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Fifteen from Pakalert Press: 3/14/13

On 14/03/2013 10:12 PM, Pakalert Press wrote:


  1. EYE on the CIA

    Germany: Four members of a Salafist group in Bonn were arrested during a raid on 13 March 2013 on suspicion of planning to assassinate a far-right politician. One of the individuals who was arrested is also reportedly connected to an attempted bombing of a Bonn train station in December 2012. These arrests occurred on the same day that the German Interior Ministry banned three Salafist groups. It is unclear if the attempted assassination was imminent.

    …the CIA is in business

    Iraq: Multiple bombings occurred in central Baghdad on the afternoon of 14 March 2013. According to reports, the attacks appeared to have been coordinated, occurring within close proximity of one another beginning at approximately 1330 local time. Government buildings are believed to have been the intended targets, as bombings occurred very near the culture and foreign ministries as well as an office linked to the communications ministry. All attacks occurred in the Allawi neighborhood, which is located near – but not inside – the International Zone (Green Zone) area of the city. At least 12 people have been killed, while an undetermined number of others have been injured; no information regarding the extent of damage resulting from the bombings is available as yet. Security forces have bolstered their presence in Allawi, and a curfew has reportedly been imposed in the neighborhood for an unspecified period of time.

    …taxes and assets well spent

    Greece: A bomb threat prompted the evacuation of Microsoft’s headquarters in Athens at approximately 0900 local time (0700 UTC) on 14 March 2013. Greek authorities are investigating but have released no additional details. The same building was attacked in June 2012 when an incendiary device was ignited at the building entrance.

    ….26% unemployment has it’s problems

    Sudan: On 13 March 2013 the U.S. Department of State issued an updated Travel Warning for Sudan, which reads in part as follows: “The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of traveling to Sudan, urges U.S. citizens to avoid all travel to the Darfur region of Sudan, the Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan States, and advises you to consider carefully the risks of travel in other areas of Sudan.


    “a child torturing ants with a magnifying glass.” a drone child?

  3. “It’s Time For A National Conversation”

  4. PakAlert does publish a lot.

  5. You cant buy ammo anywhere. They tapped the market. Much like the Silver Hunt Bros.and JPMorgan copper, the lead is missing. Starve us out is a good strategy.
    Unleash the Krakken, robot killers, drones and EMR. It’s fish in a barrel

    Killing 50 for every single terrorist works well in the depopulation model of memorandum 200 NSSM. The goal is obtainable in this model without the GMO, vaccines-PhRMA, EMR, or ENMOD.

  6. Whattaya mean you can’t buy ammo anywhere? I know places where you can obtain what you want/need…

    With regards to your latest cool Header, P.D. Imagine a highway lined from North to South, cutting across America. Imagine the length and breadth. Imagine that it must be patrolled 24/7 by drones, or the trucks plying the highway will be sniped up and down the length of the route just for shits and giggles. I can imagine the logistical difficulties with this scenario. Tracers R Us for the NWO. Flat tires galore, freaked out drivers if you can find any willing to take the risk, and FUBAR North to South. Hmmm. Maybe the politicians want to drive the trucks to recon the route? heh heh.

    I’m not even thinking about military-trained snipers. Just Joe Bob and John Doe, pissed that they’re now homeless and have no hope for work at all. Now, imagine some Special Forces, Seals, or anybody else with “experience” getting back at the adders? Ugh! Some plans just never work.

    • The best laid plans of mold and rust…

      aye Boomer…


    • And anyway,
      whom arm yoom Boom?

      • I’m a guy that notices Wally Mart and Sports Authority and stores like them seem to have no ammo. Some gun stores do. No 22LR’s anywhere though. I also notice certain pawn shops have plenty of ammo, and are able to get stuff other folks can’t.

        Visit your pawn shops.

        • I’ve got nothing left to pawn but that old Confederate nickle I found in Jacksonville, Mississippi in an old Hotel from the Civie Wars days…you den’t get the “whom” of the tenor of the spinner or the taste of the porky beans that came with the dinner.

          Why I ain’t looked for ammo since I was a sniper in Nam back during the French Connection days. Anyways, they’ve limited the magazines to 2 Playboys and a single Hustler a year here I fear.

          Hold on…there’s something on the radio about the grim reaper peepin’ inda windows of the House of Blue Lights…

          Be back witcha soon….


          • Youm a funny guy Rogue1. Why beaneato wood waist a combbent on dickshun orm smelling iz a can o’jockitchz to meme? Frankly, the dickly don smatter much. Sub stance, objecktive thankin, and da twoof is da beef o’da matter.

            By the way — check out this latest — I liked it:


            • O Boomer,

              I just came from trying to get a moking smear to load for me…
              and they don’t no mo no mo no mo…my bruiser seems to lack the jazz for very little but word pressies anymore…

              I dunno what I gonna and ain’t but then but you know yea.

              ~the Once and Futura Whom


  7. “We have about 50% of the world’s wealth but only 6.3% of its population. This disparity is particularly great as between ourselves and the peoples of Asia. In this situation, we cannot fail to be the object of envy and resentment. Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity without positive detriment to our national security. To do so,we will have to dispense with all sentimentality and day-dreaming; and our attention will have to be concentrated everywhere on our immediate national objectives.We need not deceive ourselves that we can afford today the luxury of altruism and world-benefaction.”
    ~George Kennan, US State Department senior planning official, 1948


    • “It’s always time to do your duty for Howdy Doody.”
      ~Lauren Marems

      See, TV was STUPID from the get-go.


  8. Howdy Doody this one!

  9. 🙂

  10. Ok.. Regarding this link:

    Original post here from 2010:

    Been reading this persons posts at:

    & it’s well worth a look into!!

    Eg, one post here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan View Post
    ” Have you ever thought about compiling your posts into a book and publishing them, kathaksung? ”

    ” Nine years ago, I talked about this issue.

    99. They are scare of my messages

    In Sept. 2000, I started my thread to reveal the dark side of Federal law enforcement agency. Then found they managed several times to murder me. In each attempt of murder there always came with internet attack. Most obvious was after the failure of the first frame-up case in June, 2001. Next month in July, Ashcroft came to Bay area where I live announced a national cyber monitor programme. He created 9 teams to monitor the whole country which I alleged involved in harassment and censorship in internet. At the same time I got a message in which may help you understand how they view my messages.

    Quote, “Coyote954 01:45am Jul 12, 2001 EST

    Kathaksung, I have an idea for you. Have you ever heard of a guy named Dick Marcinko? Well, he was a Navy SEAL, ….One day, he wrote a book about his experiences in the Navy SEALs, ….
    The problem is, he told a lot of Navy secrets. They harassed him, …– but, he could write whatever he wanted as long as it was fiction!
    So now he writes books about the Navy, and the SEALs, …..except that now he just says it is all fiction. …..
    So… I tell you, your experience with these government operatives would be a great story, and if you just pretend that it is “fiction” everyone will know better and the gov’t can’t do anything to you. …..And, hey, as the guy that gave you the idea, I want 5%. ”

    kathaksung 04:54pm Jul 13, 2001 EST

    Thanks for your suggestion. I have never sworn to FBI or DEA to keep their secret, so I have no obligation. What I put here are my personal experience, they are facts not fiction. If they want to send me to the court, I’d like to. What I need is not money, I need justice. Sorry you can’t get your 5% but thanks anyway for your suggestion.

    Kat Hak Sung “

  11. ” Thanks everybody for explanation or welcome words. I still don’t understand why you move to a new site. One fact is the old message would disappear. A tactic to wipe out unfavorable message.


    645. Sri Lanka and Thailand (9/1/2010)

    Sri Lanka government had fought against its rebellion – Tamil Tigers for 30 years long. None got upper hand. The balance was broken in early 2009. The government security force launched an invasion at rebellion In January, killed the leader of Tamil Tigers and finished the war in May. The achievement was got under the support of Chinese government with its arm supply to the Sri Lanka government. Usually when such balance was broken, the other side would interfere – by international protest and increase the support to the opposite side. But this time U.S. looked on unconcerned. Tamil Tigers have become a sacrifice as a payment to China. In early 2009, Feds had planned a big operation. The most impressive event was they originally were going to kill people with Bird Flu (H5N1). When the plot failed, they created a Swine Flu (H1N1) crisis to cover up. Each time China would play an important role in the plot and would get some payment for collaboration.

    No resistance or rebellion, or terrorist group – can survive without outside support. Feds is an expert on it. They like democracy – two competitive parties. By supporting the party who promise to give them more the Feds always take advantage. When G.O.P. promised to give them war and power (patriot Act), Bush was selected to be president. The “God” also let him stay for a second term despite a big lie scandal. (W.M.D. in Iraq) Another sample is the Mujahideen. When it was used to fight against Soviet Union, it was called resistance. When the Feds need a false flag terrorist to extort American people, they change the name Mujahideen into Al Qaida though the leader is the same agent – Osama Bin Laden.

    When there is a need, asset became a sacrifice. Sri Lanka is a payment to China in 2009 operation. I think G-man played a role in that deal. Several years ago, he got US citizenship. He then became a businessman to sell Malaysia’s oil palm tree to China. Selling Sri Lanka to China was one of his businesses, I think.

    Of course, Sri Lanka is a small payment. If the plot goes through, the payment would be bigger. Thailand is part of it.

    In March and April of 2009, there was a riot in Thailand. The opposition party of the Thailand organized its people (in red shirts) to block the traffic in Bangkok and surrounded the building of Prime Minister for three weeks. The protesters demand a regime change. There was a conflict between the demonstrators and the military. The casualty was more than one hundred. The riot ended on April 14, 2009. It accorded with the end of the mysterious S.A.R.S. alike pandemic. See “605. Swine Flu time table (5/20/09)”. The coincidence enables me to believe Thailand was also a part of the payment to China. The opposition leader – former Prime Minister, Taxin, was thought pro-China and was reported being in China sometimes.

    This year in March, April and May, the red shirt movement rose again. Thai troops and protesters clashed, dozens dead, hundreds injured. The Thailand crisis ended like last year’s because the main plot in US failed to go through.

    On 8/23 Taxin resigned his job as an economic adviser to the Cambodian government. Cambodian and Thailand government also announced to exchange their ambassador to recover the broken relationship. When I read the news I knew the main operation of this year is finished. The main event in this plot: Google withdrew from China in January; the sinking of the S. Korea warship Cheonan in March 21, the media attack on sex scandal of Vatican in April and Euro crisis took place in Greece; the arrest of Russian spy ring in June. They were so confident that the deal will go through they even put Taxin in a neighbor country so once the deal is fulfilled, their puppet could get back to Thailand as soon as possible.

    Sri Lanka is a small chip paid to China for its collaboration with the Feds. Thailand is big chip and is reserved for next deal. Of course, there is an even bigger one – Taiwan.

    646. Plot in later 2010 (9/18/2010)

    In last article, I talked about Taxin’s resignation as an economic adviser to the Cambodian government and the exchange of the ambassadors of Cambodian and Thailand. I said it might be a signal of the end of the plot of early 2010. As always being, the Feds quickly start a new plot.

    In early September Arnold Schwarzenegger had a trip to China. Arnold works for the Feds. He was put on to the seat of California Governor for my case, I think. That was in March, 2003, four months after the election. There was a sudden recall on Gray Davis. How could voters changed their mind in just four months while there was no big scandal? Only Feds who control the media and politicians could do this. (see “147. Steal California (7/31/2003”) Arnold then had been a representative of the Feds in a special mission to confirm the secret deal with China. (see “323. Arnold’s role in recent plots (6/22/05)” and “358. New secret deal (11/17/05)”) Now Arnold repeats his job in a new plot.

    Here is the news: “Schwarzenegger Wants China to Invest in California’s High-Speed Rail Network

    Sept. 14 – California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger finished up a brief tour of the Yangtze River Delta Region on Monday with high hopes that China will be in the bidding for a contract to build the western U.S. state’s proposed US$40 billion high-speed railway.…work-7094.html

    Three days after his announcement, the opposite party in Thailand rises again.

    Quote, “Thai Red Shirts begin coup anniversary protests

    By GRANT PECK, Associated Press Writer – Fri Sep 17, 9:39 am ET
    BANGKOK – Hundreds of anti-government activists carried roses to prisons around Thailand on Friday to show their support for jailed colleagues and begin a series of protests marking the fourth anniversary of a military coup.

    The “Red Shirt” supporters have been generally quiet since the army quashed large demonstrations earlier this year in Bangkok’s main commercial district. About 90 people died during those protests, more than 1,400 were hurt, and most of the group’s top leaders were arrested.

    Starts from 9/16, San Jose Mercury News forcasts that there will be a rain on Sunday, 9/19. It’s unusual because it’s still summer – the dry season. The tactic is the old one. China will supply the drug. The drug will be planted in the shipment of unbrella. To frame B (my brother in law) in the case, there must be a rain day on week ends. B has to work on week-ends while his employee are on holiday. That unsusal rain is an urge to B. It’s time to order an umbrella shipment from China. The similar story acted again and again and again. Even the action of one of the payments -Thailand regime change, had played several times. There is one thing new here: the 40 billion contract to build high-speed railway is likely the next reward to China. ” kathaksung

  12. more:

    ” 655. Bin Laden and Julian Assange, False flag and living plant (12/7/2010)

    On 12/4, I wrote an article “Wiki-Leaks is another false flag” and posted it in APFN. One hour later, I was surprised to find the topic was replied by Julian Assange. I don’t think it was Assange himself did it. He is on the run. Most likely it is the work of his handler – the Feds. The purpose is to link me to a would be “criminal”. Assange is a living plant like Bin Laden. Here is the topic:

    Wiki-Leaks is another false flag ?kathaksung, Sat Dec 4 09:27

    * Thats not all, Netanyahu said…. ?Percy, Sat Dec 4 18:52

    o Julian Assange answers your questions ?Julian Assange, Sat Dec 4 10:24…449;title=APFN
    Bin Laden is a living plant.

    In 1990, Soviet bloc collapsed. US intelligence turned its resource which used to deal with Soviet bloc to the new target – Mid-east countries which are rich in natural resource. Bin Laden, an asset of the CIA in Afghanistan war(against Russian), was revived in this new project as a false flag – Islamic extremist. He went to Sudan first in 1991.

    The Sudanese offered to arrest Bin Laden and extradite him to Saudi Arabia .…_bin_laden.htm
    Saudi and US didn’t take the offer with various excuse because Bin Laden is a living plant they deployed there.

    In 1995, Bin Laden tried to set up a connection with Saddam but was refused.

    Exhaustive review finds no link between Saddam, al Qaida

    A September 2006 report by the Senate Intelligence Committee concluded that Saddam was “distrustful of al Qaida and viewed Islamic extremists as a threat to his regime, refusing all requests from al Qaida to provide material or operational support.”

    The Senate report, citing an FBI debriefing of a senior Iraqi spy, Faruq Hijazi , said that Saddam turned down a request for assistance by bin Laden which he made at a 1995 meeting in Sudan with an Iraqi operative.…latchy/2875005
    Sudan may have felt the danger to accomodate Bin Laden. In May 1996, the Sudanese asked bin Laden to leave. He went to Afghan and stay there until now.

    In August 1998, Sudan and Afghanistan were bombed by US missiles.

    In 2001, after 911, Afghan, facing US invasion, made an offer but failed.

    Bush rejects Taliban offer to hand Bin Laden over
    * Taliban demand evidence of Bin Laden’s guilt, Sunday 14 October 2001 22.19 BST
    In Bin Laden’s recent 20 years, the countries he went or tried to go, have something in common: They all have rich natural resources. Sudan and Iraq have oil. Afghan has rich mine. ‘

    Afghanistan to develop $3 trillion in mining potential
    DUBAI | Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:14pm
    He didn’t go to Yemen, Somali or Syria for his “revolution” because they are resource poor countries, not in US interest list. He didn’t go to Saudi or Kuwait. Because they are US allies. He only went to Sudan, Afghan, or Iraq (intended to) because these three countries were not controlled by US at that time. As a living plant, he gave US the excuse to activate attack on these three countries. (Even Saddam realized that Bin Laden was a dangerous living plant and rejected him, Iraq at last was invaded with an unexisted WMD)

    Julian Assange is another false flag and living plant. The target is not to control natural resource but to control the free speech kindom – the Internet. If you have noticed that in last month, the events come with the Wiki-leaks’ third leaking. ‘

    The 19 Senators Who Voted To Censor The Internet
    from the free-speech-isn’t-free dept…internet.shtml
    US Government seizure of the internet has begun; DHS takes over 76 websites

    Learn more:…#ixzz17BCGjPeM
    WIKILEAKS will leak 250.000 documents sunday nov 28
    Sat Nov 27, 2010…FN;pagemark=60
    What will be their next step? Feds will upgrade the secret level of the leaking document to their puppet Assange. That will finally justify the legitimate of control of the Internet. When you saw that Wiki-Leaks is moving from this server to that, this web site to other, do you realize all these sites could be potential victims of the next wave of Internet censorship and seizure? Assange does same thing Bin Laden has done.

    I always say that I am the most wanted of the Feds. Though I am always under the surveillance of the Feds, to set up an internet communication with a “criminal” could justify their action and turn an unreasonable search into a reasonable one. On 12/5, (next day that Assange post reply to my article) A working van of “Direct TV” parked at my front door. Technician installed something in my neighbor’s house. (we share one roof and the wall) I think that they were installing detective instrument. My neighbor has had a dish satelite antena already.

    656. Christmas holiday season plot (12/9/2010)

    The next possible action on me and my family likely will be in coming Christmas and New Year’s day holiday season. Feds used to apply a search and arrest warrant on holiday because there is family re-union that day. This time the Feds arranged a 7 night Western Carib – holiday cruise for my family, dated from Dec. 19 to Dec. 26. Of course,I refused the invitation. It is easy to frame a case or apply an incident on a trip. Anyhow, that will cut my connection to most of my relatives. My mother, my wife and my daughter, my siblings and their spouse all joined that trip. Moreover, my wife’s cousins – Dr. Wang (Huang) and Mr. Wang (Huang) Yi Hong and their spouse also will join the trip. They were murder targets too. see: 223. FBI director said HongKong will be attacked (4/24/04) 242. Dr. Wang is a target (7/24)383. The cross murder deal (2/7/06), 392. 12/2 plot to murder Mr. Wang Yi Hong (3/15/06).

    This is third long time trip for my wife this year. It never happen before. It only proves how intensify the persecution is going on.

    Last month (November) there was a fire in another cruise ship Carnival. It drifted on the sea for three days without power. “They can call it a nightmare. A cruise from hell.” (AP) said.

    I think it was a drill of the Feds. Though the usual practises are food poison. It was a psychological pre-planting to justify a coming incident of Royal Caribean (a cruise arranged for my family) if a framed case would go through. And that will be followed by terror attacks, (nuclear attack) Korean crisis and Iran war.

    657. Internet control and computer plant (12/16/2010)

    On Dec. 7, I wrote “655. Bin Laden and Julian Assange, False flag and living plant (12/7/2010)”. Later that day, I learned that Assange turned himself in to the British police. I think that was a swift reaction to my analysis. When Assange’s real face was exposed, it was unnecessary to maintain the puppet show. Anyhow, his mission is done. The Internet censorship law- COICA, will go through the House next month even he is absent. WikiLeaks established in 2007. The high tide is in recent days. Feds finally consume Julian Assange in my case. On 12/4, they set up a link between Assange and I by answering my post with his name. Then when I correctly revealed his role is a false flag on 12/7, they ended his hide and seek game earlier than planned.

    This time the possible accusation the Feds apply on me might be “access the secret site”. I worry that Feds had planted some secret in my computer. I bought a note-book one year ago. I seldom use it because it was heavily harassed by the Feds. The telephone line was blocked; wireless didn’t work; even the software Microsoft Word didn’t work. Three months ago, my wife suddenly became active on computer with the excuse that she wanted to watch the movie from the Internet. Then came an AT&T technician who found problem in outside station. So the line was opened. Then my wife asked a computer specialist work on my note-book. He downloaded some program into my note-book. So I could go Internet at home and write, store articles with Microsoft Word Pad.

    Sometime later, I found that new Microsoft office software having strange character. It kept pop up when I didn’t use it. Have you ever seen the Word Pad actively invite you to use it? It also started to request my name if I want to use it. I suspect some one was controlling my computer remotely. They might covertly collect my material through spy software downloaded by that specialist or even input some “confidential material” into my computer without my awareness. My wife never watch a movie from the Internet until now. What she did three months ago, was an action instructed by the Feds. They set up a trap in computer for me. I allege.

    To eliminate my suspicion, the computer specialist my wife invited was S.Y.. He was my neighbor 15 years ago.
    That was 1995, when I returned from Shanghai, I found my next door neighbor changed. Two families shared a four bed-room house. One family was a couple named Y with a son. The other one was a single mom with a daughter. My wife also had a new collegue: G-man who had a girl. (see 643. Foreign agents or foreign support groups? (8/12/2010) )
    The three children were at similar age to my daughter.

    My daughter had had three playmates before 1995, they lived cross street or several buildings away. They were all moved away at that time. Instead, Feds found three new playmates for my daughter. From them, I learned that when Feds put one under surveillance, they even get the child included.(my daughter was 6 then) And how close it was? Two families were in next door. One worked as my wife’s collegue.

    C.Y. was a Chef. He never worked long in any restaurant. Sometimes one week in this one, sometimes a month in that, he changed his employer all the time. When Mrs. Y said her husband had almost worked for every restaurant of the Bay Area, I interpreted it as: the Feds had investigated all restaurants in Bay Area.

    S.Y. was a boy then. Last time I saw him, he was still a pupil. Now he is a young man. It seems the Feds have cultivated him as a computer “specialist”. ”


  13. On ‘History And Utopia’ by Emil Cioran

    “Throughout the entirety the invigorating energies of political, cultural, and spiritual barbarism are compared and contrasted, praised and reviled, against the sedentary acmes and enervating lullabies of democratic civilization. History and Utopia thus is an exercise in juxtaposition and contradiction—like all of Cioran’s work—undertaken amidst the untamed extremes where he so fervently loved to let loose his fertile imagination; but—again as with all that he drew forth from his own inner maelstrom and enchained in words—it’s the breathtakingly clear truths and searingly honest phrases that emerge from the storm, and the sheer lunar beauty of their expression, that makes them so worthwhile.”~Chris Vancouver


  14. And STILL…it rains..


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