Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 4, 2013

Carbon Waste


So Riddle me this Bain?

When do Sandy hooks go phishing again?
Why is too big to fail looking for the sequesters with QE infinity?
How do agenda’s like 21 get their “moll oir?”
Where do the “bocai rua” banksters launder their shorts?

In my boredom with headline chirpings of the extermination externs and other Comcastings by committee, I watched the movie “TAKEN.”  Taken as not to the cleaners mind you, but the moohlah and buckaroos of human carbonic sequestration.

There are a thousand posts by team coto here that have provided a bread crumb path from where we came. It’s always best to get to the destination by going back the way we came and meeting the progression in a frontal, head on fashion.

“It’s not personal, it’s just business” says the black marketeer to the sequestered party in a crypto International UN ICC type of asset management jargon. This line given to daddy Liam Neeson in regards to his Saudi sequestered asset daughter in a transaction of legal tender flesh. Hollywood’s inevitable site specific relation to the master agenda.

From postings on Hillary pledging USA Corp. assets to China via  to Agenda 21  in EUgenocidal orchestrations, the trail of crumbs and clues have been laid out as well here at coto as any other portal, if not better.

I have discussed in disgust, the real meanings, terms, numbers and logos of the simple six.

[insert Dark Side of the Vortex graphic]

Aren’t you glad I did not insert the G^6 graphic again? 🙂

1. Abolish sovereignty
2. Abolish patriotism
4. Abolish inheritance
5. Abolish private property
7. Abolish family
8. abolish religion
0. sum 0,9 infinite

Living with the Neuromancers in an ‘escape from New World Order’ scenario is still largely not discernible by the masses from the traditional transitional assets to liabilities in the market-base system. Both equally pay of in dividends under the globalism model but the main stream joe schmoe still cannot connect the dots. The lexicon is less obvious than the numbers to me, though I am learning quickly how to cipher in bits and bytes. The reality vortex, with all it’s remaining mystery and gaps become clearer with every passing marker.

It isn’t by chance the D.U.M.B. frequency has peaked once again. My trip and Dawnatilla’s to locales of deeper relevance as well as some sines across the web including the usa hitman and other sites. Funny that I was reading the RAND VHSR white paper again and had some inclination to revisit my copy of Hidden in Plain Sight for some travel reading.

[insert RAND VHST link]


With the ICC-933 and UN meetings on sustainable matters this week ended, I had figured on some lengthy post regarding nano-food, nano-aerobic mold eugenics expose but what good will it do? The cyclopeptides have already turned and the mk-ultra blue screens of death are taking casualties on a regular basis. The entrained populace is tuning into the doctors of OZ unknowingly while the very dinners and flickers they are consuming are the chelations of their own demise. What pandemics that are greatly enhanced by blockbuster storytelling may not play out in some isolated hoax media event like a meteorite fragment with some interstellar mycotoxin, but for their pleasure, the powers of nine may stage the extravaganza. It would follow a pattern of specific targeted assaults through several vectors, with sustainable mortality, financially draining morbidity and maximum suffering. Whether Autism for the babies, Aspergers for the young or Alzheimer’s for the old or a host of afflictions from diabetes to shingles, one or more will come your way eventually. Slow kill may be effective and profitable but it will not keep pace with the financial reality.

Here’s what I think we do know. Running two governments for sixty six years has been costly. The balance sheets don’t add up for any accountant other than an ENRON CFO or Arthur Anderson.

The dollar is dead and the NWO dollar may be a gold certificate or USA corp. real estate derivative. There are no jobs anymore, only manufacturing concentration camps , Full Spectrum WTO-WOT administration and global financial transfer agents in a redistribution model for sequestration and carbon credits.

Death is the new currency and tax is the prescription. If you can manage the portfolios and meet the terms of the prospectus, you will receive the no-bids, foundation grants, tax loopholes, bailouts, budget increases and parachutes.

Infrastructure collapse is a prerequisite, therefore no budget will be set aside for old world repair. The new technologies are to be given top priority and they are wholly owned by the thousand points of lights. The underground systems are beyond our wildest imagination and the subterranean New World Order can only tell us that what happens above sea level will not be pretty.

Strange Sounds is once again the number one post. Thank you Jersey Girl for the postings on this as it was timely and timeless. The Perot sucking sound that was NAFTA crippled us and was the death knell for the USA as planned many years ago and that sucking sound now is the oxygen being eaten up by the daily mycotoxic aerial sprayings  that are destroying our soil, food production and immune systems. The explosions and rumblings merely the subterannean deadlines to connect rail terminals stations like 911 ground zero to Iron Mountain PA or Mt. Weather VA. and those space based and land based EM weapons testing.

China’s military complex has exceeded the US for sometime now and under any non-globalist researcher would constitute a number one threat, yet it continues to go silent for the most part. This makes it part of the committee’s program. China cannot continue it’s internal covert eugenics programs as a global player, therefore to make them the UN staple military arm only makes sense. Many coastal facilities offer submarine docking and China has by far the largest fleet.


Africom represents the last treasure unclaimed and is being divided by the kingdoms pretty much in pre-colonial territories though there are many disputes and new players. Again death plays the role of investment and the NATO crusaders have no problem preaching their globalist doctrine at the end of the spear. Hat’s off to France for really taking the lead here. Much like their collaboration with Nazi Germany, at the end of the mission they were on their game. When the Bush ASIACOM was in high gear they were just the ususal pain in the ass because they had little stake in the pot. Now the EU Central Bank has the same problem as the FED.

The inflated defense budgets since 911 and even prior were massive movements of funds to the these underground facilities and infrastructure. Exposure of the facilities has cost people their lives but now it’s just a matter of record, part of the defense and continuity of government from international terror rogue states who are no threat, nor ever were including most of the cold war. Events had to be engineered periodically to justify the behemoth military complex and budgets that were siphoned off for these D.U.M.B.’s and C.O.G facilities.

The black budgets have bankrupted the financial system and QE infinity was tapped long before 911 and based upon Sauders book on the black budgets may have began even prior to Iron Mountain.

All the theater we see now regarding the financial system are utterly ridiculous in any context. There is no possible corrections or fixing that can even begin to reverse the mega trillion dollar debt bubble. Any of the current lexicalizations, Treasuries, Credit Defaults, LIBOR, Q Easing, Sub-prime Derivatives are nothing compared to the reality of money printing over the last hundred years. Patricia’s information as to new notes and the dollar trading may indicate the ‘too big to fail’ was playing with ‘monopoly’ money as well. Ever heard of quadrillion?

If I were getting ready for defaulting on a debt in Quadrillion and facing defrauding the world population of Trillions, I’d like to have a deep underground gold reserve, high tech weapons and a bug out submarine launch while the sea level sequestered assets  like the mortgaged backed derivatives just disappear.  That’s how you fix the economy  in a radical fashion. Carbon credit default swap? I think so.

Debt to GDP ratios?  Just depopulate the liabilities, reconfigure the true assets, streamline the portfolio, limit risk and spend your time trading and selling your assets.  Human or otherwise.

I was told by an engineer that Yucca Mountain would be used for waste disposal. I did not realize he may have referring to carbon sequestrated type of waste. The nuclear waste will go to Africa in the form of durable goods. Never waste an opportunity to waste human beings with waste, I always say.



  1. Sources for Phil Scvhneider – Engineer and suicided victim

    DUMB Facilities – locations [Richard Sauders list]

  2. Excellent Reportage Here Puddy. What we see is “Death Sells” ,and death smells great to the twisted and perverted Ghoul Club. {Cue that “Apocolypse Now” iconic phrase — “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” — prior to serfing (sic) the beach}.

    I listened for about 2 hrs late last night, to a video expose of the Ghoul Club. I’ll post it later this a.m. as its own thread. It is not that there is not enough evidence for people to grasp how their world is “spun”, its that they don’t want to look. No. They don’t want to “see” because it is discomfiting to their fragile psyches. Like you’ll be Okey Dokey if you protect your psyche by not looking at the psychos? The ostrich Head-in-the-Sand survival methodology. It leaves your ass wide open for the perverts. Close your mind — means open season on everything you’ve got as every other portal into your being will be invaded. That’s the Con, expect the s’Piracy if you’re too afraid to take a stand.

    Anyways, glad you’re back. Let the beauty you find destroy the ugly ’round about. Focus on the light, let it in, and the darkness will flee away.

  3. {HOT!} Video with Trucker & a guy discussing the underground roadways.

  4. P.D., you speak of the financial state-of-the-peons and the elites above. This is a nice visual of the layout, posted at willyloman’s site. This is a WOW chart for the American Peonage to grok:

  5. Grand essay Mr Dunne, wonderful prose for proles and shoals for enlightened souls.


  6. Reblogged this on UNCOVER777.

  7. Thanks to the team effort of amassing nearly three thousand points of real light here. I am amazed when I go back and see our content and predictions now a reality. Bittersweet, but in the books nonetheless.

    I fear we will have another fine Handy Schnook to occu-pi the frequencies before the crash. Looking for googleplexopathy in the nodes to spring forth a new vortex of libelous lingo. I hope they step up the quality of the audio-visual over the more recent special ef-x of CT and CO.

    (skater in chief)

    • Now we read that the Homeboy Security gangs are not only stocked up on hollow point bullets, but they have close to three thousand light tanks, or armored cars.

      All this for domestic consumption.

      Yea, seems that ‘The Time’ approacheth…


  8. Phil Schneider was murdered because he exposed the alien agenda having come face to face with them.. My friend who recently passed away has a son that worked at los alamos and went waaaaaaaaaaaaaay underground to do who knows what. He was not allowed to talk about what he did there. I’d like to grill him.

    Perhaps bluebeam’s alien agenda is the real thing after all and they want us to believe it’s fake? With the constant double and triple crosses who the hell knows.. Personallly, it’s obvious to me who has been controlling this planet for centuries.

  9. Patrick, speaking of “strange sounds” someone recently posted a comment under that posting. What do you make of it and how would you reply to her?

    Edit Comment

    By: jerseyg on February 24, 2013

    at 8:53 pm


    Hello, jerseyg, it’s me, Peony (different username now). I am in a southern state. I have had some rather odd experiences, but this is the first time I have ever experienced anything like this. The video was very interesting, but unlike many of those people, I don’t hear voices in my head. The best way I can describe my experience is that I felt a vibrational radar, or a sonar device/animal zooming in on me and deliberately causing me to freeze, and I knew it was deliberate, and at the moment the ‘vibration’ was at it’s peak, I felt like prey or a hunted individual who was scanned. As odd as it might seem, I felt intellectually superior to the source of the radar, and knew that it was so far beneath me that it almost felt disgusting….almost….it’s where it hits you when you are disgusted about something… the neck, then it grows out (like sonar or radar).
    Since you have been reading of stories like this for some time, I have a couple of questions for you, if you don’t mind. Has there been any animal sightings at the time, and were the occurances at night?

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