Posted by: kornisking | February 3, 2013

Checkerboard Square

Was in old San Antone today and as I looked up I was being bombarded.    I turned around to get pics of the worst trails behind Me and the camera battery died. Those trails look small but bloomed out into wide clouds.

It seems we are getting the chemical schlong,food shlong,water schlong,tax schlong,gun schlong,UN schlong,mind control schlong. With all this sodomizin goin on a fella has to keep an Amero between his knees or you bein Rockysmeller´s beatch !

22 caliber ammo is real scarce here. Folks that were zombified are now getting with the program.

Been busy here on the south central front.

I am posting some pics here from the farm under the fold in the cyber-paper.


These are our SUPER CHICKENS created in our genetic labs here at Korn-tech agrarian research center.  And also their super-sized skillet filling whoppers. Novus Eggo Seclorem ,suck on them eggs Adam Wise-hopped.}

Is it just Me or is anybody noticing people with tattoos all over their poor dumb asses ?

Sorry I aint been here but I been building and enjoying Myself  with lots of fun un-politically correct activities, yall can overtax yalls imagination figurin out just what they is. Only My hairdresser knows fo sure.



  1. yes…everyday its a new nightmare and I wonder how we are all alive, flora and fauna and birds. Chemtrails is a very sore subject with me naturally…have you heard of Sylphs?

  2. It is my belief that they are going to ‘Fukushima’ the Pacific Northwest

  3. bad days for sky

  4. how does one insert a pic into a comment using ?

    • Gotta use like photobucket or other linkable doo-dad.

  5. dawnatilla….five articles in one day is too much, in my none humble opinion. is it coincidence every time jerseyG puts one up u seem to do all u can to bury it? quality over quantity is all. No mean intentions… i’m just all…wtf….alex is coming around on the sandyhoax and the our old friend Korn makes a too rare cameo and 5 of first six comments….i don’t know what else u do for fun but isn’t it feeling neglected?

    • Yes Dawnatilla should combine them into one and label it as potpourri, hodge podge, miscellany, random frequencies or some other goulash from the goulag. I like a good hash and connect the dots puzzle.

    • Not at all , I just finished an album cover for Killah Priest of Wu Tang Clan and it is A fIgment of your imagination to say I would try to drown out JGs posts, I have much respect and admiration for her , so Why would I do that ? However, your reaction /point has been noted and I will take more care 🙂

      • If You post bikini pics of yourself on each post he wont complain.

        • What luck! I have plenty of those kinds of pics !! On Feb 4, 2013 11:28 AM, “COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS” wrote:

          > ** > kornisking commented: “If You post bikini pics of yourself on each post > he wont complain.”

  6. CR.. thank you for noticing. Nice to know you see it too and have from the get go…

  7. Good to see you korny 🙂 Nice lookin’ chickens that produce those super sized eggs ! Looks like I’d need just one to make an omlette. As for chemtrails.. geez.. they are just starting there huh? We’ve been smeared by them for years. A real blue sky is rarely seen anymore if at all. Not sure I remember what one looks like. Here’s some pix I took of our fouled sky last week at sunset. It looks kinda cool if you don’t know what it is you’re looking at. None of those clouds are real clouds… all man made and toxic 😦 Click to enlarge the pix. Take lots of pix of your blue sky when there are not chemtrails Korny.. they won’t last long once they get goin………….
     photo ct127136.jpg
     photo ct127135.jpg
     photo ct127134.jpg

  8. Watch out for these little NAU doo-dadios. The superhighway to New World City will be littered with these.

  9. Marines to Invade South Carolina
    Kurt Nimmo
    Feb 4, 2013

  10. Its a rousing good time to read the comments on these city-side invasion posts at infowars and other place, isn’t it?! And its a rousing patriotic calisthenic (multiple bend-overs) to sit outside on your lawn and barbeque with the kids, family, and neighbors, and watch the military fireworks. Hang out late and do some tail-gating, its durn near as good as a football game. They fly jets over the stadium to rousing cheers all around there!

    Maybe these displays of imperialistic unconstitutional Forces deployment and “games” will become a national past-time, like baseball, or football?!

    Or they can just cut out the acclimatization random “games”, and have parades too, like the communist Chinese or Russians used to do, with missiles, tanks, neato hardware, and goose-stepping robotoid ranks?

    Wouldn’t that be cool?!


    Like this one:

    ” Anonymous says:
    February 4, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    If SFU is worth a shit, they will take care of this incursion. It is absolutely unjustified to train in neighborhoods, I have trained at muscatatuck urban training center, they spend millions of dollars replicating not only our cities, but Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, ect…
    They also have million dollar contracts with company’s such as MEP or mission essential personnel. They supply crisis actors, many who are just civilians, I played one. Complete with makeup artist ect..

    So why the hell are they training on our streets when they have much more accurate settings for scenarios to the claimed future battle zone they are claiming to be training for? A place where they have control over the situation, in a private setting as the training session I was in, NOONE was to take pictures of the exercises, they were very strict about this.

    This is bold, in your face, we are coming, get used to it.

    I can’t wait! I always wanted to join the marines but after some deep digging I was not comfortable with the reasoning I was given to take another’s life. Looks like I will have that moral high ground, and reasonable defense driven purpose to put my skills to their full potential here shortly.

    Tim Currin”

    • When did the military mad men ever get the impression we wanted them at our party? Killjoys.

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