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Tesla Round 2 – The Mission of Eric Dollard

I suggest you access this entire piece at the link below, as there is much more there than I copied here. Humanity should guard this man and others like him, while funding their brilliance and research — for the sole purpose of breaking the Controllers’ psychopathic grip upon this world and its resources…

Mirrored from:

Eric Dollard

Eric Dollard

Tesla Round 2 – The Mission of Eric Dollard

“I went out to the desert to see Eric. After 3 days with Eric I had learned more about true natural science than I did in all of college. I felt like Luke SkyWalker after meeting Yoda. The entire experience was surreal and one of the highlights of my life thus far.Eric Dollard is the Yoda of electricity and a modern day wizard. His accomplishments are far more impressive than I had initially thought. I have posted a video but there is far more I shall release. Eric speaks truth to power and shatters lies”.

“If Nikola Tesla were alive today …

Would you believe in his dream to provide limitless energy to the world?
Would you tell all your friends about his work?
Would you donate to help him rebuild his lab after the bankers burned it down?

We all have this opportunity now today with a modern day Tesla.

Eric Dollard has done truth to power for 45 years and dared to go where no scientist since Tesla has gone. As his reward Eric is now living out of his car out in the desert. Eric has endured severe trials at the hands of the powers that be.
Tesla had his lab burned down by the bankers. Eric Dollard has had every single one of his labs taken from him and destroyed, eight in total!
Eric has had his notes burned, his taped lectures withheld and even the manuscript he wrote for a book taken by a president of a “Tesla society”
Eric has “done more on food stamps” than others have done with millions according to one leading alternative sciences investor.
Eric’s last lab was an early quake detection system that gave a full 48 hours of warning and detected two major quakes in California and In Japan. It was taken from him, all the gear confiscated, all of Eric’s personal property was taken and even his dog was stolen from him.

What would happen if we, the people supported the work of Eric Dollard?

Vindicate Tesla, Save the work of Eric Dollard

Power Transmission via radio. phones that last 10-100 times longer
Earth Quake Early warning systems
Electricity without wires.

As a fifteen year old he got his first job with Americas biggest Radio corporation RCA, as a 16 year old he graduated high-school as a full fledged engineer and began working for Bell Labs and then went on to conquer every technical challenge the US Navy threw at him. Eric Dollard is without a doubt the Greatest Hacker Alive, much as Tesla was the greatest Hacker who ever lived.

Eric Dollard has dedicated his life to discovering scientific truth to better humanity. He succeeded beyond all expectations and even surpassed Nikola Tesla. His reward has been tyranny and poverty.

The work of Eric Dollard was the very pinnacle of any available material. As I got closer to his work I began to wonder what he was up to. I was shocked and horrified to learn that he was now homeless. His last lab having been destroyed and all his work stolen. They even took his dog this time. Eric is a true champion of truth and a warrior scientist if there ever was one. It is a miracle he is still alive. The story of Eric Dollard is the story of humanity.

Eric has been working hard to get this critical information to the public.”

Go to the Zengardner link at the top to see additional important referenced information at this point in the article.


As I have spent some time reading further in the information provided at the Zengardner link, I came across this NAME DROPPED as an AGENT OF SUPPRESSION of the these Free Energy Technologies:

3) The feral condition made for the possibility of an extensive study in the San Francisco public library. At that time in the 70′s this library not only possessed a large collection of pre-Einstein science and engineering books, but even had the writings of Nikola Tesla himself. Ultimately this collection was removed from San Francisco public library by then mayor Dianne Feinstein in her city wide “Cleanup”. She set the city straight for Einstein, including the loss of my laboratory.

Barbara Boxer’s name has also come up on another link.

FOLKS!!! — Dianne Feinstein {The Khazar} “agent” and author of the real time crime legislation of Anti-Constitutional GUN BAN hysteria following hot on the heels of the SANDY HOOK HOAX, is NAMED as an ENEMY of Free Energy Technology! She is a Destroyer of men and technology, a Destroyer of the very building blocks for humanity’s Freedom from Oligarchic Control. GROK NOW how deep, how generational, how politically positioned these poisoners of good are embedded. Following on ALL that you know, and have learned from your own personal research into this “CONSPIRACY” to MAKE MANKIND SLAVES to a psychopathic elite — YOU must see how this “system of control” works.


The comment section of this post provides links and additional information corroborating the very real existence of this multi-generational “CONSPIRACY”. COTO and other alt news sites provide more than enough information for us all to see the Charlatans and Criminals operating in our midst.



  1. Sounds sorta like the old perpetual motion machine shyst. I would like to know more about graduating high school with an engineering degree. Or maybe they just TESLA matter transfered it over from the parralell universe from one of those carribean eclectic institutions of higher learning (read high on LSD learning).

    • Then you don’t know anything of Tesla Korny…
      whatta shame.


  2. Reblogged this on USA ZORROZ PRESS ~ GOD BLESS THE WORLD.

  3. Some good, and hairy videos on the meteorite over at Like this:

    Also, there are reports of a similar occurrence in Cuba.

    • WTF?

      How could the same meteor effect both Russia in the extreme north, and Cuba near the equator? It makes no sense.


  4. Plasma rocket. It’s a test for the big blue event. Timely with the DA14 NEA flying by. The sheeple will be all a flutter with Al Gores doomsday timeline. But this was a russian swedish testing external pulsed plasma propulsion.

    I believe it’s another triad. If they take this fear campaign to the next level we will have another tax bundle budget hike to missile defence and other empire state buildings. It’s part of the bluebeam project and this likely came from flash-bang Mazer PEP weapon being tested by Boeing. They decided on Russia as not to create the conspiracy theory.

    They haven’t done too well here as of late. I’m sure the FSB was onsite quick with some meteorite samples or friggin moon rocks.

    Great post Boomer. Never heard of him. Now I can see why. If I were Dolard, I would rebuild in smaller scale and record his info through the guys that interviewed him. It’s a race and I am making a coil as we speak. It’s a race to bluebeam before we all wake the fuck up and gp postal on the Fortune 500 and the other points of light.

  5. More Phoshpping

    Venezuela shows first photos of ailing Chavez

    Why not a video of him holding the Paper? He’s dead and clone coming if theirs no CIA coup afoot.

  6. U.S. SEC sues over Heinz option trading before buyout

    That was a given when Buffetts involved. Guess who the unknowns are. I;d check Hillarys accounts first.

    • It was reported on a business alt news site that John Kerry (wife’s Heinz fortune) stood to make a bundle on the Buffet buy. Insider trading anyone?

      • Her husband met the fate of the Beast Market when he John Heinz and John Tower within 48 hours, both in small plane incidents. They were on the Senate finance committees and not willing to tank and defraud America. Bye bye!

        Kerry, the bonesman moved right on in to take control. This was after KAL007 was shot down?? Haarped over Russia with congressman Larry McDonald on board. They killed a 747 full of people to take out one guy. McDonald, who was recently on the CROSSFIRE show, spoke of the Socialist agenda which we know as 21 and the invasion of the committee of 300. He was recently slated for President of the Birchers. Bye bye.

        It’s the easiest evidence in a timeline of the draconian congressional legislation and presidential crime spree ever conducted on a sovereign nation.

        All they had to do to the sheeple is dump the opiates freely over the nation, much like the chemtrails.

  7. Fuel retailers to raise petrol, diesel prices

    Watch the food/fuel trickle up steady for summer swelter. Glad I stored a hundred gallons after thanksgiving.

    • The all encompassing totality of this bullshit system is amazing.
      Yes Orly’s mention of the similarities to Nazi Germany are certainly apt.

      All is lost, the People are so stupid they will simply be led to slaughter and will have no idea what is happening. I just bought cigarettes at the store around the corner. The total was, 17.58. I remarked “Oh 1758, several years before the revolution.” The girl behind the counter, 30 something was blank faced. I asked, “do you know what revolution I mean. The one in 1776?” She was baffled. There was a girl of about 18 in line right behind me, I turned to her and said, “1776…ring any bells for you?” She was “like you know…ah, history isn’t my strong point..”
      This is not an isolated incident by any means. I make little inquiries of people all of the time.
      The Amerikan People are as dumb as a bag of rocks.


      • HoHoHo HawHawHeeHee, RogueMeister!

        Um, you’re right. But there’s REE ZONS my friend. But that’s a whole enchilada of another blue color.

        Check this duplicity dance on the heads of the sheeple. Like…if you say it, some one might believe it. Or, “Hey Man, its on the Record. I said it!”

        Get to that last sentence here { Try not to barf! }:

        “bout 35 minutes into the “Fireside Hangout,” Davis and Doren asked the president what his administration can do to honor that increase transparency.

        “In 2008, you ran on a platform of really trying to become one of the most transparent administrations in American history,” Davis said. “However, with recent leaked guidelines regarding drone strikes on American citizens and Benghazi and closed-door hearings on the budget and deficit, it feels a lot less transparent than we all hoped it would be.”

        Nonetheless, Obama declared, “This is the most transparent administration in history. I can document that that is the case.” ~ Obama

        From —

        These Creatures are so off base from REALITY they should be committed.

        Transparent? Yep — WE SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOUR DEVICES!

        Here’s a little more; from David Icke on the “State of the Union” address mess:

  8. Working to Counter Online Radicalization to Violence in the United States -White House Blog

    [The American public increasingly relies on the Internet for socializing, business transactions, gathering information, entertainment, and creating and sharing content. The rapid growth of the Internet has brought opportunities but also risks, and the Federal Government is committed to empowering members of the public to protect themselves against the full range of online threats, including online radicalization to violence.

    Violent extremist groups ─ like al-Qa’ida and its affiliates and adherents, violent supremacist groups, and violent “sovereign citizens” ─ are leveraging online tools and resources to propagate messages of violence and division. These groups use the Internet to disseminate propaganda, identify and groom potential recruits, and supplement their real-world recruitment efforts. Some members and supporters of these groups visit mainstream fora to see whether individuals might be recruited or encouraged to commit acts of violence, look for opportunities to draw targets into private exchanges, and exploit popular media like music videos and online video games. Although the Internet offers countless opportunities for Americans to connect, it has also provided violent extremists with access to new audiences and instruments for radicalization.]

    • That’s a Triple Whopper with Double Cheese there Puddy! Yeah, we’re all so afraid of al-Qa’ida in America. So the U.S. invades, bombs, drones, and expunges “Freedom Bombs” all over the globe in the expensive and derelict “hope” of hitting a few of the CIA-created ghost-devils.

      All the blamming and jamming going on whilst the Homeland (nazi sic) gets raped and pillaged, and made over in the twisted image of a Tyrant’s dream. Our nightmare. A “program” so Obvious that many sleeple are waking up and noticing the fog of war covering the former Republic of freemen and freewomen.

      With the literal damage, and propaganda and fear porn amplified by the NWO controllers and media whores, who even hears or considers All Cicada as anything more than a fart in a distant country across a big wide ocean? I don’t hear Nothing!

      • They just made the link quite clearly in my book. Primetime sheeple and enablers will have no problem seeing our heads blown off by the Dark Knight’s drone armies. We are impeding progress to the NWO and Sun City is on the way.

        • Fat old people in golf carts travel around Sun City. Arizona that it.

          • A whole hell of a lot more going in Arizona than that, a WHOLE LOT MORE! ACTIVE PORTAL and plenty nefarious types to manipulate it just like at mount shasta. Hidden hand is everywhere ..

            • I was just stereotyping for giggles there DT. I’ve got family down there. Too hot and dry for me, they can have it. AZ’s got the cartel coming and going, but at least they’ve got a Sheriff or two who can tell good guys from the bad guys, and God-given natural Rights from an E.O. and the flick of a pen.

            • It’s a native american mormon revenge thing. Nevada, N. Mex and Arizona, AZ has one of the special ^ coordinates. We know it’s coming, can we predict this time on vortex numerology and linear time? I can’t but have wasted hours on their clock. That insures me of ‘useless pooper’ status in the anal model.

            • As per this thread, everytime certain blessed brains of mankind come up with a technology that could be used to “serve” mankind, the twisted demoniac souls weaponize it for dark purposes. You would think humanity would have this script figured out now, and wrest the levers of control out of the dark one’s hands. Nothing, absolutely nothing can be allowed into their hands — money, power, technology, because they will ALWAYS turn it to dark uses.

    • Working to Counter Online Radicalization to Violence in the United States -White House Blog

      So, in tandem with the attack on the 2nd Amendment is this attack on the 1st. And the dribbletwats that are all in a fearful rage over the “gun-nuts” will be all in favor of squashing their own rights to free speech.

      So many heads full of cottoncandy in this country. They deserve the rupture they cry out for so desperately.

      Werph Aucht

      • Wait til it comes back to bite them in their little skinny fanatic keesters. killing babies, assassination, gun-drug-money laundering, insider trading, media lies, and endless intrusions of civil liberties is the liberal platform now, I guess.

        As long as Beyonce keeps lip syncing and the free phones keep coming, it’s all good.

  9. This is great Boomerang!!!! Great post

  10. Cheers Dawnatilla! Stuff like this is interesting to me, and I knew Puddy and Rogue1 would dig it as well. I remember seeing a news report some years back about Dollard. They interviewed him, and he was in a 2nd or higher story apartment. His gear filled the entire apartment, spilling out onto his balcony. Kind of typical for a scientific brain like he possesses to eschew the useless material things most of society puts a high price on. He was totally consumed with his passion back then, and it looks like he is continuing on, even after facing so many setbacks.

    Imagine if humanity really did see cerebrums like this as universal commodities { I mean to say — Blessed Resources, i.e. Gifts to us all } to be protected and funded, their work to be utilized for “Helping” humanity, instead of being co-opted by the military and weaponized, or removed by Oligarchs (Big Oil for instance, or Big Electric, etc.), or murdered by these devils to maintain their monopolies.

    Fund them, and provide them with everything they need, including massive protections of themselves and their work. Then roll the inventions out to humanity. A couple of breakthroughs brought to market/humanity and the end of the Oligarchs might be guaranteed.

    The status quo is what has been keeping mankind down for thousands of years. I believe (with the internet) people are starting to understand this concept, and WHO is doing the Master/Slave board game.

    • Yes indeed Boomer,

      Your original post plus your added commentary is splendid did splendorous words convey and mollify the soul of the freeman.

      This bantersnatch about al Qaeda still yet eleven years past, is the ululation of peccary dickery dits.


  11. I know there are few here so interested in the delicacies of the Constitution as I, but those who might be should read this article by Mr Barnett ‘The Right to Keep and Bear Arms’, from Georgetown University Law Center

    That is; Randy E. Barnett -Georgetown University Law Center

    I have the PDF downloaded to file – so no longer have the URL.
    But the title and name should pull it up for any so interested.
    . . . . . .
    “The people may enjoy well grounded confidence that their personal & domestic rights are secure.” This is the same Language or nearly the same which he used in the (Massachusetts ratification] Convention when he moved for an addition to the proposed Amendments-by inserting a clause to provide for the Liberty of the press-the right to keep arms-Protection from seizure of person & property & the Rights of Conscience.”{89}
    As it turned out, none of these “personal and domestic” rights were included among the amendments proposed by the Massachusetts convention.{90} Would anyone, however, fairly conclude from this omission that the liberty of the press or the right of conscience was supported only by a minority or radical fringe of the population of Massachusetts? More importantly, these two contemporary letters join the ranks of other direct statements about the public meaning of the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms, indicating that the Second Amendment right protected a personal, individual right like the other rights in the Bill of Rights.
    These statements by Nasson and Belknap, along with the previously quoted proposal from the Massachusetts minority, highlight a single fact overlooked by the authors and by others who now base their historical argument on the supposedly military meaning of ” bear arms”; The Second Amendment also protects the right to keep arms. No evidence is presented by the authors to show that “keep” was a military term at all, much less exclusively so.{91} These references to a personal, individual right “to keep arms” are significant, therefore, because even if “bear arms” did have an exclusively military connotation. the individual and nonmilitary right to “keep” arms still colors the meaning of the Second Amendment as a whole, giving it a nonmilitary meaning as well.
    ~Randy E. Barnett -Georgetown University Law Center

    89. Id. (quoting Samuel Adams’s investiture speech as lieutenant governor).
    90. Amendments Proposed by the Massachusetts Convention (Feb. 6, 1788), in CREATING THE BILL Of RIGHTS, supra note 81, at [4, 14-15.
    91.see: UVlLLER &: MERKEL, supra note 1, at 149.


  12. From Georgetown, aye? Whattaya know…

    Y’all might ENJOY this. I did. I can imagine certain real estate requiring a churning and a calving to release a whole lotta pent up poop; ala a core ruption:

  13. He’s much like John Hutchinson who suffered the same fate as Dollard, Tesla and others who threatennd the empire. In the union of humanity these 300 are what’s known as scabs.

  14. Willyloman has this on a post. Its right up the Obvious alley for calling B.S. on Hollywood Propaganda, and the rest of the govt. paid bad actors screwing up a perfectly good planet:

    Below, you will find another farce and dribble down the legs of those who don’t realize they are now naked…Do grok the incrementalism of “Rights creep” seen here with this fetid fig leaf held out to the fear-ridden and hard-ridden sheeple. The Producers should do the grok thing, and figure out that the recent MASSIVE sale of all things that shoot and go Bang were purchased with inflated federal reserve money for the sole reason of “Protection from Bad Guys”. This wide open category includes many of those Bad Actors you’ve been seeing on TV, and reading about in the WSJ, and alt news sites. Interesting, how the Guns & Ammo have left the buildings, they’re not coming back except with a Bang Bang, and these paper pushers think they can garner an audience.

    “Gun ban would protect more than 2,200 firearms”
    By EILEEN SULLIVAN Associated Press The Associated Press
    Saturday, February 16, 2013 6:29 PM EST

    Something else posted at Zen Gardner. Hey! Don’t laugh — your parents, friends, family, and work buddies (if you still have work) probably line up for the Kill Shot!

  15. Great vid1 boomer. I love the holyrood-east/west angle and the boys covered it nicely.

    The gun ban article was excellent as well and should convince everyone it’s not about the guns but another meaningless chaotic frequency to confuse, frighten and divide. It’s all about the triad.

  16. Some Sunday reading material —

    Problem for Humanity (particularly Americans) — Being Hypnotized then Hornswaggled!

    By Whom?

    Kirwan posits some cracks in the metal of the Machine here — ITS SHOWTIME!:

    Time For The Rothschild
    Gang To Pay Damages
    By Dick Eastman
    This also located at vaticproject blog but linked to Rense:


    The Reality of the “TRUE CONSPIRACY” against mankind jumps right out at you! I’d love to see your comments down here…

  18. Thanks Boomer … bravo to Kirwan for that rousing article. I do concur. They are going down. All of a house of cards. The evil Nazi pope is resigning because he’s been exposed to the light of day and like all cockroaches, he must scurry away back into the darkness so as not to be squashed like the insect he is.

    The Vatican ship needs to go down with Pope Rat and all the evil Jesuits


    As for David Icke’s Rothschild presentation, I had seen that about a year ago and was yelling right on! at my That is one of the big reasons I like Icke so much. He covers ALL the bases. He’s not some limited hangout like AJ and some others. Bravo, David.

  19. I appreciate the effort to identify the PINK. It’s not Barry’s team but the Blue teams problem. There’s a shakeup because blue is losing and blue wants to cut some deal. It is most dangerous when the rules of the game are violated.

    Ratz- Vatican are in deep doo-doo, as are the crown jewels. The Red team waited a long time for this tide to turn and they are game for the game. The Pink is what i fear the most on the RISK board because so many of the armies sit on this continent. The Blue are spread thin.

    Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of John Roll, Aurora, SH, Benghazi, F&F and Chris Dorner. Any attempt to derail PINK is handled just like this. So lets discuss it right out front with no bullshit.


  20. Puddy, why don’t you crack the pink shell open for us so we know what you are coloring, and where it is positioned on the Risk board?

    Its hard to stay local when everything is intertwined through most all countries, with corruption, deception, and all the dark colors of psychopathy running together through families, factions, corporations, religions, orders of all sorts of descriptions, etc. Conspiracies wrapped in conspiracies to the XXXth power. Whatta world…

  21. For a deep rabbit hole regarding the faux British “Royalty” take a look at this,

    One might say, “How can I believe any of this?”. Then again, one should say, “Why wouldn’t a majority of this be true?”. So many questions, so many conspiracies, so little time.


  22. This video found on Rense regarding PROOF that the Russian “Meteor” was SHOT DOWN. Looks like proof to me.


    A “meteor”, fireball was reported by my sister at approx. 9:30pm PST on the evening of Thursday, 2-14-13. While driving North (no light pollution there outside the city of Wenatchee, WA 98802) with her daughter, a very large bright “meteor/fireball” overtook their vehicle, coming from behind (south/southwest), and shooting overhead, and onward to the North/Northwest, disappearing as it went over the mountain crest before them (about 2700 ft altitude). I have seen no other reports of this sighting in this locale. I checked the local paper, the Wenatchee World, but found no reports.

    This — “The dazzling 10,000-ton fireball burned brighter than the sun as it unleashed nearly 500 kilotons of energy — a 30-kiloton increase from earlier estimates — throughout Russia’s Urals region Friday at 9:20 a.m. local time (Thursday 10:20 p.m. EST), according to experts”. . The Time Frame roughly corresponds with my sister’s report. Chelyabinsk is 11 hours ahead of me in EST. That would be 8 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time. Interestingly, that would correspond with a 5am Friday time frame for Chelyabinsk. So, I don’t know what’s up with that?

    • And with the Pink Russian soundtrack as well. It makes for a nice Cold Fusion.

        • haute couture there. A pink bow? How “fitting”…with the symbol in the middle depicting something deleterious to humanity I suspect.

  23. The Pink? Islam, Communism, Homosexual agenda, Feminism, Race war, MK-Ultra and children. It’s a universal movement by the committee. What they are targeting here is clear and I have posted the G^6 point program a dozen times. The Pink is symbolic in each of the above.

    That article by the health ranger is just like all of the Jones crew’s product. It only addresses the aim but they fall short everytime of calling the spade a spade. A Hoax. In this case Giffords was not shot at all. She was a bait for the Arizona movement to set the state model for dozens of states. The Pink was not going to allow something that made sense and would serve as reinforcement of state rights and citizen sovereignty to muck up the plan.

    So was Aurora a hit or a warning to CO? A labor of LIBOR? When does the intention of the agenda become clear? There are no states beginning with the letter B.

    Review your history. Look to the NAU documentation. Atlanta and Denver. Remember the centennial park bomb event? We all remember Columbine. Remember Bill Clinton, Janet Reno and Eric Holder?

    I remember. I remember GHW Bush holding the strings to the Reagan marionette. I remember Holder doing the same thing with Reno with Clinton’s support.

    Phase. Stop Perot. Push WTO. Sign NAFTA. Create the WOT strawman bin-illusion. Foreign: Kosovo Pink.

    Phase. Ignore the strawman,. Create domestic threat (Ruby Ridge, Waco, WTC 1) A triad with multiple opportunities. OK City FBI like Bldg 7 insured the destruction of evidence being built against the case of the PINK. It’s not black swans, numerology, but a elimination of a threat. OK City would have been carried out in Denver or Atlanta had it been there the investigators had been working.

    Phase. GW Bush and the foreign WOT. Invade, plunder and kill. ‘How the Pink sacrificed Iraqi’s’. Create the anti empire model. GW did a fine job with Dicks help and a team of Pro Israeli empire players. KILL ARAFAT! create the Palestinian strawman and further divide and conquer with a series of empire mass killings. Again the events of Gladio and Al_CIAda required assassinations and attacks specifically targeting problems within the ranks. Afghanistan PINK

    Phase. Barry Pink Soetoro. AFRICOM. Sharia transition. While largely ignored the PINK was working in several regions with empire players to develop a number of civil and religious cleansings. Mumbai and Benghazi Pink.

    Moving old Cold War players out. Feet first if necessary. What has Congress become? You are either with us or against us. Remember the infamous GW Bush comment?

    The PINK is the Flesh!

  24. Excellent, Captain. This synopsis clarifies your thoughts on the subject and direction. I urge you to simply start a new thread with this exact info above, plus a few tasty pics, and a scandalous gravatar to boot.

    We love it when you fan the plans of shit and hit the pigs’ eye! This would be a dandy way to commemorate the pResident’s day offal and start off the week.

  25. HEY MAN! Gas prices at the local Ingles grocery outlet are NOW $3.56/gal.!

    They jumped about $.20/gal. over the last 5 days. In the last 3-4 weeks, they’ve jumped up around $.40/gal. — that’s an 11% INCREASE!

    Anybody’s wages jumping up in tandem? “If” you have a job.



    Note, that it is The People who are defrauded and bilked. The Bank (a Bail-Out Recipient) “pays” a fine to Whom? The U.S. Gov’t? No heads roll — at all. Let me get this straight then. The U.S. gov’t gets “paid off” with about $1 Billion dollars of funds, which will of course be untrackable to We The People. How many “pay offs” occur with this large sum of money to “agents” profiting off of this supposed “fine” against RBS? Will this fine go directly to the USA’s monstrous DEBT? Of course not! This is just another example of Mafia-style crony-capitalism between government & banks. A bordello of whores. Also, the “fine” represents a miniscule percentage of the Profits RBS “earned” while criminally fixing the LIBOR rate, along with other financial criminality.

    So…money changes hands, nobody goes to jail, and the next Bail-Out will just replenish RBS for this pittance of a hand slap. Yeah — that’s about it you piece of shit legislators, regulators, and government criminals. Justice Dept. my chapped ass!

    • “HEY MAN! Gas prices at the local Ingles grocery outlet are NOW $3.56/gal.!”~Boomer

      “Let them eat beans” ~Marie Bayonet


  26. I got stash at 2.89gal. Emergency-Emergency-Emergency

    Hey Rogue, look at the cost of beans. up 3.2% and climbing. Higher in EU.

    Great buy on GMOS this week

    The following are the prices of major advertised items (3,000 plus stores) this week compared to the same week last year. Fruit items that increased
    in price were red seedless grapes at 69%, D’Anjou pears at 22%, gala apples (per lb) at 15%, red delicious apples (per lb) at 14%, plums at 13%, Fuji
    apples (per lb) at 11%, yellow flesh peaches at 10%, yellow flesh nectarines at 9%, and navel oranges (each) at 6%. Fruit that decreased included
    cantaloupes (each) at 28%, pineapples at 17%, strawberries (1 lb pkg) at 11%, and blueberries (1 pint) at 8%. Potatoes that decreased in price
    included 5 pound bags of russets at 18%. Increases in vegetables included plum tomatoes at 21%, mixed salads 10-12 ounces at 15% and 5-9 ounces
    at 8%, and baby peeled carrots (1 lb pkg) at 4%. Decreases in vegetables include sweet potatoes at 11%, round green beans at 7%, and red peppers
    (per lb) at 5%.

    Yum yum

  27. Uh…you didn’t mention the cost of ammo & guns going up 3x.

    HeeHeeHoHo thanks Oblammo!

    Oh, what was that “fine” again on BP? Whose heads rolled? Etc. freaking etc…

  28. Point well made! Puddy paints the Pink “Symbolism” for us all!

    That’s really good stuff maestro. Time to start a PINK thread.

    • Islam-Jew-Christian – end all religion. We can pick the players in each camp utilizing the strategies of General Tzu. ^6x6x6^ All Masonic controlled since the illuminati was conceived. Step by step they have in Khazar style spread into the centers of influence in theological, Political and Market centers.

      Intermarrying the bloodlines and sometimes out of the bloodline. with half-breeds like Clinton and Bush. Pilgrims and Fabians. Putin is a thoroughbred like the Abdulaziz al Saud group. They hate the half-breeds but fear the Pharaohs and their bankers who own NATO and everything it encompasses. The are the real steering committee for Israel and Iran. ie. dog and pony….


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