Posted by: dawnatilla | February 13, 2013



  1. Splidgemungus squattadingloids… why not just fry the MK-Pie and gittit o’er with???



  2. Christopher Dorner’s mum dined while watching shootout on TV

    Thanks Oz.

    • Wow. So I wonder what was really going. On. In that surveillance. Video of him?

  3. Here’s a good follow up to this posting.

    • going to watch now…

    • this from youtube comment:

      Paul McGaugh 8 hours ago

      A few weeks ago an army of 20-30 police, including helicopter, was sent to my 70 yr old neighbor’s home. After a 5 hr standoff, the man exited the home, followed by his wheelchair bound wife, and shouted “Go ahead and kill me!”. Believe it or not, no arrest was made. My only assumption is it was designed to send a message to the community. The crazy thing is shortly afterwards my county asked for a tax hike to hire more police. Amazingly it passed following the layoff of 1,000 teachers.

      • connect-connect-connect

        no lessons here just enforcement. -CSCOPE-
        transformation, the term for all thing NWO
        enjoy the remaining days!

        • I’m with the whole ” beginning is near” crowd 🙂

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