Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 12, 2013

Petrus Romanus Prophecy of the Popes

Speculation on pope’s successor turns to Africa, Latin America

Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to resign has rekindled debate within the Catholic Church and worldwide speculation about the possibility that the church will reach beyond the European clergy who have long held power in the Vatican to choose the next pope.

With an eye to vibrant Catholic communities in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, the Sacred College of Cardinals may weigh the pros and cons of selecting the next pope from another continent.

Here are cardinals believed to be possible choices: read more

      Petrus Romanus  3/^9^\6

The Winds of 2011 -Predictions – PD

The Chinook

In response to this staging, the first of the World Charismatics will surface. Obama will join this event as will other leaders including Pope Benedict and other religious and Monarchical figures will present to the world in a series of vassalage and mind controlled programs.  I believe it will be a media circus of unprecedented efforts and include OWN:Oprah Winfrey Network, TBN: Trinity Broadcast Network and RFE: Radio Liberty.

This event will be aided by the increase in Christian/Muslim religious bombings and tensions that will unite the world effort for continued acceptance of United Nations Genocide under Agenda 21 and Genesis projects for world authority and austerity. This figure will come to the forefront from parts unknown but will be of Latin or Indian ethnicity. Mystery will be the call word.

The Apotheosis ~ Predictions 2012

There will be the cosmic event from last year again in South America and another move by the Vatican to call for a global political authority and one will emerge from the continent to bring about the NAU.

Enter the False Prophet Charismatic with Obamacare


Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson

[Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson of Ghana is an African prelate seen as a top contender, and at 64 would be better positioned than older candidates to carry on the doctrine of John Paul II and Benedict XVI through what could be a time of growing Catholic influence in the developing world. Currently president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Turkson has spent much of his career in religious academia. He has a doctorate in sacred scripture and has been a professor at St. Teresa’s Seminary in his home country as well as vice rector at St. Peter’s Seminary. His negative views on the merits of using condoms to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, though, have alienated reformists within the church. In 2009, he reaffirmed the church’s position against contraception, urging abstinence and fidelity instead.]

Francis Arinze of Nigeria

[Francis Arinze of Nigeria was considered a strong possibility to succeed Pope John Paul II in 2005 and has emerged again in the speculation over who will follow Benedict XVI. A former prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments, he served as a key advisor to Pope John Paul II and succeeded Benedict as Cardinal Bishop of Velletri-Segni in 2005. Arinze became the youngest bishop in the world in 1965 when he was ordained and assigned to prepare to become Archbishop of Onitsha, a post he assumed two years later. Now 80, Arinze may be considered too old to head the Vatican, especially in the wake of Benedict’s short tenure.]

Odilo Pedro Scherer

[Odilo Scherer, 63, a Brazilian of German descent, is head of the Vatican Department for Eastern Churches and archbishop of the massive Sao Paolo diocese, the world’s largest Catholic congregation. He could be considered the front-runner if the cardinals choose to recognize Latin America’s strength within the church, a region encompassing 42% of the world’s Catholics. Made a cardinal by Benedict less than six years ago, Scherer has urged the church hierarchy to more vigorously practice evangelism and has spoken favorably of liberation theology’s focus on social justice and the needs of the poor.]

I have reviewed all the posted candidates and the others. There is such a deep connection to all and the current Agenda for COTO. There obviously was a major focus on AFRICOM  for me. But as we have seen the series of vassalage and mind controlled programs I alluded to in 2011 with all the hoaxes, stagings from EMP’s, XXX Games, mass shootings and now the Black Knight Dormer.

The prophesy states Peter the Roman but I pass on the obvious Black Knight for the Project “Paperclip” German Brazilian in Scherer. Pedro or the archaic Pêro is a masculine given name. It is a Portuguese, Galician and Spanish form of the name Peter, which is derived, via Latin “petra” and therefore fits that point.

But the numbers say him as well. From birth date to age to dates, he fits the vortex model  for person. The Gregorian model I still cannot decipher under the vortex model and therefore my dates for predictions are far off base.

Pedro fits the anti-white model, the South American merging into the NAU and controls the destiny of the USA.  It fits the mystery of the Obama Conundrum for me, and based upon my prediction for South American event I am going with Scherer. Civil war, race war, universal uprising with the slaughter of whites and Christians plays well in this prophesy. Time to get Charles Manson out of jail and get him on talk radio. He never personally killed anyone, did he?

We live in interesting times and they will continue to become more interesting soon. The vortex is.,0,406999.story


  1. Yes yes yes Puddy,

    This was my very first though reading about the abdication yesterday…

    …Petrus Romanus

    Things are definitely spookywooky cosmic wanko here.

    A plague of WTF’s


  2. Boomer just published “Welcome to the Shearing Zone!” Did he know how deep the shearing would go? For Christians it’s to the quick I fear. Dom Odílio Pedro Scherer, who in German means the one who cuts the wool of sheep.

    It may be Ratz and this guy who decide the conclave conspiracy.


    • Where’s the copter twirly part on Petrol Romanoid’s beanie??

      How can he fly without his copter beanie???

      Ain’t he the flyin’ nun’s squeeze???

      I wanna refund on my ticket to the rezzierection…

      Fuckleberry Hen izza paintin’ agin


      • Its a blessing not a fearsome thing. ( Christians, Clippers, and veil lifting) The longer the hold on illusion the longer ascension is delayed. More war Morris bullshit. More NOT connecting to Source! ! Let the shearing begin yesterday!! Heehee

  3. omg u guys! the synchronicity of topics is astounding. I was just reading about all this…not astounding, unless u realise this has happened like five times yesterday. Good morning from the Golden State!!!

    • Hello to our little hepatic honey pot in Bohemian Grove.

      • last night it was the Hellfire Club! a friend texts me from another state out of the blue and asks “:what do you know about the Hellfire Club?” and I was just finishing up a three hour read on it….ha!

      • Is that true Puddy?

        St Peter’s was struck by lightning on the 11th???



  4. I am aware of the depth of the “shearing”, Puddy. Not fearful however. These times have been prophesied as you are more than aware. It is interesting for me to grok your take on the schema. Info hound that I am.

    “Pedro or the archaic Pêro is a masculine given name”. In Spanish it means “dog”.

    I may add to this thread some more relevant items in the future. Busy at present with other things. How do you like your “gray” sky today? I think some Vaticanites may play the HAARP well. What do you think?

    Anyways, we can play Who’s Who with this subject, but like Obama, it is the undertones that raise up their demonic choices as figureheads.

    As Rome states, that “Rome Never Changes” { see: / /}, we can expect the “expected” from her… We could cap this Obvious statement with this, read it to the end: .

    • Boomer,

      Petrus means stone – or rock in Latin , Petrus Romanus simply means the ‘rock of Rome’. Peter means the same thing – “rock”

      I thought Pedro meant father in Spanish…?? A derivative of Padre?


      • Prophecy shmofecy .why is it only war.mongering elitist sum get the whole “our plans are TO BE!! IT IS PROPHESIED!” WELL guess what WE TOO CREATE OUR REALITY . WHAT IS PROPHESIED IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE CURRENT MOMENT. Humanity has a say in this. That’s the motherfucking prophecy, excuse my French . On Feb 16, 2013 2:25 AM, “COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS” wrote:

        > ** > hybridrogue1 commented: “Boomer, Petrus means stone – or rock in Latin > , Petrus Romanus simply means the ‘rock of Rome’. Peter means the same > thing – “rock” I thought Pedro meant father in Spanish…?? A derivative of > Padre? \\[?]//”

  5. Haqing the Drill. Watch the handlers

    • “That’s fine that’s perfect thank you…”

      Oz never really gave a heart to the tin man…
      He just left him standing in the rain


  6. Act Three: Appears Mr. Dorner will be burned beyond recognition in the cabin blaze where law enforcement or SWAT was instructed to destroy all evidence. They will not require a ME like Carver to dance too much on this hoax. Well boys and girls the moral of this story is that crime pays.

  7. “Inform and Influence Activities”

    Translated: Under the “inform” element, commanders will be responsible for keeping not only their own troops aware of what is going on and why, but also U.S. audiences “to the fullest extent possible,” the manual states. Commanders abroad will be required to inform their foreign audiences, balancing disclosure with protecting operations.

    The “influence” part is limited to foreign populations, where, according to the manual, the goal is to get them to “support U.S. objectives or to persuade those audiences to stop supporting the adversary or enemy.”|MISO_war/24195/0/0/0/Y/M.html

  8. CNN Cuts Live Feed of Dorner Standoff: Special Report

    • We all know ( most anyway) that this is just another damn psy op !!! Is it not a fools game to decide which of the stories are real, isn’t it only REASONABLE to deduce that ALL the crap flowing from the horses mouth is CRAP…NOT just SOME of it? That’s how I see it. On Feb 12, 2013 5:03 PM, “COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS” wrote:

      > ** > Puddy Dunne commented: “CNN Cuts Live Feed of Dorner Standoff: Special > Report > > “

  9. Like these Corporate Constitutional Killers, more killings will keep popping off for nary a reason nor motive — but rather to bolster the Fear, Showcase the Killings and Killers, and provide the obvious Solution = Guns are evil, and must be removed from the citizens of the Constitutional Republic. For Satan’s Sake, “they’re CRAZY”!

    Folks are already commenting on the timing of this with the State of the Retired Union speech, now backed off to 9pm, so the cabin will be burned up good, and talking points worked into the teleprompter tabloid tales.

    Cutting OFF the TV FEED from these twisted psycho killers is the best idea.

  10. “TV viewing leads to lower sperm counts…”

    Is that like Count Jackula?
    The Marque Da Slapulator?
    The Duke of Spurtingham?
    The Earl of Spankinsquirrel?
    A Royal Splash…???

    1-2-3-4 Do you want a little more
    5-6-7-8-9-10 I’ll glove you {~The Bee Atlas]


  11. In COTO connect the dots we look at the timing and opportunities of the dialectic and triads.

    So I ask you all about the pontiff and conclave, look to the Brazilian candidates Scherer and Parolin and then connect to the SOTU address from Barry, (who’s your daddy) Soetoro and the immigration banter, which was followed by the right wing response from traitor/spies Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio.

    When the SHTF, the bogus debt swindle will merge the two wings into a North American Union and a further push for economy to go into the tank. Watch the sidewalk salesmen come out on this. Now lets see what the Vatican assassins come up with to destroy bible and gun huggers.

    Any excuse to make borders the prison bars of our incarceration. I remember the saying to watch out you might get what you wish for. Drones will replace or reducecommercial air travel, Obama’s high speed rail will be FEMA to FEMA working city gulag transportation and the wetlands will be all federal land where we pick the elites fruit and vegetables.

    I laughed out loud when Barry said he has lowered the illegal crossing to it’s lowest point in 40 years. Why would any intelligent Mexican come here for no job? Fast & Furious pays them to stay there and depopulate innocent citizens with drug money proceeds. I think it’s time we formed a posse and went over the border to get our cash cows. Then hang the rustlers and horse thieves like Holder. Cómo salir adelante!

    • Have you heard of the absolutely absurd Drone Awards ? No joke!

  12. A posse…YES, that’s what WE the People need. Lots o’ rope, lots of long rifles and ammo, a People’s Court, serious righteous indignation and attitude, a cynical view on “everything” that comes out of the mouths of the perpetraitors…and a cable and TV viewing audience to see how real investigations are conducted, how justice is really done, and how accountability and “time or penalties that fit the crimes” cleans the corrupt kitchen of this Republic.

    For a bit of satire — read Rappaport’s missive on the Shobomba Status Report:

    • Johns not a happy camper. The sing-a-long by congress was a fine performance. The standing ovations and propaganda exploitations of shot cops, 102 year old women voters and Gabby (no shot) Giffords was the usual dog and pony.

      “Too many SH’s., too many Tuscons, too many Aurora’s, too many hoaxes Barry! You lose.

    • Yea Boom Rappopirt shagged the Criminal in Chief with his latest.

      Loved it, thanks for doin’ the URL thingy to it…

      Boy do I have an idiot on the hook over at T-S..watching it squirm.
      It is amazing what lunatic tripe comes from these academiacs.

      This one is going to the queue next:
      , ,, , ,

      If you insist to continue here, giving full testimony, that you are a complete idiot, in this forum open to the eyes of the whole world – please continue. I will oblige in assisting you to do so.

      I think it valuable that your preposterous assertions are seen for what they are; utter lunacy.

      You are trapped in that twilight world where your shadows dance with themselves…


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