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Dual US currencies

I thought it would be useful to provide a direct translation of what Benjamin Fulford wrote in Nihon ni kakerareta saigo no baburu (The final bubble unleashed on Japan, issued by Gentaro Osawa, printed in Japan, published by Seishun Shuppansha) to make clear what is actually being claimed, which an unrelated source has confirmed to be true.  There is no English version, and it is probable that the author is fluent in Japanese.  I started checking him out  and found his Wikipedia page had been deleted within the previous 24 hours by someone named Malik Shabazz, reason: A7: Article about a real person, which does not indicate the importance or significance of the subject.  Considering the amount of recent activity reported by Google on questions of who he is, that is an incredible claim.  Google was still able to provide this summary of that article:

“Benjamin Screaton Fulford is a Canadian journalist living in Japan. He was born in a diplomat’s family. His great-grandfather is George Taylor Fulford. In the early 1980s he went to Japan to study at Sophia University.”  End of quote

From p. 92 of his most recent book, issued on Feb. 1, 2013, he states:

“As a result, in the world today there exist two kinds of US dollars.  They are, “dollars that can be used as international currency” and “dollars that can only be used within America.”  The truth is that since the 2008 financial crisis, the dollars issued by the FRB and circulating in the US are being rejected by various countries as an international currency.

“In fact, this has really happened.  A friend of mine went to America on vacation, purchasing dollar bills after arrival.  He had planned to go immediately to Canada, and he thought it would save trouble finding people who could exchange his money.  He was able to use those dollars in Canada with no difficulty, but when he tried to exchange the remainder in Japan, they were rejected and he was told, ‘These cannot be used.’

“There was nothing visibly different about the bills; the discrimination was probably based on the serial numbers.”

[In fact, this point was confirmed by our friend, Hayato Nakamura, who actively engages in international commerce.  He said the serial numbers of the valid bills had different prefixes, and even mentioned what they were, but I didn’t write it down.  He’s currently in Myanmar.]

“China and Russia Minimizing Their Use of Dollars

“As I have written in the past, in order for you to see the reason for the two types of dollars, I need to explain the little-known hidden structure of the financial world heretofore.

“From long ago, the US dollar could not be considered merely an American currency, but US dollars have been printed or operations have been conducted in which US dollars were entered as numbers in bank computers in countries, organizations and regions outside of America.  Currently, there exist 252 regions and organizations (including national governments) that are authorized to do that.

“For example, if Japan had a trade surplus with America, the difference in dollars could be printed in Japan or entered into a computer.  When this occurred, a way of marking the new notes would be put into effect using the serial numbers as a code through which dollars recognized as international currency could be distinguished from those not recognized.

“The FRB, however, began issuing dollars in defiance of these rules, and so a fierce battle has erupted among interests of the powers-that-be and is spreading.

“What is a particular problem is the 13 trillion dollars issued by the FRB since the financial crisis.  As I have discussed previously, an upper limit of $16.4 trillion has been placed on US government debt, so if this $13 trillion were entered in the accounting ledgers as normal, it would result in economic pandemonium.  Supposing these excess dollars were added to the dollars currently in circulation worldwide, and this was divided by the value of America’s real economy, one dollar would be worth no more than 0.03 cents.”

End of translation

There is more here that my husband is urging me to look at, but other work calls urgently (believe it or not), so I will add it to the comments later.

Meanwhile, here is another interesting recent post from Benjamin Fulford regarding events in the orient.  I’m not sure what to make of him yet.  He reminds me of David Icke.  I have, however, confirmed that the dollars in circulation in America are being rejected in Japan, and this is reportedly widespread now.



  1. I think 3 cents is a pretty liberal evaluation of our NWO Wise-hopped stamped fiat shizig. Good to see You back Patty ! The house of cards econmy actually went belly up in 2008 but is being held up by under-wires and drinking straws. Its a pretty good bet that it will hit the fan real soon. The founding fathers said “gold and silver coin shall be legal tender for payment of debts” but we dont heed good advise now,do we ?

  2. Yes I was following this on the first thread about Fulford.

    Yea Korny’s right the big belly-up was in 2008, and it’s been smoke and mirrors from then on.

    The 3 cent buying power of the dollar is obvious to anyone over fifty years old. A pack of cigarettes that went for a quarter when I was young costs close to six dollars a pack now. As I splain to everybody I know…prices are not going up – the buying power of US currency is going down.

    When the shit finally hits the fan, this will be when there will be rebellion by those who cannot get by in the “austerity” driven society. Thus the desperate attempt to disarm or bring about an excuse for martial law that is boiling right now.

    The Shock Doctrine will bring with it Shock Troops.

    Oye oye poopiepapers…the clock tick tick ticks like its had a jab of meth.

    Any morning now, we could wake up to utter mudder mayhem.

    Thanks for the Asia report Patty.


  3. The good ol days of 6 cents is gone.

    My six sense tells me the pope is getting out of the pedophile protection racket and Ratz requested the iron out and the cat in. It’s all in the game of thrones, risk and monopoly, Bishop to Queens Knight three.

    Japan and China could have made a deal but they seem to estranged and it’s not looking good. Pat, I’m labeling Japan a hotspot. Stay safe and keep us posted on this. It’s getting wild in the west but strange there as well.

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