Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 23, 2013

Chemtrail Flu: Have you got it yet? – Rise Earth


You’re sick. Your nose is stuffy. Your body aches, You’re sweaty, coughing, sneezing and you don’t have enough energy to get out of bed.

It’s not the flu. It’s a conspiracy, according to Dr. Len Horowitz. His opinion is not based on conspiracy theory but on conspiracy fact.

Over the past 10 years, Horowitz has become America’s most controversial medical authority. A university-trained medical researcher, Horowitz, 48, charges that elements of the United States government are conspiring with major pharmaceutical companies to make large segments of the population sick.

The mainstream media is reporting that hospital emergency rooms are jammed with patients suffering from a bizarre upper respiratory infection that doesn’t quite seem like a virus. They are reporting that it’s a “mystery” flu and that the flu vaccines are ineffective against it.

“That’s all hogwash, bogus nonsense”, says Dr. Leonard Horowitz. “The fact of the matter is, we have seen this type of an epidemic since the end of 1998 and the beginning of 1999. People have been hacking and coughing with this bizarre illness that does not seem to follow any logical viral or bacterial onset and transition period.

If it was a really bacterial or a viral infection, it would have caused a fever but it didn’t. It lasts for weeks, if not months. Sinus congestion, sinus drainage, cough, fatigue, general malaise. People have been feeling “off”.
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Aethers, Feathers and Holes





  1. Puddy! I have traveled to a few miles away from the nefarious Fort Huachoca. Nightmare bus ride..was called satan at the end haha. Wanted to touch base..have a good piece im working on considering my location. Have already been accosted by nasty punk border patrol types.. love u guys. Oh. And I dont get sick but seems many have.

    • Be safe honey pot. We need your cotoreport and looking forward to your insights on the Old Pueblo.

    • Dawn, looking forward to hear about that bus ride too and why you were called

      • hi sorry for late reply but I have not been on the computer in almost a month well a few weeks and I miss a lot mobile browsing . this woman was checking prayers for like an hour on the bus and when I asked her if she was done yet that’s when the accusations of being a satanic person began. the irony !

        • lol dawn… you demon !

  2. Good one PD. Lots of links here in how to protect ourselves physically from the toxicity being spewed on us by them. My current interest is in studying medicinal herbs and mushrooms. recently had a run in with a doctor that suggested medication (statin drugs) based on my age. Goddamn pill pushers sure don’t like being questioned do they.

    • Thanks V. I have studies statins and have concluded it is number two behind SSRI’s as the PhRMA agenda 21 eugenics tool. I’m glad you are going another route. Eat more poached natural eggs and greens. 🙂

      • I got away from cities and am adhering to the 100 mile rule (must be grown within 100 miles). I’m on well water but still use a Berkey filter and iodize it. I’m still downwind of their major spray op over upper Michigan (that’s a hard one to beat). Researching growing medicinal mushrooms. The 5 big ones are reishi, maitake, shitake, cordyceps & yun zhi (cloud mushrooms) that are potent anti cancer, anti inflammatories that boost your auto immune system. Some such as cloud mushrooms and cordyceps are noted for dealing with chronic coughs, asthma and other bronchial conditions and are strong anti viral anti bacterial fighters that also deal with heavy metal detox.
        The Creator has put this all here for us that our ancestors have discovered over tens of thousands of years. Any wonder why the monsters have been wiping out on indigenous shamanistic
        Way past time for us to rediscover our roots.

        • Good for you V. Statins are proven killers. I agree with PD’s assessment wholeheartedly.

          Keep eating those mushrooms. Personally, I can’t get them past my lips but I do drink water with lemon in it all day. Also, very good for you.

          The monsters are doing their best to do away with all that is natural.

        • Deb gets to see first hand the statin sufferers. It’s the lack of testosterone that kills men. Your mushrooms also provide chromium in the diet and I eat them often with red wine and olive oil. I love them and recommend psilocybin as a healer for many brain function issues. Lemons are the most underrated food. I too drink it in all teas and water. Apple cider vinegar as well. Natures internal disinfectants.

          • I wish I liked mushrooms but they taste like dirt to me and I hate the texture. I seem to be in the minority in my opinion..most I know find them scrumptious. Lemons on the other hand are very tasty and very cleansing for my system and my furniture 🙂

            • Try it in a tea. Had some magic ones years ago in chocolate. No taste just texture and the buzz was out of this world.

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  4. Absolute truth spoken here, Patrick. Our skies are heavily sprayed nearly every day now. Everyone is sick now or has been sick with flu, upper respiratory and sinus infections for months now.

    I had a lesser version of it between xmas and new yr. It came with a dry cough that lasted three weeks. THat seems to be an identifying symptom of the chemtrail syndrome…a very dry, gagging type of cough that doesn’t want to leave.

    Here’s a pic I took of what should be a beautiful sunrise this past Friday morning. The lovely corduroy sky is filled with lines and lines of chemtrails. My neighbor was leaving for work and caught me on my porch step with my camera. Our very short convo ( I was in my robe) went like this. “Hi Deb!” “Hi, Ron, thought you were off on Fridays?” “No, that’s only in summer” Then I said.. “look at that sky”. He said “yea, it’s really nice out here today”…”have a nice day Ron”…. “you too deb” end of convo. Obviously, Ron doesn’t have a clue.
     photo 006.jpg

    • On the lemon note Deb, now you know why all packaged food poison uses artificial lemon flavoring while your furniture polish has the real lemon, right? slow kill~staple.

      • That dry cough here has a little phlegm that you can never clear from your throat. It’s like fishing line tangled around your epiglottis.

        • That’s the one Patrick! We call that pesky phlegm chronic post nasal drip which causes the gaggy, choky cough..

          Speaking of anti b’s .. one of the younger girls at the office was having sinus congestion which she felt was going to her chest. She ran to the dr like a good little child and of course, he prescribed anti b’s even though he didn’t think they would help.. wtf? Typical MD.

          • That should have been enough got him to pass on that scrip. The whitecoats are as bad as the redcoats. When even MSM says we are the most diseased-obese nation, you’d think someone would do more that google nutrisystems. Insanity rules.

    • Deb, that sounds a lot like the “flu” that killed my father. I managed to avoid catching it, probably through good nutrition and protecting myself from EMFs. I have a crystal pendant a friend gave me, in the form of a shamanic symbol (her mother’s a shaman)–and I’ve never believed in crystal stuff–but dang if it isn’t helping me!

      I’ve got to get my husband onto mushrooms–and thanks to COTO for the tip! He has good nutrition, but mushrooms are notably lacking.

      No news right now from Japan, but today I should be seeing the merchant who had trouble exchanging US dollars and had to buy the new kind, and hopefully I’ll have a follow-up report on that aspect of whatever the bankers are doing to us.

      • Thanks Patricia. We sure need your insight from there as we do Oz from down under and our good friend Eyes Open Wider in Vietnam.

        • Unfortunately, I don’t have much news today! Our friend has been gone for three weeks–should have been one. We hope he is okay. Another friend, Rice Farmer, who is looking into this sent this link. In the photo, the 50s look like the new bills we saw. I had hoped yesterday to get photos of all the new bills, or whatever Mr. Nakamura had left.

          From Rice Farmer: Are these the new dollar bills in the photo?

          • Dang! The link did not come through! Let me try again:

            The hyperlink seems to fail, so I typed it.

            The article is pertinent too. People are beginning to reject the dollar around the world.

            • I’m pretty well convinced the implosion will come financially after the next FF. Another big bamboozling and then the dolar crash. The elite are scrambling to buy international brick and mortar and real assets.

              We’ll never know how much in foreign currencies but what does it matter? One falls and they all fall. Internally speaking it does not effect the global picture when the devaluation is done. I can just see the mark now.

              I posted the header for the new currency.

              • Let’s see…FF? fiscal fiasco?
                My husband has earned the right to buy ag land in Japan. Not even Monsanto can do that! Japan’s land laws are not perfect, but they are a credit to the country. You have to prove you’re serious about farming.
                Now I just hope he will get down and find some decent land around here to buy. He keeps dragging his heels, but he’s not going to like it very much when all his money goes pffft! I’m not sure even gold’s value will hold up viz-a-viz food.

              • BTW nice header! Mark of the beast money.

                • Thanks Pat. Monsantos limitations seem based upon climategate carbonic enmod from the P’sTB. If you buy land and look to be local organic farmers, I foresee a carbon tax based upon hectare/acre.

                  I believe as Luciferian economics moves forward under the UN regime, you will be taxed on breathing. The epidermal electronic chips are a reality as a step process, much as the RFID smart cards and meters. They cleverly use incremental steps and beta programs to get a consensus of the final solution.

                  I can’t predict the better option in gold or real estate but I can agree wholeheartedly that food and inventory of key products will be more valuable than both very soon. Japan, the samurai culture is one I would like to be in when the SHTF. Warlords and bravery in the face of certain death or enslavement.

                  The US is predominately testosterone deficient weenies and the PTB are only worried about the veterans and freemen libetarian minded. I actually believe they fear the women more than the men here anymore.

                  !Molon Labe!

  5. Yeah JG, that’s a horizon of chem clutter there. The question is…where is it NOT happening?!

    • Mostly everywhere now Boom…though Will doesnt seem to see too much of it where he is. Some areas are worse than others. I’m not proud to say southern nj has been sprayed like bugs for at least 5 years now since I’ve been documenting what’s going on. It’s gotten progressively worse in that time. From a few stripes here and there to an entire sky filled with them blocking out the sun.

      • Doctors are writing record anti-bio scripts for something that cannot be treated by them. Another immunosepressor and resistant episode that will reduce your ability to fight serious infection.

        They cannot decode our immune system. It’s unbeatable. They can only kill us with Mal-nutrition and synthetic protein replacement for the lipo peptides necessary to operate our immune system.

        It’s like starving the carburetor of oxygen or giving the engine bad gas.

        • P.S. Dont listen to any of that antioxidant bullshit either. Simple fresh herbs cover you ten times over and the Flavonoids Scammers are as advertized. Dr. Oz is a menace.

          • Dr Oz is a big pharma, vaccine pushin’ shill just like Sanjay Gupta. I mean his name is “Oz”…. tells a tale, eh?

            • Dr. Oz in now my word for all MD’s. The Wizard was a doctor correct? Maybe I am wrong. It’s been a long time since Kansas.

  6. Dawn, be careful at Ft Huachuca. Besides killing us with CT’s they are also using them as a screen for the “big show”…if anyone doesn’t know what goes on below…

    • Nice connection there Deb. Remember Dawnatilla, the bluebeam will be as much low frequency audio telling you to kill yourself, driving fear/dread and other suggestive messages. This tech. is in the books from the patents held by raytheon by way of a man from Georgia. A very dangerous man.

  7. Everyone here should post pix of their skies and their location so we can keep track of where they are spraying and when. We had rain and wind friday night thru saturday. Weird thing is, the sun has become more glarey. Sounds crazy but it’s true.

    • I agree. I have posted many thus far. Some really weird formations. Today was beautiful, tonight they will spray.

      • I know you have. I think Boomer may have too but I’m not sure. I hope you enjoyed your lovely day:)

        • Took the ATV and chainsaw up the mountain Deb. Cut a cord of wood and hauled it down for the next haarpo-nino coming through. 18 inches of snow in Amarillio TX today. I expect 2 inches of freezing rain here. I think you get nailed again Deb.

  8. Oh and I have a question… why is a sphinx statue at the entrance to Ft huachuca? Why does the sphinx represent the intelligence service of the U.S.? Anyone else find that odd?

     photo fthuachuca.jpg

    • Now you know why they call it the old pueblo. The ancient populace.

  9. They’ve stole our money and now we have paid for our funerals.

    Rockefeller Brother Fund: We’re Buying Off Evangelicals, Mayors, Governors… For The Earth

    In its 2010 review of grants extended from 2005 to 2010,the Rockefeller Brothers Fund admits to buying off (quite literally) so-called “non-green voices”- meaning people outside the environmental community- to sell man-made climate change doctrine to their respective communities.

  10. Is there anyone left with scruples anymore? Or perhaps they were threatened with being “suicided” ala Philip Marshall, Aaron Schwartz or the DC Madame.

  11. My god PD, that pic of Rockefeller is going to give me nightmares. He’s right up there with the Pope for the most outwardly looking evil creature…

    • Rotting it appears. I’d hate to have to autopsy that carcass.

  12. To the theme, after completing one cycle through the family, a second one just last week with high fever and stomach aches went through each of the kids.

    • Yes, Senor.. that is the same cycle so many people here are experiencing.

    • Ditto. Cody has it again and it’s worse this time. He too took the Anti-bi’s against my confirmation it would not help. Keep them over hydrated Senor. Lot’s of lemonade, right Deb? 🙂

  13. Sorry to hear of the suffering Senor. Keep alkalyzing as best as possible. Lemon is best. Almonds are good as well. Garlic, onions, honey, red chili pepper. Some Thai soups are quite full of these items, and taste really good too!

    Did you guys see this recent news item, occurring in China?

    “Since the news report and video out of China’s Huangshan City of an ‘optical illusion’ or ‘superior mirage’ is so amazing – the spectacular city skyline with mountains that appeared in the middle of the Tunxi section of the Xin’an River – we decided to revisit the story plus re-post the video.

    Included in our latest post, a link to an article about holograms and Project Blue Beam plus one of the videos in the article, an amazing video on hologram technology”.

  14. THat IS amazing Boomer which is why no one can say definitively that the “no planes theory” is bs. If they are allowing us to see such holograms, imagine how far advanced they are from what this vid shows us.

    I saw one a few years ago from Japan with a giant sea creature rising out of the water which was strictly for fun… here it is.. Now THAT’s entertainment!

  15. Yeah JG, that vid example is at “night” which is far and away of a different magnitude than the recent China “cityscape” hologram “show”. Certainly, tech is far beyond these capabilities seen.

    Puddy says you’ll hear stuff in your head, etc. Perhaps COTO is resistant to these “suggestive” urgings. I remarked the other day to my wife, when a series of local car commercial harangued us on the TV, and burger commercials, etc. I have no urge to buy a car, eat a burger, or respond in any manner other than contempt at such advertising. I guess we’ll see what transpires when the weirdness starts?

  16. Imagine what they can create with a dozen high polish geosynchronous space mirrors. I think that University of Tuscon is working on that. Lot’s of action at the old pueblo. Nice videos. Did they give an Oscar for best adaptive screenplay? Did Sandy Hook win? Maybe bluebeam will get one for technical achievement.

  17. No


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