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A Culture of Perversion Produces the Elites…or, How the Scum Floats to the Top

Kay Griggs describes a “Secret System”, which manufactures the not-so-illustrious “Leaders” in politics + military + the revolving corporate doors. This Expose’ by Mrs. Griggs, details the sordid means of “control” hidden behind the puppets and players on the world scene. The video is not edited, so carefully skip through to the parts that are revealing in their matter-of-factness reality — which MOST of Americans are oblivious too. The culture of perversion described here is Ages-Old. Now we Know.

NAMES, NAMES, NAMES — I recognize many of THOSE NAMES! Many are NEW NAMES I don’t recognize. Nice to know there’s a People’s dossier on these Bad Actors!

This post is additive to COTO’s understanding of why OUR WORLD looks the way it does.

Kay Griggs: Colonel’s Wife Tell-All Interview. 1 of 4

Written by Charles Frith at 7/24/2012 05:16:00 pm

“I can’t recommend the Kay Grigg’s video testimony enough. It’s as dark as it goes but is totally necessary to understand how the world really ticks at an elite level. There are four of these videos but I’ll be posting the others too. Kay Griggs spills more secrets in these than imaginable but what makes them interesting for me is that I’ve corroborated them with a lot of other researchers and other testimony. This is real”.



  1. Luckily…as my current juice won’t flow for the length of time of this video, I saw this a couple or more years ago. Very revealing and damning to be sure.


  2. Yeah Boomer one of my favorite whistleblowers. I did post these back in 2011. Always worth reporting for the newcomers to the NWO.

    Remember to all coto visitors, the coto video library is open 24/7 where you will find over a hundred of the best conspiracy evidence on the web.

  3. So as I was listening to this my, thinks-she-knows-it-all-fucking landlord breaks in with the “why are you listening to this crazy women” meme.

    So naturally a shouting match ensues with me telling her that what she thinks she knows about how things work is akin to Plato’s dwellers in a cave, who have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about, but thinks they do.

    It ended with me telling her to go research MKUltra, which she knew nothing about. She probably will and deny it is anything sinister.

    I swear, at times I feel I’ve been placed where I am as a test by the very people Grigg is talking about.

    Anyway, interesting stuff. Too bad that most of it is speculation with no real collaboration. I have no doubt what she is saying is true. But proving it would be next to impossible.

    Can’t wait to hear the other interviews.

    • Oh yeah, and it’s nice to know that I live in one of the epicenters of the whole fucking mind-controlled zombie killer training centers. As if I already didn’t know that. New Orleans is nothing if not a festering boil for these maggot-minded cretins to practice their art.

      So where else but here to do what I do?

    • It’s a small leap from Abu Ghraib , Dyncorp sex slavery, Haliburton murder to get there. The real Tailhook was in the books as well. The fact that she is dead or missing and someone is faking her existence also says that the PTB have taken over her MK-persona but I know it’s not her.

  4. One thing she gets wrong is that a tailhook is a braking device that catches a cable on an aircraft carrier deck in order to stop the plane as it lands. I think she says it has something to do with mid-air fueling.

    Interesting: that’s the only thing I can pick on in the whole interview. I find her totally credible.

  5. Thanks for commenting guys! Yeah, M, I thought of you when Mrs. Griggs named New Orleans as a Hub of The Club. Because of density of said scum, the place requires more “anti-matter” like yourself.

    The descriptiveness of Mrs. Griggs’ expose’ speaks of an entire “system” of subversion and perversion. All for money & power & lusts of all kinds.

    When you back your head out of this Tick hole, it strikes you that this entire “web” of activity operates at such a low and selfish level of “human-ness”. It is pitiable and deplorable at once. What a shame that such a demonically-inspired confederacy of control is built upon such a wormy rotten foundation. The “walking dead”, not even wounded, they are. An infestation of cockroaches.

    Should Main Stream Man ever grok this zombie parasitical class as the Enemy of ALL living things upon this earth, then a Real Raid Party might clean the decks.

    ALL of the political, military, corporate, media, educational, and religious elites should be Suspect, and vetted completely by The Populace. The entire civilized foundation has been turned upside down, with the cockroaches legislating, controlling critical positions of power, coining money, etc, etc…and humanity acquiesces, bows and fawns. This I do not get?! The one vote I believe in is a vote for a fumigation of the nation. As it is now, the cockroaches are the ones spraying/chemtrailing the entire world population! WTF!

  6. Humanity has obviously devolved to the point to where the masses are about as cognizant as a barnyard hen. Totally domesticated and trapped by the chain-link fence of their delusions… “Cluck cluck”…

    Good luck getting them to grok anything.


    • But yet we keep trying …

      • Cock-a-doddle-Dooooooo!

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