Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 31, 2013

Another Big Silly Goose

Let’s let openly gay scoutmasters serve. Let’s also allow the cubs to pack heat. 🙂

Petition the Boy Scouts of America: “No Policy Change!”
The Boy Scouts of America will be making a decision next week about a policy proposal that would lift the ban on open homosexuals serving in voluntary leadership positions. The BSA may vote on this as soon as February 6. The Boy Scouts’ long-held tradition opposing homosexual leadership must be preserved, and any policy that would weaken or abolish it must be rejected. read more



  1. We do know that there is a difference between being homosexual and a pedophile..right?

    Pedophiles have been scout leaders since they were founded…same with priests, ministers, teachers, daycare workers, psychologists etc. They normally don’t make their preferences known. They don’t “come out” they are dragged out when a victim comes forward.

    • The issue is not “will these kids get molested?,” but rather “should they have something presented as normal when it goes against values that a group holds to be important?”

      What’s at question in this debate (and everywhere it pops up) is: Are people allowed to say or even BELIEVE INSIDE THEIR OWN HEADS that homosexuality is insane or sinful? I’m allowed to believe that drunkenness, adultery, gambling, drug use and pornography are sinful, even though they’re legal. Why is homosexuality special?

      As for the pedophiles, remember: not all those on your list are “dragged out” the same.

      A priest is accused: “He’s automatically guilty, because he’s a priest. Blame the entire structure of the church!”
      A teacher is accused: “Well, kids are more sophisticated these days, so it’s no biggie. Don’t blame the school!”
      A day care worker is accused: “This is a witch-hunt! It’s false memory syndrome!” (Particularly effective if satanism enters the picture, because, apparently, no satanist anywhere at anytime has EVER molested a child.)
      A Hollywood director or star is accused: …Oh, wait. They never get accused, because “I’d lose my great entertainment industry job if I turned him in!”

      • Well, I know something of “the structure of the church” and yes, the entire structure is corrupt same as most governments. Pope Rat was Cardinal in charge when all the info about the pedophile priests surfaced and he swept it under the rug. I’d bet my life he’s one himself.

        What is normal? Don’t you know plenty of straight men that are anything BUT normal that have been in the care of children in some capacity? I sure have but then I’ve been around a long time.

        I agree with V, the measure of a man is his integrity and his

  2. When I was a kid, I was in Scouts. Some of our Scout leaders were OK but some were a joke and we had no respect for them. I very much doubt that if the person was gay but of good character, had a strong civic conscience and that talent to inspire, that would make any difference. Unfortunately, those qualities are rare. I learned some good things there about basic bush survival. It was fun at times but other times too militarily oriented as it was designed to be. That was in a more innocent time than now, I wouldn’t venture to say what it’s place would be in this fractured society but it’s been my belief for a long time now, Scouts were created as back up troops. After all, in Nazi Germany after their young men were squandered in their thrust for empire they used boys and old men as their last line of defence. Lord Baden Powell was suspected of being a repressed homosexual and I very much doubt that his motives were all that altruistic in preparing future cannon fodder. Ya know, the old rule Britannia thing. Chop chop chin up and all that crap.

    • V, I agree with everything you commented here except I don’t know of Lord Baden Powell…….

      • Just stuff I’ve known and heard over the years and of course, before I commented, i did a bit of digging

  3. so many shootings happening, they really seem to puttin the full court press on. Guess they realize SHook up folks might not be as ready to repeal 2nd amendment as they had hoped. maybe cause more an more people are seeing the shot gunned swiss cheese mess that is the official story.

    one can only hope. what is everyone’s opinion of Phuck Bagel? catch any of the grillin’ he took from our zionist Senator’s today. Disgusting. He was
    backpedaling like a madman. is Coto aware of how he stole his Senate election in ’96? guy is a sleaze. and GDuff calls him the Zionists “arch enemy”…..starting to have serious concerns about Duff.

    • “starting to have serious concerns about Duff.”

      Daffy Duff cluck quack cluck…

      Heeza fukkin mole, a deep deep double agent for the state.

      Super cognizant dissonance is his specialty.

      Ex? Army Intel? It is like ex-Mafia, ex-CIA, X marks the spot run spot run — fun fun fun till yer daddy takes the machine gun away..

      That last part I stoledid from the Bitch Boys.

      \\[?]//. huh – I read that last part above by Puddy as:

      “Let’s also allow the cubs to pack meat.”…Lowel, er Lol

  4. CR.. didn’t watch the “grillin” but read a bit about his testimony. This part (below) sounds good to me but I honestly can’t judge since I didn’t watch for myself. I don’t know much about him and honestly, does it matter? They put in who they want to satisfy their agenda. What we think matters not.

    Senate Republicans and pro-Israel groups have voiced grievances with Hagel’s record, including opposition to unilateral sanctions against Iran, support for talks with Hamas, opposition to deeming Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization, and a reference to Israel-backing groups as the “Jewish lobby.”

    Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, D-Mich., acknowledged such concerns as he opened the committee’s hearing, referencing “troubling statements [Hagel] has made about Israel and its supporters in the United States.”

    Hagel defended his Middle East record under questioning from multiple senators.

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