Posted by: jerseyg | February 13, 2013

Burn Baby Burn

Start listening at about 1:20… what do YOU hear?



  1. Yeah, at about 1:20 on this video, they discuss going with the “Burn” PLAN and more as they DO IT…

    It is obvious they had a plan in place to burn out dorner, or burn down the place on top of him, or burn the evidence, or burn it for a decoy to something else going on. Any which way its turned, it was always going to burn.

    So…WE must acknowledge this is SOP, standard operating procedure for this particular Op. Now what?

    • Waco redux mini-theater.

      Absolutely disgusting – murder by arson by the state.
      What a cowardly futher mucking situation.

      Das Amerika


  2. They seem to be burying one false flag with another so quickly now. Their plan is to confuse and terrify the populace. When will the sheeple notice what they are up to is the question.

  3. Vatic Master has a whole string of articles relevant to this latest Op. From Sandy Hook to 9/11, to Khazars, to you name it. Go there, scroll to get the gist of each article

    Also, Scott Creighton is sleuthing on this Dorner Op —

  4. That was the easiest prediction ever. 3-9-6 or 6-9-3, there was reason for this hoax, hit or whistleblower. And once again sacrifices had to be made. It gave the
    CIC 393 the power he needed to get through his performance on SOTU and the continuing soap for the masses.

    I am hopeful the masses are snapping out of it even if they cower to the goons and there eventual takeover.

  5. I feel bad for these people who are targeted….:(

  6. So do I. This character Dorner appears to be a happy adjusted fellow. Likely was. Imagine he was capped a month ago and the loose witnesses or problems were taken care of with 4 other hits. Then they tossed his carcass in this random cabin and wired for fire. A simple blasting cap and incendiary substance.

    I cant figure out the rgb round talk in the scanner chatter. 22 round gold remington? LED? What’s the deal?

    • “Imagine he was capped a month ago and the loose witnesses or problems were taken care of with 4 other hits.”

      That’s a good hypothesis Puddy. Makes sense since the rig of marrows don’t add up other than ending as a snuff film.

      I read a story of another ex-cop who supposedly died in a fire like this.
      The truth was he was tortured to death and literally had his hands and feet cut off and was skinned alive long before the fire took place.

      This was something I read on one of those Patriot network sites back in 2000.

      The ‘Bad Guys’ are monsters here…people simply cannot imagine it.


      • I imagine this assassination list thing started after Abel and Cain and it has become such a common occurrence that it is second nature and each CIC and High Priest or Priestess has certain fetishes. Barry Soetoro may like drones, Romney, assault rifles and Dianne Feinstein like the burn. I think Bush liked downed aircraft and his daddy slow poison plutonium.

        Maybe we should start a list.

        • Dick Cheney, the early years

  7. Christopher Dorner’s mum dined while watching shootout on TV

    Thanks Oz.

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