Posted by: jerseyg | February 25, 2013

A Chemtrail/Geoengineering Feature Film

The 2008 film stars Anne Heche and James Tupper (yum).  It’s only about an hour and a half.  When you get the time, watch and leave your comments.  I have my opinions about it but I’ll keep them to myself for now.  ~jg

The trailer:

The Full Movie:


What in the World are they Spraying?

Why in the World are they Spraying?



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  2. Ann Heche (Blech!). Is it worth over an hour of Blech, Deb?

    • I think it’s worth it PD 😉 I actually like Anne Heche, I didn’t use to before i knew about Monarch programming. When she had that breakdown and was wandering around half dressed looking for her spaceship I thought she was just on drugs when it happened. But then i read about MK programming and it all made sense.

      I think she is pretty, ethereal looking… check out the article about her breakdown and the cover picture on the book she wrote.”Call me Crazy” WEIRD is an understatement …very monarch……

  3. “The Global Health Organization’ Haa hahaha Had to laugh.
    I only watched the trailer but seems like an admission of guilt, again.
    Also an attempt to fantasize the word “chemtrail”.

  4. Odd mix. Overall the improbabilities are glaring, as would be expected of a made-for-TV movie, but it gives a fair enough reporting of what’s in chemtrails and it’s possible and varied effects. (soars on the contaminated being shades of Morgellons) Nothing on there about HAARP or how chemtrails are working in conjunction, but I can understand why.

    I liked the part at the end suggesting that it goes to the military being corrupt.

    Hey, if it gets people to investigate, it can’t be a bad thing, even if it’s a bad movie.

  5. Actually M, it was meant to be released in theaters but went right to video which in my mind gives it a bit more credibility. It was no worse of a movie than so many other B disaster films that are turned into blockbusters. So I have to think the content of it was not favorable to the ptb.

    I agree with your assessment. If they didn’t end it the way they did, I would have been pissed. Thankfully, I didn’t waste that 90 mins because it does have a coto ending.

    Yea M, besides the topic of chemtrails and geonengineering which it did call out, Morgellons was also alluded to though not mentioned by name, The lesions on the victim’s bodies was a testament to that.

    Besides the holes and improbablities of the plot, I thought the message was a good one. It could wake people up but I’m afraid the only ones that have seen it or will see it are people that already know the truth and the truth deniers that are seeking out such info.

    The only thing that really bothered me about the movie was that the “cure” was a vaccine. Ok, that really bothered me. But in the context of the movie, it was the equivalent of giving someone that was bitten by a poisionous snake the antidote shot. That is one shot I would not hesitate to take.

    • Deb,

      I showed the two Obamabot dye-hard liberals I’m staying with “Why In the World Are They Spraying Us?” last week, and they’re still in denial.

      I’m at an impasse now if I should show them Obama Deception or Dreams From My Real Father, I imagine if I do I might find myself on the streets.

      Sibel nailed it in her interview with Corbett about the wall of denial we’re up against. It’s frightening and never ceases to throw me off every time I run into it, and we run into it all the time.

      • Michael.. I work with people like that and it’s maddening. They won’t wake up. Let it go.. Not worth losing a roof over your head over. Dumbasses.

    • I don’t think it was meant for the cinema. It runs the exact length of a 2-hour network TV slot (Just under 90 minutes) and has fade-out spots for commercials.

      Movies like this are made all the time: produced on speculation, hoping they can attract a distributor, but winding up getting shelved. They’re lucky if they can get a video release. Actor friends of mine are always doing stuff like this. 99% of the time they don’t even get a video release and my friends have to loan me a the DVD that the production company gave them.

  6. Foreshadowing. Telegraphing their plays.

    • Señor fookin’ nookin’ a$$hole,

      Spit on it and sin.


  7. Speaking of movies… I didn’t find out until just yesterday that Michelle Obama presented best pic award for that crap propaganda piece “Argo”. What bs !! Then this morning I find this piece of crap hit piece (planting the seed) about Iran photoshopping her dress to make it more modest for their viewing audience. The article goes on to say that’s what those sneaky Iranians do all the time.. Photoshop pix to suit their agenda…because we know Amerika is SO above doing such things..wink wink. WHAT?! SO now we know another reason Michelle the Amazon Reptilian was there. The first of course showing the white house support for their CIA produced film.

  8. Supposed to be Seattle and Spokane, but they’re shooting in Canada. Is it really that difficult to get some good shots of Spokane? And Seattle’s a pretty distinctive city. When you don’t put in the familiar landmarks, you lose a lot.

    One silly mistake is when he says “Go south on the I-90.” Come on! I thought everyone knew: Even numbered freeways go east-west. It’s the same all over the country! (And it’s trivial, but no one in the Pacific Northwest puts a “the” in there. We just say “I-90.”)

    As for the plot: Not complicated/deep enough. It’s like a stone skipping over a pond. This is a topic that needs to be plunged into! Script was way too slight!

  9. “Infotainment” is ALWAYS entertainment with a dash of salt for “information”, and that makes it all hoopleskank to me…


  10. The problem is not the weak script, it’s the fact that no one but people like us that already know what’s going on in the skies is going to see it.

    If your every day sheeple with a bit of a brain saw it they may start looking up at the sky and wondering about those stripes and tic tac toe lines and why they are there. MAYBE.. Yea a big maybe Anyway, THAT is the beauty of this film. But alas, those sheeple won’t get to see it at all I’m afraid.

    As for where it was filmed. I’m here on the east coast and would not know the difference between Spokane and Seattle because I’ve never been to either. Sorry 😦

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