Posted by: boomerangcomesback | March 5, 2013

Tennessee State Militia/Guard Has Stopped DHS armored Vehicles from Kentucky – Russians with DHS Eagle uniforms

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Please read at the link below, then watch the video. Have YOU heard of U.S. National Parks being ceded under U.N. control? “Russian” DHS troops? In KY and TN? We have busy, busy legislators illegally “selling out” American’s at every level evidently. The picture is getting filled in quite quickly, for those obtaining their news from Alternative News Web Sites, such as COTO.



  1. Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez dies from cancer via @reuters

    Hugo Chavez dies again.

    When the NAU comes Venezuela come right off the risk board. The Market high today y, very bad. It means the game is on and the vested are going to be losing their assets and their guns.

    Biden at AIPAC conference: Obama is not bluffing on Iran – Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper

    Gee, America, don’t you think Israel knows.

    One down two to go.

    George W. Bush to be Held Accountable for War Crimes via @grtvnews

    Yep, it’s a CODE PINK OCCU-PI. What a farce

    Martial Law: Tucson City Council Hands Authority Over to Military:

    Where’s Honey-booboo?

  2. SINKHOLES: Is Something Happening To The Earth’s Crust? –

    Too many worms moving underground I suspect.

  3. Ya mean them gawd daymd Ruskies are finally a’coming???

    I thought it’d be by submarine like in the movie…aw, modern script writers always fuck up the classics.


    • MSG: Did you order chinese? It’s coming by way of submarine. 🙂

  4. There is a gal that has the same mannerisms of speech…almost the same voice of this Sherry lady…Fran is her name.

    Fran is an X meth head, and is schizo and on a regimen of pharma poppers.
    Ahh, just…well you know…just sayin’ or ahh was gonna say…ahh…ahh…Oh yea, I said that. You know, she’s ahh…ahh friend…ahh of mine. So I’ll see ya ahh…oh yea…ahh later.




    By Jim Kirwan

    Here — Kirwan acknowledges Stephen Lendman’s work of highlighting the Zionist’s continuing megalomania drive to use the USA as its favored instrument of war and propaganda.

    I cannot say that both Kirwan and Lendman are not clearly identifying “The Problem” to World Peace. If you were going to start somewhere — hooding these two War Hawks, and turning their warmaking to peacemaking would turn the world around. These two Fear Porn & Paranoia Machines are most annoying, and deadly in their constant salivating for money, power, and blood.

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