Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 13, 2013

Monita Privada


temporal transformation


Petrus Romanus Prophecy of the Popes.

Petrus Romanus  3/^9^\6

The Apotheosis ~ Predictions 2012

There will be the cosmic event from last year again in South America
and another move by the Vatican to call for a global political authority
and one will emerge from the continent to bring about the NAU.

“Jews and Jesuits will move heaven and hell against you.”
Kurt Lüdecke, in conversation with Adolf Hitler
  1. From European Anti-Jesuitism to German Anti-Jewishness: A Tale of Two Texts by James Bernauer presented at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland (March 5, 2009)^

via Monita Privada. i=9



  1. SPLC Letter To DOJ & DHS: Patriot Groups Pose Domestic Terror Threat

    Vatican Assassins: A One-Stop Website for Conspiratologists

    New Report: Radical antigovernment movement continues explosive growth; SPLC urges government to review resources devoted to domestic terrorism

    Get ready for the domestic terror false flag. The SPLC was instrumental in the Oklahoma City coverup and false flag. They are ramping up another event for the NAU martial law state.

  2. “Don’t weep for me Argentina…I was supposed to be immortal…
    ..not much to ask for…”

    Pope Francis I – Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 76, of Argentina is the first pope from Latin America, the first Jesuit pope.

    Weirdward bound..I guess we are, weirdward bound. And bound by weirdness. Embraced by snakes like Laocoon and his sons.

    Via Del Luz is a cul du sac.


    • Read the article I posted Rogue in number one and above. See if it rings.

      • Puddy,

        I just read the Bernauer PDF. It is a fascinating read and informative, as to what is therein and as to what is not therein.

        We have gone through the proposal that the Protocols are a “plagiarism” several times here on C1. And as this is the position of Bernauer in his text, I can only say this does not hold as per larger and earlier accounts made; as the Weishaupt manuscript [1774] is in fact much closer than the Maurice Joly work, 1864: ‘The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu’.

        But, as Weishaupt was in fact a Jesuit scholar, the information on the Monita Privada is also a factor to be considered. Nevertheless there are even earlier renditions of the Zionist proclamations that contain seeds to the protocols.

        I would say that the seeds are mingled much further back in history, going to the very beginnings in Ancient Egypt, and that it is the Masonic genesis of the priest cults of the Pharaoh…which are again a melding of the Talmudic roots, and the Pharaonic roots of the laws of totalitarian political power acquisition.

        Thanks for the heads-up on the article.


        • Yes the Rosy Cross-Fabian-Freemansonry, Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz does provide another piece in the timeline but surely we know the ancient origins of the joining predates the new kingdom in the merging of three kingdoms.

          It helps to see them today when reviewing Egyptian influences in the triad of terror in the three centers today. From the Stone of Scone, the traveling thrones have played Cleopatra to Macbeth. We are in the trails of the comet of destiny.

          Rock on……

    • I’ll take you some pictures this spring break.

  3. This is Weird too Puddy?

    Mystery light lifts truck while driving on freeway (Germany)

    • WTF?!? What was in that truck that they wanted? And who the hell are “they?”

      • ET needed a load of Guinesses. So the Guinesses made their exodus so that ought to show you what a punch & jeucy chap HE was.

    • Brings to mind the Nazi Bell and all the other operational paperclippings don’t it?

      Close encounters of the committee kind? The cargo was likely repatriated gold from the US to Germany’s coffers.

      Very interesting……….but stupid?

  4. Then, there’s this perspective on SH —

    • Damn Boomer now u got me on the Hook again.. !

      • THose guys in the black robes are creepy as hell! I’m hooked back as well!

        There is written “testimony” in this next vid from a guy that lives in SH and what he experienced that morning… is it true? Don’t know but it sure is interesting..

    • Notice the cameo appearance by Loco Mia at 2:56

  5. Okay! NOW is the time to finally max-out the credit-cards!

    • I think that is a wise move. Cash out and buy what’s left of the real value. Not much left but GMO and China junk.

      I have moved to a new level recently. All about temporal calculations now. A gamble? Yes, but in the game it’s all a gamble.

      Roll the dice coto and avoid 3-6-9-11 and Boxcars. Hope for snake eyes.

  6. Jorge Mario Bergoglio or Burgoogleye? haa Curious here.. 😉

    Looking at the initials of the new pope-et


    33, 36 ? Big numbers

    • Nice work Jay.

      It’s all Vortex math. Not committee science or illuminati. It’s the reality. If we knew it well enough we’d all be Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Time for a girl to be born soon and the 1(2)4578 keeps repeating
      3/13/13 = 11

      3/5/13 = 12 = 3

      • Thanks Puddy, that diagram bends my brain.

        9/11/01 = 3
        7/20/12 = 3
        12/14/12 = 11

        Still concerned about this one, hope i’m wrong.

        3/20/13 = 9 Half moon just like on Two’s-day 9/11/01.

        The diagonal & the diabolical, the 2’s, the 11’s (EL-Even).
        The checker board might have some pie-ces thrown at it.

        • Obama Bin Laden
          6,2,3 = 11

          damn 🙂

          • Oh this is good…
            Adam Lanza’s SSDI, age at death is 20yrs 7mths & 21 days.

            Can’t make this shit up!

  7. Oh well, damn, while i’m on numbers, just noticed this!!

    XOX, hug’s and kisses baby!!!
    666, hug’s and kisses baby!!!

  8. PD so glad you posted this! I’m at work and can’t read it all or the comments but will do so when I get home. When I heard it was a Jesuit pope… I thought HOLY CRAP!! (pun intended)

  9. Of course unmentioned in the Maimstream press is that Bergoglio was head hooncho in Argentina during the reigns of terror and disappearances in cahooty jooties with the pithacoid psychos in DC Mordor. These Jizzuets are baby-bumfuckers ass swell, as the US Jesuits agreement of a £103 million abuse payout is testicle testimony to.

    Perhaps next time it’ll be a three million ton meteor striking St Peter’s rather than a dinky lightning strike…t’would be just karma. The inauguration mass would be great timing. As this is written – Let it Be.


  10. “IMF authorities at times expressed harsh criticism of the discounts and actively lobbied for the private creditors.”
    … lobbied for the private creditors?
    … who had a farm?
    “McDonald’s is offering a special meal-deal called the Patacombo to celebrate the arrival of the bonds and cash machines are being filled with the bonds.”

  11. Argentina’s wheelbarrow full of money was one loaf of bread as I recall during the height of hyperinflation which peaked at 12000%. Probably the most well-known period of hyperinflation happened in the Weimar Republic of Germany in the 1920’s. One story is told of a man who took his wheelbarrow of money to the grocery store to see if he could get a loaf of bread but the store was closed. He left the money there believing no one would steal it but upon his return the next day the money was there laying there on the ground but someone had stolen the wheelbarrow.

    Argentinas history is deep with Kissinger through Nestor. The chick in chief there now is a Obama Central Banker type and fully into World Order. Too bad he died of a heart attack (committee) who had to go like Chavez. No time for waffling now. TPTB have a tight timeline and don’t have anymore time to play. Peru and Equador have to come around or go away.

    Time for the double cross. Get your wheelbarrows coto.

    “I have sinned against my brother the ass.”
    ― St. Francis of Assisi

  12. The light lifting the truck video has been debunked here:

  13. New Pope Tied to Argentina’s Dirty War

    Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires who was elected Pope by the papal conclave on Wednesday, was intimately involved in Operation Condor’s “Dirty War” in South America.

    A product of Chile’s DINA secret police and five other national security states in Latin America — Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay – Operation Condor was an intelligence operation designed to monitor, assassinate and disappear leftist dissidents who threatened the bankster economic operation underway in South America.

    [Verbitsky] recounts how the Argentine navy with the connivance of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, now the Jesuit archbishop of Buenos Aires, hid from a visiting delegation of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission the dictatorship’s political prisoners. Bergoglio was hiding them in nothing less than his holiday home in an island called El Silencio in the River Plate. The most shaming thing for the church is that in such circumstances Bergoglio’s name was allowed to go forward in the ballot to chose the successor of John Paul II. What scandal would not have ensued if the first pope ever to be elected from the continent of America had been revealed as an accessory to murder and false imprisonment.

    Moreover, a human rights lawyer, Myriam Bregman, tried to bring Bergoglio to court for the role he allegedly played in the betrayal of two Jesuit priests kidnapped and handed over to an Argentine death squad. The priests were instructed “to leave their pastoral work” following divisions within the Society of Jesus, a Catholic order controlled by the Argentine elite. The Jesuits made the fatal mistake of criticizing the Catholic Church and its close relationship to the military junta (see Michel Chossudovsky‘s article on Pope Francis and the connection to Operation Condor and the Dirty War).

    [Also See: THE CONDOR YEARS by John Dinges]

    Anyone who rises in the dirty scum pond is a dirty scum cha cha cha.


  14. World Disorder and on the heels a record breaking DOW. Doesn’t that go against common sense let alone the conventional financial wisdom. Not if you are in full control. I expect springtime for Hitler and Germany and the US and Mercosur and Japan and everyone else. The waiting is the hardest part.

    • The wait is the weight…indeed.


    • advertisement

  15. Hmm.. just looking at the post title and the pic caught my eye.. The pine cone or conifer cone.

    Lookie here!

    • Pine = Pineal gland. {Third Eye}

      Issa shape not the gender of tree specifically.

      The Pineal is of course the seat of consciousness, or the meat pack receiver of the broadcast. The main target of aluminum fluorides in the scheme of the attacks.

      Mondo Carne Radio


      • I meant; not the ‘genus’ of tree – above


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