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Sandy Hook’s New Psy-OP

Sandy Hook’s New Psy-OP
Three months after the event!

By Jim Kirwan

Kirwan has written a post about Sandy Hook, unveiling startling New information:

Read It at:



This happened:

“The impetus for the initiative started on the evening of the shooting” Conway said. When he hosted a HOLIDAY PARTY with dozens of tech heavyweights as well as Mayor Ed Lee, former Mayor Willie Brown and Gabrielle Giffords, and her husband

Mark Kelly.” (1)

Did the grieving parents attend this PARTY? Maybe this was the reason the parents were kept in SILENCE & SECLUSION – away FROM THE PUBLIC for the last 90 days, (while the facts were SEALED by the state of Connecticut) WAS THAT DONE BECAUSE SOME PARENTS MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE GONE to this party?

Why else would the “privacy” of the parents and their statements about that day – have been kept from public knowledge?



  1. But we know this really wasnt about gun control. ….

    Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

    • “Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T”

      Does that just add itself to all of your text messages?


  2. Zappity Whappity bing bang boing…

    Ah, Boomer, copy and paste the article from the SF Examiner…woodja?

    My browsy no likey…



  3. Yup, gun control is the hook floating on the surface.
    Divide, divide, divide & conquer.

  4. This article is very confusing. First off, where was the party held? I’m assuming the guy that planned it, had done so well in advance and since Gabby Gifford was there with her husband that the whole anti gun “initiative” was based on HER shooting.. not SH.

    Secondly, why is Kirwan assuming that the SH parents attended this party? Because they showed up in San Fran 3 months later doesn’t mean they were in on the intital planning of the event and attended that party.

    No one believes this whole thing is a hoax more than me but this article is not very well written. I didn’t get to read the San Fran Examiner article this is based on since the link on Rense is not for that particular story and I’m too tired to search for it right now. I’ll look for it in the morning and hopefully it will clear up my confusion. Or then again, maybe it’s just brain fog from all the chemtrailing overhead today…sheesh.

    • Yes, it isn’t even clear that the “party” with the Gif and der Brown Willie was even held in Sandy Hook..[???] ///™\\\ so what have we got but bippity bop?


  5. I believe Kirwan will receive feedback like yours here regarding this article. Let’s see what he comes up with in the next day or so. Other info on the topic may surface.

    Rogue1 — your link to the article should suffice, no? Where would I past the article in your opinion?

    • That link freezes my browser.

      What is the issue? You worried about taking up too much space?

      Does that SFE article clear up where this party of Dec 14th took place?

      Paste it right here in the comments section. Why not????


  6. Hmmpff.. wise words if you hear between the lines..
    Oh Yeah

    • A classic. ooooooooooohh yea 🙂

  7. Coto knows & so does this guy 😉

  8. Yep, Payday knows… so did Malcom X and JFK and RFK and MLK and Paul Wellstone and all those suspciously dead scientists and that guy Wheeler and on and on and on and on……………

  9. Not much help in clarification Will…but here it is..the San Fran article… What is an “angel” investor ?

    Gun violence initiative looks to tap tech innovation in San Francisco

    By:Mike Billings | 03/14/13 9:39 PM
    Assistant Managing Editor | Follow on Twitter @mbillings.

    Mike Koozmin/The S.F. Examiner

    Mark Barden holds a photo of his son Dan, who was killed in the Sandy Hook massacre, at Thursday’s event.

    When Mark Barden walked his 
7-year-old son Dan to the school bus Dec. 14, it would be the last time he saw his child alive. Later that day at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Dan was among the 20 first-graders who were fatally shot in one of the nation’s most gruesome school massacres.

    Thursday marked the three-month anniversary of the shooting that has sparked a nationwide debate about gun safety. And Barden and his wife, Jackie, along with other parents who lost children that day, came to San Francisco to launch an initiative that aims to stop gun violence and improve mental health research through technological innovation.

    Click here to see the ‘Mayors Against Legal Guns’ PSA featuring Mayor Ed Lee.

    The parents were joined by tech industry leaders and city officials to announce the Sandy Hook Promise Innovation Initiative.



    Mayor Ed Lee joins appeal for stricter gun laws

    03/14/13 9:44 PM

    Mayor Ed Lee, along with 30 counterparts from across the nation, appears in a new video message that urges Congress to pass more stringent gun control laws. Anti-gun violence organization is behind the campaign, which is co-chaired by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. Read More

    Locally and statewide, the incident in Newtown, Conn., has led to legislative actions, but angel investor Ron Conway said the tech initiative specifically hopes to tap the creative minds in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley to help curb gun violence.

    “We agree that legislative efforts are important, and we are pursuing that,” Conway said, “but today is all about innovation.”

    The announcement was the start of an all-day event to discuss ways tech companies can develop ideas around gun and school safety and mental health research. Projects could be funded by a group of about 30 investors that Conway has assembled.

    The impetus for the initiative started on the evening of the shooting, Conway said, when he hosted a holiday party with dozens of tech heavyweights as well as Mayor Ed Lee, former Mayor Willie Brown, and Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly. Giffords is the former Arizona congresswoman who survived a shooting rampage in 2011.

    The need for innovative ideas — such as using technology to make guns safer and background checks better — was driven home throughout Thursday’s event by harrowing tales related to the school 

    Jenn Hensel and Jeremy Richman lost their only child, daughter Avielle. Hensel said they are still “desperate to understand why someone would kill innocent children, why someone would kill my child.”

    The couple, both of whom are scientists, have launched the Avielle Foundation. Its goal is to try to understand the underlying issues that lead to violent behavior. Hensel and Richman said the tech initiative might be able to make studies of what they call “brain health” affordable.

    Nicole Hockley, who lost her son Dylan in the shooting and admitted she is still in shock, said she wants to honor her son’s life by working to prevent a similar tragedy in the future.

    Also at Thursday’s event were four Bay Area families that had all lost children to gun violence.

    “The look of pain in their eyes has become all too familiar to me,” Hockley said of meeting the local families. “It is the same pain that I see in the families that also lost loved ones on 12/14, and the same pain I see every time I now look in the mirror.”

    Barden said his own son would have backed the tech-focused approach.

    “He would look into his heart and try to fix things,” Barden said of his son’s compassionate nature. “And I can’t tell you how deeply it touches us that you are looking into your hearts, taking your time and talents and devoting yourselves to fixing this.”

    Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:

    • Thanks for posting that JG.

      I just think it makes sense to have as much info as possible right on hand here on the page for issues we are attempting to figure out. The less bouncing around the web the better.

      I must waste half of my day waiting for web pages to load.

      Some may be concerned that Pepsi has replaced sugar with a mysterious ingredient. But I don’t givva slambamdoodle cuz I haven’t drankenzee sheet in decades.

      So there…


  10. Thanks for posting the piece, JG. I didn’t have the patience to do it last evening. An “angel investor” is an individual or group that is willing to invest in a business opportunity. Typically, the business that needs the funds, gives up a percentage of their company, or they work out some other form of compensation for the needed cash infusion.

    • No problem boom. That is why I waited until this morning to find and post it. I was exhausted last night.

      Kirwan’s articles are usually so good, this one surprised me a bit. I wonder if he knows that the party was held possibly not in SH but in or nearby in another town in Conn but isn’t saying just yet? Hopefully he’ll come forth with some new info to explain his assumption.

      • Exhausted~ that’s the word for how I feel this year. Obama’s Drain Act is complete and I can attest to it.

  11. Interesting comments that I haphazardly follow from Argentina while I try to glimpse the Pope… who must’ve known I was coming, because ‘e ain’t ‘ere… much to the happiness of those I visit.

  12. lol…. what are you saying? The Argentinians don’t like the new pope? :O

  13. I do not see anything in the article to suggest that the Dec 14 “party” was held anywhere other than San Francisco. Obviously the later meeting which included Sandy Hook family members was held there as well.

    At this point, I don’t see the point in Kirwan’s artwrinkle.

    “Kong is carrying Ann Darrow…that is all.”


  14. The party is likely somewhere between the ears and plays a rhapsody in blue with divisive compound beats. San Francisco to NewTown it’s a party of greed done in Luciferian lyrical lies.

    The never ending decline of humanity and the fugue of the masses.

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