Posted by: dawnatilla | February 3, 2013

Spotted (an) Owl

Owl wager this is Owl.

THIS COULD BE A TARP..but I’m almost hoping it isn’t…


Mirror, mirror on the wall..




  1. Hard to tell. The first pic definitely looks like an owl..the second not so much. Oh, the second one is the owl mirrored…. It almost looks like that black part is carved and embedded into the blue part. Weird. What I also just noticed is that it looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere. Very strange indeed and creepy if it’s for real. Where is this pic from?

    • a snapshot from Google Earth !it’s a sickness of mine .earth browsing .anomaly browsing more like .lol

  2. Its just algea sowing its wild oats.

    • dammit! Id like to be sure…hahaha

  3. Post the coordinates and Ill get it for you.

    • will do..need to finish some graphics Ill brb ❤


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  4. Dawn, I’m going to say this because no one else will. It’s ok to occasionally post a picture with a caption or something funny, with no text to accompany it but you tend to do that most of the time.

    Please have your article all together before posting it. For instance, there was no reference at all where this picture was taken from. If you got it from google earth yourself.. mention that, please. PD shouldn’t have to do your homework for you because you were in such a rush to post it. This isn’t facebook or twitter. This is a blog and for the most part, we need to go into more detail so as no to confuse visitors here or as in my case, regulars Thanks.

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