Posted by: dawnatilla | January 31, 2013

Newtown Represents, Yo!

You will be 'prosuceted' under the full extent of the FLAW

thanks to my friend Andrew R Stec

These signs are in Newtown, Con … You will notice that the year 1791 when all added together equals18 and 18 is three sixes … The No Trespassing sign is not “official” … Look at the spelling of the word ” prosecuted ” … Made in Israel …. They are making Palestinians out of Americans … Snap out of it! …




  1. text under image is not mine.Im not sure what he means when he says references Israel…Puddy?

  2. Boomer just posted the link to the article under his Kirwan post.. I’ts better to just read the article than have to listen to that horrible computer generated voice. The whole visit is very twilight zonish and I posted a comment under Boomer’s post in reference to that.

    As far as Israel is concerned, as I’ve mentioned here before Gordon Duff says he has absolute proof SH was an Israeli operation. Does he really? Who knows. Maybe this person is referencing Hiram lodge as proof Israel is involved ? Don’t know other than that.

    Also, the vid that Patrick posted with the police speaking a foreign language, I don’t think anyone has identified it.. could it be hebrew?? Don’t have a clue but this thing just gets curiouser and curiouser……..

  3. Thanks for posting the link to the article JG. I posted that foreign language clip somewhere in a comments section awhile back. Sometimes we duplicate around here, with so much info sloshing around. In the comments section on YouTube, some folks take a guess at the language spoken there.

    Glad DT saw that Masons’ frame, that too was in something I saw lately.

    • Boom, that picture of the signs was in that same article that you originally posted..really good stuff……

  4. Let’s reappraise things O.K.? Reframe = What IS NOT a ZIONIST/MOSSAD OP?

    The LIST is mighty freaking long to date. Y’all can pick your starting point in the past. But the ramp up has been nothing but astonishingly blatant. Count your False Flags now. Pick the most likely culprit, ask cui bono, then say Bingo!

    Notwithstanding all of the dual-citizen khazars screaming and foisting legislation for gun bans, now Big Sis steps up to the STUPOR BOWL, and invokes what? Bingo! You guessed correctly — .

    What’s that on the radar in the middle east now? Bingo Again! .

    Forget hidden in plain sight. Forget “Make War by Deception”. Let’s just call it ubiquitous warring 24/7. They’re certainly “out of the closet” now.

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  6. I believe COTO and others have predicted and expected “added insult to injury”…

    “Authorities: Teen wounded in Ga. school shooting”. Actually the lead title on my homepage is “Teen shot in head in school shooting”.

    Then, there’s the school bus driver shooter holed up with a young hostage — “Child hostage kept underground. Negotiations held through a pipe”.


    • Absolutely fucking surreal.

  7. I just think it a good idea to differentiate between Zionist Occupied Amerika, and Israel as the central culprit. As is discovered in deep study Zion is equally Sion…that is the situation is run by the International bankers and their agenda for the New World Order.

    That agenda follows the agenda put forth in the Protocols. But the Protocols are not based on a Judaic agenda, but one of total draconian power that is followed by despots of all professed credo and religion.

    Thus they are best named The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion/Zion.

    It matters not which Intelligence agency or agencies carried out Newton. All is achieved by the central plan of Full Spectrum Dominance.

    On that note, I would propose that the event was managed locally, that is – within the purview of this national regime in cahoots with the local authorities in the state of Connecticut.

    The language of the cops at Sandy Hook is too brief to distinguish…and simply cannot be identified as Israeli. Duff asks us to rely on his word due to “protected inside sources” – this is no less disingenuous than when MSM relies on anonymous sources. I have found Duff to be a provocateur in my assessments of his overall spew and scrabble. I simply will not trust anything that comes from him. I will have to have verification from another source before accepting Duff.


  8. This gets more like a Steven King novel every day.

    Small Conn. town settled long ago by satanic Druids escaping from Old World, used to foster Lucifer’s final plan to rule Earth.

    This is seriously fucked-up. And we wonder why they call us crazy …

    Went to a Libertarian Party meeting last night. Twenty-five people. Two veterans, and a retired Lt. Col., whom I didn’t get a chance to talk to. But no one there, that spoke-up, thought Sandy Hook was for real, or 9/11 for that matter.

    • thats awesome.. its such a circus sideshow! this Rosen character?> I feel he was purposely put on camera KNOWING he appeared creepy, because honestly, that’s not a valid entry!!! Its pretty obvious this is a “lets see what works and what doesnt” thing..its a DRILL for them ….the guy is a perv if u ask me…Id rather not accuse anyone of anything so heinous, but he has a creepy factor that goes thru the roof. what else was on the minds of the veterans and col. ? does the Col. speak up much or was this a one time thing so far?

  9. Naw!… Pre-shipped? Think of all the folks at an organization like that putting together the pics, script, typeset, editing, etc. — when NONE of it has even been reported ’cause it happened yet! Like Lanza’s Obit which Puddy recently posted in a thread. .

    What’s the point of all the poppycock that is Bound to surface, contributing to a malodorous psyop of this breadth and size? A real WTFer!

    SCAN this for a listing of inconsistencies: .

    Why such an Obvious faux Op?


    • COMMENT WAS IN RESPONSE TO “whats the point of all the poppy Cock?”

  10. If you tool around you keep bumping in to more and more props:

    For those who are thinking the Super Bowl 47 (11) could be a FF, here’s some chips and dip before the game —

  11. I notice the “Hearings” on the Newtown incident are all about “how do we avoid such tragic events in the future?” — with NO explanation of WHAT the event actually was…the same as the 9/11 Commission…the same old tired fucking script…it’s a fuckin’ lollabye.


    • hahaa totally! and America just eats it up BLINDLY..asks for more!! the plan has been a raging success!! (THE PLAN TO SHEEPIFY)

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