Posted by: kornisking | February 14, 2013

Hoedown Tonight !

I thought I would bring a little Tejana to yall so yall can see why we love Texas and the way things were,and still are in some out of the way places.

oldbarn 2

Take our electricity away,thats okay. Got no gasoline or diesel fuel,I got a big fine mule. No food on the shelves, we can feed ourselves.

DIY is SOP for some of us SOB´s.

Pigweed is edible,get it young and tender. Lime or lemon juice,bacon,pepper and a dusting of cayenne,yum.

Sparrows are a delicacy in Japan, I prefer a wild turkey they have more meat.

Its all in how you look at it and what you think you cant live without. Basics are the best,forget the rest.

oldbarn 1



  1. Good for you KornMan! Points are well taken. Most of the material in the material world is superfluous. I bet the night sky is awesome, when there’s no chemtrails! Use your cannon and grapeshot for drones. Boom Bsssttt pfttt.

  2. Looks kinda dry Korny. What do u do when the well runs dry?

    • Fish for fish skeletons.

  3. Mesquite and flat as far as you can see. Nice place for a Russian fake meteorite to land. Popkorn, no butter. Keep yer eye on the sky coto.

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