Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 27, 2013

Surviving the Matrix — by Max Igan

A calm and reasoned explanation of “what” is happening to America, “what” has been happening, and “what” will happen IF The People do not understand what is going on.

This IS NOT about the Sandy Hook, the title you see on the video. It IS about MUCH MORE of what is about to deeply affect EVERYONE in America, and by extension the rest of the world.




  1. Boom, PD already posted this under comments on another thread. It’s very good and does deserve it’s own post so that the visitors don’t miss out.

    • Thanks JG! You know, I thought this might have been posted somewhere here, so I went looking for it, but didn’t find it. Hence, my post here, because I felt Mr. Egan’s delivery and content were worth the listen and consideration.

  2. Max Egan has hit the nail square on the head. This has been my bottom line analysis all along, that all of the weird anomalies presented were put there on purpose…that ol’ stategy of tension.

    This is an important video that should go viral….


    • We (COTO) appreciate your sentiments Rogue1. May others grok the scenario, background and foreground. This generation is seeing an updated “replay” of the Playbook used before in other countries at earlier times. These evil men and women behind the scenes and on the scene (and screen) are but today’s bad actors. May the curtain come down upon their heads ending their show before it develops any further.

  3. I was willing to consider a totally staged event for some time, but I was always dubious. But this rests on the meaning of “staged”. And that word can be qualified in many ways. So I will try to articulate what I would mean using the ‘generalization’ of the word. In this way I would say that there are certainly aspects of ‘staging’ – and the first aspect of this is the stage as ‘set’ by the MSM that sets the “official narrative”, which as we know is in fact a kaleidoscope of ever changing lights and shadows.

    As such I see this as ‘intent’, a stirring of cognizance and emotions, a spinning strategy of tension. Yes, as Senor pointed out, as aspect of the Hegelian Dialectical process. So again I would mention the process as Design masquerading as Diagnosis. The presentation is portrayed by the Public Relations Regime as “investigative reporting” – but is in fact a working script pre-established. Those behind the PR regime already know what actually happened – they planned and executed the ‘event’.

    This was designed to go viral, counting on the MO of “conspiracy theorists” it has been a trap set and prodded by counter intel which promotes the weaker, ‘far out’ aspects, such as the Crisis Actors scenario, the Parker family anomalies, etc. Bring on the clowns; Gene Rosen, with his ever changing story. Is he some neurotic seeking public fame? Is he a plant of the designers. All of this falls into Wonderland at some point.

    I still think the bottom line is the agenda to attack the 2nd Amendment. Not only to push ‘gun Control’ but to push the buttons of the gun owners, and in dialectics to push the buttons of those who are totally against guns. The synthesis I see developing from this is a ‘civil war’, now rhetorical – but a situation that could turn Hot__Go Live.

    As usual the agenda target is FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE. This target will not be possible without first disarming Amerika.


    As I posited before, they WANT this confusion, it causes divisions…it is part of the technique to push forward an agenda to a confused and head-spun population.

    We are here today under the yoke of an ever tightening grip of a totalitarian police state. And now there are these moronic arguments made against the Constitution – which in fact is the ONLY instrument that grants legitimate authority to any in the federal government. It isn’t only the right to bear arms that is under attack, it is all of our rights to liberty.

    It has been pointed out by those who understand the architecture of political power that the Right and the Left, now the Neocons and the Neoliberals are the pincers of the Hegelian dialectic cycle that drives the nation and the world to the Total State, Hegel’s dream of the nightmare of “the State as God”. We stand or kneel at this threshold now, this very day.

    For myself I intend to stand defiant, and I pity the conscience of those who will in their turn kneel to this tyranny.


  4. “We are here today under the yoke of an ever tightening grip of a totalitarian police state. And now there are these moronic arguments made against the Constitution – which in fact is the ONLY instrument that grants legitimate authority to any in the federal government. It isn’t only the right to bear arms that is under attack, it is all of our rights to liberty”. ~ Hybridrogue1

    Yes, yes — They are hammering on the “Sweetspot” of Liberty, the heart of Liberty for ALL People. For those watching, authored by Bush, Sr. & others, we have seen from Bush, Jr. through Obama’s “reign”; a murdering of Freedoms by fiat, while CONgress cowers and sells out the Nation. It is laughable in that wholesale Treason has been committed by everyone connected to these Administrations, yet nobody is held accountable. The ludicrous “Lie” of just going ahead and changing the Constitutional Laws of the Land by hooks or by crooks to make it inviolate, and substituting the opposite in its place — this parlor trick is a sick joke. Nobody is laughing that isn’t “in” on the joke!

  5. I just hope Max Egan is right, that 2013 is the year of the awakening, it becomes hope against hope though when we see us being drawn further down the hole as if by some beast pulling us in to devour us at it’s leisure. I was in a conversation with two people this evening that are very much caught up in the status quo and are fixated there. I asked a few surface questions to see if they had even the slightest inkling of what’s common knowledge here on C1. You got it, not a clue. The one party even mentioned what a wonderful job Obooba was doing like he pulled the strings without this person even having any idea that he was nothing more than an actor playing his part for his handlers. They even got a little ticked albeit politely upon being informed that this was nothing more than a criminal cabal playing by mafia rules and had been doing so since time immemorial. Ya know the old saying of none more hopelessly enslaved than those that think they’re free. This is a scene I’ve been through too often but it beguiles me from time to time to screw with the clergy, makes my horns come out. They think I’m a nut case tinfoil hat wearer, well, so be it. I just make light of it but make a joke of their utter stupidity without them realizing that I’m openly laughing at them.

  6. To the awakening, it’s been on for a long time now

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