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MKULTRA and Chief Justice Roberts by Mr Cati

Published on Jul 5, 2012

If you  are not interested in watching the video, here is accompanying article .

This video is intended to briefly discuss the missing topic and or subject matter, that all of main stream media and alternative media have ignored regarding Chief Justice Roberts and the recent Health Care Bill vote.

It is an event that I see differently than others, and when I pondered why, it was evident to me that the lack of coverage regarding this matter has kept many from considering what I feel could be the true reason Roberts voted for a bill he was openly against.

Bush called the selection of a nominee to the high court “one of the most consequential decisions a president makes.” July 20, 2005 Bush selects Roberts as nominee and did so I feel because of advance knowledge of the future and what role Roberts would play in some distant future role known to Bush secretly for what role Roberts would play in some future situation.

This recent matter shows me that all Bush appointees should be suspect and could be MKULTRA programmed and could be subject to some mind control.

Remember that the Health Care Bill was decided by a single vote when everyone was against it when Senator Arlen Specter changed his vote to allow passage of the original bill.

Once again we see a single man, and a single vote were used to decide the fate of the Health Care Bill.

It assumes that if the original vote to pass the Health Care Bill was mind control over Arlen Specter, then once again we have a Bush appointee voting for a bill he is against.

Two incidents, two single votes and both single votes helped to create and keep the bill alive.

It is this incident along with Arlen Specter that we should recognize provides us with the evidence to infer that Roberts was mind controlled in order to change his vote as was Arlen Specter when the bill was originally passed by one vote.

Chief Justice Roberts is clearly another example of measure taken by the NWO to ensure that certain bills do not fail. It is this level of manipulation that should alarm us to whether appointees are mind controlled or if they are free to act on their own volition.

Only mind control and MKULTRA could do what we have seen twice now regarding a single vote needed to decide a critical bill, so MKULTRA must be involved to get Roberts as it did Arlen Specter to vote for a bill that they were both publicly against, but voted for.

P.S. In a video interview, Arlen Specter is asked why he changed his vote. He then stutters and jokes about being on AF1 with Obama and jokes that he was given a drink that contained nanobots that controlled his actions. This is why he changed his vote.

While some think this is just humor, I think it is more truthful than most want to consider.



  1. 911 = 9 the invisible while 11 is the fools numbers. It represents 11 (1+1-2) and starts the infinite repetition of all things universally. 124578. 1,8 – 2,7 – 4,5 are all nines controlled by nine and the 3-6 are the disruptions to the field by the unseen nine. Three and six represent the dialectic process of Problem Reaction Solution which is 3P and 3R and 6S or reversed and always follows the linear 396693396…n. It pertains to how the infinite cycles of the universal torus operate as well. They utilize the pure energy to their goals which is driven by us the vertices of 124578. From that they measure and submit the appropriate force to achieve the desired result.

    I call it the Red Blue teams but it really is the Fabian Rose Croix versus the Pilgrim Freemasonic. They operate within a marital alchemical though interbred they are playing a game and they must follow very specific rules. Be it Skull and Bones death oath or certain ritual killings, much like a dungeons and dragons system it follows strict rules.

    We on the other hand are tools and weapons, much as assets, the cia so cleverly uses. Our taxes, blood and compliance or enabling the administration of the game. The Superbowls and chessboards do not compare to the higher art form of their gaming. They have rules, we have laws.

    It’s opting out of their laws, understanding their rules and more importantly understanding the law of one. We (all) cannot beat them, but I or you alone can.

    Vortex movement is key to break the captive dynamics of human bondage they control. So is the energy. They drain it daily from us as they do every 15th of April, after every false flag and after every triad which is the center point of the Masonic symbol.

    I posted a graphic and you should look carefully at the formula and symbol to understand they know how remain invisible in nine. You need to learn how to find Zero. There you can make your world and your energy. Moving through their infinite cycle under the 3-9-6 will eventually deplete you and break you. Every minute you spend in their vertices and under their laws limits your movement to the created unified field you were meant to navigate. It’s Nirvana, Bohdisattva and all things outside the committee laws and knowing the rules is how we can see the invisible.

    via Randy Powell

    • this must be what Hybrid meant by your genius- like characteristics…

      • Yup Niki, must be.

        Back to Zero now witcha: [1≡∞]


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