Posted by: jerseyg | January 27, 2013

The Sandy Hook Incident Investigated and Exposed by Mike Powers





  1. Good find JG

    • Thanks V 🙂

  2. Dear Ms. JersyG,

    The Sandy Hook Truth site ventures closer and closer to the deep end. Because I sheepishly admit to having been gobsmacked by “September Clues” and believe it still has nuggets of truth (although not to their NPT conclusions), therefore the Sandy Hook video fakery genre has me most curious.

    I’m sure you’ll find these two entries of interest.

    Maybe you should ping Mr. Rogue off-list and call these to his attention. Right up his domain and field of expertise.


    • I am right here by your side Mr Señor,

      I am on the “more media-fakery” page right now.

      My honest opinion is that lynne0312, like Simon Shack, and OBF doesn’t have any idea of what she is talking about. It is another walk in the weeds with a chattering nincompoop.

      In my humble opinion.

      I am sorry that I am not going to go through the visuals and completely dumb ass arguments she is spouting here. I am simply fed up with spinning my wheels on this sort of crap.

      Now I am not accusing YOU of any crap, and I appreciate your deferring to my “expertise” on video and imagery. But I don’t find anything on those pages as worth the time to pursue.

      I cannot listen to a video of the length of this one with Mike Powers. although I have heard some shorter pieces of the interview.
      I am dubious as to the TOTALITY that he is suggesting here. I am naturally suspicious of these self proclaimed experts that always seem to pop up in these national incidents. Many who are self proclaimed X-police, intelligence, whatever.

      At this point I am satisfied with my own analysis of Sandy Hook and the repercussions it was meant to serve. I am in close agreement with Max Igan and his take on all of this. Stuff like Lynne0312 and Mike Powers seem quagmires of trivia meant to suck the mastodon into the tar pit.

      Have you seen the “duel” on T+S with Hufferd and I?

      I don’t get it. This guy is a “Truther”? He comes off as a typical TVZombie to me…


      • Dear Mr. Rogue,

        My impression is that Ms. Lynne0312 is not the creator of the videos that analyze “SH fakery”. She is passing on what she has either stumbled across or been fed.

        I would need to see more Google perspectives that tie media footage to specific locations before I’d be jumping through the circus hoops of proclaiming imagery manipulation, like from the house that is supposedly missing? I thought I saw it, and owing to Google street-map images sometimes being a few years out of synch with today (based on my own experience).

        And if they could prove such imagery manipulation, the “why” is left unanswered. The control they had of the imagery with respect to dribbling it out to the media outlets does not suggest a need for such imagery manipulation; they can just turn it off.

        Something that clearly stands out is the crispness of the details, even of the trees. This needs to be juxtaposed with other helicopter images that digitally “smoke” the trees and “paint” the grass of the playing field an unbelievably consistent green. Plus, I think I saw a school bus parked parallel to firetrucks at the fire station that was then blocked in by tons of vehicles.

        If we are want to complain about videos, it is that the aerial footage of SH was pretty effectively controlled by the police and a compliant media, such that (from what little I know) we don’t have a lot of public footage that is unique and that shows anything significant. For example, some of the adults claimed that they were in the building for a few hours after the shooting start until police came and released them from where they had baracaded themselves. I would have expected that to be sufficient time for a helicopter to arrive and to film something noteworthy, like in leading classes of children down the street.

        *Prick* and *poof* my video-fakery balloon with truther air gets deflated quickly on SH.

        As for Hufferd and you? You two are writing right passed each other to see who will be teacher over the other. I think you over-reacted and mis-read some of Mr. Hufferd’s statements, what with you being so eager to find an area of conflict and debate.


        • Senor, I see exactly what you are talking about in regards to the blurry trees. Why is that? Very strange indeed. WHat are they hiding in the smoke?

          If you listened to Mr Powers interview, you’d hear him mention something that I thought of immediately when I heard it and it seems no one else did. Or at least, I haven’t read it anywhere. The hero teacher and psychologist rushing a man armed with all that weaponry that did or didn’t shoot his way into the school. WHO BELIEVES THIS BS? Two women trying to stop a man with an arsenal strapped to his person who just shot his way in?? WHAT? As Powers says, it’s all the little things that just don’t add up. That one is HUGE for me. Just another lie
          added to the huge pile.

        • “I think you over-reacted and mis-read some of Mr. Hufferd’s statements, what with you being so eager to find an area of conflict and debate.”~Señor

          I would rather have a less contentious conversation with Mr Hufferd, and I would explain to him if he would attempt to understand, what I will point out here to you.

          Hufferd’s first comment addressed to me was his interpretation of a quote by Jefferson. It was crystal clear from that interpretation that he had no comprehension of the totality of the construct of Jefferson’s Principles. That Hufferd’s interpretation did not comport with such principles and is out of their context.

          What misconstruing Jefferson tells me is that one misconstrues the principles of Liberty – because as Hufferd himself admits, Jefferson was one of the most lucid and clearest in his articulation of these principles.

          It was my curiosity as to how deep Hufferd’s misunderstanding of the principles of Liberty ran. There was a hint of ridicule in my first response his first comment, when I laughingly suggested that he had “channeled” Jefferson. But the rest of my first post was informative.

          Hufferd is a pretty smart guy. Some smart guys don’t like to be proven wrong. I think he had a clue that he was about to be proven wrong, and took up a needless defensive attitude, rather than face the reasoning being offered him.

          I do not like games, and Hufferd attempted to game me.

          Now you are very fond of giving me “advice” Señor. And I am not very fond of your “advice”. So if you are contemplating on who is a “gamester” and all that bla bla bla we’ve been through, I suggest we drop this conversation entirely.


  3. There are times when the truth becomes so ugly that many will prefer comfort in the lie, even tough the lie is of little less comfort.

    I’m getting the same resistance from exposing this that was encountered when first exposing 9/11. The denial level is extreme.

    I see no reason for them to stop. Timing dictates something within the next few weeks.

    Down here the NFL Nazis are all over the place terrorizing the store owners and street people. They’ve issue a dictate that all signs entering the area (which encompasses nearly all of downtown) must be “approved” by the NFL.

    Plan A went array as to what I can do to fuck them up. Working on Plan B.

    Rady is missing. If anyone has heard from her, let me know.

    Two other activists have disappeared.

    Game on.

    • M, what do you mean she is “missing”. Have you, up to now, been in close contact with her? Do you know what she’s been researching and covering recently?

      • Missing, as I can’t find her. She may well be here, but my only way of getting a hold of her is going by where she was last staying, or email. I’ve been by her place and left notes. So far nothing. Haven’t seen anything posted by her for a while either.

        The other two are more curious. Very active street-activists. David & Mo. David was ALWAYS on the streets. Total madman, but all good. Mo worked at Tulane U. and was well connected, a COTO person all the way. Talking to her was what I envisioned talking to you would be like. Super intelligent.

        They’ve vanished. I’ve done what searches a poor man can do, and will physically go to Tulane and ask.

        This isn’t the worst “street sweeping:” I’ve witnessed. When the Pope visited it was real bad. But it’s still early. Riding home tonight, going through Jackson Square, the police where hassling the regular bench-sitters. But times being what they are …

      • … then there’s this;

        … as to why I’m worried about Mo and David.

        • Jesus, I didn’t know about the Nola virus. Makes me worried for you Michael. How the hell are you feeling?

          You’re right to worry about your friend from Tulane considering that story you posted. Was she trying to warn people away from the Super Bowl? More than ever, you have to watch your own back then M.

          As for Rady, if she still posts as cotoadmin than the last thing she put up on Coto2 was the blog states on Jan 26th which was just a few days ago. However, she may have had someone else acting as admin while she’s been busy in Nola.

          Was Rady working in any way with Mo & David to expose what’s really going on there?

          • Have you been tracking the acid sink hole there. It’s a constant changling. There’s truth in M’s point on the bioweapon angle. I guarantee it’s the means of the next 911 event.

            Take away the guns and explosives and get used to the idea of being wrestled to the ground and arrested for a bottle of tangy tangerine.

            Sorry to hear about the Rady and the others. I think honestly that people around the spectrum are quietly disappearing. While Sandy hooking go on the Media fr. 24/7, the real quiet war marches on.

            Remember what Superbowl is. Satanic San Fransisco against Marylands, Ft. Detrick. The Dark Knight Rises again.

    • Maybe Randy got called back to her office at whatever Intelligence agency she works for…{??}


      • Believe me, if Rady is working for an intelligence agency it must be so top-secret she doesn’t even know it.

        • And sometimes that is possible my man.


  4. Hi guys, I’m on lunch break so I’ll have to check out those links after work Senor.

    Will, all Max Igan is saying in that video is that they made this false flag even more obvious than 9/11 so that would bring we CT’s out front and center to make us look bad for questioning the deaths of children. How does that relate to the entire thing not being staged? I don’t think he’s saying that. He doesn;t know.

    If you listened to the interview with Powers you’d hear him questioning every single thing we do here. He has been actively investigating the inconsistencies and also comparing his findings with others that are doing the same. It’s a really good presentation by him and he reveals a few facts I had not heard before.


    • I concur JG. I listened to both Max Egan And Mike Powers. There’s just so many things that don’t tally. Their hubris is what’s going to catch them.

      • V, their story is falling apart. It’s nice to know there are people out there with the tools to do some real investigating instead of us just speculating. Powers investigation is what I’ve been waiting for and to hear others are doing the same, makes me feel like this thing will not die anytime soon.

        • JG,

          Do you know where this rundown of evidence from Powers can be found in text? In print? I am hot to see it from your description of it, but I am not going to be able to get it from video.

          Thanks, WW

    • JG,

      Due to my set up and pay by the minute viewing of video, I simply cannot afford these hour length videos.

      I understand what Igan is saying. I have already made it clear that I am not CERTAIN about anything.

      My ananlysis, due to lack of any real information therefore is based on the Modus Operendi and Motive of the State. These types of analysis are rarely wrong when looking at the big picture.

      The State has no compunction against murder, even the murder of children. I do not assume that they were or were not murdered, but my working hypothesis is based on the likelihood that they were. LIKELIHOOD, JG, not certainty. Da?

      So a woman caller calls in on the show of the host that Powers is on and claims her name is “Bonnie” – Bonnie who? She claims she “hooked” up with Carver in Las Vegas by chance, and he admitted that “Sandy Hook” was a “hoax”….

      Isn’t this nothing but anonymous hearsay? It is nothing more.

      Now, what does it matter what aspects of this case are part of a hoax and what aren’t? If there is a case with so many glaring inconsistencies, then it is the highest likelihood that these inconsistencies are intentional.

      Therefore, I am going to the bank with this general conclusion; Sandy Hook is a Strategy of Tension meant to cause a dialectic explosion between gun owners and those who oppose gun ownership, all intended to pressure cook to provoked violence during any confiscation campaigns, leading to civil war and martial crackdown.

      At this point, to me the details become trivial, the agenda is clear enough and it is a crisis point. As we are all clearly defined {by the new West Point paper} as “Domestic Enemies” ie; Terrorists, and this crackdown is proceeding with renewed vigor, my attention will be focused there.


  5. Will, that woman Bonnie didn’t call in to the show with Powers I listened to. The one I posted is just the facts, maam, just the facts. And those facts don’t add up. Right from the get go… Adam Lanza’s invisibility as a real person, there is NO motive, even if he does/did exist, for him shooting up that school, all of the outright lies… the window of the school not being shot out by the perp>> gee how did he get in then? Did they buzz in the kid with the swat gear and all those weapons?

    So much more circumstantial evidence that nothing happened than there is real evidence that something actually did. There is NO evidence that something did. If anyone has that evidence, I’d love.. WE’D love to see it.

    The details are not trivial anymore than the details of 9/11 are trivial to you. This is bigger than 9/11 because the sheeple are actually angry at those that question the “official Story” because for god sake children died !!! No more questions need to be asked….CHILDREN DIED.

    Oh yea, they tied this one up with a big red ribbon.

    • Jersey,

      I am aboard that it is in the fact that the official story simply cannot be true that is the central evidence of this thing. I am arguing that exact case of T+S. I am not saying that it is trivial as a general case. I am saying that the compound evidence is already sufficient to pronounce it a false flag PSYOP.

      I would love to have all of the evidence that Powers presents. I just can’t access it right now. I cooked a lot of time listening to Igan’s video. I have to be careful.

      Do you think after listening to Power’s presentation that it is sufficient to conclude there were no real murders?

      I think that would be a breaking point for my analysis, for in mine I have left that as an unknown, with a leaning towards the probability that there were children murdered.

  6. Just for you Will… the transcript w/pix is here :

    • Thank you ever so much sweetheart,

      I have copy and pasted the whole thing to a word doc, and a PDF

      I will be studying it now…


  7. I am encouraged to see that possibly (geez! For God’s Sake!) COTO can brandish multiple “minds” going after a common enigma?! Thus should be this crucible.

    It is why I have stayed here in the accompaniment of inquisitive minds.

    Let us not fight, but for THE TRUTH! As it is revolutionary, and at this time a geiger counter of the enemies’ agenda.

    Gentlemen — You are sleuthing the enigma’s of Today’s Truths! May we ALL (COTO through and through) contribute to the Lightening Strike of Truth!

  8. Mike Powers
    Sandy Hook Investigation – 30 questions:

    What was Christopher A. Rodia‘s car doing at the scene?
    Why was it reported as Nancy Lanza’s car to begin with? (Actually the warrant states that it was a relatives car)
    Why was a weapon in the trunk?
    Why did the media and cops LIE and say that Adam had that car?
    Why was the Canadian sub teacher’s car the ONLY one in the parking lot that was shot up?
    Why did media and the cops LIE and say that Nancy was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary when she NEVER WAS?
    What happened to all of the other people arrested?
    What happened to the reddish purple van with the windows shot out?
    Were the parents allowed to see the bodies?
    How come we’ve not seen so much as ONE crime scene photo when the media loves NOTHING more than to constantly show us evil’s face?
    Why do they keep claiming that the AR15 was in the school when SEVERAL cops reported ALL MORNING that it was FOUND in the BACK SEAT of the car?
    How many guns DID little Adam manage to carry around with him? With all that weight, how was he able to remain mobile and dynamic?
    Why do Peter and Nancy Lanza only show Ryan on Spokeo as a son?
    Why or how was Adam in possession of Ryan’s ID when they’d not seen one another since 2010?
    How was Probable Cause established to search the mom’s home when RYAN was the primary suspect all day? The WARRANT was searched on Nancy’s home less than 1.5 hours after the first police dispatch?
    Why did the media report Peter Lanza as having been found dead in NYC? ALL….DAY….LONG?
    What is Rodia’s connection to all of this? Or his 19yr old niece?
    How did Adam get to the school? And WHY? What made him select Sandy Hook Elementary as his target?
    Is it not odd that the sub teacher’s body was also not allowed to be seen, and her car was the ONLY one shot up?
    Why was her classroom the one with all the victims?
    What was up with the Robbie Parker Interview?
    What was up with Dr.Carver, and his interview?
    He’s seen THOUSANDS of people shot? WHERE?
    What did the Medical Examiner Carver mean by “you can control a situation with the right photographer”?
    Why does the name J Paul Vance show up as both a CT State Police Lt AND the Commissioner to which the 100M lawsuit was filed to? Would that not constitute a conflict of interest?
    Why is now the Mother of one of the pic’s victims coming out saying that her daughter is ALIVE AND WELL?
    What was with the Eugene Rosen interviews? Changed statements and stating he was a “psychologist”? Not with only 2yrs of college.
    Why were all of the fire trucks BLOCKED IN and BACKED UP to the school?
    Who IS Roy Low, and how is he SO informed as to appear in three interviews?
    Why would cops place a SUSPECT – in cuffs – in the FRONT SEAT of a police car during an ACTIVE SHOOTER event that is NOT yet over?
    …. …. …. ….
    This event equals 9/11 in unanswered questions, anomalies, and obvious lies.
    I cannot fathom how any 9/11 researcher can look at this and brush it off as if it were some trivial incident having no bearing on the agenda of the tyrannical police state.


  9. I hate when people transcribe audio interviews because they tend to screw up certain words/phrases and in this case don’t provide everything said. But all in all most of the pertinent information was there.

    I listened to another interview he did last night and he goes all out suggesting that in that tiny town of 2,000, the whole thing could have been one staged set up with no deaths and a town of crisis actors. That’s where my thoughts lie since there is absolutely not a shred of evidence shown to us to prove otherwise. How can there be NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE IN SUCH A HUGE SLAUGHTER OF SMALL CHILDREN AND ADULTS? NOT ONE! All we have to go on are lies and more lies.

    Too bad you can’t listen to hour+ long audio Will. It’s very good. The points this Powers guy brings up are spot on and he brings up questions I haven’t heard mentioned before. He’s really studying this closely.

    Here it is in case you find a way. I think this show was broadcast 3 wks ago:

    • “..the whole thing could have been one staged set up with no deaths and a town of crisis actors. ..”

      Yes yes….it ‘COULD HAVE BEEN’__you are NOT going to PROVE something like this on THEORY alone.

      Anything true is provable.

      Although this would be an “amazing” stunt….it still seems to me a trivial matter compared to the very REAL agenda it has set in motion.

      William J. Lederer [co-author of THE UGLY AMERICAN] wrote a book in 1961 titled: A NATION OF SHEEP – in that book he describes just this sort of totally staged battles put on for journalists who were suckered into being shipped into Laos and Cambodia where these ‘show battles’ between “rebel forces” and “the military” would take place.

      He proves this with documentation in this book. And yet, this whole fraud, which was proven in 1961, still led to the war in Vietnam. It was the real war in Vietnam that is the major tragedy.

      The Western intervention in S.E. Asia, no matter what started it, were plainly illegal; disregard to constitutional law [Presidential war powers]. THAT is the crucial point.
      And the backlash to Sandy Hook, is plainly illegal; the disregard to constitutional law {2nd Amendment].

      That the Constitution had to be broken in each case is not secret in any way but for the stupidity and gullibility of the Amerikan people.
      Tell these morons today about the facts from Lederer’s 1961 book, and they wouldn’t give a shit. Tell these morons tomorrow that Sandy Hook is a proven total hoax, and they won’t give a shit. Just like 9/11 they will have forgotten they ever cared.

      The people in general are INSANE Deb…WTF do we do about that?

      We are into this for our own reasons, for our own knowledge. We can’t change a robot’s “mind” – they have no mind, only a programmed processor.

      If people were “thinking” Deb, we wouldn’t have to explain to them that the official tale of Sandy Hook doesn’t make any sense. All they would have to do is remember from one moment to the next to see that the story was morphing from ‘one moment to the next’. Shit, this happens right in front of their face_and they don’t see it. You think that telling them anything is going to make a difference???

      I hear it being said by the community of the aware, that “people are waking up”. Yea? how many? I would betcha that more people die each day than “wake up to reality”…and this will be ever so until TV is destroyed. TV is the people’s god. That is what they really believe in.

      Fix that with a Happy Meal.


  10. I was not as impressed with Powers as I was other exposers. If there is any organization who is suspect in the great engineering project we call NWO, it’s the goddam friggin Navy.

    They are the maritimers in HAARP, false flag, espionage, stealth submarine, weapons research in radar-elf mind control, etc,etc, etc.

    Powers just was not impressive as an expert to me but he came to a boil over the left wing power grab. You could hear the stress levels increase. It’s like a minion of Alex Jones.

    What someone should do is file lawsuits against the Governor and CNN for falsifying or withholding information in a formal investigation. Like the CT fuzzball Sheriff who said there would be prosecution against those posting or reporting lies/distortion, he ought to be included in the law suit.

    Too bad about the parents of dead kids. If you as a parent don’t want the truth then you are not worthy of being a parent. If the PTB did indeed kill children there on that day, then let it be put to rest.

    When you get your introduction into the red pill world, it is best to consider the mindset of the psychopath first. I failed to do this when I started and wasted a lot of time. These scumbags have been killing kids since the inception and introduction of vaccines, fluoride in water, corn syrup, and economic induced warfare with starvation and biological bombing. When you’ve killed millions, a Sandy Hook is just bloody entertainment and a snuff film for their library. Jonestown to Newtown, we’ve seen the spooks and voodoo a hundred times before.

  11. PD, I like Powers line of questioning and thinking. Disinfo? Not any more than anyone else we get information from on here. Seems EVERYONE that lives to investigate such events is disinfo. So who do we trust? No one. I suppose we all just pick and choose who inspires us the most.

    As for that happy meal… yuk, WIll. So take the cyanide pill now then why don’t you? I’m sick of the negativity here.

    PD you are always speaking about zero point. Well, we need to change our attitudes about the power in each individual. Constantly, reiterating how powerful THEY are isn’t helping our cause. We are all energy and granting them the power over all is dimming our good energy and letting their darkness engulf us.

    That’s all I’m trying to say here. I’m not trying to be all pollyannish but I refuse to give in to the belief there is no hope. Yea, I know you hate that word but it’s all that keeps the soul alive when things look bleak. Without hope our spirit is doomed. We have no control over the dumbasses that can’t see. We only have power over ourselves.

    I believe that constantly crediting the dark forces with the power of God is giving up our spiritual force to them. I refuse to give that up to the bastards. I will keep my firm conviction that they are not all knowing and all powerful.

    Which is why I admire that other “disinfo guy” David Icke. Human race get off your knees.. Yea, for what it’s worth, that’s the ticket.

    Oh what the hell, according to dawn they are probably all clones anyway. Maybe your a clone, maybe Will is a clone, maybe I’m a clone. Fuck it all to hell.

    • You mistook my point JG…I said that our being awake is to our advantage, in the sense that you feel that too.

      Are they all powerful like Oz…yea, was Oz all powerful? NO.
      The TV is the ticket, the god the general population worships.

      There must be some sorta glitch that can break that spell…

      I just don’t know what it is yet. I cannot order what would work, an EMP that takes out all the communication satellites…

      So what is the alternative? There may actually be one, but I haven’t thought of it.


      • Sorry for the misunderstanding Will. Oz is the perfect analogy 🙂 I’m thinking greater minds than ours within the circle of power might have a few ideas and access to the better “toys.”

  12. Hey JG, got into your one on the royals. Just wondering, does “Groom Of The Stool” pay well? Brings a whole new meaning to stool pusher, “er” puller in this context. Bet that shit’s worth something. How would one describe their occupation in this case.
    “I clean up royal butts”
    “I didn’t know they smoked”
    “ER, no they don’t”
    Come to think of it, I don’t want the job. Ya know, the respect ass’pect of it.
    Ya know about being able to prognosticate the future by chicken guts?
    Maybe the same holds true in plotting their hemorrhoids.

    • yea, V..groom of the stool.. apparently the tradition carries on…now that’s a real shitty job, eh? 😀

      Telling the future with chicken guts? Hmm haven’t visited that psychic’s tent yet. Pretty sure I don’t want to……



    It seems that Cheri Speaks Bullshit is having a case of constipation and can’t get those turds to spurt.


  14. Their power is clear. No one is ever going to legitimately expose any of this garbage. From JFK to SH, power is not on the people side. Zero point is the law of one. It’s not a group thing.

    As far as cointelpro Powers may be legit, I just meant that I’d liked other investigators thoughts better than he and I’d like to hear a seal teamer get on the radio and that does not include the wash out Ventura.

    I’m in a funk obviously, but I am very upset about Africom and the scumbags who are at the core of it. Your post on the Royal turd flush, Nazi’s is a prime target of that wrath. I hate these inbred psycho’s beyond words and their little uncle tom.

    • Patrick, don’t hold out on me:) Which investigators thoughts did you like? Please share vids or text. I love hearing different angles on this mystery.

      As far as being in a funk, it’s easy considering the amount of crap we research day in and day out on these monsters. I hate them too. Their madness will be their undoing in the end.

      As for Africom… do you remember Jeanne Dixon, the psychic to the stars back in the 60’s 70’s? Well, I remember she made a prediction way back in that era. Her prediction was that WWIII would start in Africa..specifically Chad. At the time, I was thinking… wow she’s way off base because of course that was during the cold war. WWIII was always going to be about Russia or China.

      Maybe old Jeanne really did know her stuff? Sure looking more like that today, isn’t it?

  15. Disclaimer: The Social Security Death Index is made available to the public through a number of websites, including, GenealogyBank is only a host for the Social Security Death Index. As a result, we do not control the information that is provided us in the SSDI.
    In order to have information corrected or removed, please contact your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office. Documented proof of an error may be required. Contact information for your local office can be found at

    You see the curve? Make it so blatantly obvious, a conspiracy that no one suspects the boy is a total fabrication and never existed.

  16. Yep, saw that. I suppose that’s another computer glitch. Powers said he could find no evidence that Adam Lanza ever existed . If neighbors who lived two doors down had no clue he lived there, what does that tell you? Being reclusive is one thing but being invisible is another. He also said the pix presented to the public of Adam had been photoshopped.

    • I did appreciate his reference to non-existent. I agree and believe no one was killed. They live somewhere under abuse now.

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