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Begin Narration

Lightning Never Strikes Twice -- Really?!

Lightning Never Strikes Twice — Really?!

When JFK was sacrificed, the New World Order, the final solution was in it’s final stages. On the astrological date of the assassination, the ultimate secrets of the illuminati were on the verge of exposure. What the architects did was mend a fence and shift the power from the transition to revolution.

The Ninth power as I have indicated from my recent seminars has led me to this ultimate reality of the temporal shifts and EMR dispersion. We have recorded multiple events around the world from strange audio, visual and electromagnetic events.

JFK’s famous secret societies speech [insert here]

dispersion: statistically  the degree to which values of a frequency distribution are scattered around some central point, usually the arithmetic mean or median. [9-3,6]


Survival will be evolution and not revolution. Revolution is not the zeropoint but the transformation to the abyss. The Choronzon has planted the seeds of entropy in revolution number nine and they have sprouted in the springs of change we have seen. It now is infiltrating the Masonic Jesuit realm and it will result in the same revolutionary changes. The recent events all have the markers of the arithmetic and numerology.

[Link the Malachy prophesy, the Relatio, (Narration) Roberto Calvi, John Paul I, Mormonism, Islam, Destruction of Jerusalem-Israel, Tribulation]


The fish Pica (the mind) Pisces

The pine(al)cone

We find ourselves in the current of 333. When the pope stands with the bent double cross it forewarns of the prophesy. Indeed a double cross reflects the Jesuit, Nazi and Vatican Bank. The years of conspiracy of crimes both financial and those of human assets in the inner Pedophile ring or small circle of the Rondel, the French know as le cercle, the knights of Malta and the qabalah.


It is now we see again the triple cross. The current of 333 in it’s glory. With the nomination of the conclave on 3-13-13  at 8:13 of St. Francis, the people will witness another Rondel, theatre for the masses, the UFO of transformation, Roman Curia being the target and the temporal control of the Holy Roman empire stands to unveil the entire scheme. Not the entire scheme mind you, but merely the double cross. So carefully crafted is this agenda 21, the third density is still unseen by most. The Holy Guardian Angle is 333 and the Jesuit from Argentina is the initiate of Argenteum Astrum and the follower of the OTO in Opus Dei .


Jorge Mario Bergoglio, picked from many who represent the anti-curial anti Italian reign of Curia, is the perfect antithesis to the Vatican Bank and the perfect prefect for the Agenda 21. Remember that Bergoglio who took the name of St. Francis of Assisi, was patron both of Italy and of ecology and all human assets.

papal bungie jumping
Artist coined it "Vatican Bungee Jumping"

The NWO order is taking the Vatican Bank and other Mafioso based moneychangers to task but it’s all theater. As I have pointed out they are all players in the event and it’s far beyond what it appears to be. The money only a tool and will soon be gone. Fondazione Sorella Natura. or “Sister Nature” fits into the “Argo” or the Silver Star which Alister Crowley in the “Hidden God” refers to. Pope Benedict helped usher in the meme but it is up to Pope Francis to complete the merging of the Catholic cult into the One World Religion.


I have laid out the six components of Transformation and while we have seen the effective destruction of the family, inheritance, Sovereignty, patriotism and private property, the transition from self to ego and ego to collectivist has been carefully crafted to transition to one religion. To understand that religion is a hoax but not throw the baby out with the bathwater, become essential during the next phase of the lunar and solar cycle. The need to wake the masses to what appears as a benevolent transference in anything but and the highest order of business due to the delusions known as Hope and Change. Reformation and Transformation are better descriptions.

ASTHR ARGOS [Aster Argos] = 983:  After the Tribulation


The Master Architects we have helped to expose in their EMR, ENMOD and NASA projects all come to a point or mean. The Number nine and the Agenda 21. Benedict referred to the Genesis several times and I believe I have pinpointed the six or masonic formula with the triad of the Hegelian dialectic to see the nine of Rodin’s vortex mathematics which still controls all things in the three dimensional space of this gravitational prison. Yet there may be as many as five temporal dimensions, but the time requires we focus now on the soul and zeropoint and see the three and six angles of the controlling nine.


Assisi, Peter Francesco,  Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone born to Pietro di Bernardone and Pica has so many subtle clues as to why Bergoglio took the name of St. Francis. The leak of the Relatio, the narration, in these two mysterious red folders of roughly 300 pages will bring about some additional fireworks for the coming events. On July 16, 1228, he was pronounced a saint by Pope Gregory IX. He is known as the patron saint of animals, the environment which later John Paul II in 1979 made him patron saint of ecology. Redundant? Yes and repetitive for Agenda 21. Reformative, revolutionary and repetitive. Such is the vortex and JFK provides it in another timeline.

What the dispersion and darkness of 333 tells us is that we are awake to the frequencies and waves being propagated by the architects and it should be an acceptance of our ultimate migration to zero. For those who still remain in the triad and deep into the egos, they are at the greatest risk when the cabal strikes. The Romans are on full alert and the Barbarians are at the gates.


Benedict Arnold would fit with the order of the Olive as a conspiracy of Judas and the numbers seem to coincide with the end of the Roman Catholic Church as we know it. The last Pope prophesy of Malachy is interesting. It was coincidental that the Irish Archbishop had predicted the 111th Benedict as the time of tribulation and the 112th, a peter and the last. Also curious was the on-line Irish gaming site PaddyPower who had Jorge Mario Bergoglio listed odds as 33-1.

Peter of Rome will play out in a number of possible ways. The three immediate thoughts could be for discussion. The Six goals as well are in play for the transformation. The storms that hit the Vatican on that date were just the tip of the iceberg for the bluebeam event that should intersect. I made a mathematical error when I did my 2012 predictions but I am still trying to understand fully the vortex mathematics and I have abandoned the tenth for the nine. It is the nine which controls the information and the ten is fiction and used in chaos to keep you off the hour of the time.  I think UFO 666 and all the NASA-NATO projects will come together in bluebeam bluRay for our enjoyment.

I will post the PaddyPower odds on the Pope to succeed Francis but think that it’s a fools bet in the end, but it’s interesting that the fall of the Roman empire must begin with the reformation of the Catholic Cult and the redistribution of wealth of the Vatican Bank.



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    • are supposed to comment on the article not our dates !

      • Ambulant??? Did Rogue get the old waterbed out of mothballs?

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      • Little Lickie Nikki,

        You aren’t spozeta reveal our code talk here…bemember?

        Now I can’t say how it shivers me timber…!



        • This is getting interesting. Nice side dish of amour. The Lady of the Dawn is waking up the sheets. Once it was a parakeet, thence it bloomed into a cockatwo, and on it progressed to the blooming Peacock! Birds of feather nest together or wherever the hell they find a feather bed…something like that.

          • This is great…GREAT I SAY! Much love ! catch my boomerang of adoration ….hands down the sharpest mofos are here.

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        • Seriously Dawn, why did you go to Arizona and not to Indianna(or wherever he is I always forget!) to be with the rogue of your dreams? It ain’t that far……. (any excuse to play this song.!. haha.. loved Marvin Gaye 😉

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  2. “Out here on the perimeter, we are Wakan Tanka immaculate.”
    ~ Magus Maverik


    • Plane crash in Indiana today?

      Here’s a weather ENMOD frequency for fear lovers.

    • “We have constructed pyramids in honor of our escaping…..Out here we is stoned…immaculate”….and we will miss the family but maybe not so much inheritance (used for more evil than good) private property (equals theft to me and my socialist comrades) def not patriotism (the last refuge of scoundrels) and depending on your definition …sovereirgnity can be bid a fond adieu. but damn….91 comments
      ….that’s kickin it old school. We are transforming every second. Love is on the loose. Our DNA wants to expand and use more than the small portion of our potential currently engaged. We can make this planet whole again. The universe is good. Life is an invitation to evolve. Devolution is what the underground reptilians have been fostering……it cannot prevail. We know this in our souls. Turn on your lovelight…let it shine. We outnumber them by huge margins. Will get some uglier first……..but we ARE going to win this in the long run…we always do

      • You’re a revolutionary Camus. Best we hold our rights and property in this devolution. Patriotism in non-interference by the federal government. Inheritance is the family for your kids.

        I’d like to Abolish Religion if we could keep the rest. Then we could liberate the spirit. Love is the ultimate weapon, it’s the source they wish to destroy. Power up my rebel friend!

      • CR… ❤ what you said up there ^. I couldn't agree with you more.

        • You guys this thread is massive and fucking On Mar 20, 2013 3:01 PM, “COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS” wrote:

          > ** > jerseyg commented: “CR… with you more.”

      • That was amazing and most agreeable! Thanks for that.

      • Yellow connotation does not sit well with the Hun …heehee


    • Naming these winter storms is super creepy. Ukko is the god of weather, no? We had snow flurries and now rain. The sky was heavily chemtrailed and very gray all day. GLobal dimming is a definite reality here. Sun? What sun? SPring starts Wednesday? Nope.

      • OUR Sun…being seemingly blotted out ..but its knowing and ‘invisible’ rays still scan our skin and know our essence. Otherwise I think everyone and everything would be dead!

        • Hey, Dawn, I’ve been listening to interviews Dane Wigington has been giving all over alternative news shows. We all ARE dying as is the planet from the chemtrails blocking out the sun(global dimming) and the toxic chemcials falling down upon us all. This is very serious. Until they stop spraying and manipulating the weather, we are in very deep trouble. Mother Earth is at her breaking point.

          • Ill take my inner knowing that earth as a living consciousness has other plans…:). This guy you mention can say all he wants…it means little in the Universal scheme of things.

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            • What “this guy” is saying is that unless they soon cease and desist their geonengineering for profit and depopulation, Mother Nature will not be able to “do her thing” and correct the damage done and therefore become unihabitable for man nor beast nor flora or fauna.

              Although probably very inhabitable for the reptilians that are recreating the planet to suit themselves …. my own theory of course 😉 Are you actually aware of chemtrailing and the damage it is doing?

              • Humans arent the only ones who are evolving and climbing the ascension ladder….theres a clue in there if you are open to it. 😉

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      • It was the coldest day yet here. The rain was below freezing with no snow. It was unreal, absolutely out of the science rules. I can’t explain it outside of HAARP.

        • Chemtrailing and HAARP explains the strange weather here every flippin’ day. We are sprayed constantly… just like bugs by an exterminator. We go from a high of close to 70 one day to a high of 38 the next. Sure, that can happen naturally OCCASIONALLY but on a regular basis? Oh hellno. It’s INSANE and I’m sick of it.

          Btw, I just found out the other day that one of the Rothchilds owned the Weather Channel.. haha.. no surprise there. Apparently, AccuWeather is still legit since it does not like the naming of the winter storms 😀

        • 80 degress in upstate SC on Saturday (Massive chemtrailing all day, resulted in sustained high winds due to the temperature differences up high and low); less chemtrailing on Sunday, but clouds moved in amongst the man-made chem-clouds. You could see the chemtrail lines cutting through the high clouds, and their shadows formed separate distinct lines across the clouded sky.

          Then overnight drizzle, and on through the day, and slam, bam, thundering and lightning and downpours from 5pm to 9pm.

          Man-made, enhanced storm-making. Laced with drifting chemicals and heavy metals. Bad thoughts ascend their way.

          • Made to order from New World Productions.

          • Descend?

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    • Btw, that JFK secret society speech never fails to give me chills.

      • Yea? Gives me the willies. {grin}


  4. Man…what WuTang skillz you have PD. Well written..crafted..appropo images..stunning and the kind of thing u cant wait to share with with the world..which is exactly what I’m going to do now ….(bows several times and backs out of chamber). All my love ..Mr. Get ‘er Dunne.

    • Certainly, Applause, Nods of Affirmation, and outrageous shouts of “Bravissimo!” are appropriate for this Puddy Dunne “Insight” into the smoke & mirrors parlor of the prevaricator class.

      After the heavy, heavy Saturday chemtrailing in upstate SC, followed by a Sunday of lighter shitspraying…a Monday of drizzle has culminated in flashing thunderstorms and copious rain a’comin down now for a coupla hours.

      2B Expected. I offer up my middle finger with a swizzle stick.

      Good stuff her Puddy! Sounds about right. Rings like the church bells echoing over the countryside. Thanks!

  5. The last pope, Petrus Romanus is to preside over times of great tribulation.(apocalypse) Is Pope Francis or is he not the false prophet AND is Tom Horn, that annoyingly prounounces Italian EYEtalian, part of the scheme? Horn is pretty amazing in his predictions, I must say. hmmm

    Pope Francis is being touted in the press as just an everyday Joe type of guy, like John XXIII. Perhaps this is to win over the masses in order to lead them into the abyss? Maybe.

    The visuals in this video are brillliantly creepy in that historically religious way.

  6. Third secret of Fatima…

    3 Days of Darkness over the entire world when the demons try to steal our souls… yikes.. not lookin forward to THAT!!!!

    • I used to listen to Maliki Martin on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell…

      I’m sorry, but I found the guy a whack job.

      I think this is all whimperjax and flutterpoop.

      It’s one thing to see that “they” buy into this woowoo shlungdoo, and quite another to sit down to it spectin’ a filling meal.


      • Concurring…

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  7. Will, growing up in the Catholic religion, I remember very well being freaked out about the third prophecy and the fact that the pope refused to let the people know what it contained. We were told he actually fainted after reading it. The nuns loved scaring the shit out of us.

    I am not a religious person. I broke my own Catholic conditioning in high school and never looked back. However, I am a spiritual person and believe in a higher power. What that is, I do not know. Having not died or even had a near death experience, I will not know that answer until I do. Everyone is in that same boat.

    I believe everything and I believe nothing because I am not all knowing.

    • Au contraire madame Jg..we DO know all…its just tucked horribly deep within….the answers are there…the answers to all. This is one reason why meditation is so important. Access the source.

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      • Yes, the source. I don’t meditate. Obviously you do. So what is the answer? i have my theory. What is yours? And no matter how much you meditate it is still just a theory until you actually depart this mortal coil.

        I had a long distance relationship with a man 20 years younger than I a few years ago that lasted a year. He was very heavily into meditation for years and could see auras and orbs with the naked eye. He also had a phd in philosophy. And yet, he did not pretendto know all the answers to the universe and what happens to our spirit when we pass over…….

        • One needs not “pretend to know” if one knows…

          I don’t meditate either. I ne’er did ANYTHING by the book.

          But I know.

          Lol…but I can’t make you know.
          You can only know if you wanna.

          When have you EVER experienced a moment that isn’t NOW?

          Beyond the farthest star you have been will be and are.


          • Will, you THINK you know.. you know nothing for certain. No one living does. To claim one does, is arrogance in it’s highest form.

            • What you just said JG…

              You know that for certain?


              • Proper…

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              • Will, thank you! you finally arrived at my point. We’ve now come full circle. I know NOTHING for certain. Do you? I have had many psychic experiences throughout my life. My mother’s side of the family was extremely psychic. I’ve had experiences with astral projection. My sister is a reiki master.

                I’m very aware of the spiritual “source.” However, we all have one question that has not been answered and will not be until we pass over into the next realm, dimension, heaven whatever. Amen. 🙂

                • No Deb, we have not come “full circle” you still insist you are certain that the question cannot be “answered and will not be until we pass over into the next realm, dimension, heaven whatever.”

                  I am here now telling you that in my actual experience, I know and have known that dimension. Why such benign information should be greeted with such hostility is the question. What is it Deb? Why should such revelation cause you such angst?
                  You could reject it out of hand – but that is not what you are doing. You are vehemently pushing it away as if it were somehow dangerous. It is not dangerous, it is divine grace.


                  • Your truth is simply that Will, your truth. I have my own. Let’s leave it at that.

                    • That – leaving it at that, is just the idea that entered my mind Deb.

                      And so it shall be – left at that.

                      “T’ain’t no big thing ta wait for the bell ta ring..t’ain’t no big thing, the toll of the bell..”~Roxy Music


                    • Perfect you guys. Whatever it is we believe…the Universe will respond with things that seem to prove this. We truly do create our own reality…

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                  • It is divine grace….

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            • The word resonaTe….do you know it ..feel it? Only an individual can know their own personal form of truth.

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          • Concurring!

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      • Yup Nikki, the Source..

        Ta Panta Nous
        Paradox divides the whole – there is only ONE which cannot be divided.
        The moment is Now, has always been Now, will forever be Now. Time is illusion, a playing field for the sequences of Time-Space-Continuum. One is Infinity-Infinity is One.

        “This is not the story my people tell, this is something I know myself”~Laurie Anderson

        When you know yourself intimately enough, the self will show you this.


        • Dawn, Will… really guys? If you were that connected to the source as you are claiming, you would not be spending so much time on a blog arguing issues like what brought the towers down on 9/11, how corrupt the banking system is, zionism and any of it. The most spiritual people I know are at peace with themselves and don’t sweat the small stuff like we do here. And yes, in the grand scheme of things we here at coto are sweating the small stuff. So, Puhleeze, stop pretending to have found the secret to the universe.. You haven’t.. you are still searching like most of us.

          • “If you were that connected to the source as you are claiming, you would not be spending so much time on a blog arguing issues like…”–JG

            Lol, how do you know that???

            You misconceive what we/ I am saying. You THINK it would be like that — it is not that.


            Iss okay, you no likie you no lookie.


            • Jg the statement implies the reality and possibility of being connected to Source…not that I/we ARE so fully connected to source. And sure we would be….it all serves…not sure why this would encourage hostilty to state that you are and know more than you may think!?

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        • Concurring! (Not sure if thats even a word haha)

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  8. Did anyone catch the odds page for the new pope after Francis? Anything strange?

  9. Thank god! I was getting a headache from racking my brain for an answer to the riddle even though I didn’t understand the question ! 🙂 Ok, now about that answer…….

    My brain closes down after 8pm.

  10. Every time you read the word “now” it is.

    Every time you say the word “now” it is.

    Every time you think the word “now” it is.

    And it matters not how much ‘time’ passes in between.

    There is a clue in this if you are open to it.


  11. I read he was 33-1 odds. How odd, aye?

    I share this ’cause its at odds with the ship’s sinking meme. Be Blessed y’all!

    • Being Aries I am at Ramming speed au natural’…Lol


      • Date tonight! Lol

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        • See you again in dreamtime toots.


          • Smashing!

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        • We shall make love on the Astral-turf….hehehe


          • And so we did…on my side…=).

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            • Whatta slippery slide…great ride…I’m UP for it again.


    • Did you like the date of the odds. Sunday 14 Mar 2013 22:00 (10pm)

      4/14/13 =13 Fleecing the Sheeple…..Argo f*ck yourself Aflac!

      • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaa…but yeah…..

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  12. “stop pretending to have found the secret to the universe..”

    But darlin’ I didn’t say it was a secret. I say it is there in front of your nose [Nous] every moment of your life. There is nothing to search for. You already have it.

    And those words sound trite, because they are so simple and true that they have been uttered down through the centuries.

    So, there’s no worry, take your time. If you wait until that time is over…THEN you will know it…Lol because it doesn’t “matter”.
    . . . . . . .
    “In the expanded New Age version, based originally on Eastern Orthodox ideas of Eternity–but quantized to fit with parallel universes, relativity of time and space, and the effects encountered in dreamtime and out-of-body experiences–the Eschaton, the ‘last thing’ has already happened. In *eternity/no-time everything already is, was and will be. So we can theoretically, from our position within (enclosed) time, already access the Eschaton in certain states of awareness. Also, we can choose to live as though continuing in such an awareness. In McKenna’s credo, it is extremely important to persevere: to live that belief, once experienced.”


    • Concurring!

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  13. December 21, 2012 was significant…it just wasn’t what was expected. How could we anticipate something ultra novel? It is so novel that it all seems like nothing happened, but everything happened. This is new territory as primal as any beginning – it is only habit that sees the illusion – an echo – a reverberation of what we once held to.

    And this sense of being “on hold” at Event Horizon stays with me these days, and plays in my dreams at night. Like [FFWD]/[PAUSE] simultaneously…and all that is wound up so tight like a spring…will unfold gradually, comfortably, serene and gentle – but will also explode into the next experiential dimension in the same paradoxical manner as this twilight moment at Event Horizon.

    The Singularity will suddenly BE in an instant. Past-Present-Future tense.


    • I can relate. Any investment forward seems a waste of energy. It is retro-consideration for Y2K. It all happened then as well. 911, JFK again it all happened. OWO and VAV [666] just linger always with periodic intersects.

      Anymore, it’s like waiting to be paroled these days.

      • It Does feel or seem that way….

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    • Events occur and we maY not always be aware of the change…buyt the changes or events do still. Occur..just like 11/11/11 everyone was like well what happened? What happened was an influx of energy that was not necessarily something to be observed. For example ..

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    • i-9 ……….Be One! 😉

  14. Great article Puddy !

    ” Reformative, revolutionary and repetitive. Such is the vortex and JFK provides it in another timeline. ” -Puddy


    ” There is no time at the End of Time because time is ‘restored’ in its fullness…every moment, every experience in all possible worlds/dimensions becomes eternal at the end of time. Not only what happened but what might have happened (or will happen), so it is essentially infinite. Nothing is lost ”
    – Above article posted by Rouge1

    Question please- All timelines, past, present, future and altered are converging to 1 ? There seems to be a race between our collective and the cabal, a sprinting match for 1 ?

    • Jay7sun asks:
      “All timelines, past, present, future and altered are converging to 1 ?”
      . . . . .
      Put another way; All timelines, past, present, future and altered are converged to 1 — Now. Have always been: [1≡∞]

      The ‘cabal’ is just a scary ride at the carnival.


      • As a child I always thought time itself was an illusion, everything just exists at that one moment, no moving fwd no moving bck. Hmm.. Over the years I have altered my view after looking into time travel etc .. Hmm

        • Jay,

          When you were a child, you were likely asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

          I have a new question for you:

          What do you want to be when you die?


          • Rephrase: what do you want to DO when you pass from this incarnation into the next stage of what can be termed your Universal Career? Me: I prefer to not come back to Earth. I think.

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          • Well, I did always wanna b a pilot and just fli.

            What do i want to be when i die?

            Can’t answer that entirely that’s why I’m here 🙂
            But i guess i would want to become 1 with consciousness , but your going to tell me i already am, right?

            • Not necessarily…the cabals main purposes(or one of them) is to disconnect us from Source. And theyve done a great fucking job. Its alot harder than it has to be but not impossible.

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              • Thanks Nicole, that’s kinda what i meant, we are but we don’t know we are, led astray, hence we lookie here for enlightenment.

                • Very naughty Boy ! 😉 On Mar 19, 2013 8:41 PM, “COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS” wrote:

                  > ** > jay7sun commented: “Thanks Nicole, that’s kinda what i meant, we are > but we don’t know we are, led astray, hence we lookie here for > enlightenment.”

        • Jay, I have done the same myself. With every bit of new knowledge comes new insight.

          • Time can be considered a construct…

            Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

            • Time is fluid depending upon the relationships of objects and their mass. Modern physics has been investigating this quality for over a century now. This investigation itself has become transcendental to science, merging it with what was once thought of as purely theological. Condensed radiance is what makes ‘mass’ or gravity.

              Radiance is eternal, mass creates ‘time’ itself.

              Things take place on and in mass. Both mass and time are the dream of conscious radiance.


              • Nice comment Rogue1..
                I’m reading it like this.. in simple form 😉

                “Condensed radiance” = electricity/magnetism, the influence or guiding force of mass.

                “Mass creates ‘time’ itself” = If planets did not spin, wobble or orbit, there is no concept of time.

                • Jay,

                  Try this allegory:

                  Infinite Universe as a DVD. The eye of focused attention is the laser which reflects the strings of 1s – 2s….to translate into image, info…whatever. Everything that is was and ever will be is on the disk. It is a matter of “playing it” or “accessing it” with consciousness. As a meatpackage, we have limited access in our standard state of consciousness. But there ARE shortcuts to frame shots of a vast panoramic view. These are the transcendental modalities that I have been attempting to articulate.

                  • Claps. Wolf whistles. Bows

      • Hey Jay! =)

        Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

        • Yellow Nicole! hehe

          • Keep reminding myself to quit doing this via mobile…gets me lost thread wise and so forth….<3

  15. Toroidal? If the vortex theory holds up they do. All converge at (0) IMHO, though their may be five or more and some paralleling, the altered or artificial will not. So goes the difference of revelation versus disclosure.

    Biblically it does seem so. Allegorically, fairly correct, if true. In Physics it is yet to be determined based upon what are given from Sci_fi admins. Yet they may have already crossed a threshold forward, but still cannot pass back through.

    The question is “forward only” no reverse? That’s the race for immortality. It may require the genetic code or the god gene which they do not possess. They may be trying to artificially transfer their ego/intel and grey/dark matter to new lifeforms (human or other)

    kabbalah magic and sacrificial killing of the small and innocent is only a temporary fix much as a junkie. Blood Libel is an entrapment tool pretty effective in order to get a seat in the Loge. The Bloomborgs and Frankenfeins may be calling on the the holy ghosts at Bohemian Grove to open a portal but they are doomed to the anal abyss which they already travel and have traveled before.
    They hate gravity more than we do. We know the trip in our subconscious we made to get here. 0 to 1 from mother womb. The landing pad 😉

    The object for them is to take us with them. It is at the intersection of 396o693 where we will make our decision as has everybody before us and behind us. It’s Toroidal in sci-fi but the Rubicon in spirit. We are supposed to be detailing an itinerary here for the trip but we know those who are not. They will miss the best port-o-calls and may find themselves grounded with the hookers hung over in some mexican jail.

    ~PD”s take~

    • Patrick, are we selling those watches on QVC?

      • Bwahahahahahha =)

        Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

      • It has some appeal? Maybe we can put Invictus out of business?

        I think we out to sell the nose filters for chemtrail allergies and EMR protective COTO hats.

        • PD, definitely a market for filters and COTO hats ! We could have Michael Di design an official logo for the hats.

  16. I haven’t had time to look at these, but for those with time on their hands, perhaps these will be interesting. Maybe Puddy will scan quickly and let us know if this is the same Zero Point he keeps referring to?

    • lol..boom… those with time on their hands. Ok, that leaves me out. I’m sneaking a brief peek while at work 😦

      • Has anyone visited the site In Search of Black Assassins?

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    • I’ll look at them Boomer. Thanks for posting. I’d like anyone who stumbles across 0pt energy or Vortex math in any discipline to post the links or send to

      Energy form the vacuum. Scalar EM will save this planet one day.

  17. Is that site about Obama and Drones? (sic)

  18. Thanks for those links Boomer.. Great stuff, about half way through the first volume.

    The metre is a relatively new form of measurement.
    When the pyro-mids are measured in metre’s they display the golden ratio in every aspect but only in meters. Hmm… the metre and the monitoring meter.

    Looking at the golden ratio i thought of the US $1 bill.
    The $1 bill measures EXACTLY 155mm x 66mm.

    Then measured a AUS $50 bill which is EXACTLY 152mm x 65mm

    66/155 = 0.42
    65/152 = 0.42

    0.42 x 4 = 1.68

    Dunno just putting it out there cauz i thought it was interesting 🙂

    • TV screens, old movie screens, the monolith from 2001 ASO, works of art Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Salvador Dali’s The Sacrament of the Last Supper phi, or 1.6180339887 and the fibonacci sequence. Great stuff and surely exploited by the committee.

      • A ‘single’ bed mattress.
        Super Mans cape.
        Cleopatra’s nape.
        Madonna’s gape.


  19. Lyrics to above.. 😉

    white are
    all I see
    in my infancy.
    Red and yellow then came to be,
    reaching out to me,
    lets me see.
    As below so above and beyond I imagine,
    drawn beyond the lines of reason.
    Push the envelope.
    Watch it bend.

    Over thinking, over analyzing,
    separates the body from the mind.
    Withering my intuition, missing opportunities and I must
    feed my will to feel my moment drawing way outside the lines.

    white are
    all I see
    in my infancy.
    Red and yellow then came to be,
    reaching out to me,
    lets me see.
    There is so much more
    and it beckons me
    to look though to these,
    infinite possibilities.
    As below so above and beyond I imagine,
    drawn outside the lines of reason.
    Push the envelope.
    Watch it bend.

    Over thinking, over analyzing,
    separates the body from the mind.
    Withering my intuition, leaving opportunities behind.

    Feed my will to feel this moment,
    urging me to cross the line.
    Reaching out to embrace the random.
    Reaching out to embrace whatever may come.

    I embrace my desire to…
    I embrace my desire to…
    feel the rhythm, to
    feel connected
    enough to step aside and
    weep like a widow,
    feel inspired,
    fathom the power,
    witness the beauty,
    bathe in the fountain,
    swing on the spiral,
    swing on the spiral,
    swing on the spiral
    of our divinity and
    still be a human.

    With my feet upon the ground,
    I lose myself between the sounds
    and open wide to suck it in.
    I feel it move across my skin.
    I’m reaching up and reaching out.
    I’m reaching for the random or
    whatever will bewilder me,
    whatever will bewilder me.

    And following our will and wind,
    we may just go where no one’s been.
    We’ll ride the spiral to the end
    and may just go where no one’s been.
    Spiral out.
    Keep going.
    Spiral out.
    Keep going.
    Spiral out.
    Keep going.
    Spiral out.
    Keep going.

  20. Tool are the shiz.. was gonna leave it there but I cant resist one more.
    Sound like an anthem for COTO. haha

    ” I know the pieces fit
    ‘Cause I watched them fall away
    Mildewed and smouldering
    Fundamental differing
    Pure intention juxtaposed
    Will set two lovers’ souls in motion
    Disintegrating as it goes
    Testing our communication
    The light that feuled our fire then
    Has a burned a hole between us so
    We cannot see to reach an end
    Crippling our communication

    I know the pieces fit
    ‘Cause I watched them tumble down
    No fault, none to blame
    It doesn’t mean I don’t desire to
    Point the finger, blame the other
    Watch the temple topple over
    To bring the pieces back together
    Rediscover communication

    The poetry
    That comes from the squaring off between
    And the circling is worth it
    Finding beauty in the dissonance

    There was a time that the pieces fit
    But I watched them fall away
    Mildewed and smouldering
    Strangled by our coveting
    I’ve done the math enough to know
    The dangers of our second guessing
    Doomed to crumble unless we grow
    And strengthen our communication

    Cold silence has
    A tendency to
    Atrophy any
    Sense of compassion
    Between supposed brothers
    Between supposed lovers
    (sometimes says “lovers” the first
    time and then “brothers” in concert)

    I know the pieces fit
    I know the pieces fit
    I know the pieces fit
    I know the pieces fit
    I know the pieces fit
    I know the pieces fit
    I know the pieces fit


    • ‘Schism’…one of my favorites.




      Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

  21. Vibrations, or waveforms/Particles. What is the source?
    [1≡∞] ta panta nous__the all mind.

    The “concept” of ‘particles’ is to ground us in the material world, and describe ‘reality’ as material manifestation.

    The “concept” of of ‘waveforms’ is to ground us in the notion of linear time.

    Letting go of both of these concepts leaves only Imagination. Imagination thus unbound means ANYTHING is possible, and EVERYTHING is probable.

    NOW is the moment of power.


  22. Temporal dimensions theory is in 3d linear and in reality it is cyclical in toroidal vortex converging and shrinking until it’s ultimate conclusion at zeropoint.
    Observing and knowing – disclosure and revelation. We arrive where we came from. We will continue the cycle as energy only, whether particle-wave is debatable but we can fly the 124578 or the 396. It’s up to the itinerary I think and that’s based on how we traveled while here in the -protoplasm –

    • “I think and that’s based on how we traveled while here in the -protoplasm”Puddy

      Yup, the means DEFINE the ends.


  23. Any Linkydoos from LinkedIn is a mistake…I don’t wanna have anything to do with LinkedIn — I wuz trying to get a message to my guitar player from the Oracle, and hit a shotgun send by error.
    Ignore it if you get it…or don’t bother cuz I was just trying a one-time thingy that dent work.


    • But tanks anywoyoy Deb…


      • Oy Vader…

        Now my email box is fillin’ up with Linkydoos…Lol


  24. Was surprised to get your invite Will but accepted. I’m never there. I think I only accepted 7 “connections” total. 2 fellow employees, my former holistic vet, Mr M, friends from my old Nova M radio days….. they sent me invites and since I know them personally, I accepted. I’ve got a pile of invites from people I don’t have a clue about. No can do 🙂 But it’s harmless. A lot less revealing than this blog 😉

    • Yea Deb,

      I wuz actully on Linkyloo once before…that was attached to that old email I had that got stolen. It was real stupid jumping through the hoops to be me again on a new email for them…wanky trying to deal with the machine mind innit?

      I wuz getting all kinds of invites from people – both that I knew and didn’t….after awhile I just ignored it all…
      Luckily all the ones coming in from my invite are people I already had the email addresses of – and most I actually know. Some are relatives, some are friends…but some are one shots that I barely remember.

      But like you say; we are more exposed here as to what we really think than anywhere…come good or bad of it.



    “This book is dedicated to those who are obedient to
    authority. May they follow in the path of Daniel Ellsberg,
    L. Fletcher Prouty, Victor Marchetti, John Marks, and
    George OToole, become responsible, and break free from
    the chains of command.”—Walter Bowart


  26. Rogue1, your comment above is profound: “Vibrations, or waveforms/Particles. What is the source?
    [1≡∞] ta panta nous__the all mind.

    The “concept” of ‘particles’ is to ground us in the material world, and describe ‘reality’ as material manifestation.

    The “concept” of of ‘waveforms’ is to ground us in the notion of linear time.

    Letting go of both of these concepts leaves only Imagination. Imagination thus unbound means ANYTHING is possible, and EVERYTHING is probable.

    NOW is the moment of power”.


    You know what this made me think of? All the roundabout “terrorism” of the jingoism jism jesters, who do their best to impress with…deception?

    They are ALL just — “debris”.

    Not even dust in the wind; just “debris”.

    I feel better now, just considering their true status in the Multiplex.

    • Thanks Boomer,

      You got what I was trying to articulate. It is that empowerment that is the essential message therein.


  27. “It may have been the biggest story since the atom bomb.
    The headline, however, was small and ignored the larger issue. “Drug Tests by CIA Held More Extensive Than Reported in ’75,” said the New York Times on July 16, 1977.
    What it should have said is “U.S. Develops Invisible Weapons to Enslave Mankind.”
    The testing of drugs by the CIA was just a part of the United States government’s top-secret mind-control project, a project which had spanned thirty-five years and had involved tens of thousands of individuals. It involved techniques of hypnosis, narco-hypnosis, electronic brain stimulation, behavioral effects of ultrasonic, microwave, and low-frequency sound, aversive and other behavior modification therapies. In fact, there was virtually no aspect of human behavioral control that was not explored in their search for the means to control the memory and will of both individuals and whole masses of people.
    The CIA succeeded in developing a whole range of psycho-weapons to expand its already ominous psychological warfare arsenal. With these capabilities, it was now possible to wage a new kind of war—a war which would take place invisibly, upon the battlefield of the human mind.”
    ~Walter Bowart


  28. I post this following information, because The People’s Alt-News Network needs to Repeat, Repeat, Repeat “The Truths that Cry Out to be Understood” to compete against the cabal’s MSM megaphones:

    This is a good start — Who would you add to YOUR LIST?

    Then, there’s THIS, as pResident Obama is visiting Israel:

  29. As a follow-up to the above comment, this information discloses more of the behind-the-scenes-planning with regards to eviscerating the American People’s Constitutional Rights:

    And this revolting reality posted at Infowars: Don’t watch this, as the rebel is using dull machete to hack off a man’s head. But understand, the U.S. backs these animals. The latest “gas attack” by Assad is likely disinfo. Nothing is as it seems.

    “How much longer can the Obama administration hide its support for violent jihadists?

    Paul Joseph Watson
    March 21, 2013

    A gruesome YouTube video shows a member of the US-backed Free Syrian Army beheading a civilian in yet another example of how the west is supporting an uprising led by violent jihadist extremists.

  30. From Benjamin Fulford’s latest newsletter. A list of resignations/departures over the recent past:

    “PROOF of mass arrests, resignations & retirements of elite”

    Note: “Constitutional Carry” bill passed in SC 5-0 on Wednesday. It moves forward to the judiciary. {Good for The People!}

    Aw, what the heck! Here’s the entire Fulford post for your reading pleasure. Send him a “donation” if you like:

    “Posted by benjamin
    March 19, 2013

    It may be just a coincidence but it may also be a sign that something big is about to happen. There will be a new Pope, a new Bank of Japan governor and a new Israeli government taking office on March 19th, a date of occult significance for Asian secret societies (and also, by sheer coincidence, this writer’s birthday).

    Pope Francis has already made it clear the soon to be reformed Vatican bank will now be spending its money helping the poorest and weakest people on the planet. Haruhiko Kuroda, the new BOJ governor, also supports plans to use Japan’s overseas assets, the world’s largest, to finance a major campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. The new Israeli government is bankrupt and cannot finance anything but perhaps they are about to become serious about peace for the first time since that troubled country came into being.

    There are also many reports of bad guys dropping off the radar screen recently.

    In Japan, for example, the Zionist slave and war-mongering right-wing crypto-North Korean pseudo-nationalist politician Shintaro Ishihara has gone into hiding, according to Japanese military intelligence. This is clear a sign the entire post-war cabal apparatus for secret control of Japan is falling apart. In the US and Europe the arrests and resignations are continuing as well. See this site for a partial list:

    As far as Queen Elizabeth, (who like the Pope supports a big push to end poverty), is concerned, this is what an MI5 source had to say:

    “She is well. She has some ‘lingering’ symptoms which she said last week that the doctors can’t explain. This serves to confirm our previous reports of avoiding the Rome trip [for security reasons].

    She has missed some public appointments in the UK also but is working hard behind the scenes.”

    However, the biggest change in the past week has been at the Vatican. Pope Francis, the first Jesuit to become Pope, chose March 19th to formally take the job because it is the feast day of St. Joseph, the guardian of Jesus. The name Francis was chosen for a series of reasons, according to a P2 freemason source. First of all, St. Francis of Assisi, among other things, introduced the concept of caring for nature to Catholicism. Another namesake, Francis Xavier, was the top Jesuit for Japan and India. Finally, the third head of the Jesuits, Francis Borgia (from the aristocratic Italian family) challenged corrupt popes.

    The Jesuits are also featured as prominent fighters against Satan, notably in the movie the Exorcist, which was supposedly based on a true story.

    However, there is also a spooky side to the name because the Pope’s family comes from Rome and one of his birth names was Peter. For believers in the prophecies of St. Malachi, it means he is Peter the Roman, the last pope. The prophecy of Malachi, according to Wikipedia, ends thus:
    “Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.”

    If Pope Francis is serious about reforming the Vatican bank, he will confront the Satanic cabal that has illegally commandeered the Western financial system. The last time somebody tried to do that, the cabal staged the 911 terror attacks to preserve their financial control. It is thus extremely urgent to make sure the cabalists are prevented from any attempt to destroy Rome and its priceless cultural and social heritage.

    Questions have also been raised about the new Pope’s involvement in Argentina’s dirty war. This writer’s father was Canadian Ambassador to Argentina during the dirty war and as a result I was a front line witness to those events.

    The first thing to note is that the Jesuits have been slaughtered en masse several times in Latin America for helping the poor and downtrodden and thus learned to be very careful when dealing with the military wing of the Roman Empire in South America. To get an idea, please watch the movie “The Mission.” The dirty war, in which 30,000 people were kidnapped, tortured and killed was just the latest in an ancient history of Roman military slaughter.

    When I was there our next door neighbor was kidnapped twice. We had a 24 hour Argentinian special forces guard stationed at our house. One of them showed me his notebook from the police academy; it was filled with instructions on how to make bombs. He said he had been told to set off bombs so the military government could blame it on the “terrorists,” and so justify their fascist government. He also said that he and his buddies grabbed leftists, hippies as well as “known criminals or troublemakers” and killed them in order to “make Argentina safe.”

    Once, when some of the junta generals were at our house for dinner, my mother asked about the fate of some “leftists” who had recently been arrested. The general (I cannot remember which one) said “torture must not be handled by Sadists, it needs to be done rationally and without emotion.”

    During a bus trip down to the South of the country, me and a friend talked about things like Carlos Castaneda (of the Don Juan books) and marijuana. The bus was suddenly stopped by military policemen who came into the bus, pointed machine guns at us and dragged us off the bus. If I did not have a Canadian passport saying my father was a diplomat, we would have been tortured and killed. In our case, we were let go after they searched us thoroughly (and took whatever they liked). It turns out the police went after us because the lady sitting in front of us did not like our conversation and informed on us.

    There were also cases at the time of things like people getting rid of rival suitors by calling the police and anonymously accusing them of being communists or the like.

    What I am trying to say here is that the actions of Pope Francis as a Jesuit during the dirty war needs to be seen in the context of the times.

    The people of Argentina have now attained justice by putting these generals behind bars with common criminals. Let us see if the American and European people can do the same thing, starting with the Bush crime family.

    Other than the new pope, the other major development has been the bank run in Cyprus. The bank run that was triggered by a government plan to confiscate 10% or more of savings has been widely reported and there is no need to regurgitate that here. What we can add from our sources is that the Cyprus case is a money grab by desperate cabalists. There is also some sort of link to the fact, according to a Vatican P2 lodge Middle East expert, that Russians have been taking gold and other assets out of Europe via Syria. The Cyprus money grab may be a counter-attack against the Russians, who have been active in Cyprus. However, a different P2 source says the events in Cyprus are a precursor to an upcoming attack on the German financial system. “The end of the Cabal banks is scheduled for March 31st,” he says.

    The recent mass resignations (the Pope, Queen Beatrix, Senator J. Rockefeller, CIA head Petraeus etc.) are a sign that this time it might be for real. It is thus clear financial warfare that continues at the highest level and that the good guys are winning.

    However, we must remember that many predicted dates of change have come and gone without the promised events taking place. We must not let up the pressure until the cabal fully surrenders and humanity is freed.
    Organized Crime”.

  31. “If this was indeed a hit on the 58-year-old Tom Clements, it’s either because he made serious enemies seriously fast during his two years in Colorado, or because someone from his 31 years in Missouri’s Department of Corrections came a long way to hunt him down.”

  32. “What I am trying to say here is that the actions of Pope Francis as a Jesuit during the dirty war needs to be seen in the context of the times.”~Fulford

    Bullshit – Fulford is a spider, der spinner. I stopped buying into his crap quite awhile ago…it was in the context of the time.


    • Agreed.

      ” As far as Queen Elizabeth, (who like the Pope supports a big push to end poverty) ”

      Now that, is funny!
      After all these years sitting on her pathetic crown, now she’s gonna push to end poverty. lol

      • The only push she’ll be doing is the one the groom of the stool will be looking after.

        • I put up Fulford’s spiel, as someone I know receives it. As with much on the Web, Discrimination is recommended. Sometimes, however, you can pull out info that clarifies other threads of the web you’ve read. Frustrating is it not, that we can rarely obtain unadulterated Truth?! Surely, Truth is Revolutionary in a cynical and corrupt time as we live.

          COTO is a crucible-of-the-minds to grind the gist into grist that will stand the test of intense scrutiny, and not blow away as chaff in the wind.

          • I appreciate your posting Fulford Boomer.

            It is necessary to point out the woowoo, as it contrasts with the truth and highlights it.

            If one reads Fulford deeply, one cannot help but see his inconsistency of thoughts and concepts. He deals out; Amphiboly: logical fallacy that relies on ambiguous words or grammatical structure to confuse and mislead.

            Either he is deranged or he is a disinformationist. Either way, his spiel is whacked out.


      • Yea Jay, the Queen line made me laugh. Really, Ben? The queen cares about the poor like the Israeli govt cares about the Palestinians.

        • ” The new Israeli government is bankrupt and cannot finance anything but perhaps they are about to become serious about peace for the first time since that troubled country came into being. ” !?

          Benji the Bungee

  33. Damn Rob Kall ….. WE TOLD YOU SO !!! Every few months I check in on oen to see how lame it still is and found the text below by the man himself. Spouting the very same wisdom he threw us all out for trying to impart to the mostly brain dead over there…………

    America is in deep trouble. I believe many or most Americans have lost hope. We must wake up the people who think they are being represented, when in reality they are being played.

    Who are the people who need to wake up the most in the US?

    by rob kall

    The answer is bi-partisan– both the Democrats and the Republicans. They really think there’s a difference.

    Do you?

    Sure, both parties grab their constituents on wedge issues. But the big issues– the takeover of the US by corporations, the ceding of power by the legislative branch to the executive and Judiciary, the privatization of the commons, the CORPORATE globalization that is creating a one world corporate order– those are the ways that the two parties work together, eroding the future of American democracy and freedom, eroding the middle class.

    If you’re a Democrat, please look beyond the wedge issues– gay and minority and women’s rights. Yes, they are important rights– and the dribble a little bit to keep you in line. But there’s so much more these corporatist Democrats– and 95% of them are– should be doing.

    We need 60 independent Bernie Sanders in the senate. We need 220 Graysons and Ellisons in the house, and even some Ron Pauls (I know, progressives don’t like him, but as far as Republicans go, he’s quantum steps ahead of the neocons and troglodyte teapartiers.)

    America is in deep trouble. I believe many or most Americans have lost hope. We must wake up the people who think they are being represented, when in reality they are being played.

    Yea, No shit Sherlock !!!

    • Ahh yes Deb, Rob Kall…{grin} a dollar short and five years late…

      It was in 2008, that he pulled his Stalin act on COTO – because he was an Obamabot, because he swallowed the whole “HOPE-CHANGE” gambit hook-line and sinker.

      A dunce forever behind the curve. He teaches well, how stupidity can masquerade as intelligence with enough rhetorical twiddling. Another mediocre mind playing the numbers game with the lowest common denominator. PR and Beancounting skills to get a voice and presence on the Internet.

      He did us such a favor though..bringing us together and then cutting us loose. He who laughs last, and all that…Lol


      • Re the great purge at OEN. My thoughts exactly, Will 🙂

  34. I’ve been missing from the conversation. The last several years, I’ve so saturated myself along the lines we discuss that I’ve got to change the channel or outright turn it off only to come back and realize that I’ve missed out on some good repartee. I wade back in with this.

    • Thanks Very,

      That video was a brilliant presentation.

      Essentially what I have been trying to articulate:

      1≡∞ : ONE is Infinity, NOW.


    • True reality is seen at moments before death. We are born blind. Everything in the middle is fabrication….by whom or what?

      GOD or ET?

      GOD for me, but only the shadow nose.

      • not what the eyes can see
        but that whereby they do

        not what the ears can hear
        but that whereby they do

        not what the tongue can taste
        but that whereby it does

        not what the nose can smell
        but that whereby it does

        not what the mind can think
        but that whereby it does

        not what the heart can feel
        but that whereby it does …

      • ahhh love that picture PD 🙂 Did you get that email from Oz about the black lab w/the tennis balls? Made me cry 😦

        But on to your comment. Yes! and yes to your point about truth being revealed only at moments before death (and after). The rest fabrication..

        Science does not have all the answers and certainly does not have the answer to what happens after we die anymore than they have the answer to how the universe came into being in the first place… big bang or no big bang? Did it come from nothing? Do all the scientists agree?

        Are we all just part of a computer program as some suggest? To put all your faith in science is akin to putting all your faith into believing the bible is truly the word of god. Just another religion based on faith that what you read in your science books is undisputable fact. How can we do that when new knowledge is ever emerging and changing what we thought we already knew? Why are they trying to find the “god particle”? What do they know about life on planets outside of our solar system? In the big scheme of things they know very little. I certainly am not putting all my eggs in that basket either. I believe in the supernatural.. scientists don’t.

        I believe we are one with the universe as the guy in the video states, most definitely. And yes our energy lives on after death but in what form? Do I know for sure there is or isn’t a God? oh hell no. But I tend to think there is.. Though again, I know not in what form. I’ve always believed in reincarnation because it makes sense to me.. child prodigies, deja vu, lessons to be learned to evolve to a higher plane and all that….is that what happens? Don’t know. It’s a theory.

        Again, NO ONE has the answer until death do them part from
        this realm. To assume makes an ass out of u and me 🙂 haha I always liked that phrase.

        I get pissed off(not defensive because I’m not defending anything here) when someone tries to act as if they have the answer to the mystery of the universe. They don’t . They have their our theory and feelings (yes feelings) about it. We all do. So let’s just keep open minds and keep questioning.

        • “I get pissed off when someone tries to act as if they have the answer to the mystery of the universe.”~Deb

          Yes you do. That is what I find most interesting. And your pretense that you KNOW the answer is impossible until one’s death is equally curious. You want to assert that certainty while denying an opposing certainty as if there is no hypocrisy in your position.

          You are actually rejecting this idea out of hand without giving it a fair consideration. But then you suggest we “just keep open minds and keep questioning.” While you have obviously closed your mind to this certain prospect…one that your argumentation against reveals that you do not understand what is being said or offered.

          You for instance now say that “Science does not have all the answers”…which has zero to do with the issue of PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of the ONE.

          I have insisted on no dogma, no special ‘intelligence’ or extended knowledge involved with this. And all of your arguments to that end are strawman arguments. They argue against claims I have never made.

          You keep barreling down this avenue of anger at something you have misconceived. You act as though you are being attacked.
          You are defensive against an idea – an idea that has been offered without evangelism – I am not trying to CONVERT you to anything. That is YOUR ass-umption.

          You can think any fuckin’ thing you want sweetheart, and you can say any fuckin’ thing you want too. So can I. But if you wanted to drop this…all you had to do was to__actually drop it. {grin}


          • Will, why are YOU getting all pissed off? All I’m saying is that no one knows what happens when u die until u do. I’ve heard the after death experiences of people whose hearts have stopped. But even they don’t know what happens because they are brought back before they can suss it out. Most do say they don’t want to come back.

            If you already know for yourself, what form you will take when you die please share that information. If nothing else, it will be quite interesting to hear. Will you float in space as energy or be reincarnated as king of the world? I’m dying to know !

            • He aint mad…pretty sure.

            • “Will, why are YOU getting all pissed off?”~Deb

              But I ain’t…nope. Not mad or pissed off or anything near it.

              No no no, not mad, and not “ALL KNOWING”…you again miscomprehend all I am saying here. All I know is that it is the Eternal Now. There is no dogma attached to this – no story.

              Even the story I tell of this coming about, took place in the time/space continuum. Just a ‘story’ to tell how the knowledge of the NOW was reestablished in my consciousness. I knew I knew it all along, once the connection was established within the continuum.

              But again Deb, if you don’t like the idea, that is fine with me. I only reply to explain that you are not getting what I have already said.


              • Here’s one for you to rip apart Will in case you were getting bored. Chemtrails aren’t and they love us and have our best interests at heart. If you believe that, can I interest you in some land on the gulf coast. This is 20 minutes long

              • Chemtrails arent WHAT? I missed something. Buut if you. Are implying or wondering how chemtrails serve this MIGHT think they does poison serve the planet???? This is how: every single thing and person on this planet…even the cabal…the bad shit that seems unbelievable to us….well.. ITS ALL HERE TO SERVE ONE COMMON GOAL. the balancing of polarity…the unfolding of the local universe…and to change the paradigm regarding incarnational lessons..chosen by us before coming here. Chemtrails can be likened to a wake up call or a trigger that causes domino effect type awareness. This class is very diifficult…everyone. is doing awesome.

              • You see we arent supposed to stay in a state of anger and finger pointing…we are to start living from within… how we want things to be in our world on earth..THATS the step to begin taking. Want to end deceit? Make sure you practice none. How to end chemtrails? Heal the motherfucking sky with focussed intent. This is real. Thousands do it everyday. Not everyone has forgotten their power and think they are useless eaters.

        • Elle dit que c’est trois /*\

          She says;

          She says it’s me
          I like it
          She says it’s we
          I like it
          She says that we
          Should try it
          More us more we
          I buy it
          And after all
          She says it’s
          Her best of all
          And does it
          So why wonder
          why question why
          When she says

          She says she’s been to Corcovado
          The Cote d’Azure and Monte Carlo
          She says but when you think it all through
          It don’t compare to where we’re going to
          I’ve never been to Corcovado
          But I’ve seen Milwaukee and Chicago
          I’ll go to Jupiter to be with her



          FRENCH CHORUS:

          Elle dit c’est moi
          C’est super
          Je dit c’est toi
          C’est super
          Pour nous ca va
          C’est super
          Ca va de soit
          C’est super
          Et pourquoi pas
          C’est super
          On ce ferra
          C’est super

          She says toi
          She says moi
          She says la
          She says ca va

          • PD …thank you it ❤ … Jupiter is good.. as long as it's not Saturn 😉

    • Ta Veri, That guys got some great vids.

      • Ahh woopsy, it posted all 22 vids. Sorry. Just wanted to outline the video titled:

        Ancient Knowledge Pt.2 Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, PHi in Nature, DNA, Fingerprint of God.

        Particularly the old presentation from 3:50 – 11 min

  35. Yeah, c’mon

    When the music’s over
    When the music’s over, yeah
    When the music’s over
    Turn out the lights
    Turn out the lights
    Turn out the lights, yeah

    When the music’s over
    When the music’s over
    When the music’s over
    Turn out the lights
    Turn out the lights
    Turn out the lights

    For the music is your special friend
    Dance on fire as it intends
    Music is your only friend
    Until the end
    Until the end
    Until the end

    Cancel my subscription to the Resurrection
    Send my credentials to the House of Detention
    I got some friends inside

    The face in the mirror won’t stop
    The girl in the window won’t drop
    A feast of friends
    “Alive!” she cried
    Waitin’ for me

    Before I sink
    Into the big sleep
    I want to hear
    I want to hear
    The scream of the butterfly

    Come back, baby
    Back into my arm
    We’re gettin’ tired of hangin’ around
    Waitin’ around with our heads to the ground

    I hear a very gentle sound
    Very near yet very far
    Very soft, yeah, very clear
    Come today, come today

    What have they done to the earth?
    What have they done to our fair sister?
    Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her
    Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn
    And tied her with fences and dragged her down

    I hear a very gentle sound
    With your ear down to the ground
    We want the world and we want it…
    We want the world and we want it…

    Persian night, babe
    See the light, babe
    Save us!
    Save us!

    So when the music’s over
    When the music’s over, yeah
    When the music’s over
    Turn out the lights
    Turn out the lights
    Turn out the lights

    Well the music is your special friend
    Dance on fire as it intends
    Music is your only friend
    Until the end
    Until the end
    Until the end!

  36. 🙂

  37. Good song…true lyrics and I can dance to it.. oh and I want that robot!

  38. “The field of information theory is about handling quantity of data and making that data readable. It’s not about the quality of the data.”~Rappoprt


    This is a point that Jacques Ellul drove home brilliantly in his masterpiece: THE TECHNOLOGICAL SOCIETY; a deep and vast investigation into the idea and concept of “technique” itself, and the ‘belief system’ built on the worship of “artifact”. The ideas developed are certainly based on the recognition of the theological aspects of man to technology, the MEANINGS of it all, the center of “Why” – going beyond the mere “What” of things.

    In a sense, it can be said that “technique” is ‘Entity’, it lives as a parasite to the human host, it is “Alive” via proxy, like the psychological aspect of a “Demon” of the subconscious. It is a ‘Devil’ whispering into the human mind that he can be as ‘the gods’ in the space/time continuum.

    A reading of ART AND ARTIST, by Otto Rank, shows this same context of the human psyche. Rank speaks to the ‘neurosis’ caused by the regimentation within societies that blunts the ‘artist’ in all human beings, the creative forces that drive living impulses.

    And by “regimented societies” we are not talking about modern or postmodern societies. We are dealing with constructs growing from the “extended family” systems that are termed, “tribal”, and the advent of “the chief” and “the shaman/priest” and their acquisition of individual creativity for the “community” – of imposing “authority” for the excuse of the “good of the community” when in fact it was to strengthen the personal authority of the ambitious men who would rule.

    Ultimately both of these works hint toward the idea of Personal Responsibility, and the complex morals based on empathy. And to make this as short as I can; it points to the practical considerations of the limits of empathy when creative genius is sucked dry by the society of neurotics who depend on that genius. Can the creative men be said to be responsible to the well being of the whole society?

    Is it practical, or ‘realistic’ to expect this to work? Bear in mind as you contemplate; that captivity smothers creativity, and that is when counterfeit creativity – so prevalent today arises.~ww

    The puppet prez Obama in Israel, “our alliance is eternal”.

    “The psychological war, originally waged only against “enemy” countries, was nevertheless created at home. It was used within the United States, against beliefs and free thought, by a secret bureaucracy which is still supported by all the power of the federal government, but which operates outside the chain of government command. It is a secret bureaucracy become paranoid—a cryptocracy mad with world power.”~Bowart

    “Therefore, no single individual is told more than he has a “need to know.”
    Operation Mind Control – pg.145
    “The cryptocracy is a brotherhood reminiscent of the ancient secret societies, with rites of initiation and indoctrination programs to develop in its loyal membership the special understanding of its mysteries. It has secret codes and oaths of silence which reinforce the sense of elitism necessary for the maintenance of its strict loyalty. It is automated, organized in the mode of a computer, where all have access to general knowledge and the most obvious aims and goals, but where the individual is isolated by tribal rituals and compartmentalization.
    It is a technocratic organization without ideology, loyal only to an unspoken, expedient, and undefined patriotism. Its members are anonymous. Its funds are secret. Its operational history is secret. Even its goals are secret. It is a degenerative disease of the body politic which has grown rampantly, spreading so invisibly that after nearly four decades its existence is known only to a handful of “decision makers.”~Bowart

    What an insult to the term “Intelligence”, to be applied to these maniacs – it is quintessential Newspeak of the first order.


  39. Luis Angel Castillo – an MK assassin in Dallas, November 1963. He fired from the “Oswald window”…but other shooters had actually hit JFK.

    Chapter Twelve


    • Other shooters like mk’d Jackie FTK?

      Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

  40. Morewell than Orwell: Paramilitarization in the United States post-9/11
    By Matthew Witt, Ph.D.

    How far the United States has succumbed to an official culture of secrecy and contempt for civil liberties, rule of law and forensic inquiry has been made vivid by the state reaction to the OWS movement. There is an urgent need for examination and analysis of this descent into civil liberties limbo under the presumptive threat of terrorism.

    Hundreds of corporate lobbyists have been granted special access to draft documents that watchdog groups have been barred from viewing.[3] Meanwhile, ten years after the alleged attack by foreign terrorists on September 11, 2001, expenditures for the military and “homeland security” in the United States reached nearly 8 trillion dollars (Hellman 2011).

    Now new is the extent to which Constitutional provisions, one hundred years ago still sacrosanct if sometimes brushed aside on a case by case basis, have been effaced and made no longer relevant by decree and legislative fiat. From the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act preceding the 9/11 incident, to the PATRIOT Act, Military Commissions Act, and now the National Defense Authorization Act, American civil liberties are imperiled as at no time in U.S. history and into the foreseeable future. How the suppression of dissent is manifesting across “Orwellian geographies” of police preemptive tactic is becoming clearer.~Matthew Witt, PhD
    . . . . .
    . . . . .

    Both the spirit and the textual meaning of the Constitution has been raped, shredded and cast asunder by the system posing as the “Federal Government”. Anyone who attempts to dispute this fact in this late stage of the Police State apparatus, has their head up their ass.


  41. Okay,

    This will just be another story for the reader. It is quite simple as it was quite spontaneous. I was in my early twenties when this came about:

    Seeing The Light – Becoming One with The Source [1≡∞]

    I was sitting up in bed reading, it was daytime the blinds were drawn and opened so that the light shown in as slits hitting the floor and giving a soft light to the room. Directly across the room was a dresser with a large mirror facing me. The book I was reading was on Buddhism, a tour of the different sects around the world. I had read several entrees and finally set the book down on the nightstand to my left. I felt a sense of mild revulsion, and thought to myself that Buddhism as practiced therein wasn’t any different from the Christian mythology and that it was all bunk.

    As I looked up from setting the book down, I glanced up and caught my reflection in the mirror. My thought was, “oh, there’s that animal.” As I looked into those animal eyes the room pulsed – it went negative visually, then positive, and back and forth several times and the atmosphere seemed to get heavy and lite like my ears were popping – with the same pulsing sensation. Suddenly a huge breath – it was as if something had blown the air into my lungs. With that I fell back into a pool of light…

    Everything turns to a white light – not just visual, but submerged in it, you are it, you are the light. And there is a sensation to it – paradoxical; the feeling of intense thrill and at the same time a sublime serenity, a state of awe and knowing that this is your true being.

    There is no way to say how long I laid there like that. It may have been a few moments, a few minutes, an hour {?} but at some point I heard a thought. It was, “I’m here! I did it!”..and then I was back in my body. I sat up in a state of wonder. It is the single most amazing experience I ever had, and it is always with me now.


    • Confirmation of the universe to Self to Universal Self ※ultra ﹏ resonance type.. sounds like!

    • Wow, thanks for sharing Rogue.

      • Niki and Jay,

        You are both quite welcome.


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