Posted by: jerseyg | January 27, 2013

Everything you wanted to know about the Royals – (or maybe not)

 RFMy friend just sent this to me last night.  I have watched most of Part I already and though there are some things I did know, there is much more that I didn’t know regarding these inbred cretinous creatures.  If you haven’t watched this documentary, please do so.  It’s fascinating.  I am anxious to move on to Part II which my friend advises is even more informative thant Part I.  

Oh btw, my theory about the Sandy Hook kids being spirited away into the night to meet a fate worse than death, namely Satanic ritual abuse and possibly child sex slavery, is not farfetched at all.  To see what I mean, go to 24:51 in the video.~jg  (sorry the actual video wouldn’t post, just the link)



  1. I learned more than I wanted to know about these creatures reading David Icke!!! as for the spiriting away of kids…it is said by Mr Cati that there was a sacrifice of four girls near the highway/freeway in Newtown that occurred in a triangle shaped patch, where supposedly 4 cabal “members” were flown in and sacrificing commenced just prior to event being enACTED.I will post that video where he describes it.

  2. Looking forward to Mr Cat’s vid dawn:)

    A closer look at the “nuns” of Sandy Hook”

    • Wow spookinoffigus and chill bombs…She could have had a weapon in that bulge under her coat. Too creepy, just the obvious evil in those faces.

      This is one of the most horrifying angles of possibilities, it shrivels the very soul.


  3. As for the Royals video link I posted above. I found some interesting info I hadn’t seen before within the documentary.. I knew of the murals & weird occult symbols at the DIA. I even posted a still very popular article about it here. However, I had never seen the mural at the Bank of America in Charlotte, NC. As strange as the DIA mural albeit, not as elaborate. You have to watch the video to hear the narrator’s interpretation of it. (I don’t agree with all she says)

     photo BOACharlotteNC_zpsa08c7075.jpg

     photo boablondeboy_zpsb02f1ff5.jpg

     photo BOAcamp_zps7c496d6d.jpg

     photo BOA5_zpsa0c710c9.jpg

     photo BOA6_zpsc8cd0205.jpg

     photo Image2_zps5b4a73a4.jpg

  4. In my conversations with some [other blogs}, I get the feeling that they do not comprehend to depth of the psychopathic tyrannical evil which has the world in its grip. This is not to conjure a Manichean Devil that is beyond our capacity to defeat, but the recognition of how utterly foul and inhuman it’s lust, and thirst for blood is. I would use the word “demonic” if one will not take that as necessarily a theological term.


  5. Will, usually when I call someone a demon(as I did with gaga&madonna) I generally mean an evil person with harmful intent. However, I don’t discount that inter-dimensional demons do exist. In fact, I believe that they do. We are not alone. To think so, is the height of arrogance in my opinion.

    Anyway, the royals are demons in one form or another. Just watch the video and you’ll become a believer. They truly are servants of an evil entity. It doesn’t matter if that entity is real or not, they believe it is and act accordingly. All to the detriment to the rest of mankind.

    Oh wait until you listen to the video I’m posting as it’s own article. Mike Powers lays out the entire Sandy Hook incident and really lays it bare. Including that he could not find any evidence at all that Adam Lanza ever existed and that the pictures we’ve seen of him are definitely photo shopped. I’m still listening to the interview but it’s pretty damn good..

  6. Lots of skid marks in the under garments JG. Fritz, Cisco Wheeler and Robin de Ruiter cover the subject so well. It’s why I have spent so much time on the protocols of the Khazars. Great video exposé. WHO has time to read three Sandy Books when you can get info in this format.

    The Music and Art world have so much of the dark energy now. It is as dangerous as the GMO, Fluoride and PhRMA.

    • Puddy thats is the truth of it right there.

  7. I have read Springmeyer PD but not the others. Yea, videos condense all the info into a nice package. This one is a bit long for some but how can you not keep watching? I found it fascinatingly disturbing in the same way that I find horror films.

    • OMG Im the same way. I used to question myself and wonder at my intent. hell..its completely natural!

  8. Music? Dark energy? oh come on Patrick… it’s just kids havin’ fun with satanism! Like this video here which couldn’t be more blatant….

    • the best video on this subject, naturally


      * D a w n a t i l l a ‘ s G r a f X * 4 1 5 5 5 0 0 6 3 8

      **D*awnatilla *T*he *H*un* is on: *DeviantArt*, *FaceBook*, *YouTube*, *Tumblr*, and also writes at the infamous *WordPress* blog: *COTO*:* Coalition of the Obvious.*

      On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 3:55 PM, COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS wrote:

      > ** > jerseyg commented: “Music? Dark energy? oh come on Patrick… it’s just > kids havin’ fun with satanism! Like this video here which couldn’t be more > blatant….” >

    • yep, thats the ticket, The kids are primed for Handy Kooks for Sandy Hooks now and future. Just insanity allowed to run free.

      If folks don’t know bluebeam by now it’ll only get more obvious real soon. Zombies? They’re here and real.

  9. here is the difference between Keisha and others like GaGa and Britney, etc. (and alot of hip hop stars) Keisha, is not (or was not) Mk’d…..yet she went to such great lengths to make herself noticed by the Illuminati, going so far as to (before they sponsored her) do a mock blood drinking from a ‘heart’ on stage…silly rabbit…you are now a targeted mark!!! she wont get special treatment…she will be GIVING special treatments!! damn her music is shit!!!

  10. There is no difference in the music when you take into account the damage it is doing to impressionable young minds. IT’s all the same and it’s all SHIT! And yea I saw that vid of Kesha drinking animal blood. I blame Ozzie Osbourne for starting all that by biting the head off of a bat….SICK SIcK SIck. Never thought any of that was “cool”.

  11. Hey JG, here’s one that comes to mind right off the bat upon watching the video as suggested by you. This was done in 68. I’m sure many here remember it. Charles and Diana married 13 years later HMM!!

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