Posted by: Mr. M | February 25, 2013

Moochele Gets Bitch-Slapped by a Veteran

Moochele Gets Bitch-Slapped by a Veteran

The following was a comment in response to an article that appeared on Yahoo News (sic), headlined: First Lady to Press Governors on Veteran’s Jobs. Having stuck-out amongst the usual dribble I thought I’d share it here.

The problem with it will become obvious. Although I agree with everything that is said, I have a real problem deciding if it’s real. And if it isn’t real – what would be its point?


Mrs. Obama… I think you wasted money on that college degree, but let a 15 year military veteran give you some advice.

First off.

The Obama administration (your spouse) put hiring quotas in for government jobs. The newly minted “equal opportunity” hires are hispanics. That trumps veteran’s preferences.

The Obama Administration has said the military will be cut in half by 2016. That is going to be around 300,000 unemployed Veterans’/American citizens coming into the work force.

Then there is Affirmative Action polices that prevent highly qualified applicants from finding jobs.

The Obama Administration (your spouse) has been less than friendly to businesses of all sizes.

“Those evil rich people must pay” mantra your own husband has been preaching, is ignorant. And encourages those evil rich people to not take chances, like expanding in a hostile business environment.

The free ride into citizenship has over 11 illegals in this country staying put. Liberal policies say these immigrants deserve in state tuition, yet that farmboy from another state that served his country for 8 years, is forced to pay out of state tuition.

Let’s look past all that and move into reality. This “dog and pony show” you and your husband keep displaying with the help of the state run media is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. We have a good portion of the American public hanging on your every word. That dress and Jewelry you are wearing…. that new hairdo?

Could probably feed 5 families that voted for your husband for 6 months.

Simple fact is… Military service transfers to college credits. All the schools, training, deployments, are in there. All servicemembers can access that site to get those credentials. I had well over 86 college credits when I left the military.

Now about me?
44 year old white female
Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary and Restuarant Management (Texas Tech)
15 year military Veteran
14 Year Restuarant Manager

My husband?
44 year old white male
Master’s in Education, Master’s in Military History (Texas Tech & Austin Peay State U)
17 year Military Veteran (still serving)

3 Years ago we moved on a change of duty station, unfortunately for me? My 13 years with the same company ended. The closest area they had a position in was Dallas. I live 3.5 hours south of Dallas.

I have not had a job since we moved here. Not for lack of trying. I have Veterans preference, Spouse’s preferences, college degrtee in hand, 13 years in the field and 15 years in the military.

32 job interviews later? No job. Problem?

They can hire immigrants at lower wages.
The managers hiring only people of their skin color.
Federal job quota’s are not for white folks

It is what it is. 3 restuarants that didnt hire me went bankrupt the past 12 months. But hey… at least their manager hooked up people of his own kind right?

And Mrs Obama these facts are fromthe Bureau of Labor Statistics

In 2011, nearly 20 percent of employed African-Americans worked for state, local, or federal government compared to 14.2 percent of Whites and 10.4 percent of Hispanics

Is it time to drop affirmative action now? It is time to end Minority quotas? Because, you see….I am not able to file a lawsuit every time an employer doesnt hire me

Qualifications mean nothing of you are not the right skin color. You and your husband sure love to make the skin color of people an issue…..

Your daughters look nothing like me…..




  1. I just “Liked” this M, and got a weird looking “matrix” dot thingamajig as my gravatar. Whatever, WordPress.

    What we have here is…”a misunderstanding ’bout communications, see?” etc.
    {Paraphrasing Cool Hand Luke}. Shall we just call it as it sits naked before us? All hideous, odious, and hermaphroditically ostentacious in its profound UGliness!

    What we KEEP having here is an Agenda “by design”. This shit doesn’t just “happen” like some fluke of nature. NO! It progresses by degrees until the coast is clear to come out of the closet with all the damn glam eat more spam spectacularly Obvious UGliness we expected all the time. Predictable. As is its Obvious Offensiveness.

    Thanks for shining the Spotlight on another suppurating political lesion.

    Yech. They have no shame.

    • Boom,

      Concur with what you say.

      But look deeper into this comment. I posted it without editing.

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  3. The numbers M. The numbers.


    I also like the pyramid of the toon with the foreclosure being the synthesis of the bailouts and golden parachute. Nice graphics. TImeless from this point until the end.

    Meanwhile to add to the links regarding Italy, London, Soros and the carbonic clan and Vatican purge and pillage..

    Market Plunges As European Crisis Is Back | Zero Hedge

    • Looks as though Spring-time is about the right time.

      All I know is every year I think “this will be the year” and it hasn’t happened yet. But his baby is like a blotted body in the tropical sun. You know its going to burst, it’s just a matter of time.

      And we’ve been living on borrowed time for a long, long time.

      • Like a 600 meter race, it’s bunching up right now and themn the final sprint when all hell breaks loose. I cannot describe the gut feelings I get these days. I hear or read a headline and it’s like a gunshot in a theatre.

        We know they tell us what is going to happen, just like the movies, the MSM just marches along, biz as usual then 9/11 happens one sunny summer Tuesday.

        Mayday is any day now imo Michael.

  4. Bernie Madoff Insists JPMorgan Knew of Ponzi Scheme

  5. M, love the toon, don’t think much of the veteran’s rant though. Contains too much right wingnut bs for my taste such as:

    “Those evil rich people must pay” mantra your own husband has been preaching, is ignorant. And encourages those evil rich people to not take chances, like expanding in a hostile business environment.”
    Yea those poor rich ceos at the top of the big corps need more encouragement to gouge us or kill us.

    Or this:

    “Simple fact is… Military service transfers to college credits. All the schools, training, deployments, are in there. All servicemembers can access that site to get those credentials. I had well over 86 college credits when I left the military.” Seriously? Yea, join the military, get an education if you don’t get blown to bits or lose your f’n mind in the process after 5 tours of combat duty..

    • Hmm … , can’t fault too much on this women’s take on those issues, although I see where you’re coming from. But it’s not just big CEO’s that are holding back. They indeed have their own agenda. But she also might be referring to the mid and small business owners.

      And as far as what she earned, or was expecting too receive, I can’t fault her for that either. She, rightfully or wrongly, paid her dues.

      This is what throw me off. She claims to have all these years of college and restaurant experience, yet, she misspells “restaurant” several time over. Not to mention several glaring grammatical errors.

      I have been guilty of some glaring errors myself. But if I had been in the restaurant business for 14-years, one would think I’d know how to spell “restaurant.”

      Maybe the reason she isn’t getting hired is hidden in plain sight.

      • lol…. very good points about her misspelling restaurant, M. I tend to think this is not real but who knows? It sounds like one of those fake letters that go round the internet for years even though there is truth in what “she” says.

        I guess I am biased against anyone that willingly signs up for the military and then brags about what a wonderful opportunity it is to further your “career.” bullshit. Soldiers are nothing but canon fodder for the defense contractors and the empire builders. Until people like her wise the hell up, we will never be free. I do not support the troops.

        • Deb,

          I can’t fault those that join, a lot depends on why.

          Most are force into it because of a poor job market, or other some such conditions, and most are not educated or informed. And the ones that are “educated” can be less informed than those that aren’t.

          Overall, military service isn’t a bad thing, it’s the misuse of the military that makes it all seem bad.

          Old Smedley had it right though, war is a racket.

          • “Most are force into it because of a poor job market,”~M

            Preposterous excuses. No on is “forced” into the military.

            This military is no less evil than what the Nazis were framed as being. Dupes may be dupes, but naivete is not innocence. It is both suicidal and homicidal ignorance to be a part of the military or any of its support structures – the “Complex” as it is.

            Ye reap what ye sow…


  6. These will make your blood boil, or sick to your stomach.

    The Banks Show No Mercy: 10 Foreclosure Horror Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

    • Yeah, thanks, as if there isn’t enough to piss me off. I’m already a victim.

      If not for the grace of God I too would have been on the streets two-years ago. And I’m not that far from them now.

  7. Yea, thanks PD. If you don’t mind, I’ll save that article for tomorrow. I don’t sleep well when my blood boils 😀

  8. I posted the header for you Deb, but Seth should have replaced woman with the Government. Don’t you think?

    MacFarlane is an elitist like Maher. Funny in a sadistic I assume both are closet eugenicists and gay, but I certainly could be wrong.

    • Speaking of “headers,” that one with Facebook was hilarious and brilliant. As would be your standard.

      • Thanks M. Your toons are similarly poignant and your artistic talent always impressive. You could easily join the ranks of the New Yorker but your choice of material prevents it. That’s why in poverty you are a hero and the navigator of this argo known as coto.

        We miss you always when you are away on business but know what you are doing.

        • BTW M, Moochele made me roll when I first read it. I love that.

          Also her hijacking of the Oscar’s over Nicholson was easily as despicable and predictable as Barry’s transparent elitism.

          • Michael is king of political toons and Patrick is king of headers. Two talented artists that I am so happy to know 🙂

    • Thank you for the header PD 🙂 Btw, I didnt’ watch the Oscars even though i felt i should to see what Hollywood was up to. I just didn’t care enough, especially since I hadn’t seen any of the films . I did check to see who won and of course it was Argo. As for Seth, I had seen him on a talk show a while back and he was pretty funny. Don’t know much about him other than he was good at off the cuff comedy. But yea, he definitely has that sarcastic edge that the king comedy creep Maher has.

      I have to say, I was both surprised and thrilled that Zero Dark Thirty was totally snubbed. That biatch got kudos for that MIC propaganda piece the “hurt locker” but turned a lot of people off with her next govt sponsored film ZDT. Sometimes justice does happen 😉

  9. Here comes the predicted second wave of real estate bubble. Thanks to Bill and Alan for all their hard work. Love, the committee.

    The globalists will buy it all for derivative zinc pennies on the fiat dolars which should be printed on flash paper since the mandate from team Soetoro and FEEDeral boys.

    Helter Skelter in a Summer Swelter – from one of my favorite prophets

  10. I know all the words to American Pie when I sing along.. 🙂 It’s a classic. I never realized before how much Don looks like Chevy Chase. haha

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