Posted by: jerseyg | January 29, 2013

Black Military Helicopters Machine Gunning over Miami (don’t worry, it’s just a “drill”)

Shooting “blanks” over a highly populated city like Miami?  Drill? For what exactly?  COTO knows.

A friend of mine, on facebook from Florida, posted two pictures of a black helicopter hovering near her house yesterday.  It freaked her out because it hovered around there for over an hour.  She took two pix of it.  One close up, where she said the guy was staring back at her as she took the photo.  Click on pix to enlarge







  1. For those who don’t know my hometown, Brickell AV was the banking and drug laundering center for CIA Cartels. Since Ronnie, the Bush’s zapata’s and Clinton mena’s have laundered laundry trucks of fiat through Brickell AV.

    The CIA runs coverts from there now as well. My little town has become South Beach blanket bingo. Jeb Bush overseeing it all back in the day before Dumbya was CIC. The BCCI connection has grown up to the big six. It’s the CIA’s biggest haven and the Wachovia’s and Wells Fargo’s doing the work for the world terror operations.

    This was likely an operation to thwart a private enterprise who wishes to pull a Die Hard Nakatomi rip off. It’s tempting considering the gold and loose currency sitting in the Brickell vaults.

    Noriega knows Nakatomi. Sarkozy too.

  2. The military “training for oversea’s” — what bullshit, this is training for domestic ops.

    I got buzzed by a blackhawk when living in SD, in 2001 it flew right at my second story window and pulled up so it just cleared my roof. Yea, it freaked me out. I was on line at an open window, reading about national security shit at the time too…

    Those looked like blackhawks in the video…

    Those stills are not blackhawks.


    • US boots on the ground in Mali. Another risk army and another pass Go collect. The scumbags are eating Africa from the inside out.

  3. No that’s not a black hawk. They are jet and do top speeds of 300mph. I took a ride in a Sikorsky running full speed about 200 ft over the Everglades. That’s a good way to appreciate the speed.

  4. Look At this punk feeling all high and mighty, his posturing is absurd and needs TO BE bitch slapped off that roost

    • Agreed Dawn! From that fuzzy pic he looks almost zombie-like……..

      • similiarly, black guy in vid who says ” if its for our safety Im all for it….” oh cmon now!!!! SSSSSSMACK!

  5. Fema Camps, Militarized Police, Helicopters, War Games, Video Games in America!

    The unimaginable, has become real, the next step past virtual. Now, there’s 378 drones flying through the chemtrailed USA skies — .

  6. Yea Boom, those things make the scary black helicopters look like toys……

  7. This isn’t just happening in Miami; it’s going on in Houston…

    …and Harrisburg…

    What a nutty coinkidinky!

    • Houston, we have a confirm on the entire nation …over.

    • ” What a nutty coinkidinky! ” LOL!!!

  8. I know I had just started to add the Houston video but didn’t know about Harrisburg… so that’s Boston, Minneapolis, Miami, Houston, Harrisburg… yea, they’re getting ready for something, huh? THese sure aren’t run of the mill “military training drills” !

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