Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 24, 2013

Apology to Piers Morgan….not!

You are not as sneaky as you are stupid. Apologies for claiming the Placebo. You must have acquired the flu from the vaccine. Live virus courtesy of Baxter or another PhRMA eugenics lab.  It appears you have to play it out or be called a liar and fraud for taking a placebo and you ultimately got the flu. Efficacy goes out the window doesn’t it Piers?


Piers Morgan takes a placebo – Reality TV

Piers Morgan takes a placebo – Reality TV.

via Apology to Piers Morgan.

Published on Jan 23, 2013

Piers Morgan admits that only after getting his flu shot from Dr. Oz live on his show that he got sick ten days later. Dwight Yoakam admits he doesn’t trust vaccines. ~ ARSONomics




  1. WOW. whats with all the ambiguous duplicitous shit from already sketchy shady system players? Obviously the shot on that marionette Oz’s show was purely for ” piers can and so

    • Can we!” So why would he admit the shot gave him the flu?

      • Would he admit it was a placebo and he like Sandy Hook was a fraud? It’s justice and a no win scenario. A beeeeeautiful moment/

        XX or X – Placebo, flu virus live or they don’t work at all. Take your pick. I tale all of the above… 😉

  2. Expecting Dwight yoakum to be coming down with a severe flu strain known as ” Shut The Fuck Up” . His sales after death would def be moderate to great.discipline a slave AND get paid!! Whoot!

  3. Aye, Puddy! Piers is a prick and a British felonius flucoccus victim. Is this a surprise to the the flucocoid? I’m flabbergasted! Perhaps he’ll figure it out now. Does he need needle-legged Yoakam to school him? Let’s hope he returns to the U.K., and quits stinking up the U.S.

    • Can’t go there, they’ll throw the fuck in jail

      • What did he do during his time at the BBC? Hmmmmm Pivotal man?

  4. Hey Puddy! I’m putting this on your post ’cause I wanted to bring your attention to something — “Court: Obama appointments are unconstitutional”
    Check it out!

    I think it would be interesting to have a post that lists a significant number of the usurpation of the Constitution by Executive Fiat. And next to them, list the legitimate “body” that is supposed to be in charge of legislating that particular area. Name names. Shame the names. As we know, one of the problems in this country is the Law has become meaningless as gatekeepers have been put into place to nullify accountability. Most of CONgress should be shipped out and held accountable for not doing their jobs. Just a thought.

    • “These events have confirmed Patrick Henry’s warning that secrecy in government is an “abomination”; it is a main instrument in the corruption and arrogation of power. If the nation has not learned that lesson from the secret escalation in Vietnam, from the bold attempt to corrupt the electoral process that surfaced in Watergate, it is unteachable.”~Raoul Berger, 1974


      This book in tandem with; PRESIDENTIAL WAR POWER, by Louis Fisher, has all of the historical and textual information need to argue that the present system is utterly Ultra Vires [beyond law] and totally illegitimate.


    • Watch the move by Reid in regards to killing the filibuster and you get the drift of the agenda and the fact Barry will continue to accelerate the violations and strangle the court. The time is the factor, the means are chaos. Even if there were impeachable offenses, Barry ahs the purse strings firmly in his hands. Then court and GOP are on a short leash. It’s over unless the civilian uprising happens.

      They want the uprising because there is no martial law to declare as it has been in effect for 150 years. If there is another effort it will be squelched by a false flag or black swan event. They have it covered. There’s no stopping it now.

      You can be assured of certain certainties.

      The 2014 elections will be forced by an event to rally the liberals. We will not see election of 2016. Martial law or worse will be in effect and the financial bubble will be sprung by China and the Saudi’s.

  5. I found this very interesting and encouraging:
    “Washington city councilman walks out on council meeting because of citizen with CCW”.

    I suggest you listen to the young Veteran speaking on the front end, and see what happens at 3:40 into the video when a gun-shy councilman seeks to over-ride 2nd amendment rights. The Mayor’s comments following the failed “vote” are quite encouraging, and in fact logical. People should feel safer because the Veteran was “carrying”. Following this drama, ask yourself who would be considered Patriots in this scenario?

  6. All hopeful talk by the alternate media is cointelpro in my mind. The transformation is compliance only. Those who cannot make the transition should enjoy each of few remaining days.

    I want to believe but I can’t anymore. The energy shift has swung too far now.

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