Posted by: veritytwo | February 6, 2013

How Sandy Hook Gun Control Push Spectacularly Backfired In America


From Mike Adams “The Health Ranger”



  1. Gotta love Ted Nugent (The Motor City Madman). His attitude’s so bad, it’s good

    • of course he carries the water for neo-colonials. When Piers fires the AR semi., I thought Ted might want to crank his Axe and rock out.

  2. Yeah, the Amboy Duke of Gun Rights shows his intellect and Piers Morgan even knows he’s overmatched. From Piers Morgan goes to Texas 2/4/13.

  3. FROM OZ down under –

    FSA calls urgent meeting after pork DNA found in halal meat

    The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) is holding an urgent meeting of retailers and suppliers today (Monday) following the discovery or pork DNA in halal meat supplied to prisons in England and Wales.


    Read their angst and sorrow for the poor muslim prisoners.

    What you do think the US is feeding them in Gitmo? A little bacon fat is the least of their problems. GMO MK Halal meat ought to be doing the trick just .

    Now you get a good grasp of the Great Britania Triad and war on Terror. Gotta laugh, versus cry over this bullshit.

    • A microscope slide of our paradigm by a beautiful mind also.

      • Thanks V. Loved that.. love her for her honesty and good common sense 🙂 I’m sending this to all the girls and young women I know.

  4. Here in the great white north where the gun registry is in place and draconian. The only ones with guns in the open are gang bangers, bikers the usual run of the mill crooks and cops. Just the other week, a 9 year old boy watching television in his living room was killed by a bullet. The family had only just moved there in the fall from out of town. It’s believed that the previous occupants of that home were related to gangs and the possibility is that the shot was fired in relation to that. The city of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan has a very high crime rate that is right there at the top of statistics here. Doesn’t matter where you go, the problem’s equated to the inequality created by a system that suffers from deep flaws and favors a climb to the top by whatever means it takes to get there that”s had a very long time to become this way. No need to proselytize though, this is a subject that comes up often here.

  5. GROK IT!

    “Evidence: Sandy Hook School Shooting Staged by Factions of US (Foreign Occupied) Government and (same foreign owned) Mainstream Media?”

  6. Seldom have I read such discouraging words as those of this lunatic gun grabber, Professor James Hufferd.

    The guy is simply bat shit crazy. The perfect TVZombie – 21st Century Schizoid Man…

    And the distressing part is that he is typical in this asylum they call society.

    The situation is clear when we read Mike Adam’s essay. The ploy has been at this stage, to urge all of those who would to arm themselves. It can be by no other than design. The elites knew going into this that the reaction would be for a rush on whatever weapons and ammo could be had. It happens every time the gun grab bullhorn sounds.

    A strategy of tension straight out of Gladio. The enchanted zombies quivering in fear and loathing over the “Gun Nuts” – and the gun owners in a state of apprehension, knowing this is not the end of the game, but only the beginning.

    Obviously the “government” is going to push forward with this strategy until it results with blood in the streets, civil mayhem and the pretext for total draconian martial law. All a provocation.

    There is only a lull until the next false flag provocation…and guessing what form it might take is a crap-shoot. Anything is possible that is guaranteed to bring on the draconia.

    Werph Aucht….


    • Down with the People Up with the Empire! The Slinky effect. It’s all progress.

      Werph Aucht big time Rougish one.

      • And here’s a prime example of the guardians of our liberty protecting the unarmed masses.

  7. V — That story tells WE the People all we need to know about (1) Bloomberg, (2) the NYPD, and other police agencies, (3) the judge and court system, (4) and number 4 for all the other fuckers who are on the public’s payroll while not giving a shit about The People, or their moral responsibilities!

    This is just another notch on the proverbial Court Bench of the sickos. A notch “against” them and their sorry psycho selfish selves. May The People remedy this situation with utmost justice and accountability when the time is right — may it be soon. What’s this guy supposed to tell his kids? Or what are any of Us supposed to tell our children about a system as broken and perverse as this shitty setup? Bloomberg — you’re on notice from all who watch this video. You money cannot prevent karma from crawlin up your ass and eating your insides out!

  8. It’s very much common knowledge that bullies are cowards as we all know. Take the fact that these cops here in this instant are a symptom of a disfunctional state that reminds me of an experiment I seen some time ago. The experiment was a self contained rat habitat initially inhabited by healthy mating pairs. This little colony went through phases where as the population grew, it went from cohesive to an out and out horror story where they were killing each other to mothers eating their litters to birth defects which led to a general malaise where members lost all spark of motivation, became sick with some of them just dying for no apparent reason. Just too close to what’s happening in our little rat race.

    • THAT…RAT FACT…is a Veritable example of “the sickness”, the “malaise and soul diarrhea” of the supposed “controllers” and their selfish greedy bitches.

      We’re pretty much watching a Zombie movie el total cum naked.

  9. The rot lies in a system of control that ‘s become rotten on the vine. This system has become exposed to us predisposed to be able to see through it. It stands in the way of human evolution with us the masses starting to push at the ramparts of their members and lackeys only citadel with the lackeys there to take the fall. But then, the lackeys have been chosen because of their attributes or should I say, lack of them.

    • Aye…mine eyes “Have seen the gory…” of the lizards and their spawn…

      “THEY keep telling us we’re ‘magnin, but their tracks run across my lawn”

      The TRUTH keeps rolling on!…

  10. Reblogged this on USA ZORROZ PRESS ~ GOD BLESS THE WORLD.

  11. Good one Put up by Ruffadam via Truth and Shadows

  12. Here’s one that has to make one wonder. Is this a slip up or why would he let something like this out?

  13. It Has Happened Here in America: The Police State is Real
    By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – Global Research, February 07, 2013

    The Bush regime’s response to 9/11 and the Obama regime’s validation of this response have destroyed accountable democratic government in the United States.

    9/11 was used to create an open-ended “war on terror” and a police state. It is extraordinary that so many Americans believe that “it can’t happen here” when it already has.

    We have had a decade of highly visible evidence of the construction of a police state:

    “In America the collapse of law has gone beyond corrupt prosecutors and their concocted false prosecutions. Unless it needs or desires a show trial, a police state does not need prosecutors and courts. By producing legal memos that the president can both throw people into prison without a trial and execute them without a trial simply by stating that some official in the executive branch thinks the person has a possible or potential connection to terrorism, tyranny’s friends in the Justice (sic) Department have dispensed with the need for courts, prosecutors and trials.The Bush/Obama regime has made the executive branch judge, juror, and executioner. All that is needed is an unproven assertion by some executive branch official. Here we have the epitome of evil.

    Evidence is no longer required for the president of the US to imprison people for life or to deprive them of their life. A secret Justice Department memo has been leaked to NBC News that reveals the tyrannical reasoning that authorizes the executive branch to execute American citizens on the basis of belief alone without the requirement of evidence that they are terrorists or associated with terrorists.”


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