Posted by: veritytwo | February 8, 2013

She’s alive… She’s Beautiful… She’s Hurting



  1. Zen Gardner

    [I’m a real skeptic with any of these so-called environmental groups as so many are controlled NWO fronts. However, there are some wonderful people fighting for our planet’s heath that are unwittingly contributing to this final wrong goal, as is the case with so many in our world.

    I wasn’t sure whether to post this, but it’s quite beautiful if you take it at face value.

    Also, it doesn’t begin to touch on the big issues of geoengineering, the nuclear and oil disasters, GMOs, big pharma and the like, but it’s beautifully done and a touching tribute to Gaia and those who’ve selflessly fought to bring loving and caring sanity into our frenzied, greed-driven world. – Zen]

    (Hat tip: Fabian)

    This is a non-commercial attempt to highlight the fact that world leaders, irresponsible corporates and mindless ‘consumers’ are combining to destroy life on earth. It is dedicated to all who died fighting for the planet and those whose lives are on the line today. The cut was put together by Vivek Chauhan, a young film maker, together with naturalists working with the Sanctuary Asia network (

  2. She also happens to be ascending. We will go with her on the ride, if we can take it. Silly humans, you can’t kill a planetary consciousness!! Did you know. Too can help heal earth from the comfort. Of your own home? Its a good thing to know that Earth can feel and hear all humn emotion?if everyone took the time every day , just ten minutes, even five, touch bare feet to earth, and FEEL how you love her and appreciate her, you extend that to the same way that you would with ANYTHING you FEELING t in your heart and passing it on, This does way more than pointless rallying against George Soros Money and land Grabs in the name of a squirrel somewhere ! Thank you for thinkng of MOM. 

  3. In the current paradigm, we’re the cancerous growth. This is how she’s healing herself

  4. Diversity is a natural defense mechanism. 🙂

    Btw- I don’t think “we” are the cancerous growth at all, the cancer is in the minds of the few, the few who have managed to gain control of the system and corporations responsible for the shit we’re in.

    Just my opinion, cauz “we” includes “me” and “I” am not a cancer on this earth, I have a veggie patch 🙂

  5. We is who I include myself into what Paul Hawken is talking about here. I also see the few being outed. Good to see others such as yourself stepping up to the plate and making your views known

  6. I understand your “we” .. hehe Hey nice Hurricane in your gravatar 🙂

    • I’m an airport troll. This one just happened to have to land with mechanical issues on it’s way back from a show.

      • haha, you are like me. I have a habit of lingering around airports too. Aircraft freak I am.

        • I live on an airport out here in the rubarb patch. Got one flyable and another I’m putting together that’s not too far from going. Ya know, most pilots are afraid of height

          • Wow.. im jealous! Never got around to getting my full pilots license. Had about 5 introductory flight lessons tho & having another in couple weeks! 🙂 Keep getting them as gifts. lol

            • Good time to score a machine with people dumping their toys. Homebuilts are the way to go here in this country. Makes it way more affordable. In the US, there’s a new category of licence called light sport pilot licence that’s much easier to get than even a private pilots licence. . Many of the classic aircraft fit that class of machine and can be re-licensed as Light Sport. Checkout Barnstormers Aircraft For Sale. I buy and sell stuff there, it’s a regular scroungers smorgasbord there for planes and parts. Enjoy.

  7. Veri…thanks for this “touching tribute to Gaia” …she needs and deserves to have her warriors re awoken from time to time

  8. Beautiful video… thanks V 🙂

    • Thought that one would be well received. With all the darkness around, a ray of light and a breath of fresh air is always welcoming

  9. This is one that’s come my way several times now, probably viewed by many here on C1 but what the hey. One more time around. The shear scale of this event is mind boggling

  10. Mother earth is definitely changing at an increased rate. Apparently while the nth pole is shifting rapidly and breaking up the sth pole in increasing in ice mass.

  11. I watch this guys 2 minutes news every morning 🙂

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