is not the information that Irvin is seeking, the something is the process; which he obviously cannot parse the difference between.
    3} Again what DOES exist is the process, that is the only thing the agency has revealed–it is specifically stating it will reveal nothing about classification – nothing more.

    What has happened here is obvious; Irvin looked at the words in the glossary; “AFFILIATION – A MEMBER OF”

    And mistook that as meaning that McKenna was a member of CIA – when in fact the words actually mean that “AFFILIATION” is DEFINED as, “A MEMBER OF”.

    From there his confusion grew as he read the rest of the letter, which was a contradiction of what he had thought he had just read. It is common to go through such routines when one suffers a subconscious ‘Confirmation Bias.


    • So did anyone else here actually read this?

      Jan Irvin is a fuckin’ idiot. WTF?


      • Ya, I read it, didn’t see anything that would lead me to acknowledging that Terrence McKenna was CIA. Can you imagine, Terrence and his brother were some of the first successful cultivators of magic mushrooms and wrote a book on subject under the pseudonym O.T. Oss & O.N. Oeric on how to grow them. Maybe Tommy Chong sold out also. Check out the Playboy board game from the early 70’s called Feds “N” Heads. This would be a plot belonging on that board game. CIA gave up on “acid” way back when (unless of course they put out the brown acid at “Woodstock” in 69). I doubt very much, a tripped out luminary wouldn’t be of much use to them. He would have never followed the lines. Here we are some 40 years later and this all reads like sixties drug induced paranoia.

        • Cool Veri,

          This casual dunking of people in the ‘Charlatan Dip’ is really unjust and uninformative. It makes my ass twitch.


          • Well I read the CIA response and I took away that they weren’t talkin. They used doublespeak… not a yay or nay. It’s all still classified.

            Was he CIA? I don’t have a clue but it’s suspect that they didn’t just say he wasn’t. Who believes anything the CIA says anyway? As if they are beyond

  23. Really, the question you asked, or the point you posited Puddy, was — What’s up with this Circus of Charlatans?!

    The handy tool of “watch their lips move, hear what they say, and compare with their actions” serves us all well as a scales for balancing info/disinfo, truth & sophistry. I think its kind of a repetitive action thing…muscle memory. The more we use it, the more often we hit the nail on the head, and nail the bastard(s) to the floor. Observe long enough and with purpose, and you can usually spot the charlatan in the crowd. When there’s an entire circus tent, a complete crowd of them, well — exit the premises to higher ground.

  24. For Jg, good little article.

  25. Thanks jay 🙂 I took a video this morning of our snow storm and some pix.. This one is called Virgil and of course it’s geoengineered.
    Heres’ where they probably got the name Virgil from

    Virgil is best known for the Aeneid. This epic poem, which tells the story of the origins of Rome, follows the Trojan hero Aeneas after the fall of Troy, as he travels and then settles in a new land, where he founds a new race: the Romans. The poem introduces all of the great characters of ancient Roman mythology, mortal and immortal alike, including Dido, Romulus, Jupiter, and Venus, to name just a few. This timeless classic has inspired many authors over the centuries.

    • Yup Deb,

      That’s what it looked like here this morning.

      It has been raining now, and the snow is spottier…but it is still colder than…ahh…something…whatever.

      I won’t be convinced we aren’t in the beginning of a new ice age until actual summer arrives. I am not taking anything for granted anymore.


      • Same here Will.. It’s all drippy and slushy now. I think it’s only supposed to hit high 40’s the rest of the week. About 15 degrees below normal.

        They warned us an ice age was coming back in the 70’s. Seems it may have arrived by or in spite of the geoengineers manipulation of the weather.

  26. Enlightenment does not care how you get there.

  27. Wanna get real trippy without inhaling or dropping acid? Listen to this radio show I heard with Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. She says those meteors streaking across the sky lately were alien ships not meteors…

    [audio src="" /]

    • You think THAT is something trippy canoes…

      I walked out my front door…going down the stairwell first of course, and when I stepped out I looked down to see, “STOP” painted on the walkway…right where I was coming out of. I thought…”who the fuck did this?”
      Then I realized the lettering looked raised…like dimensional, so I squatted down to look closer. When I put my hand out to touch the ‘P’
      the whole thing just flew off. It was a mass of bugs…strange looking things – sorta like beetles, black with red scalping on the edge of the shell that covers the wing. I had seen them earlier…but never grouped together into any sort of mass…let alone looking like a stenciled word on a sidewalk.

      And even though I just made the whole thing up, it is a rather interesting thing to consider; how some alien race that may be in an entirely different scale might attempt to communicate with humans.


      • Don’t know about you H’man but I can’t see why the fuck they’d bother. Best they could expect is bullshit.

        • Yea Veri,

          Good point. Bullshit seems to be the number one selling product of the human race…or the ‘Hoomin Binx’, as the time travelers from the future calls themselves.

          And it was those guys that explained that what we are all talking about with “Project Blue Beam” is actually a miss-translation of “Projectile Green Bean” a new vegitary weapon designed in 2411 by Kranatar Krixbeet of the Ooglooloo Peoples of Epsilon Buttcake v25 in the spiral galaxy of Merkda Zimbwa.

          All of this information comes from a ticker tape from a telegraph office in Upbeat NY from 1908. It is assumed that the message was sent by time traveler Combent BZ 47, under the alias of George Magnolia III of Melonthorp, Ohio. Therefor it is logical to assume spuds are somehow involved in all of this…possibly even DEVO…yes the band. Not the ring-finger kind but the musical group.


    • Hmm…and umna…yea,

      “Discernment” became an ever more relevant term as I continued listening to kwazy Carrie and her hoonchcrunch battandabanter.

      I hope you don’t mind this frank assessment Deb. I am somewhat dubious. She sounds more like a marketeer than a thunkulater to me.
      But by gawd if she’s a hybrid alien/human, that might be the nature of their game…ah…here on Earth that is…or…could be…but probably isn’t…ah…discernment wise…that is…er…isn’t…maybe or not here I come.


  28. Will, couldn’t agree with you more about Kerry. She sounds like a huckster. One that doesn’t believe in the product she’s selling. She doesn’t strike me as the most sincere person on the planet from what I’ve heard of her on interviews.

    Btw, there are red shelled bugs that swarm. They are called ladybugs. They could probably form a stop sign if they wanted or appear to if you were high…………

    • But I am never “high” but in the immaculate sense of au’natural…or awe-natural…like in “whatzit all mean Mr Natural”.



  29. Interesting discussion.

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