Posted by: veritytwo | February 14, 2013

The Most Important Topic For 2013

This is one that definitely needs to be out front and center. On C1 here, much discussion has been had about Chemtrails. This brings a whole new urgency to the topic. Just more fear mongering in amongst all the other emerging story lines? Time may be very short, bummer being in the ranks of the awake while everyone else slumbers.

The words I would dread saying the most.

“See, I told you so”.








  1. Excellent video V. Thank you for posting. The title is true. The most important issue of 2013 is the health of the planet. Nothing else really matters if things are as dire as Dane is saying and I believe him.

    I see it every single day. The toxic smearing of the sky and blocking the sun. The weird, totally abnormal weather fluctuations. The respiratory illnesses people around here just never shake. The sudden deaths of so many young people in their 30’s for unknown reasons. The dying trees, the missing wildlife.

    Why are they doing this to a planet they too must inhabit? Simple. “They” are not human. There is no other explanation that makes a lick of sense. Psychopaths do not work well with others. There is no way they could bring their plans to fruition over decades if they were psycho. No. They are inhuman, not crazy.

    • Ya know JG, when you think about it, it all kind of makes sense in viewing facts like the plastic coffins stacked by the millions in vacant fields to seed vaults all over the planet to their secret underground cities to things like the Georgia Guide Stones that portend to their modus operandi and all the indicators in between. Is this but one of many kill shots on their agenda? The event appears to be getting close.

    • Humans are not the only ones involved. The fact of the matter Is you guys, that members of the Orion Galaxy have been influencing this planet negatively long before we even arrived!!! Not only do they cOntrol politicians, but nearly everything else on the planet , an alliance Is not needed when u have the ability to take up host bodies .besides many humans are programmed to not think of long term consequences. only the current agenda. Greys and Dracos are from the Orion group/galaxy.

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    • haha this girl cracks me up.


  3. InBev Busch has been poisoning everyone for years and now the GATS loving Buffet will be a big player in killing people

    GMO MOVEMENTS: Buffet acquires ketchup giant Heinz

    [Billionaire Warren Buffett, the most closely watched investor in America, is putting his money in ketchup, agreeing to buy HJ Heinz Co for $23.3 billion in the richest deal ever in the food industry.

    For his money, the Oracle of Omaha gets one of the oldest and most familiar American brands, one that’s in refrigerators and kitchen cupboards all over the US.

    The deal, announced on Thursday, is intended to help Heinz accelerate its expansion from a dominant American name into a presence on grocery shelves worldwide. The Pittsburgh-based company also makes baked beans, pickles, vinegar, Classico pasta sauces and Ore-Ida potatoes, as well as a growing stable of sauces suited to regional tastes around the world.

    Buffett’s investment firm, Berkshire Hathaway, is teaming with another firm, 3G Capital, to snap up Heinz, which had long been a subject of takeover speculation. New York-based 3G is best known for its acquisition of Burger
    King and its role in the deal that created Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s biggest beer maker.

    The deal, expected to close in the third quarter, sent shares of Heinz soaring. The company’s stock price was up nearly 20 percent, closing at $72.50 Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange.

    Berkshire picked up steam, too. Its Class A shares gained $1,490, or about 1 percent, to close at $149,240.

    Berkshire remains the most expensive US stock but it is still below its all-time high of $151,650, reached in December 2007. That came before the financial turmoil of 2008 and just after an exceptionally profitable quarter
    that was helped by a $2 billion investment gain.

    The plans to take Heinz private apparently began to take shape on a plane in early December. In an interview with CNBC, Buffett said he was approached at that time by Jorge Lemann, a fellow billionaire and a co-founder of 3G.

    The two had known each other since serving on the board of Gillette about 12 years ago.]

    • Gillette was the biggest animal testing company for years back then. Kudos to Buffett who people think is so great. This guy is toxic waste.

  4. In my skies that boast 300 days of sunshine a year, the chemtrailing is done on a schedule — one that I don’t have figured out yet. Identical days within the same week will show contrails on one day and lingering chemtrails on another. They do like Sunday’s at “go-to-church” time in the morning, though. Probably 2 out of any 3 consecutive Sunday’s will have our skies crop-dusted and striped like a farmer’s field.

    Yep, weather control is certainly part of it, as if we’re being dusted to prevent moisture from either collecting or being dumped, saving it instead to dump on places East of us, as is our primary weather pattern.

    I haven’t made any connections with illnesses, but I am starting to register health complaints in my family that come in the days after I’ve noted heavy striping.

    I would like to keep a log book as is fitting for my anal nature, but I’m not watching the skies with enough consistency. Mostly I notice in my morning or late afternoon commute, or when I’m out and about on the weekends.


  5. This is one that goes back to “09”. Nothing new to the crew but still needs to be said. My attraction to it is I just love the musical score. It’s from the movie”Last Of The Mohicans” with Daniel Day Lewis. One of my favourite movies. It jogged a sense of spirituality in me as no doubt James Fenemore Cooper intended, in witnessing the death of a culture.

  6. I was intimidated to remove that video, but since have reuploaded it… it hit over 20 pages on google search and over 1,000,000,000 searches… I was stalked and intimidate, and just recently did an radio interview about the whole experience… here is the new version.

    • Glad it is up. Went back and had another look at it. Unsettling info for sure. One of the stand up points for me is in the fact being pointed out that these people are tampering with nature to the detriment of the planets health which includes our health. If they stopped right now, we’d be no worse off, let nature restore the balance, leave her and us alone.

  7. Same here V. Thanks for the video John it is excellent. THere is nothing more important than the health of our planet. We and all earth’s creatures and plants breathe the air, drink the water and eat food from the soil..

    I dare anyone to name a topic MORE immediately important than this one. Add to the chemtrailing, the radiation from the continued disaster at fuku, the poisoining of the Pacific Ocean from radaition, the destruction of the gulf from oil and corexit and you’ve got a real catastrophic scenario.

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