Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 21, 2013

Bloody April Showers bring down May Towers

Bloody April Showers bring down May Towers

Bloody April Showers bring down May Towers.

NWO Stinkhole


The Rapture? Maybe the Rupture!!!

911 x 9 =?

Thanks for the video Oz. 🙂

[8199, 999, 693-396, 33, 27, 11, 9, 3]



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    • oh dear, the lass should either get out more or have paid attention in school,
      there are far more than 3 acceptable cloud forms:-)

      there IS a real and noteable diff tween chem and contrails though,. I even see the odd ones here in the last year. if it takes more than minutes to dissipate and turns to haze it isnt water crystals.

      re the fault line, yeah the govt supply requests specifically stating for the new Madrid zone last yr? early yr I think it a clear warning.

  2. U.S. Air Force developing terrifying swarms of tiny unmanned drones that can hover, crawl and even… via @MailOnline


  3. GULP! … gee, a nice long trip to Canada seems in order.

  4. Roger that M. Maybe even Iceland!

  5. NRA Says Justice Memo Admits Gun Measures Won’t Work via @Newsmax_Media

    Like anyone thinks they don’t want us armed. We get what we wish for.

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