Posted by: jerseyg | March 6, 2013

They Named the Storm Saturn….Are you Sirius?


The sounds of Saturn:

As I write this, the wind is howling outside my windows against the backdrop of the blackest of nights. That same wind is whistling through my front door & storm door and sounds like the eerie wind that blows through a haunted house in a horror flick. I don’t know why it does that but it scared the hell out of my 4 year old grandson when he stayed over one night two weeks ago.   I’ve gotten used to it.


But I digress. All that noise is being caused by the winter storm “Saturn.” Question… Why are we naming winter storms all of a sudden? Specifically, why is this one named after a planet? In particular that very mysterious planet with the bad reputation? One word… Illuminati. Yep, they are showing off again. It wasn’t enough that they regaled us with their rituals of this past summer’s Olympics with their all seeing eye pyramids, eye of sauron, children visited by demons in their sick beds etc. Then there was the super bowl blackout “coincidence.” Not to mention the music award shows with their ritualistic performances by the programmed drones for their craven masters. Yes, they’ve been quite busy this year throwing it all in our faces… throwing up in our faces would be a more apt phrase.


So, what’s so depraved about naming a nasty storm Saturn? First off, it’s geoengineered. Most storms today are. Even the stupid tv weathermen and women are at a loss when they try to explain the freaky, inexplicable weather patterns. I’ve been watching them struggling with the weird directions these storms take.  But enough blathering on about the weather. What you really need to know is what the planet Saturn represents to the monsters that rule.

Let’s start with mythology:

Mythology of Saturn

Saturn. This was one of the most ancient of the gods, called Chronos by the Greeks and Saturnus by the Romans. He was said to be the son of Uranos and Titaea, i.e. the heavens and the earth, and to have possessed the first government of the universe. His wife was Rhea, who was his sister. Saturn and his five brethren were called Titans, probably from their mother; Rhea and her five sisters likewise Titanides. Saturn seized upon the government of the universe by his superiority over his father and brothers yet pledged himself to rear no male children; accordingly he is represented as devouring his sons as soon as born. But this fate, three of them, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto, escaped, through the artifice of Rhea, their mother, who gave him stones to devour instead of the children at their birth. Jupiter aided Saturn in recovering his throne, after he had been driven from it by his brothers, the Titans, and bound in Tartarus. But soon he made war, himself, upon Saturn, and seized the government.
Did you catch that? Saturn devoured his sons. Let’s move on.

Aleister Crowley wrote and performed the Rites of Eleusis which included the Rite of Saturn. 


For further education on the Cult of Saturn watch the following videos including an interview with Jay Wiedner who discusses the symbolism in Stanley Kubrik’s films…fascinating stuff.  Then you’ll understand why Storm Saturn is another, in your face, Illuminati ritual. 

Yes, the next storm could very well be named Sirius.  We’ll discuss the meaning of that at another time.  That’s a whole ‘nother can ‘o elitist worms.  ~jg




  1. Saturn worship is everywhere, I’ve looking into this a lot lately myself.
    Now you know why “Michael Jordan”, prince of the air, 23, red bull, wears si(e)x rings.

    Found this interesting:

    Santos Bonacci is a dude too 🙂

    • Thanks for posting these Jay.. I listened to the first one and will catch the rest of the episodes as the day goes on. The guy has done his research. Here’s a link to the Saturn Death Cult website if anyone else is interested.

      I had so much more to add to this post but my computer kept freezing up on me and I finally was forced to succumb to the power of Saturn, dammit. 😀 My vids wouldn’t post as vids, only as links no matter if I tried to embed or copy the share link…..grrrrrrr. I’ll keep trying ……..

  2. Awesome post btw JG !

    “His wife was Rhea, who was his sister.” Dirty man!!

    Rheanna / Rihanna ? so obvious…

    • Thanks jay 🙂

      Rhianna?… you mean the baphomet worshipping one.. THIS one? Yea, there they go again…lol
       photo RihannaHornsUmbrella.jpg

       photo RihannaUmbrellaBaphomet.jpg

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  4. Once again I am struck by the idea that you should be a well known writer.. journalist or otherwise . Skillllllzzzzzz

  5. Ahh thanks dawn.. .your words are very kind 🙂 I like to write about the freaky stuff more than finances (talk of the stock market makes me zone out) but I guess everyone has noticed that. ha I did want to be an investigative journalist when I grew up. Now I’m all grown up and only play one on Coto 🙂

    Btw, where the hell are you? Please say safe and sound in San Fran!

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  7. Some nice quick wizz bang info and diagrams here:

  8. Is there any organized religion that doesn’t worship satan??? I do not subscribe to any of them. God is in your heart, not in a church, synagogue or mosque . The quicker the people come to that realization, the sooner we will see peace on earth..

  9. This should put a smile on your face JG, well did for me.
    I’d like to introduce to you, well, um, everything.. 🙂

    • Beautiful Jay… crop circle designs 🙂

      • It is, so powerful, the sex/hex/six – agram, star of david/divide is a cube, metatron’s cube . Masonic square & compass? Encompassing the square cube? 🙂

        What is known as REAL magic? Re-production –> sex.

        You know when u see a picture or a scene of a movie where you see the sun shining bright, notice it always has 6 rays of light shining outwards forming a hexagram/cube etc?

        (oh btw look at snow flakes, ALL different BUT all the same)

        I always thought that was light reflection/refraction or something, but who’s to say that is not caused by the points of intense energy focusing at the six points that we are seeing?

        Just musing out loud 😉

  10. Sacrifice Saturnia. I too have had many points to make on Saturn and the Vatican / blueboodlines.

    But JG, they name the storms because they do engineer them. EGO and the other reason is to implant the seeds of Agenda 21 into the simple minds of sheeple. As they have steered the vortex cyclones and hurricane/typhoons they can now create the initial endothermic thermodynamic cell and literally give birth to the events versus just controlling the natural ones.

    Naming them just works in multiple benefits like all the other psyops and dialectics.. Great post. Great comments.

  11. Was wondering where u were Patrick. Did you see the gay pedophile post earlier? Are you back home in NC or still in Co?

    • WTF JG? it just happened and you can’t remember what that post was called?? You got pedophiles on the brain??

      The post was called: “the gay porn of hybridrogue1”

      It was posted by that son-of-a-bitch anonymous troll calling itself Senor el Once.

      Just one more instance of this motherfucker proving to be a provocateur…I don’t know what it’s going to take for your people to get a clue about this conman operator.

      And as far as this attitude of it being a “spat between two 6 year old’s on a playground”, that is almost as insulting as the original PSYOP this operator is pulling here RIGHT BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES…

      You are supposed to be so wise and knowledgeable, and you can;t even see that this guy is a stranger in our house, who came here to defame one of your own. How fucking stupid.


      • Sorry, I meant gay porn… I was reading about the vatican pedophiles before I wrote that. Yea, i guess they were on my mind.

        Btw, since we’re parsing what was in my comment, I said 5 year olds on a playground.. not 6.

        As far as your buddy Senor goes, he doesn’t bother me at all. I agree with his 9/11 theories. You don’t. Fine. But you like to beat a friggin’ horse to death Will. I know you and he carried your argument over from T&S and that you love to argue and so does he. Wanna talk about stupid? Your arguing with him is stupid ESPECIALLY if you think he’s an agent. Really Will, wtf is the point of THAT. How long have you been going round with him over all this bullshit ? Jesus, my stupid go round with Wanda was short lived because that’s all I could stand. I would have left coto if she didn’t because I had enough of the craziness.

        AND It’s not about defending one of our own. I took the post down because it was defamatory to you but they WERE your words.

        As I said before, this has gone on far too long. You keep fanning the flames so you get what you ask for. You love the drama so live with the consequences.

        If the rest of us who don’t engage and encourage him in arguments start feeling abuse from him, trust me he will be gone.

        • “AND It’s not about defending one of our own. I took the post down because it was defamatory to you but they WERE your words.”~jerseyg

          So there it is; you obviously have no idea what this dispute is about. This cocksucker is the one who has been attempting to frame ME as an agent for over a year now.

          If you would have actually read what I posted there, you would have seen what I have endured from this bastard.

          And since you didn’t read it the first time I will repost it here:
          . . . . .
          Of course what this anonymous entity calling itself ‘Señor El Once’ aka ‘Maxwell Bridges’ and who knows what else, was the source of many of my posts to his Nookiedoodoo thread – taken from his latest Defamation Jamboree on Truth and Shadows:

          So Maxmixer drops his phony veneer of ‘gentleman scholar’ with this:
          . . . . .
          FEBRUARY 25, 2013 – 3:36 PM:
          “And I am defaming you, Mr. fookin’ no-nookin’ a$$hole Rogue.”

          FEBRUARY 27, 2013 – 1:25 PM:
          “Let me put this in a form that your simple mind will understand: Fuck you, Mr. Rogue, and your bullshit chowder about defamation of Dr. Jones.”
          ” I call him “simple-minded” with respect to nukes and write “fuck you, Mr. Rogue” (because I know him so well.)”

          FEBRUARY 28, 2013 – 7:50 PM:
          “ write on COTO & here about “the true nature of things”, then WTF? You’re not just being a clueless idiot; you’re being a purposeful a$$hole whose motives we’ll need to question for why you are here… in overbearing quantities.”

          MARCH 3, 2013 – 8:28 PM:
          “I called Mr. Rogue a liar, a cheat, and agent, and I stand by that assessment.”
          “Because Agent Rogue’s superiors were not satisfied that his ad hominem against me would be adequate..”
          “Liar, cheat, and Agent that Mr. Rogue is…”
          “Were he not a liar, a cheat, and an agent, Mr. Rogue would have seen the light a long time ago.”
          “Agent Rogue, where’s your little pincer buddy Mr. A Wright?”

          MARCH 4, 2013 – 1:13 PM:
          “I called Mr. Rogue repeatedly a liar, a cheat, and agent… each with substantiation. So desperately does Agent Rogue desire the last word to solidify his dominance, he proves again what a liar, cheat, and agent he is.”
          “it is more of a question of Agent Rogue failing an integrity test”
          “Mr. Rogue continues playing the agent to suppress nuclear means-&-methods by spouting the lie..”
          ” just him demonstrating what a lying cheat he is.”
          “Lying, cheating agent Rogue wants to keep framing things as minuscule and “a trillionth” and to steer readers into believing it means “nothing” and is equivalent to “zero.”

          MARCH 4, 2013 – 7:30 PM:
          “Agent Rogue does not disappoint us with a further example of his lying and cheating ways.”
          “But because he is an agent with an agenda to PREVENT knowledge of nuclear means-&-methods..”
          “And of course, this is the song-and-dance that Dr. Jones enlightens us with to “prove” that fission or fusion nukes weren’t used. This is what the ignorant cheat and liar, Agent Rogue, wants us to believe to.”
          ” here is a “fucking lie” from Agent Rogue;
          [So rather than there being LESS radioactivity from a Neutron type device we have enhanced radiation.]”
          “Gloating Agent Rogue, as is true to his lying and cheating ways..”
          “It ain’t as cheatin’, lyin’ Agent Rogue frames it..”
          “Agent Rogue is just paid not to see it, and to pull any trick he can to prevent others from seeing the truth, too.”
          “When an agent is paid to promote an agenda, he can never admit fault or error; he can never give an inch; he can never allow his target (e.g., me) the last word on the agenda topic; he has to dominate the forum; he will pull out every nasty trick in the book in order to hold the line given by the agenda…”
          “Mr. Rogue isn’t free to think for himself or to consider drawing different trend lines through the data points that are present. Agents never tire of going through the same merry-go-round points over-and-over, which Mr. Rogue has done not just with me, but with fellow agents Mr. A.Wright, Mr. TamborineMan, etc.”
          “I stand by by assessment that Mr. Rogue is a liar, a cheat, and an agent, as well as being an asshole. I’m sorry. The luster of having an agent as a sounding board has wore off; Mr. Rogue belongs back on this COTO crew-cut home court.”

          MARCH 5, 2013 – 5:23 PM:
          “Agent Rogue demonstrates that he is a convincing liar and cheat..”
          ” Mr. Rogue being a liar, a cheat, and an agent.”
          “Why is Agent Rogue defending Dr. Jones so viciously?”

          MARCH 5, 2013 – 3:28 PM:
          ” Mr. Rogue is a liar, a cheat, and an agent.”
          “Weasel, weasel, weasel! My, does Agent Rogue squirm!”
          “And before I forget, here’s another example of Agent Rogue’s fucking “genius”
          “Agent Rogue proves that he was lying about being a “genius” in any subject at any point in his life.”
          “proving what a lying fucking cheat Agent Rogue is!”
          ” Mr. Rogue, you are and have been T&S’s govt infiltration, no doubt.”
          “[*Ear-to-ear grin with middle-fingers raised in an appreciative salute to Agent Rogue*]”

          MARCH 5, 2013 – 7:05 PM:
          ” TEN-TO-ONE!!! Agent Rogue never shuts the fuck up!!!”
          “Agent Rogue makes his living by saying “no” and ridiculing other’s work.”
          “Agent Rogue and his clackerless cowbell needs to be put out to pasture.”
          “Agent Rogue may technically have his own blog, but if he doesn’t use it, he’s a liar to even consider himself a blogger.”
          “P.S. Agent Rogue acts the innocent: “NSA ‘Q Team’ Agent… Whatever in the fuck that is supposed to mean.” It was explained several times, thereby proving Agent Rogue lied about being a genius artist among countless other lies to steer this forum.”
          . . . . . . . .
          “Because Agent Rogue’s superiors were not satisfied that his ad hominem against me would be adequate..”~Anonymous Entity known as ‘Señor’

          The staggering hypocrisy of a complaint of “ad hominem” – after reading the ungodly list of ad hominem ‘Señor spewed onto the forum at Truth and Shadows, is a tell for anyone with the slightest lucidity.

          I do believe this anonymous entity should take on a new assignment and keep his filth off of COTO.
          . . . . . . . . .
          So now you tell me with seriousness in your heart that you would allow someone who made all these defaming statements about Boomer, Patrick, or yourself, to remain as a member of COTO in good standing.

          Especially in that this anonymous prick had the gall to post a headline such as the filth he did.


          Yea, there IS that option of my leaving instead.


          • Oh jesus god Will…. I am not choosing him over you. He’s an agent, I’m an agent, you’re an agent everybody’s an agent! I’m quite used to being called such things on forums and comment sections under headline articles, especially on yahoo.

            I have my fun with the idiots who call me names and then I exit stage left. Really, if you consider someone an agent or an idiot, why engage them or taunt them? Why waste your time?

            Sorry Will if I don’t get why you keep replying to someone you consider an agent or who will never see your point of view. It’s too damn exhausting to me. Sometimes enough is enough.

            I think you reached that point with MISTER Senor eons ago.(And yes, I find the fact that he calls everyone Mr or Ms or whatever, pretentious not endearing or respectful but that’s his thing)

            If you don’t talk to him, he will get bored and leave you alone. Is that what you want?

            If you ignore him totally and he continues lambasting you, he WILL be kicked off this blog. Can you do it?

    • KY (in a jam)

      • You are in Kentucky Puddy? What sort of jam?

        You there looking for the Russians in armored cars?

        Be careful, you could get into more than a “jam”…


      • PD what do you mean “in a jam”? email me if you can.

        • KY jelly. 🙂 in a jam. Back to brokebuck mountain Saturday. Noproblemo here. Yes I am looking for Russians Will and screw El Eleven and his seven little shills. Screw him. He’s got nothing. Another hotpocket cyber zippo with nothing interesting.

          We’ve had more clever cleavers from OPED here. He’s a beginner. No divide and conquer here. Blow him off Rogue. He’s wasting your energy. Tell him V.

          • Just got to this drama now, after scanning the screed in question the other day before it disappeared like a dirty diaper.

            Puddy — did you think you’d be taken so literally in Kentucky with a jam jar? hehe.

            I’ll keep reading. Sorry to see this tussle going on. Rogue1, I know you just plain have a line-in-the-sand when you feel you’ve been wronged (I recall the COTO2 epoch). You are the verbal jam slammer slamma jammer when piqued. But youse got the time and the energy to joust till the other foil pitches backward off their horse into the horse pile.

            Okey Donkey — I kinda understand. Not to worry, the real Ass agent typically reveals his ugly parts, and COTO is savvy to grok.

            • Hey yea Boomer,

              And now this anonymous entity calling itself “Señor” is attacking one Mr Adam Ruff, a very respected 9/11 researcher and frequent commentator on Truth and Shadows.

              Ruff called the dingleberry dumbfuck out for his jabbering defamation of myself, and now the dumbfuck has turned to laying the same charges against Mr Ruff.

              It is becoming more disgusting by the day…reaching a fever pitch it is…
              This entity called “Señor” is a vicious character assassin; if you don’t buy it’s bullshit, it sets out to defame and destroy you.

              There are quite a few other people who aren’t going to take kindly to this garbage. “Señor” is feathering its nest with sharp shards of glass. It will come out of this bleeding.


              • Just my thoughts on this matter. We don’t need to do anything to attract our friend back here. We had an opportunity to out Him/them/it. Time to let it go.

          • I think we all “got” the Ky pun, it’s the jam part that had us wondering.

  12. Saturnia

    Aetna ~”I burn”

    ♁ – X – ♄

    The PInk


  14. This week, 9 volcanoes were noticed to have new activity and ongoing activity was reported for same number of volcanoes. This report covers active volcanoes in the world recorded from February 27 – March 5, 2013 based on Smithsonian/USGS criteria.


  15. Don’t know if the readership is into Nassim Haramein. I’ve listened and viewed a few of his video’s. Can’t say that my brain stretches that way but it’s certainly interesting stuff. A very likeable gentleman postulating some very far out ideas. My reason, in light of our current debunk episode, is to bring up some real nasty debunk that makes much of what I’ve seen tame. Listen to what he has to say, then read the comments, some real nasty people here.

  16. Relax Willy, got a fever from my co-worker so I’m medicating myself with a bottle of good rye. This’ll all be slid by in a blink of the eye. How am I doing? hitting the keys OK? Ya know JG ain’t going to back off, that ain’t her MO. I am. For the readerships entertainment and you too my friend.

    • Excuse me guys, me and computers, well what can I say this is what I was putting out. Here’s one for you buddy. Enjoy.

  17. Nassim Haramein looks interesting Veri…and the Freakers Ball was flipped fun and funny…thanks.


    • Any time buddy, hate to see you in the dumps.

      • Nah…it always passes…

        I’m just having fun with it all now…

        You know…

        “Just a little bit of Treeteeyum yum yum”


  18. Wow, after viewing that Haramein video it suddenly struck me…what a mean vile and viscous cretin I must be…

    I actually typed out, on the keyboard, this disgusting and violence inspiring little ‘joke’ – and on top of that I hit the post comment button and published it

    ‘A guy walks into this bar. Looks around the room and says, “Tritium”
    The whole place cracked up.’

    Yes, I did do that, and I’m..I am deeply sorry, and I will – I swear I will pull out my cat’o’nine-tails and whack my back HARD as I say each and every of one of a thousand ‘Hail Mary’s’ tonight – before the midnight hour.

    But first a short stone pipe ritual to help with my balance.

    Really COTO, my deepest apologies.


  19. Now your talkin…Goosfraba my friend, Goosfraba. It’s the time of the season and the planets are aligned for the uglies right now. I’ve seen it in six states.

    We gotta hold it together. The sheeple can escape the reality but not we and others who see what really sticks to the wall. Were in serious trouble. A rising stock market high and the phony job numbers. I advise all to research the 29 crash and the markets prior. The sines of war and the numbers. strict monetary policies, federal rate exchanged high to low, though they still aren’t lending. The rates should be higher. Metals and currency manipulations and QE Stimulus bandaids. When she blows, what a bang.

    a slow rate of media-wallstreet rise and then the cliff. I don’t think October will wait.


    In other words Barry has to clean up this mess now that we have destroyed civilization. What a process this triad dialectic. It’s all so greasy and slick. Lightening is like that sometimes, I have heard.

  21. Old Barry ain’t going to be able to tidy up this mess. There ain’t a string there to be pulled for this puppet to be able to do that. With just about the whole planet out there to pull down the dollar as world reserve currency, they’re running out of fingers to plug this dyke. Best we can hope for is tipping point, it’s starting to seem like a possibility. They’re well prepared for it though, no need to preach to the choir here on that point. A bottom up uprising? Or just more mafia mind.

  22. “… each of the three Abrahamic faiths has a planet that governs that religion. Judaism is Saturn: the symbol of Judaism is a hexagram symbol of Saturn, and the day of worship is on Saturday, day of Saturn. Christianity is the Sun: the symbol of Christianity is the cross symbol of the Sun, and the day of worship is Sunday, day of the Sun. Islam is Venus: the symbol of Islam is the star and crescent (the star commonly thought to represent Venus), and the day of worship is on Friday, day of Venus.”

  23. Okay, I no longer want to marry you, but I would love to spend a good deal of time hanging out with you.

    So what’s the deal? I’m starting to feel like being normal isn’t the norm. And what do I do now? I’m still talking to people on the street about avoiding fluoride. And how do we combat Saturn? How do you fight a fucking living planet with a big-eye? Then there’s that thing about Hobbits … ah geez … would someone please tell me which God I’m suppose to dance a jig too?

    Anyway, good stuff. I feel like I just came down from an acid-trip.

  24. Saturn is also El, Saturnal, Saturnel. L , EL-even, B-ell, Ba-el, Baal, Helicopters anyone? Saturn’s rings in the logo.. ha

    How could we surpass santa claws for symbology? Santa/Satan/Saturn’s claws? Are they the claws he devoured his children with? With his bell and black belt. ha

    Oh I love this one, who do you pay do excuse yourself from judicial courts? you pay bail or ba-el or baal. Yep the same ba-ll Michael Jordon flings from Nth to Sth, East to West, Blue to Red, the bi-cycle.


    • Just believe Jay; bel/eve [war with earth] Hindi.


  25. Btw, for the record, I cant help but feel some sort of crescendo this month.
    Black moon transitioning from the 11th to the 12th. EL-even on the 20th.

  26. Cronus

    Omphalos Stone

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