Posted by: jerseyg | March 9, 2013

Bitcoins & Italy’s 5 Star Movement

Geez, I have some serious catching up to do. I didn’t know about either.   Max Kesier & Gerald Celente will fill us in on those fronts.  I’ll have to visit with two of my favorite internet guys Max & Gerald more often. ~jg



  1. I’ll be totally upfront here, coto’s the place to do it .. 🙂

    I was a big fan of Keiser and Celente for a long time. Their a little smelly to me now, like our friend AJ, throwing out truth mixed with shards of mirrors & smoke. Not sure but I’m always happy to debunk myself.. hehe

  2. I’ll elaborate a little.. “Steering” public opinion is vital in trade, the whole supply vs demand ratio thing hits home again. I just wonder if these guys are intentionally creating or steering opinion on economic matters..

    I remember reading an article regarding high frequency trading, computer algorithms looking at market trends & trading a million times a sec, computer algorithms looking at trends and steering them with artificially created news articles to persuade public opinion into the “potential” outcome.

    Creating reality from a maybe..

    • Ahhh yes Jay, we are coto and endowed with skeptical minds.
      RT itself has become suspect lately.

      I hadn’t heard about bitcoin until I just watched that Keiser video yesterday and it’s been around since 2009. It could be the best thing for the common man since credit union banks or the worst pyramid scheme ever. I don’t know which side I fall on yet but since I have no money to speculate I can stand by and watch innocently 🙂

      Max was encouraging people to buy silver to bring down Chase not that long ago and before that boycotting Coke. I agreed with both of those strategies. I guess it’s been longer than I realized since the last time I listened to him. I must admit, i still like him until I think he is steering the economy in the wrong way. So far, I do not see that.

      As for Celente. I see nothing he says or does that would cause me to doubt his honesty and sincerety in wanting a better world for we the people.

      Jay, if you can point out something concrete about either that I should know about as far as leading us astray I’d love to hear it. My mind is always open to new information 🙂 Not that long ago, I wouldn’t miss a day of listening to Alex Jones. Now I just catch bits and pieces a few times a week if an interesting guest is on.

      • I agree with you jg, and I didn’t mean to cast a dark cloud over them. They do have great info and are also entertaining, especially Max, sometimes he really cracks me up. I’m just a little less trusting these days as I have been duped many times before.

  3. This is a detailed rundown of the Drug Laundering Bank situation that Max Kesier ends with in the first video:

    “In Reckless Endangerment, a lively exposé of the frauds at the heart of the subprime meltdown, journalists Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner wrote that if “mortgage originators like NovaStar or Countrywide were the equivalent of drug pushers hanging around a schoolyard and the ratings agencies were the narcotics cops looking the other way, brokerage firms providing capital to the anything-goes lenders were the overseers of the cartel.”

    Their observations are all the more relevant given the outrageous behavior by major banks which polluted an already terminally corrupt financial system with blood-spattered cash siphoned-off from the global drug trade.

    It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to insist that drug money laundered by financial giants like HSBC and Wachovia were in fact, little more than “hedges” designed to offset losses in residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS), sliced and diced into toxic collateralized debt obligations, as the 2007-2008 global economic crisis cratered the capitalist “free market.”

    To make matters worse, willful criminality at the apex of the financial pyramid was aided and abetted by the US Justice Department and the federal regulatory apparatus who allowed these storied economic predators to walk.
    As with Wachovia, oceans of cash generated through drug trafficking were laundered by HSBC via the Black Market Peso Exchange (BMPE), a nexus of interconnected firms controlled by Colombian and Mexican drug cartels.”
    ~Tom Burghardt – Global Research, March 07, 2013

    Illicit Drugs are Big Business – “business as usual” and anyone with a grain of sense knows this.

    Illegal Drugs are as much a part of the system as any of the other criminal activities of the Criminal Cabal running the planet. Like the Police State activities, the economic scam is out of the closet and in your face…but goes by in a flash in a sound bite on MSM sans any real analysis….

    TV News:

    “Brad Pitt says he’s bored with tattooed skin…Bernanke says the big banks are above the law…Taylor Swift wasn’t wearing any undies and flashes goodies in latest show at the Vatican..a remake of The Monkeys hit show of the sixties is due out starring the Beatles…the prison population in the US has tripled in just the last three months, Eric Holder says they need more lawyers to keep up with needed prosecutions of 15 year old’s stealing hub caps…and now this from our sponsors the Rothschild Foundation….”


  4. move along, nothing to see here

  5. Yes Will, the arrogance of these monsters knows no bounds. What bothers me most is the number of Amerikans who are not even paying attention long enough to understand exactly what it means to them personally. They will find out soon enough.

    • Yes Deb,
      the capacity to ignore the larger world beyond earshot in ones own personal cocoon is a remarkable anomaly.Pretending the ramifications and repercussions bombarding the outer bubble of one’s personal cocoon as simply “bad luck” – merely coincident of the madness extant in every sociopoiitical reality. These are delusions built of sturdy processing. Ultimately willful, for naivete is not innocence.
      It boils down to egotistical blindness and evasion of personal responsibility.


      • The 2 comments above — JG & Rogue1 — highlight a most pernicious “disease” that results in TPTB (1) Coming into power, (2) Growing that power base through all their predatory machinations, and (3) Maintaining and Staying at the top of the Control Pyramid amidst an ocean of supplicants, succubus cronies, and the ignorant and impotent masses.

        THIS “condition” should be the topic of its own thread. Part of the “web” of deceit and spider’s snares. I was just lamenting this subject with my mother last night. It is a source of great frustration, anger, and other negative emotions, because to those who search, read, and “think” — the Obvious is irritatingly right in our faces.

        Anyways — Good on you Two for commenting. Its a “rounder”, meaning we can go ’round and ’round on it, and try and wake people up with myriad marketing and information techniques, but they may just never get it until hit between the eyes with a 2×4, or some DHS/TSA dirty tricks. Ya gotta be an oblivious idiot to not see the elite financial/corporate/bankster robberies tied directly to the MIC/Wars-of-Choice-and-Oil/. Some 89 Million Americans now unemployed (as reported on local news radio), which is getting close to 1/3 of the “Homeland” (sic).

  6. Here’s an interesting tidbit of info. An eye opener.

    6 March 2013 Last updated at 01:35 ET Share this pageEmailPrint
    Sephardic Jews invited back to Spain after 500 years
    By Gerry Hadden
    PRI’s The World

    Continue reading the main story
    In today’s Magazine

    Syria’s priceless heritage under attack
    Home towns struggle with legacy of Stalin and Hitler
    Why are some leaders’ corpses preserved?
    What if women ruled the world?
    More than 500 years ago, tens of thousands of Jews fled Spain because of persecution. Now their descendants are being invited to return.

    Before the infamous Spanish Inquisition of the 15th Century, some 300,000 Jews lived in Spain. It was one of the largest communities of Jews in the world.

    Today, there are about 40,000 or 50,000 – but that number could be about to swell dramatically.

    In November, Spain’s justice minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon announced a plan to give descendants of Spain’s original Jewish community – known as Sephardic Jews – a fast-track to a Spanish passport and Spanish citizenship.

    “In the long journey Spain has undertaken to rediscover a part of itself, few occasions are as moving as today,” he said.

    Anyone who could prove their Spanish Jewish origins, he said, would be given Spanish nationality.

    Continue reading the main story
    The Inquisition

    1478 – Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition established in Spain
    King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile wanted Spain to be entirely Catholic
    1492 – Edict of Expulsion ordered Jews to convert or leave
    Muslim converts were called Moriscos. They were expelled in 1609
    The news spread like wildfire among Sephardic Jews around the world.

    According to the Spanish Federation of Jewish Communities, which processes the applications, there were about 6,000 enquiries in the first month alone – including one from an unnamed member of the US Congress.

    Continue reading the main story
    Find out more

    The World is co-produced by BBC World Service, Public Radio International and WGBH in Boston
    Airs weekdays on more than 300 radio stations across the US and Canada
    Listen to The World
    Download a podcast
    “My initial reaction was that this was a really thrilling moment – that it was an act of justice,” says Doreen Carvajal, a US citizen and reporter with the New York Times in Paris.

    “It was a romantic notion on my part. I told my husband, ‘I think I’m going to try and get the passport because it closes a circle’. It was very poetic.”

    Carvajal was brought up Catholic, but a few years ago, she discovered she has Sephardic Jewish roots.

    She began to investigate, eventually tracing her family tree back to the 15th Century and the city of Segovia, north of Madrid. She has countless documents, and has detailed her story in a book, The Forgetting River: A modern tale of survival, identity and the Inquisition.

    But Carvajal says that when she contacted the Spanish Federation of Jewish Communities, she learned that she didn’t qualify. Not yet, anyway.

    Carvajal’s family moved from Spain and settled in Costa Rica
    Carvajal’s family was among the estimated one-third of Spanish Jews who converted to Catholicism to escape the Inquisition’s clutches. They were known as the “conversos”.

    So, Carvajal is technically the descendant of converts. She’s not a practising Jew herself. She was told she would have to convert back to Judaism before she could get Spanish citizenship.

    “It felt like another act of being forced. Here are these people, the descendants of the forced ones, the conversos, being told you have to do this, you have to be a certain religion. So what happens if you’re a secular Jew?”

    Continue reading the main story
    Sephardic Jews

    Jews have lived in Spain since Roman times
    Sephardic comes from the Hebrew word Sepharad, which means Spain
    Originally used to refer to descendants of the Jews from Spain
    They are scattered around the world – in Israel, Turkey, the US, South America, Greece, Bulgaria, France and the UK, for example
    Sephardic Jew is now a wider term, and can refer to Jews of Oriental, Asian and African origin
    The fast-track procedure has not yet taken effect – and Carvajal may well be entitled to citizenship when the rules are finalised.

    The secretary general of the Spanish Federation of Jewish Communities, Mauricio Toledano, told the BBC that the government is still working on details of the scheme, and when the new law is presented to parliament, it’s expected to specifically state that all descendants of Sephardic origin – whether they are Jewish or not – be given citizenship.

    In total, about 100,000 Jews fled Spain in the course of the 15th Century. Some went to North Africa, but most settled in the economic powerhouse of the day, the Ottoman Empire – which then stretched from Hungary to Turkey, and beyond that to the south, and was expanding.

    About 90% of Jews in modern-day Turkey are Sephardic Jews. Roni Rodrigue, 55, a car dealer in Istanbul, has already claimed his Spanish passport.

    “I just thought I have a right to apply for citizenship, so why not.”

    He did this four years ago, under a pre-existing scheme, and got his papers in 11 months – though some of his friends have been waiting years.

    Continue reading the main story
    Conversos and cryptos…

    It was the Jews who converted to Catholicism – rather than those who remained Jewish – who faced the greatest persecution under the Inquisition, says Stanford historian Professor Aron Rodrigue.

    The conversos were under a constant watch, and it was considered a heresy if they were found to be practising any remnants of their Judaism. They faced fines, imprisonment – and the infamous burning at the stake.

    No-one knows how many continued practising their Judaism secretly, under cover. Those who did were sometimes called crypto-Jews.

    Some who converted went to Spanish colonies in the Americas, but that offered them little protection – the same Inquisition rules applied there.

    Rodrigue has no plans to move to Spain, and has only been there twice, but says he still feels a connection.

    He’s a speaker of a dying language, Ladino. It’s specific to Sephardic Jews and based on old Spanish, with words borrowed from Hebrew and the many countries in which they have settled since.

    Rodrigue’s parents spoke Ladino to each other but it has not been passed on to his children, or to most of the new generation of Sephardic Jews around the world.

    It’s not uncommon, though, for Sephardic Jews to feel the pull of Spain.

    “I’m still Spanish in my soul and in my heart,” says one British Sephardic Jew, who asked not to be named.

    He’s building a house in Spain, has bought land, and even a plot in which to be buried.

    Like Carvajal, he’s been left disappointed by the existing rules for acquiring citizenship, and stands to benefit from the new system.

    He successfully went through the process to gain Spanish citizenship some time ago, but says he withdrew his application at the very end, when he discovered he would have to give up his British passport to complete the process – something he was not prepared to do.

    The proposed new law, if passed, is expected to allow all new citizens of Sephardic origin to keep their existing passports.

    Holy Week in southern Spain is full of ancient imagery
    It is well known that when Spain expelled the Jews in 1492 it had a disastrous effect on the economy – many were wealthy textile traders, jewellers and bankers.

    “At the time of the Ottoman Empire, the Sultan was said to have commented that he couldn’t understand why a great Spanish king like Ferdinand would go without the Jews – who were such a source of wealth – and just give them to him,” says Maria Josep Estanyol, a historian at the University of Barcelona.

    Continue reading the main story
    Expelled from England

    Jews were expelled from the England in 1290 – 200 years before the Spanish Inquisition
    There were similar expulsions in France and a number of European countries
    It was not until the 1650s that Jews were allowed to live in England again
    Many of the first to return were Sephardic Jews of Spanish or Portuguese origin
    “The Sultan was very pleased to receive these Jewish families, who went on to enrich his empire.”

    For decades, there has been a movement to allow Sephardic Jews to return, but it is unclear why the Spanish government has chosen to bring up the issue again now.

    In theory, enticing them back now could give a boost to Spain’s shrinking economy, although Estanyol doubts very many will re-establish roots in Spain.

    “Given how disastrous things are here today, I’d advise against it,” she says.

    In the colonies too – an Inquisition prison in Colombia
    It has also been suggested that Spain made the offer to mollify Israel, after Madrid supported last year’s successful Palestinian bid for a seat at the United Nations.

    Whatever the motivation, some Muslim scholars are denouncing the offer as unfair. They point out that their ancestors were expelled from Spain during the Inquisition. But no-one is inviting them back.

  7. Is COTO loading weird for anyone else…I get everything but the comments jammed stage right…and the comments jammed to the left.
    OR I get a blank blue page sometimes…????????


  8. Nope Willy, You need to take that sucker out back and put it out of it’s misery

    • I too have problems from time to time with wordpress and it’s not my computer since all other programs run fine. I think wp can be very glitchey.

    • This is an excellent mind-money truth Jay.
      In-Q-Tel is really interested in human bitcoin and where the brain-trust is. It’s mining for second story assets.

      Everyone should watch this and connect the dots to what they plan for the future.
      It’s always a beta-test and a little redistribution of wealth is a bonus.

      • I always have to read some of your comments PD 2 or 3 times at least.. 🙂 That’s the way I like it tho.. 😉

        Were you meaning bitcoin was maybe a data-mining experiment on digital currency, process of evaluation, tied to integrating digital money with individuals, RFID ?

      • Referring to this btw: “In-Q-Tel is really interested in human bitcoin and where the brain-trust is. It’s mining for second story assets.”

        • Cashless society is a requisite for global governance. The Market Beast does not require you believe the revelations. They cannot have a black market, barter or large sums of unchipped cash floating around.

          This is why anytime I find something that I immediate like. it sets off the alarm and it always ends up a CIA or committee exercise. Let’s just call it FaceBucks!

          • Thanks Puddy.. btw I call it FaceFuck. hehe

    • Thanks for the vid, Jay.. perfect.

      • No problem, also check out ” BitCoin Ponzi Scheme ” by the same tube channel. Some more details with wtf moments.
        The bit about the “overheating laptop” cracks me up.. haa

  9. Nice currencies Koalice. I live your work. Ten Stars.

    Max Keiser the jester of Jesuit box gang DVD has a great delivery. It is something he can do as long as he doesn’t piss off the B’Nai boys. The Bitcoin bubble is like any other. Max knows. He’s pushing another Hollywood Exchange gimmick??? Yeah, he’s the American in Paris and a insider but you gotta love the jester.

    Gerald may be another DVD but not sure.

    In 1999, I and an ex-spy began to unveil the firstchoice card. An independent discreet transfer ATM card that was covered by a midwest bank we secured. This chartered bank and ACH wire service would allow $25K transfers we had developed a plan to market to online gamers, illegal immigrants in lieu of more expensive Western Union wire services and others who need anonymity.

    We figured CIA would be interested 🙂 Then 2011, 911 came and so did the patriot act. Thant ended the firstchoice – ATM – cellphone service card and today I still cry over it.

    • I don’t know what a DVD is (well I know the disc kind) but I surely hope Gerald isn’t one of them. Max is suspect because of bitcoin. Duh, I get it. As in a dvd box set.

      Anyone have an expose’ on Celente?

      • Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst {DVD] exposed by Edward Harle and Wantagate. Currency Wars.


    Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination

  11. I just see it as outeresting that Max K would flambe la caca on a total digital medium of exchange – when in fact the whole idea seems to fit in so perfectly with the whole NWO paradigm of “nothing is real but accounting procedure”.
    As well as the central control possibilities of such a system, and how easily the sub-dermal chip would fit into the whole routinette.

    I think it is obviously Tyrannoludis exampulary and samblaminal.


  12. Did you see the movie PD? It really looks good and I like the spoiler ending at wiki. JT is a helluva good performer. I saw him on SNL Saturday and he’s funny as hell. Is it wrong for me to like him considering he’s from the Disney Monarch factory? ha

    I’ve always been a sci fi fan and have always known these films predicted the future. This one seems right on target as well.

    • Is it wrong JG, for me to like the party balloons on hot chichi mama there with JT?

      Nah…Life is more than pooflesnoppers and squinglshmooten, pull out the cork and let it fizz. Bon gwandolhump and a jolly loobydooshuns.


      • Interesting ‘trailer’ there. Certainly, “TIME” is a commodity. It would be karmic for the predators sand to run out soon.

        Stealing Time; Making Time; Doing Time; Losing Time & Wasting Time… Time is Ours as a Gift. Seeing that it is a Gift, it should be spent — prudently.

        These Times These Days are Evil. Truth Always Wins Over Evil — in the End. That too is upon on us.

    • Yep the neighbors invited me for popcorn and pepsi.

  13. Mild funny here.

    Two maintanence guys showed up here to fix the dripping faucet in my bathtub. They were both wearing those blue rubber gloves…you know the ONES…yup.

    As I was standing watching from the bedroom I noticed their van out front. I knew the name of the company that now owns these places, but it struck me as funny right then. On the side of the van it says: HOMELAND Inc. ..Lol

    I’m glad they were there to deal with the apartments plumbing and not mine.

    Peeper got a kick out of having company and wanted to watch everything they were up too. One of the guys started to put a finger out to her..
    with that blue glove on…whooops…hahahaha…I backed up in time. He coulda lost that finger in one chomp…

    So now the faucet doesn’t drip…after four fricking years…I collected the drips one day to see how much water was going down the drain every day:
    Two gallons a day, wasted…more than four years this has been going on.
    Makes ya wonder how much is wasted nation wide in little bits here there and everywhere…

    WTF? Why four years? Most people just don’t give a shit.


    • Questions for you my friend, who is Peeper ( Pepper maybe?)
      Sounds like a parrot of sorts, I have an Alexandrine parrot named: Chilli.. He’s a beast.. hehe.. Lives with mum mostly these days as he needs alot of attention.

      Chilli looks like this pic exactly!!

      • Yup Jay,

        You guessed exactly right. Peeper is an African Gray {Congo – red tail]

        My daughter named her Pepper, as the coloring is really that, when you look at the detail in the feathers.

        Well Pepper decided her name would be Peeper, and was insistent that was it…so we wen’t along with that.

        I’ve had her for some 20 something years now. We are inseparable…she is my one true love.

        I also have Hoydoy, a White Capped Pionius from Chili, another she-bird. She was given to me by the people who found her. They called her Buddy. But she insists her name is Hoydoy.
        I wonder if her original owner might have said “howdy” to her. Or if she was named Howdy Doody or something. I have no idea whatsoever how old this bird is.


      • Oh yea…I have seen those Alexandrine parrots before. Beautiful coloring – very striking. Can you tell male and female by the coloring somehow?

        With Gray’s and Pionius, they have to get a blood test to tell the sex.

        I got Peeper at Dehesha Bird Farm in SD area of So Cal. so she had papers that told her hatching date, sex, all that.

        I thought Hoy was a boy for more than ten years…till she suddenly started laying eggs one spring…Lol


        • Awesome, African Greys are a beautiful bird, damn smart too.

          Fortunately for me Alexandrines are easy to tell male from female, the males have the red ring around their neck & a splotch of red on their wings, the female don’t have any red markings. Not to be confused with the Indian ring neck parrots which are alot smaller. I’ve had Chilli for about 18 yrs now, haa he’s gonna out live me! Really cruel the way they breed them, thats why I never clipped his winds, he flies around the house as he pleases, be eats at the dinner table sometimes too with his little plate.. hehe

          • Btw just curious, do u guys breed the Sulfur Crested Cockatoos in the USA? they are an Australian native bird & a real hoot, they act like drunk teenagers sometimes.

            I remember watching a flock of them acting as a team, cool to see. There was about 20 of them, about 10 were on the ground looking through the grass for seeds while the other 10 we perched in a tree looking for predators & Julia Gillard. Every 30 seconds or so a couple would fly up to the tree as a couple from the tree would fly down to the ground. I watched this for quite a few minutes thinking, clever buggers.. 🙂

  14. WAMPUM

    The term “wampum” is a shortening of the earlier word “wampumpeag”, which is derived from the Massachusett or Narragansett word meaning “white strings [of shell beads]“. The Proto-Algonquian reconstructed form is *wa·p-a·py-aki, “white-string-plural.”

    In New York, wampum beads have been discovered that date from before 1510. The Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace, the founding constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy, was codified in a series of wampum belts, now held by the Onondaga Nation. The oral history of the Haudenosaunee says that Ayenwatha, a cannibal who was reformed by the Great Peacemaker, invented wampum to comfort himself. The Peacemaker uses wampum to record and relay messages. The League of the Iroquois was founded, according to some estimates, in 1142. Others place its origin as likely in the 15th or 16th centuries.

    [Great Law of Peace * The Hiawatha Belt]

    So one might ask, “Self, “what does this have to do with the price of maize in Okinawa?” Well yes, exactly that, and larger global questions are drawn like a boil from this question…and they cascade like neurons on Lysergic acid diethylamide. The issue dear forum is: MONEY.

    WTF is it?

    It is essential, for the real enemy here is that Ancient one; The Money Changers. One cannot decipher the bind that binds until one understands what money is.

    So the First Peoples of Turtle Island, and their experience with, and extermination by those who acted in concert {knowingly or unknowingly} with the program of the Money Changers, is another of a myriad of telling histories throwing the light on our long and present predicament.

    At it’s core, “money” is another aspect of human imagination. It is an idea with no substance but in the belief of it. It is itself at the core of the present paradigm in its grotesque predatory fullness – also having no substance but in the belief of it.


  15. two views

    • Ko,

      Loved both Barnwell and Dadara


    • Love, Peace and Terror – Love the Pink

  16. The remains of the day..dusky eastern skyline, a few low lit clouds of color to the west…and the intuition that there remains not so many now, these days…not as to my own mortality me thinks…but of this strange and troubled era of madness and enforced boredom; screaming metal and and the sizzle like pink noise of the air full of “broadcast” cast so broad that all spectrum’s do obscene hoochie coocoos like a synthesizer on sample hold. That “something to be got” will have been gotten soon. Once “got” old news, stale news fades out like the last note on Sgt Pepper.


  17. A little ray of sunshine from a flyers perspective

    • Thanks for posting V, put a smile on my face.
      Love the song too, brings back good memories. 🙂

      • Figured you’d like that one. It’s one of those very rare glimpses of beauty focused in a childs wonderment. It’s been a long time since somethings moved me like that. It keeps bringing this smile to my face.

        • Well put, yep, you are spot on my friend… I have to admit it did bring a tear to my eye. I’m happy to see her happy but I’m worried about her future…

          Btw, thats a Pipper Club right? Soft skin aerofoil, wooden prop.. Ahhh tranquility 🙂

          • The aircraft is a 1946 7AC Aeronca Champ with a Continental A65 providing the poop, no electrics. It looks to be beautifully restored. I’ve got an Aeronca 11CC Chief that I’m in the latter stages towards completion on. When I started on it, all I had was a fuselage and some tail surfaces. I didn’t try to go the restorers route as I had a hot rod in mind. With a lot of help and encouragement from a good friend, this aircraft is evolving into really being something.
            Life will and does find it’s own way. What’s so damn sad about it all is the creator provided us with a garden that we could easily turn into an Eden but for the fact of being occupied by a massive eflux of low frequency people that are incapable of seeing past their own prejudice and selfish desires. If I had your email address, I’d send you pictures of my gadgets. This video got me to re-evaluate my aviation interest as being something worth keeping alive

            • 1946! Wow… I’d love to see some pic’s of your 11CC.


            • “What’s so damn sad about it all is the creator provided us with a garden that we could easily turn into an Eden but for the fact of being occupied by a massive eflux of low frequency people that are incapable of seeing past their own prejudice and selfish desires.”

              Great statement and a whole topic on it’s own… just wanted to state that.

  18. Ok, we have a major problem here. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

    Oooow, the mystery of the true developer/s ? but bitcoin is encrypted so it’s safe..!! Haaaaaaaaaah… yeah ok

  19. Maximum Max. I swear he’s on methamphetamine sometimes.

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