Posted by: Mr. M | February 22, 2013

Stating What’s Obvious

Stating What's Obvious

“We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.” – George Orwell

There have been several bellwether trends/stories lately that signify what has been obvious too many of us. The bastards are accelerating their “final solution,” and I suspect are pushing from behind before they are caught and hung.

The assassinations on both sides have begun. Both literally, and as in character. The character assassinations have been forever and on-going, mostly by our friends in the agencies we have learned to despise. But the deaths of three prominent activists/whistle-blowers recently, and other events connected, have raised the stakes.

There is no way of saying how many of the Satanic-Elites have been given an early appointment with their boss, but the murder of Nicholas Mockford, an executive for ExxonMobil, sure looks like one that might make the scales rise on a few of the cretins.

The accelerated push for our guns, as witnessed through the increasingly brazen and close-spaced false-flag events, that has culminated with the just released information of the letters being sent to veterans, threatening them with prison if they don’t turn in their weapons, added on to the purchase by the DHLS of enough ammunition to fight a 30-year protracted domestic war, and the request for practice-targets depicting old-people, young girls, children and pregnant women, should qualify what we’ve all been predicting.

Or they may have overplayed their hand.

One thing is for sure, we don’t have long before we find out.



  1. Impending spring now in the latitude I live in. As in the change of the season from winter to spring. In like a lion, out like a lamb. We are the change.

  2. I’d say something’s happening…and I agree
    it’s on [FFWD] … train’s pulling into Despot Depot …
    Seems just around the corner… and it’s like we are at Event Horizon and that [FFWD] is in a paradoxical [Pause] at the same moment.
    An experience of suspension, that is in a sense mystical.

    The Moment of Power is Now. It is Now always, and ever shall be.

    The Future is Now.


  3. I really don’t think they can overplay their hand. Whatever they do; no matter how glaringly obvious it is, the populace buy it hook, line & sinker. Buy a ga-jillion bullets? No problem. Fly helicopters over major cities below building level and shoot off blanks at the people? No problem. Introduce bills to search gun-owners’ homes without warrants? No problem.

    It amazes me when people poo-poo a conspiracy theory no matter how friggin’ obvious it is – such as Sandy Hook. You show them blatantly suspicious stuff and they say, “If some special ops team was going to do it, they wouldn’t make clumsy mistakes! It would be meticulously planned out to the last detail!”

    I say, “Well, apparently, they don’t HAVE to do anything meticulous, because here are a thousand clumsy mistakes right in front of your eyes and you STILL refuse to be suspicious!”

    The puppet-masters who are taking control can be as dumb and sloppy as they want to be and they’ll still succeed with their plans!

    Americans refuse to be suspicious!

    • That’s why I said “may have.”

      The one sin that will not be forgiven in despair. It’s a sin I try hard not to be guilty of, but God knows it’s not easy.

  4. rkae.. I agree with you. So many dumbasses so little time. You give very good examples of their willful ignorance…and in my opinion, that’s exactly what it is. See no evil, hear no evil. However, I do sense a shift in the general consciousness.

    The sheeple are getting very pissed off that they have to pay over $4 for a bag of chips. That’s how to get them interested. Hit them in the pocketbook. And boy, are they getting hit in this lousy economy. Perhaps they will get mad as hell and start bleeting like the sheep they are and refuse to take it anymore. Maybe. At least they are getting angry about SOMETHING.

    I feel the pendulum has been stuck for a while now. It’s not swinging. It’s like the calm before the storm even with all the latest reports of the state’s evil plans for humanity and so many sheeple still not wearing their “they live” glasses, I feel that our power is growing. I can’t explain it.

    The question is which direction will the pendulum swing next? We DO have the power to change things. We ARE the power. “They” are counting on us to just give up and bow down to them in fear. Fuck them and the drones they flew in on.

  5. US quarters and dimes dated 1965 and later are struck on “sandwich” planchets. The ‘meat’ is pure copper and the ‘bread’ is an alloy of copper and nickel.

    The copper in a modern quarter is about one and a half original penny’s worth…

    Now I have been amazed since these counterfeit coins were first marketed that people didn’t give it any wonder at all. Youngin’s probably don’t even know that real quarters and dimes are made of silver.

    How STUPID can a people be that accept phony monopoly money as real?
    Well, we see the results before our very eyes today. They are stupid enough to walk off a cliff because they are ordered to.

    As I have said before, I can think of no people who deserve their coming fate than these stupid fucking Amerikans…



    • Yeah, another one of those “obvious” things, like fluoride, chemtrails, 9/11, GMO, nuclear energy, and a long list of things that on their face are insane, yet allowed to continue.

      It is a testament to the tenacity of life that we have managed to survive up till now. Of course that tenacity is being tested as never before. And I’m not so sure we have the ability to pass this test.

  6. Fucking fantastic.

    A cop was just shot not 5-blocks from where I am. There’s a low-flying copter been buzzing the neighborhood.

    Now I have to hope the NOPD isn’t as trigger-happy as the LAPD, or start doing house-to-house.

  7. memory holes, overwriting history, willful ignorance, but mostly fear. I can’t explain the trauma-programming and what constitutes the model for this phenomenon.

    We have covered all angles here. Whether biological postpartum or genetic or even changes in recent events, the masses are migrating in two directions.

    The Electromagnetic Visual Audio network must play some role in this but fear has to be the main force. Denial is no longer an excuse. It has to be genetic as in many predispositions. Roulette in all the other blue projects helps.

    As we are moved around the manifold of our reality space-time, it appears that they are now trying to position/collect us into one of three compartments or settling areas. After all the data mining, profiling and surveillance, the grid is ready for beta testing on a much larger level exercise than we would like to accept.

    We know that while the dumb-downs pineals are being coaxed into the camp of compliance, many have been abruptly awakened to the agenda. The third camp is the Administrators and useful enablers who seem to revel in the idea that they might have a position of power once the transition has all but completed the cycle.

    The realities to the future are less predictable than history can tell us, but we know Rome will fall. Our way of life is over, but not our lives. Children and pregnant women are as much an enemy and the veteran and that should not be a surprise. It’s not a emotional agenda to the committee. It’s business and statistics. Death is business, always was always will be business. War, just one of the rackets. The corporation diktat, rules, run the agenda. I know that when it is all operational, it will be ruled by the system and not personalities. When the carnage occurs many of these enablers will find themselves in the coto camp by a mere algorithmic proxy. Thats the liberal NWO. No warlords, no generals, no judges but a techno-super system running under an overlord of still unknown composition that we all have speculated. Whether it’s Reptilian, ET, Beelzebub like, Psychopathic council or pure energy from the dark matter, it’s energy that is in capable of overplaying or underplaying armageddon. We are in the transition, I believe, and there is no longer anything that would be a shock to me.

    I predict Mayday sometime between Mar 22 and May 4 in a code pink type of event with the sacrificial rite of spring. I can’t get Kansas City out of my head or a major Mississippi event. We’ll have an assassination in Europe, sequester here and a HAARPING. Once the global carbonic knights takes control it will be very ugly and extermination values for women and children will be higher than I, a mere madman.

    • I’m starting to believe that unrealized truth, or justice denied, is true Hell.

  8. Fast & Furious. Alamo II, ‘the machete’

    Gov. Brewer: Border not Secure, Drug Cartels ‘Ready to Come Across’

    Read Latest Breaking News from

  9. I think the most plausible future is the plot of TERMINATOR, Artificial Intelligence running the killer-droids, that’s already in the process of development. It is the reasonable end to the Technological Society; “efficiency” maximized by the extermination of the inefficient “fucking humans”.

    That line “fucking humans” comes from a METAL HURLANT type sci-fi film I caught on late-nite TV in a hotel during a vacation back in the early eighties.

    There were two android “Agents” – the obvious precursor to the Agents in the MATRIX. They were hunting the ‘anti-hero’ of the film…and every once in awhile they would pause and say in unison looking at oneanother, “Fucking Humans” with disgust in their voices. A French film…I didn’t catch the title.
    Wish I had, it was a great movie….so the real thing should be a lot of fun too.


  10. This mp3 or video is chock full – I mean FULL of goodies. Sibel speaks to both Gladio 1 and 2, such a flood of info it is hard to contain it all from just a single hearing…


    • If anyone is looking for a heroes … Sibel Edmonds would be one of them.

      • Exactly.

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