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Transformation: Iron Mountain, Agenda 21, Chemtrails, Smart Meters

Listen to this very informative and important  broadcast from Wide Awake News last night 1/23/13.  If you don’t know what the terms listed in the subject title above have to do with Transformation, you will by the time you finish listening to the radio show and watching the videos posted below or following the links.

If this is your first introduction to such information, be prepared to be taken aback by it.  It is the stuff of nightmares.  Always keep an open mind,  knowledge is power.~jg

John Fitzgerald Kennedy – JFK
“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.
It is a system that has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”

What is the Iron Mountain agenda? 

NASA Warfare Strategy Document: (click to enlarge)

nasa doc flyer

What is Agenda 21?

What is ICLEI?
ICLEI is an unelected private influence group

What does ICLEI do?
Subverts our constitutional system
Sets the goals for greenhouse gas reduction
Directs your land use planning
Controls your transportation dollars
Pressures the community to comply

Chemtrails:  Why in the World are they Spraying?

Smart Meters and Frequencies



  1. JG!!! This is a top notch article, and highly importante! my kudos are quite heavily extended here!!!! Great job. 🙂


      DT- you can get the report from Iron Mtn, ICLEI/UN docs on Agenda 21, Rockefeller papers and other goodies here. There is also downloads of behold a pale horse and the Committee of 300.

      I’m watching it Deb, thanks for a big picture in TRIAD here. Good information and anyone who wants to dig deeper has the info as well.

      • Ive read Pale Horse.learning about Agenda 21 when I saw a map and someone made the connection to the “save the so and so ” habitat preservation LANDGRAB…and almost became frightened. next,I was off berating anyone supporting a squirrel! hahaha

      • Your welcome PD. My post is meant as a primer for those visitors who don’t yet have a clue. Yours is the more advanced version and thanks for posting the link 🙂 We all need a reminder of just where all this is coming from…even we cotoers.,

  2. Thanks Dawn…. that podcast, once you get past Charlie’s monologue, is the best I’ve heard in a long time.

  3. “UN launches probe into drone strikes” so basically probing themselves. or what they implement? do people really believe this?> (just saw blurb on right ) 🙂

  4. iron mountain did it for me some years back now.
    exposes the plan and the scam of the agw crew eugenicts the whole box n dice.
    we have ICLEI payments coming out of our local council and when asked why and who signed us up?
    they all go quiet and refuse to discuss.
    the recent council election was a fiasco, the old old get in and only two newcomers and one of those is of the old crowd mindset.
    another 3 yrs to wait.
    seriously contemplating selling up and moving to somewhere the council is 200 miles away and doesnt give a rats about you..
    places like that exist here, still, just, but age is against me for outright survival lifestyle, damn.
    just continuing my NONcomplaint shitstirring life here will have to do I guess.

  5. today on aus radio they mention the new trials…of TERRAwave(torror more like it)
    being used for a year already to scan people n cars etc from a distance, saying its safe and effective security enhancing. forgot the city but possibly n york?
    funny, from the stuff I have read its bloody Xray and that sure is NOT safe.
    how many scans do you need per day?
    I would suggest none.
    I know our present govt is stupid and borderline IQ wise, but usa is even crazier.

  6. Yea Oz, they’re stupid like foxes. They know what they are doing. All part of agenda 21 and depopulation. Also, as we get sick from all they aim at us, big pharma can treat us with their next round of toxins to “cure” us.ha. “Better living through chemistry” indeed.

    I know your dilemma of having nowhere to go. Seems there is nowhere to go unless you go into total wilderness survival mode. I’m with you, too old and too tired and ill equipped to go there.

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