Posted by: dawnatilla | January 28, 2013

Anonymous BS and Project Wanna Be



  1. Yea, the jury is out on anonymous but it’s also still out on the white hats and Ben Fulford. Why does this blogger call himself a “former white hat”? What’s his m.o.? Also, where the hell is the cavalry that Fulford has been saying is coming?? I like Ben but he seems more than nutty. More bs to sort through ~sigh.

    I so want to believe they are coming and computer geniuses have put their heads together and are working for us and that the “good” aliens are going to land and save the earth, sounds silly but maybe someone, right now is working on just that. Not the assorted disinfo internet types but real people in power working behind the scenes.

    Being a realistic optimist, I know the evil ones are in control at the moment, however, I also know that common sense tells me that there are people working to foil their plans There always is. The ptb may try but they can’t kill off all of them.

    We can’t give these monsters the magic cloak of invincibility by our fear and our words. They are not invincible and they can be destroyed. Let’s throw those thoughts out into the universe instead of acting as if we have no power. We hold ALL the power. We just have to believe that we do.

    • I immediately was drawn to Fulford , he fascinated me, I believed him. Now here is the thing . I think it was genuine but I also feel the man was killed and cloned. Now look folks, cloning is so prevalent and common to them. We dont need ie l to think about this, but when it comes up, and it will and it does. We nees to be accepting. We STILL. Are not up to speed with these motherfuckers as far as the uncommon being common and the extent and length of how long these uncommon things have been occurring surely is not what we think..what do you think? Re: FWH I cannot explain who he is because no one actually knows who he is.

    • Please excuse the poor typing, mobile at the moment

      • At this point in 3d time I don’t think they have mastered the clone (human) They are missing the link (0) cern to the formula. Hybrids would be possible. Protein dna changing experiments are being done on us Guinea Pigs along with a menu of skinner side dishes.

        It’s the race to beat the spacetime markers of the biblical return. It’s not the story done by mGm, but the analogy does dictate the general prophesy in fable.

        I look to Jonestown as the beginnings of the process. psychotropic/tronic in drugs and digital. UFO snatchings are government psyops to cover up the milk carton kids and test subjects sitting under the groom and dulce worm fields. There they do their work under the labcoats of mengele ancestry.

        Ben? Who knows? A rat likely.
        Rule #9: Anyone with an audience or session is an actor or a corpse.

  2. I concur fully with this nugget. 24 carat 😉

    • as do I , Boss 🙂 I have a story (by me) coming up..not a story, rather a report on the town of Redding, California.

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