Posted by: boomerangcomesback | February 7, 2013

Sandy Hook Was Missing Kids Alright!

Yesterday, I picked my son up at his elementary school. Normally, my wife does, so the “scene” was new to me, because I had to go inside to sign in, and get him. This school only has 340 children enrolled. They call the kids names out over walkie talkies so they’ll come to the front door of the school, and wait to walk out when released to their parent’s waiting cars. So, a queue of about 30 kids blocks the front door area on and off for 30-40 minutes as kids are picked up. The hallway was lined with kids of different ages, sitting on the floor against the wall. One little boy crying loudly, others talking, bickering, doing as kids do. It was quite a production, a very noisy and fluid environment, even though a controlled situation.

I thought of Sandy Hook — and the lack of any photos or videos depicting what I was seeing and experiencing around me. Nothing screams HOAX like ZERO evidence of what 600 freaked out kids in a panic situation would look like. The photo ops would be everywhere around you. The SCENE would have been entirely different than that sold as reality. You can look at elementary school fire drill videos or whatever all you want. Maybe you have kids in elementary school? After visiting my kid’s school yesterday, I would say a Giant Smoking Gun of Sandy Hook is all that WASN’T THERE! Think about it…

In the video below you’ll see what it looks like when an elementary school “evacuation drill” occurs. Just scan through it, and notice how many children filter out, and are standing around outside.

That’s quite a bit of area they take up, aye? Did you notice the procession out of the school? How orderly that appeared?

Now imagine what mayhem would have happened at Sandy Hook with supposedly 600 students?! Crowds of little kids would be everywhere, wailing and crying in large groups. It would have been quite a scene don’t you think? Well…did you ever SEE anything that looked like it should have looked? I have not.

Here’s a description of what transpired on the video above. Its underneath the video on YouTube:

Uploaded on Apr 25, 2011

If the siren sounds for real, Bountiful Elementary will be ready.

Principal Ross Quist wanted to try a different approach to the school’s annual evacuation drill with a goal of having 90-95 percent of the students delivered to their parents in less than two hours. His method: use and share the cell phones students and teachers already have to contact parents. An additional twist: the school would not involve any outside help from the PTA.

“I think it went really smooth. I liked how organized it was,” said parent Marla Keller. “When the real thing’s going to happen, we’ll know what to do and it’s not mass chaos.”

The evacuation started with a standard fire drill. All students and faculty evacuated to the field behind the school. Immediately, the school district’s All Call system contacted parents at home to let them know the drill was in progress and to pick up their children.

Students then moved in rows to a nearby tennis court. In conjunction with the All Call, students began making phone calls to their parent’s cell and work phones to help speed up the response time.

Parents signed in at the north gate of the tennis court and then picked up their children at the south gate. The process helped teachers keep track of each student in their class.

Following the drill, Quist said his expectations were exceeded as 95 percent of the students were evacuated within the first hour”.

Would Sandy Hook have looked more like this school’s fire drill? These kids are pretty orderly. Certainly nothing like 600 kids in this school though:



  1. ” I would say a Giant Smoking Gun of Sandy Hook is all that WASN’T THERE!”

    Agreed. The sanitized footage does not cut it.

    • Wandered so far from home again aye Ms Poppins?


  2. Reblogged this on USA ZORROZ PRESS ~ GOD BLESS THE WORLD.

  3. Appreciate your comment Senor, and “Hi!” thanks for reading Ms. Sobol.

    Even elementary school kids have cell phones (oddly enough?). Where are all of those cell phone call transcripts and recordings? By now, they’ll all be “faked”.

    • That is an excellent observation. Amazing what the US public falls for. Overseas, they are not likely to see it either. They are not involved. But there is less resistance to critiques of the information presented, if they reach the people. The news here just mentioned a former cop sacked for filing a “false report” somewhere in the US, LA it looked like. I wasn’t paying the tube enough attention to get any details (and there were probably precious few anyway), but they found his burnt out car up in the hills. That just screams out at anyone with a grain of awareness.

      • We are happy to see you Patricia. We were hoping you were well and that the Russians had not invaded your neck of the woods 🙂

        I concur with all said. It appears the LA sniper from DC will go a long way on the gun grab campaign and it was tailor made for focus on assault weapons and police/military. They don’t miss a beat but the ability for sheeple to connect the dots is still a mystery to me.

      • Hey Patricia.. so good to see you:)

  4. Two interesting videos regarding this topic:

    1.) Photographer getting harrassed, and flipped off…

    2.) A compedium of ALL the cell phone videos from people around Sandy Hook…

    • ***** RKAE

      Purple shirts = Mormons. ‘The revenge.’ It’s a game and the rules are what we determine here. Excellent footage. No Nazi-like, so familiar.

      • I think it’s more along the lines of something LIKE Mormons… something we haven’t heard of yet.

        The CIA set up Jonestown as both a smuggling and money-laundering operation as well as a controlled research experiment with mind control.

        That was 30 years ago. Their knowledge has increased considerably.

        In my opinion, they are now capable of setting up an entire town right in the midst of the USA – no need to be out in a secluded jungle anymore.

        This damned Sandy Hook is a cult – the name of which we will never know. Remember what Jonestown was: a left-wing religious community. It’s now on steroids and existing in CT. NO ONE involved will fink, because they do not own their own minds in the slightest.

        They all go to bed at night delighted in the belief that their massive, sloppily-reheased lie is “changing the world” and helping to create “an illuminated race with no guns.”

  5. And here’s an excellent smattering of stuff that just went up: Watch the “soldier” at the 2:40 mark carrying his weapon like it’s a toy. Unbelieveable!

  6. Wtf? The guy with the gun, the “everyone must check in sign”….the pallets of water…Pretty damn good vid.. I like the one with “all the cell phone videos he could find”… great way to make the point!

    The photog being chased off is another huge red flag. Odd, that we see only one woman being consoled by another in that video. Where is all the mayhem and grief such a slaughter would produce?

    • I hate to say it Deb, but the guy acting so casually with the rifle, reminds me of many images and videos of Israelis who seem so familiar with their weapons that they carry them seemingly carelessly like that…



  7. Nice job Boomer. Yea, where are all the photos of those 600 kids being taken down the road to the firehouse? I’ve been asking that since this thing happened. Where are ANY photos of the school inside or out after the “shooting”?

    Where ARE the cell phone calls and videos of the event? In the vault with the video of the pentagon being hit on 9/11…….

  8. I cant help but again mention Schrodinger’s cat. It is and it isn’t… reality is in the eye of the beholder. It’s a LD-50 method, as the lethal dose (, the number who succumb exceeds 50%. If they have the majority in the programming, then the LD administered per unit mass of test subject LCt50 measured over time from , lets say 911 forward, indicates a most successful experiment.

    If we have been under psychotronic/tropic campaign from all aspects of the stimuli (ie Chemo-emr-elf) have the masses been altered? Can the majority actually be unable to disseminate the information, regardless of what they see?
    Is it a case of a chimera, the actual LD-50 walking dead? Is it the true zombie meme come to fruition?

    Let’s assume the CIC Barry Soetoro in his SOTU address literally states that Sandy Hook was a ex-drill. How many would still send $20 to the United Way? I think it’s what I have said all along. A process and series of beta-tests, data mining, reality based open society BF Skinner experimentation that could be running under several controlled, independent variable schemes.

    COTO may be X. I hope we are disappointing the controllers and I am grateful not to be in the double-blind study, though we may be fully indoctrinated and altered none the less.

  9. BTW Coto,

    My dad got a flu shot against my wishes. He acquired the flu two days ago and he passed away this morning at 1AM. I was not going to post this news here and I am handling things fine but thought I would let you all know as I have requested an autopsy and don’t expect to get the confirmation of anything to identify what we know here after mountains of information regarding vaccines and biowarfare in the Agenda 21 depopulation program.

    He was in good health, had played days of golf in September with my brother and myself and had weathered previous flu viruses just fine. Boomer recently lost his dad to another progressive committee creation, Alzheimer’s disease.

    I thought it a testament to what we preach here and an opportunity to have my personal loss have some positive conclusion. Vaccines and flu shots kill.

    • Patrick, my most heartfelt condolences to you and all who loved your father.

      My dad’s name was Patrick. words are such fleeting chimeras…especially in this format. feel my feeling for and with you beyond inherent limitations….in some alternate dimension/universe, Schrodinger’s fickle feline and your Dad are both smiling Chelshire style at nothing but fairways and greens. His soul begins another leg of the ultimate journey, perhaps choosing to grace this plane again in what we have come to call “the future”….perhaps other realms. think of the most recent time you two shared a moment where the magic of Love was wordlessly shared….it was not the last

      • Thanks Camus, you have Albert’s soul and his gift.

        I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t, than live my life as if there isn’t and die to find out there is.
        -Albert Camus

        I grok

      • CR.. that really is very poetic and lovely and very Albert Camus-like. Are u related in any way?

        • thanks Deb…..just got addicted to Camus book
          “The Rebel” in my late 20’s for a while it was my get- to-sleep-reada-few-drunken-stoned -paragraphs bible. I was borderline outta control and 98.5 % of the time was nicely toasted when crashing for the night…….it has stayed with me that wherever i would randomly flip……however many words i could stumble through always spoke to me … about current questions in my mind from events of the day….kinda like the I-Ching………………………………….sooo….no relation but we are brothers. Not that there is any thing wrong with being French but 3 of my grandparents were pure Irish…..Dad’s Dad was Slovakian

    • Patrick, I’m so sorry. I know you must be in a numb state of shock right now. The finality of it doesn’t sink in immediately. But it isn’t finality at all, is it? He is still with you and all around you. His spirit lives on and will be there to guide you. You will know it because you will feel his presence.

      The one thing you can be assured of is that he is in a much better place.

    • I’m sorry to hear of your loss Patrick. No doubt the flu shot did NOT help your father. I’m glad you were able to spend some quality time with he and your brother.

      My father passed from Parkinson’s, not Alzheimers.

      My best to you Chief.

      • Right Boom, my apologies. My partners Dad was Alzheimer’s. Parkinson’s another of the committee progressive eugenics neuromuscular bio-weapons. I can’t keep them straight anymore. I know we have two more emerging disorders coming our way stemming from autoimmune HIV type weaponry.


    Terror Attack Against Conservative Group Inspired by SPLC Rhetoric

    Man who shot up Family Research Council headquarters influenced by “anti-hate” website

    (PaulWatson) – The first person to be convicted under Washington DC’s 2002 anti-terrorism law admits he was inspired to attack a conservative Christian lobbying group as a result of Southern Poverty Law Center propaganda identifying the Family Research Council as “an anti-gay organization”

    “The man who opened fire at a Washington, DC, conservative values organization’s offices in the District last August — severely wounding a security guard, pleaded guilty to one terrorism charge and five other felonies on Feb. 6, becoming the first person to be convicted under the District’s anti-terror law,” reports Government Security News.

    28-year-old Floyd Lee Corkins could face 70 years in prison as a result of the shooting, which was planned as a response to fast food chain Chick-fil-A’s public support for “the traditional family,” which many leftists saw as an affront to gay rights.

    Carrying 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches, Corkins intended to storm the Washington headquarters of the Christian group, kill as many people as possible, and smear victims’ faces with the sandwiches in order to, “make a statement against the people who work in that building … and with their stance against gay rights and Chick-fil-A,” he admitted yesterday.

    Corkins tricked his way into the building before shooting security guard Leonardo Johnson in the arm. Johnson was able to wrestle the gun away from Corkins before calling police.

    Corkins admitted that he had considered making a bomb and had made a list of other organizations which oppose gay marriage.

    “In his plea agreement, Corkins acknowledged he identified the Council as “an anti-gay organization” by visiting Southern Poverty’s website,” reports the Associated Press. “The head of the Council, Tony Perkins, called on the group to stop labeling his organization and others hate groups because of their stance on gay issues. A spokeswoman for the Alabama-based Law Center did not immediately return a telephone message.”

    Groups like the SPLC routinely demonize conservative political activists as violent right-wing extremists. The fact that a left-wing extremist used the group’s material as an inspiration for plotting an act of terrorism is chillingly ironic.

    The SPLC has worked closely with Homeland Security to issue “threat projections” over recent years, demonizing gun owners, constitutionalists and libertarians as terrorists.

    In August 2009, a Freedom of Information Act request revealed that such reports were not based on any reliable supporting evidence whatsoever, but were merely the product of a DHS agent surfing around SPLC’s own website, as well as a widely debunked disinformation fringe blog.

    A 2009 SPLC hit piece which erroneously connected Alex Jones to Pittsburgh cop killer Richard Poplawski was also littered with death threats made by SPLC sympathizers towards Jones.

    “The SPLC, the well-heeled propaganda machine that smears conservatives for cash, is an integral part of the ongoing Leftist effort to demonize and destroy legitimate conservative voices,” writes Robert Spencer, adding, “The SPLC turns a blind eye to the real hate that comes from the Left and Islamic supremacists, and offers with its hate group listings not only an incitement to violence, but a handy tool that lazy Leftist mainstream media journalists use to try to intimidate people away from supporting our message of human rights.”

    Source: Infowars via

  11. Sandy Hook: Law Enforcement Officials Now Admit Possibility of Multiple Shooters -Intelhub via Pakalert Press

    • I read this this morning Puddy…

      I wonder if it will ever be revealed publicly? I wonder if they are “protecting” the witnesses or hunting them down?
      We should stay on top of Newtown Obits…I am expecting something to happen to Ryan Lanza, or even Peter. I think they were both being set up, and were supposed to be out of the picture and the script boys got screwed up….i

      If there was something Ryan and his father just happened to do together in the days just prior, and they weren’t on their regular schedule – I would trust they are saying “hmmm” to each other over what looking back on may be indicators that something was up.
      There is a back story to the tales of the death of the dad, and the missing girlfriend__Mr Suspicious is scratching his chin.
      . . . . . .

      Sandy Hook: Law Enforcement Officials Now Admit Possibility of Multiple Shooters

      NEWTOWN — New information has now been brought forth by Connecticut State Attorney Stephen Sedensky, suggesting that records pertaining to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting have been sealed to possibly hide the identity of witnesses from multiple shooter suspects and that they should not be unsealed anytime soon.
      Officials fear the safety of witnesses.

      Now we are getting somewhere, after nearly two months this new information is startling.


  12. I think that’s just a smokescreen Will. Trying to shut everyone the hell up about the multiple shooters while they “investigate”.. BULLSHIT

    As for Ryan and his father… funny how we hear NOTHING about them in the press isn’t it?

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