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So Why Would a Government Act Like This? Who Will Be the Victims?

This is the 2nd from the top article at Infowars at 8:19pm, 3-16-13. It has 231 comments.

Why does Obama need 1.6 billion bullets?

Diana West / / March 16, 2013

I am still waiting to see ANY country’s leader do one thing to help his country’s People. What I have read about, and seen, by Actions (i.e. Policy) leaves me deeply cynical about the entire political spectrum and realm (and we cannot probably imagine what has gone on covertly).

Particularly in America, the pell mell march towards fascism, and the flagrant and illegal repealing of the protections afforded the population by the Bill-of-Rights and the U.S. Constitution are astonishing as “Policy” moves by supposed “elected” Representatives. With the rapid build-up of the Police State, Americans’ instincts for survival are more than tingling.

WE the People keep asking Why? I believe WE just don’t want to face the answer. Because it is so Obamanimble in its true motivations.

What’s to figure out anymore? The government and their owned media mouthpieces have STATED that American Citizens are considered “Terrorists”. They continue to work-up and update the defining criminal characteristics of this Nation-sized “terrorist” group. The Administration continues to ram through Unconstitutional legislation and Executive Orders whether Congress is involved or not. The Administration’s soiled “lawyers” manipulate legalese, and foment illogical extrapolations to make new “laws” and policy determining that NOW — America (the Nation, sea to shining sea) is a “Battlefield”. And the “Government” is AT WAR with the population of “terrorists”.

That is the most ridiculous attribution WE the People have heard yet!

But, its easy, once you’ve charted a course to HELL, based on Lies. Cheney, his Bush Boy Toy, and their crooked cronies “passed” the Patriot Act, as Act II, following Act I (9/11), and found sophistry so easy that they “legally” changed Torture into a Benefit. All you’ve gotta do is have weasel Attorney Generals write up the new definition changing criminal acts into legal acts. See how it works?

So what’s up with Americans living in DENIAL that THEY are the avowed ENEMY-of-the-State?

This WAR on Americans can’t be spelled out any clearer! When you see (cue the list of Agencies’ prepping) mobilizations of military hardware, stockpiling, Full Spectrum Dominance activities of your entire environment, etc, etc., you’d think the sheep would get the message?

I’m going to cut to the chase here. I’m going to conflate 2 separate articles, and ask YOU to see if YOU can grasp the “means” meant to be used to get to the END imagined by a truly sick pack of wolves. Read that article linked to at the top, then read this sickening account of what goes on in WAR. It is time we “Wake Up” to reality, no matter how hideous it is. Only with these Truths in mind can we make sure it doesn’t repeat again.

“A new film about to be released in Germany will force both countries to re-examine part of their recent history that each would much prefer to forget. Yet it is right that the ghastly truth should finally be acknowledged.

The movie, A Woman In Berlin, is based on the diary of the German journalist Marta Hillers and depicts the horror of the Red Army’s capture of the capital of the Third Reich in April and May 1945”.

Here’s the Link — Definitely NOT for the Squeamish:

Even More Warning Signs: Obama Poised for Hostile Military Takeover of U.S. – Part 2

But NOT TO WORRY FELLOW AMERICANS! Read this terse explanation, and go back to sleep:


Your Buddy -- NOT!

Privates Invasion Team Captain

Snazi Outfit There

Snazi Outfit There

Snazi Outfit There pic borrowed from Tom Heneghan’s March 17 “Explosive Intelligence Briefing”:

In case you thought the financial world around you was not manipulated as everything else is, please read Washington’s Blog post:



  1. yes.. Tis all happenin

  2. 🙂

  3. There comes a time where we must stand on our own two feet.

    • Nice video. Great suite from Hans Zimmer too. Thanks Jay.

  4. Americans might wake up, should they actually “think” about what has been done to foreign countries via the U.S. War Machine, led by USI. How’s Iraq and Afghanistan looking following the invasions? Consider the suffering, the number of civilian deaths, the infrastructure (water, sewer, phone, utilities, roads & travel, safety factor, militarization, political, banking, education, medical institutions, etc.). How’s all that looking? What’s the populations FREEDOM QUOTIENT?

    Americans should consider this:

    The “Israeli” thing between countries is very telling. A pack of Names here, you’ll recognize from recent “operations”:

    “Lieberman…Warmongering Jews Do Not Retire”

    “Obama Heads to Israel”
    By Stephen Lendman

  5. Thanks for all of the info links Boomer.

    21st Century Ozmatoz in Wonderland…with cockroaches.

    Slythough thar tainta allegory tall enough to reach the pinnacle of absurdities in our faces today.

    Anta thunkum here we be sequestered in the deepest of Darkest Amerika.

    Ahhh..squadeebah da ho ting.


  6. You might want to consider how and WHY these bits of information are being allowed in the public arena. When most is not. ※Fear tactics※ Get the public on guard※ Does the cabal really think they need to defend against an angry public when 1. Those who would defend or uprise are considerably smaller than those who wont. 2. They have things far more effective than bullets. Such as microwave machines and a whole host of other nefarious techno saavy tid bits. Just a thought. Love…the cali girl still trying not to wither away in Arizona. And trying to fly away.

    Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

    • What is your status Nikki?
      Are you stuck in Arizona for some reason?
      Why can’t you get back home?
      What angry public? That is my question…

      Where ARE all of these so-called, “angry people”?

      I see some tiny minority making a stink on the Internet.
      What I don’t see is real people on the streets doing anything but the usual ‘Go Along Boogie’.


    • One thing we know is that there is something going on and those we would align with are not advertising it. What MSM offers even in the alternative frequencies is likely 99.999% bullshit anyway.

  7. You’re Welcome, Rogue1. That link I posted above should be investigated. The title to it is, “Stalin’s army of rapists: The brutal war crime that Russia and Germany tried to ignore”.

    The description of acts perpetrated upon innocents is so horrific, I wasn’t sure if I should even link to the story. The People need to realize this type of inhuman behavior is part & parcel of WAR when men have become so debased as to act like demon fiends.

    It makes one wonder — where do you find this many men willing to commit such acts?

    Here’s the link again, to be read with considered contemplation:

    I such darkness of character evident in the “forces” marshaling now within the U.S., driven by the USI, and their khazar Agency plants.

    WE the People must consider what the “Policy” WE SEE is telling us; and it is BAD, VERY BAD!

  8. For whom is it still a mystery that the national security state is an iron curtain drawn over the right to know? Sixty six years of this utter bullshit has led to an open and unapologetic police state.

    And still the majority somnambulism rots the minds of the TVZombies.

    Who can awaken the dead?


  9. This video will give you the Heeb y Jeebies! Ughh! Ugly on the inside, and hideous on the outside.

    • Feinstein on how to not answer a question with too many words that have zero to do with the question.

      “I have seen the results of these weapons…so I don’t give a fuck what the Constitutition says, cuz by gawd I read it…so I can ignore the parts I don’t like…and that’s my opinion…so…before I soil my ‘Depends’, let me get up for a potty break.”~Dear Diane [paraphrased for clarity]

      Hyper-hideous indeed Boomer. A Bitch Wrench to tighten the jaw.
      Who dipped her in the ugly vat?


    • Oh yes yes yes…oh no no no..
      ..oh no no no..oh yes yes yes..
      ..oh no no no…

      But YES, yes I did, I heard the Senator from Californicate, F-stein asked as to the applicability of her stance on the 2nd as per the 1st and 4th Amendments…clearly asked, up front…no ifs or buts.

      But we get the butt end floofing from Di, a gaseous emission, not in the slightest baffled with any substance or deodorant.

      Time for the slab for this sow.


  10. Its all moot , I have seen confiscations in the cities for forty freakin years.

    I had an interesting hour long chat with a retired Army intel chief saturday. Very very interesting. He aint on board the Obama choo-choo. Hetold Me about CRITIC when an embassy is overrun they have 2 minutes to get a paper into the prez´s hands,even if he layin pipe with arm flappers they take it in and shove it in his face. He did nothing cuz the bassador was marked for liminatin. He was a homo and had strange tendencies that was worryin bammy.

  11. Thanks for your comments Korn & Rogue. Together, your names sound like tasty basty dish o’cuisine!

    Anyways, check this slimey gun grab technique:

    “Obama’s Advisors: Disarm America Through Taxation”

    It is Obvious that these elite psychos want to operate outside of any lawful or moral restraints personally, (I should say “administratively”) to please their USI controllers.

    Its time Americans (and the World Population) understand these “power players” will stop at nothing to achieve their twisted dreams of total control.

    In response, ALL populations should stop at nothing to “Disarm” these psychos, to pull their power rugs out from under them, to investigate, arrest, and incarcerate them. Sooner is better than later. Exactly what egregious “Act” are people waiting for them to commit that justifies taking them down off their pedestals? They’ve passed the point of no return long ago.

    I’ll add this to the pot:

    • “your names sound like tasty basty dish o’cuisine!”

      Well Boomer, I had a tasty dish for a cousin…Vicky Yumyum…I came close to tappin’ her. She was a cousin by marriage, not blood anywooze.

      Still not something I’d want chiseled on my tombstone.

      But they probubbly got that in the Library of Congress by now.


  12. This Obama-Netanyahu thing is so transparent. The first term snub, the second term conspiracy to take out Iran in a triad that serves the R.O.W. to an economic-ecocidal and polital agenda. But the transition to OWO is not complete without the reformation of Judism, Catholicism and Islam. That may be war scheduled for October Suprises. The game of chicken is clearly on the Freemason Ahmadinejad’s side.

  13. Good input there Puddy. I believe you’re on target.

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