Posted by: dawnatilla | January 29, 2013

after this, I promise no more FWH posts, unless its absolutely irresistible.



  1. AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY – No, not Sandy Hoax but another inauguration.

    • That’s a great toober and content, DT. Kudos!

  2. What Language is Spoken at Sandy Hook? Khazar Russian Israeli dialect


  3. I tell you, that is Adam Lanza in the teaser shot on the video at the top of the page.

    He is in a MK trance, he is dressed for the kill, he is going to be taken to the scene by the cops [Sheriffs Deputies] themselves.

    Where did this photo come from? Where? Who was there that knows this?


    • I can try Reverse search,but its not a jpg…it would be a screenshot of video…and that would prob produce nothing.” I tell you, that is Adam Lanza in the teaser shot on the video at the top of the page.
      He is in a MK trance, he is dressed for the kill, he is going to be taken to the scene by the cops [Sheriffs Deputies] themselves.” pretty much my thoughts exactly tome tho he looks LESS than….like SHELL.either mk or clone its all a bit of work to do….Im going to say MK for ease and sadistic pleasures on the part of the cabal.

      • I have searched for this shot as a jpg before – nothing.

        I want to know where the original shot is…

        And Niki, this clone biz is bullshit, in my humble opinion. You cannot accelerate the aging of a clone from infant to young adult.


        • That pic is weird isn’t it WIll? I posted this same video a while back, probably in comments and was also very puzzled by that shot of Adam. It was a woman’s name that posted the original.. It’s on here somewhere. Anyway I was going to ask where she got that pic and someone else on utube beat me to it. The poster of the vid said simply, “I don’t know, I found it on the internet”. So I did my own search and could not find it anywhere.

          The first one that finds it and where it came from is the winner !!! lol

          • Yes I remember that dialog you posted Deb.

            This was obviously shot by the Sheriffs Dept. itself, or at least those involved in this scam. Leaked out so subtly like this, it appears another provocation – as it is so obviously Adam. but cannot be tracked down.


            • Look at the patch on the officers’ shoulders: It’s the state of Ohio. So IS that Lanza? If so, what’s he doing getting arrested in Ohio? Or could it be the shape of a county? I don’t see any counties in CN or NJ shaped like that. Looks like Ohio to me.

              • Mist be a county Harpo, I studied the map this morning, the shape doesn’t really match any state.

                I don’t think he’s being arrested. I think this is shot at a sheriff station. There are no arrest records for Adam Lanza. There is apparently a Death Certificate from New Hampshire, dated the 13th – one day prior to the shootings. [???]


              • keep in mind that Sheriffs are county officers.

                The HWY Patrol or the State Police would be the ones to have a state icon on their emblem.

                • Honk! Honk! Harpo gets the prize! Found it! It’s the patch of the Ohio Sheriff’s Association.


                  • Impossible Prize. this incident has had simultaneous AHA’s! across the globe! !

                • Looks like the kid is T.J. Lane, a mind-controlled zombie who shot 3 people at a school in Ohio.


                  • Wow…nice work rkae. How did you track that down so quickly? Did you google Ohio shooters/shootings/arrests? Are you in law enforcement with access to a database?

                    How odd that he looks so VERY similar to the pix they have shown us of Lanza and he’s an alleged shooter too…hmmmm

                    Lane’s face twitched lightly while the prosecutor recounted the attack, and the slim young man sniffled and half-closed his eyes as he walked out of the room with sheriff’s deputies.

                    • Nah, I’m just a humble writer. Went on an image search with a hunch: “school shooter ohio” and found a pic of him.

                      They do look alike! Maybe it’s time to profile skinny white withdrawn kids! (I jest… but it’ll be reality soon.)

                    • sweet!! jest away..Im the same 🙂

                  • Remarkable, T.J. Lane is a spitting image of Lanza…and a school shooter…???

                    Thanks for the hunch sleuthing. I wonder what happeded to this kid after the cops got him into the car? Did they snuff him and send him to Connecticut for Lanza’s dad to ID and take possession of the body?

                    Is that the Dead Lanza from New Hampshire?

                    Is it just T.J. Lane sitting in a jail in Oh Ayech Eyeo?

                    Seems these strange coincidences are reaching the penumbra level of the mezzanine.

                    Good job Harpo, love yer gravitar.


          • One of the reasons I remain suspicious of this TJ Lane/Adam Lanza doppelganger situation is that Lanza’s body laid unclaimed, until talk came around about testing his DNA, then suddenly his father shows up to claim the body…hmmm???

            I have made disclaimers where I have posted this first info, and won’t pursue it – but I am still suspicious about this whole affair.


            • and then there is the factor of (be it true or propaganda) that “Lanzas” father was or is involved in the Libor proceedings. as a witness of some sort.


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              • Nice Dtilla! We’re eatin crackers now…!

                Rkae — kudos and crackers to you. Nice “splash” you’re making in the pool. Dig it.

                Rogue — well, you’re The Rogue1!

                • Im a high end cracker kind of girl…can u dig it? hahaa (No Ritz!)

        • Orion Technology!

    • Ok, at first I was trying to read what was written in blood and couldn’t make it out… then I noticed the hook… ok…clever.. but ..eww

  4. This is really getting weird.

    Regarding the “school nurse story” discrepancies:

    So there was that report about a “woman in tears” who claimed to be the school nurse and said she knew the gunman and his mother “the kindergarten teacher that everyone loved.”

    Note that she NEVER said “Nancy Lanza.”

    There was a kindergarten teacher there named Janet Vollmer. Her son is Scott, who works for Bloomberg Media, lives 1.6 miles from Ryan Lanza in Hoboken.

    “Sandy Hook Kindergarten Teacher’s Son Is Micheal Bloomberg’s Event Director, Small World Ain’t It?”

    So… what does this all mean?

  5. Nice find there rkae!

    And “NO!”, this isn’t getting weird — it has been flibberty jibbets super weird from the Get Go of the Hoax Show!

    What’s it mean? If this is the case, it would be downright dandy to find out and post the pre-scripted hysterics and gun ban regurgitation of these Zionist psychos. The list is large and getting longer by the day. Make a note of em.

    • What it means is that it’s probably an Israeli job. Bloomberg is a zionist.. Joe Lieberman who has been placed in charge of distributing the over 8 mil in United Way fund donations for SH is a zionist and Gordon Duff says he has proof that it was an Israeli terrorist hit.

      Btw, thanks for the vid RKAE and welcome 🙂

    • the bird is the word on that one!!!

  6. Great find Harpo,

    This just in at Tand S:

    Note: an Adam P Lanza is reported dead on the 13th, the day before the shooting, in the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) and on — and it’s now been proven that the birthdate matches the (hitherto unknown) birthdate of our accused lone gunman, and the state (New Hampshire) for his original home matches the state of his death. As to how he died on the 13th, or if it is a clerical error … we don’t know. For information on the link between AP Lanza of SSDI with AP Lanza of Sandy Hook,



    • Well, if the gov guys are yanking our collective CT chains on SH than they could be doing it again here with the SSDI date as well, eh? Good god.. is NOTHING as it seems?

      • Incomprehensible Complexity..

        That is what Time Wave Zero predicted…

        Is it almost February 2013?

        Or are we stuck at the Horizon Limit of the time/space continuum at a groundhog day December 21, 2012?


        • its like this : it is, whatever you say it is. 🙂 (replace “say” with “intend” or “manifest”) we ARE of the creators of creation.and create we are here to do.


          * D a w n a t i l l a ‘ s G r a f X * 4 1 5 5 5 0 0 6 3 8

          **D*awnatilla *T*he *H*un* is on: *DeviantArt*, *FaceBook*, *YouTube*, *Tumblr*, and also writes at the infamous *WordPress* blog: *COTO*:* Coalition of the Obvious.*

      • coming to that realization myself..(nothing as it seems.) right pisses me of at times!

  7. 89

    James Hufferd PhD – JANUARY 30, 2013 – 1:39 PM

    > “I’m through. You won’t (can’t) answer anything, have no knowledge, only cracker slogans and insults. No dialog is possible since you only answer thus. Enjoy & please keep your toys to yourself.”
    . . . . . . .

    Another Pee Aytch Dee who squats to pee in public gets his ass handed to him.


  8. Syria confirms Israeli airstrike

    Netanyahu declares war on Obama

    • should we not apply the fiction faction to the promise of war by N?

      • we know they want fear. surely they are buddies? haha

  9. SACRIFICE – Walking Angel

    Girl who performed at Obama’s inauguration shot dead in Chicago
    January 30, 2013


    • Wtf

    • Wow…

      That list of deaths surrounding Oboomba is…well, just wow.


      • military spending, since “he” (we know its they)has been in office is more than ANY other president in the history of America, COMBINED. undoubtedly, the kill count is ..massive..

        • Yes…the kill count around Oboomba personally, doesn’t mean he even knows about it. It is just evidence of the path being cleared for his ascent. As a puppet Obumba needn’t know a thing but his script.

          The empirical project isn’t Amerikan.

          Amerika is just the garrison state for the central power, which is and has been the “International Bankers”…evidence of that is the crumbling infrastructure, the growing poverty of the lower classes, the growing numbers in the lower class, the project of ‘austerity’ pressed upon the domestic population.

          This term, “US Hegemony” is a ruse to cover the reality of the New World Order as already manifest and ruled by the banking oligarchy.



    • Obomber is the black angel of death in more ways than one…

  10. WOW.. just found out :O

    James Homes born- 13th Dec 1987
    Adam Lanza Death Certificate- 13th Dec 2012

    James Holmes turned 25 years old & 25 yrs between 1987-2012.

    • Wow right back at ya !! Nice! errr…”nice” .

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