Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 2, 2013

Out the window pictures

Morrison CO. 8:30 am

elk 003 elk 001 elk 002


Elk 028 Elk 062



  1. Beautiful !! What are you doing in Colorado? Did you go through DIA? If so take pix on the way back 😉

    • Haha. Word ! Hello lady J. All my love to you too !

    • Are you getting flakes there today Deb? No DIA for this guy. Just private air now and rail.

      Fort Huachuca. 31°50′ N 1100 19’48″ W. Dawn send your coordinates. Be careful. The Ft. H and Mt Lemmon are MK-Ultra – NASA bases. That’s where Loughner and Holmes were likely schooled.


  2. Stunning ! Hey PD I apologise or am regretful of my lack of activity here lately but like I said am in Fort Huachuca AZ with no computer just a mobile. however have been in wait for a vierw of the infamous two story escorted camper with tinted windows that locals say goes back and forth between somewhere off highway and fort huachuca. All my love. Be back soon.

    • Ms Lemon-aid, you been gone big long time…are you stuck in AZ for some reason? Or you just on vacation?

      Tell us if we should send lawyers guns and money…


      • well im not necessarily stuck but my feeling about arizona for sure coveyed that feeling…its fair to say…”im going back to cali cali cali im going back to cali ” thanks fore the back up and concern cotoo…i am not leaving without pic of camper..just bought camera this afternoon….perhaps it will serve coto ….(at which point i may call it ©oto©@m?)

    • Honey Pot. What’s your business at the old pueblo? Curiosity is killing me. Bring us a Hairy Tarantula or sump tin. Meet me at Yucca Mountain before you head back to the Presidio.

      • hey you know it! im like the family cat bringing home a dead mouse to the master …meow! lol.

  3. Hey dawn darlin’ ❤ back atcha. Waiting to hear about your excellent adventure at Ft H 🙂

    • Yes am hoping for a pic of camper. Failing least a detailed report on the effects of fort on this town and surrounding areas. Tungsten drain off from Thunder Mountain has given lymphonic sp? cancer to twenty children in one small school!

  4. Cool elk shots PD. Whattaya doon in Coolarado?

    I met one of them suckers face to face in the woods…guess I wuz roun 14 or so…up close, less that six feet away, you look up up up – amazing and huge they are.


    • He was a modest size. The Moose in encountered in Vermont were gargantuan compared to this handsome fellow. CO, got 17 inches of chemtrail flakes and I figured these old boys came down for a little relief.

      He apparently laid down for awhile within a hundred yards of the house.

      • snowed SOMETHING in arizona. Didnt seem like snow. Didnt stick. Next day it was like 69 also the underground base at fort huachuca emits a HUGE cloud of steam in what appears to be empty innocent Thunder Mountain. Tungsten mountain? Saucer base mountain? Mind control outlet mountain?

      • Holy crap. Thanks PD. Figured it was creepy but whoa.

      • Pd just sent you my location via gmail. Oddly this little part of the area is unavailable for street view. Seems to be no reason. But who knows.

  5. Traveling underground through the metro-rail of pedophilialand. Congress says hello as do the children of Sandy Hook. Maybe I’ll take a right and hook it to Maricopa via the Majectic aqueduct and come up for air and see if I can find Dawn.

    • Please do and make room for a guest please my friend ! This place STINKS PUDDY! Dear lord this place stinks. Im sorry arizona. But you are not my cup of tea. Yesyes mountains sedona nature. BLAH

  6. Puddy been to the Elk´s lodge !

    • If you look very closely at pic #1, you see that this fine fellow is all a twitter over these government surveillance disks strewn about the new capital city of the imperial and grand land of OZ.

      After moments of microwaving, his goose was cooked and he laid down to die like all good elks. SUCCUMB COTO!

  7. Really PD? The elk in the picture is dead? That is so very sad 😦

    Are you in Co on a mission Patrick?

    • AGREED On Mar 3, 2013 3:45 PM, “COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS” wrote:

      > ** > jerseyg commented: “Really PD? The elk in the picture is dead? That is > so very sad :(“

    • No I was kidding on the joke from Korn. He’s fine and I added some deer and a better picture. He’s alive and well until dinner time.

  8. 2. Fort Huachuca, Arizona (also reported detainment camp)
    Function: NSA Facility
    Notes: (I lost the name of who sent me this..let me know..)
    “Having spent the better part of my life there I can assure you of only one thing, it is THE communications command central for the entire US Army (and rumored to be for the entire US forces) No phone call, two way radio transmission, satellite transmission, fax, etc., within the Army goes undocumented and un “cleared” by this facility. It is VERY high on the “first to be hit in a nuclear war” list, (as supposedly most communications with the Army are actually routed though there) thus all the missile silos that were (not really) deactivated around Tucson, some 75 miles to the NW”.

    “As for any underground activity, I have no idea, but I do know this, they also do “radar testing” there. They put “planes” on a tower and fire a radar at them to “get a reading”(?) from a HUGE (I’d say 10 story) microwave radar dish. (it was visible from the highway several miles away). The whole facility sat out in the middle of a several hundred (or possibly thousands) acre field, oddly devoid of most all naturally occurring groundcover, bushes and trees for the area except for wild grass, and even that was very seldom green. HMMMM. My Dad used to work the crane lifting these “planes” onto the tower, a duty they only allowed each person to do for a few weeks and then only one or two rotations in a lifetime – can you say radioactive sickness? By the way, he recently went though his THIRD fight with cancer in 8 years). He had to have the highest level clearance ever given to any civilian in his branch of the civil service. He said many times these “planes” were under tarps, (which were never lifted while he was present) and didn’t have any shape he recognized as an airplane at all, but when they did put an actual plane up there, they were usually older and even many times, out of service models. Now why would they need radar info on those? Can you say smokescreen?
    I was constantly amazed how many times my friends and I would go out 4-wheeling MILES in the opposite direction of the Fort, and would run into locked gates with “No Entrance, Govt Property” signs on them! Needless to say, the Govt owned much of the land around the Sierra Vista/Ft Huachuca area.
    Just thought you’d like to know.” –

    • Thanks for that information. Fuck this place. I sensed stink the moment I arrived. Whole place is weird. No one goes outside. The water is TOXIC. ITS dead desolate dry and bleak. Califtornia is the truly my eden. Soon that may be over too. Sigh. No one has heard of that bizarre two story camper with escorts. Can u ask ur friend?.

        • omg boss you are the man. questions. first. how cool do u have to be to have a gif of this vehicle? second. what kind of work gets done on that table? assuming thats a table or work bench or sleeping area?

  9. The elk is alive! Yaay.. The deer are also lovely. Dinner?!!!

    • suggesting deer for dinner? do i detect a hint of game prejudice?

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