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Project Strawman & That Bitch Hilllary

dawnatilla here..wanted to start with the Pied Piper as the bold type ties into our fave topics here:  Sandy Hook and James Holmes

Project Pied Piper    

                                 from Confessions of a FormerWhiteHat

The Occupy Movement was Cabal-created, an idea conceived by Hilary Clinton as a way to control the masses. By using an initial set of agents to start the Occupy Movement, impassioned people would be drawn to it like mice to the Pied Piper, where they could then either be mind-controlled or cloned for further use. It seems the project is working, with disinfo news on every network. Those Occupiers that get arrested? A combination of disinfo and people taken for brain re-programming or complete body replacement with a clone.              

***do you guys remember seeing that picture of  James Holmes being carried off by police at an Occupy??  The result would be his court stand in.

Project Strawman

  If you are not informed on the strawman financial scam implemented by the Federal Reserve and the Corporation of the United States, you should read about it here:

The Cabal has taken it to a nefarious height: an enormous project to clone 25% of the citizens of the US, if not the world. So far they are in Beta mode: the cloning of random citizens of all race, creed, and economic status. Which means, anyone could be a clone. Alpha mode was the cloning of public figures, movie stars, journalists, talk show hosts — anyone who had the capacity to influence many people visa platform and audience.  Now, with random cloning, you cannot be sure who around you is a clone.



  1. Don’t make us look at that bitch’s face…put a bag over her head. I’m sure Bill does.

    • I do apologise,it’s not quite nice to look at her face I understand … But as for bags, im pretty sure there is no traditional roles going on in bill and hillarys relationship. Years ago GaGa performed for bill and the gang and she changed lyrics to Bill Romance instead of Bad, and you should have seen the dynamic duo, completely fawning over her jumping, clapping, shit eating grins. Im quite sure madame gaga was ordered to the waiting laps of bill and hilary afterwards.

      • ugh. not farcically framing that rorshach test (forgive my smelling, but I don’t feel like figuring out the smelling).

        MK Performer? Probably. What of Madonna. This GaGa is simply a gumby doll of that MK pollyanna. Stretched to the breaking point — in public. There are infinite shades of “bizarre” so what the Hell?! Every new similitude is but a shade of the deranged doo, pig-approved for public approval. I mean — in the great scheme of things {we’ll call it ‘life’ } does any of the antics of these creatures matter a whit? Nary but a scritch on a branch which floated down the stream and out to sea.

        That’s why ditches are dug. To scrape the roadkill off of the driving surface. Let it rot in the ditch. That’s where it belongs…

        • Aside from my weakness to get distracted by certain players in the game (like watching a car wreck) I prefer to look at everyones role here as equally important, as this ia how polarity is my its very nature. Ams thats exactly what this planet is. Polarity, duality, MAYA (ILLUSION). SO , while I may curse them ans all them names , I ACTUALLY am quite againat putting anyone in a ditch! To me thats the same kind of low vibration, service- to -self type of hypocrisy one finds in those wanting US in ditches!!!

      • Thanks – I have been researching this topic of cloning for a few months now. I have observed several media celebs who are obviously cloned- faked – substitutes. See Lindsey Lohan – they must have taken her out long ago.

        • “I have been researching this topic of cloning for a few months now.”–skyblue817

          Well Sky, either put in a few years in physiology, or take some courses in critical thinking and get back to us.

          A “clone” cannot possibly be a stand in for a person of the age they are meant to stand in for.

          Do you understand the simple and essential logic of that?


          • Sadly a degree in physiology would certainly not guarantee that an individual could beak out of his american pie programming and grasp the concept that human cloning has been going on behind the scenes for 20 yrs. So education is mute here. What matters is one’s ability to read and comprehend a long term pattern of black ops which hide mind control and other bio technology which is used to deceive and enslave the human race. You could simply work as a ditch digger and if you have that discernment, you could begin to connect the dots. I know lots of educated folks who are really dumber than a bag of hammers….

            • I am not speaking to academia Skybooboo, but you obviously did not get the essentials of my message.

              Clones are not generated as fully grown individuals. Take a for instance, if you were to be cloned now, and I take it you are what? Around 12 or 13 years old…well your clone would always be that many years younger than you.

              Does that compute?

              It is not “education” that makes folks “dumber than a bag of hammers” – it is FORMAL education that PROGRAMS one rather than ‘educating’ one.
              I am an autodidact, having educated myself after HS, never going to “higher education” in an institutional sense. But I HAVE an education that is as solid and thorough as though I have PhD’s in several subjects.

              I think you will find that most of the regulars here on COTO are well versed in the New World Order conspiracy and all of it’s attendant branches.

              Do not balk – you WILL BE VETTED.


              • I concur! And Ouch! Hybrid: aforementioned name change has risen in the ranks. Roger that.

  2. random cloning? was that Kevin Costner playing the medical examiner? for a new chick, the weirdness to usefulness ratio seems a little off. A post or 2….once in a while, after having established your bona fides is no problemo. But to barge in here from the get go with daily craziness sets off some alarms….for me….just one man’s opinion. God knows we can use the new blood and I don’t wanna get all “forum police” cause it aint my place or my style. Maybe Niki you could tell us the five most telling reasons, in your opinion nine eleven was an inside job. You know, cozy up to some of us kinda gradual like. I loved your bit on Forbidden Archaeology. Maybe my long ass day from hell has put me in a rude mood. Sorry for any offense.

    • Ha! What KINDS of alarms? Perhaps alarms SHOULD be set off. My top five reasons for 9/11 being an inside job have two parts.*Pre- research and *After research. Pre research maybe not so impressive and numbers at only three. 1.inherent distrust or ability to see thru system/ govt lies. 2. Felt publics racism was a good cause to use Muslims as scapegoat. . 3. But in gen., Just had a bad feeling! **After Research: 1. Physical evidence– steel beams do not disintegrate in mid air by any reason other than Energy Weapons..nano thermite dust found , –aside from a few pieces of body parts, no carnage . Due to A. Disintegration? Or B. heavily emptied twin towers.( we all know hundreds of people were told not to come in that day. 2. Larry Silverstein(need I say more? 3. I believe it was CNN that aired report of WTC being hit by “plane” before it happened. 4.Seeing george bush at elementary school when he got the call. And in general his overall freakish behavior and increasingly odd things he would say .(Its been rumored that bush jr. Is a clone and he died a few years ago. Either way, he’a considered an anomaly to me.) 5. The early videos of firemen contrasting with what the network news were saying. Their later ban on attending the Ritual that was Ground Zero CLINCHED it for me. Also the emergence of Architects , Familys, and Engineers for 911 truth. 6. Emerging evidence of planes being holographic in nature.7 the understanding that this was being used to strip us of rights in the name of “security” 8. The fact that FEMA coming like a thief in the night and hauling away materials.( can u imagine looking thru that rubble and finding exactly what you need??) There is much more but Ill end with number NINE, with a phrase that has diabolical double meaning: ***NEVER FORGET*** HAPPY ?

      • ok then, some stupid alarm went off and u hit the snooze button like a true sister of the family. thank you for not taking umbrage. sorry for “testing” you and a hearty soulful welcome. i may even watch the clone video on the weekend when i have a few seconds to come up for air. much love

        • “This pleases me greatly master”

    • And by the way I loved your comment it was funny, true, and I love answerimg things (top 5 reasons 9/11 inside job)

  3. It’s Hillary all right. Just look at the cankles 🙂 She’d ride steady and firm over the afghan mountain ranges.

    “What difference does it make?”

    The only truth the woman has ever spoken.

    • BTW Dawn, none of the links work. ???????

      • Sorry boss will fix that once Im home.

        • Dawn – This is how much your birth certificate is worth in this world.

  4. I have friends who were involved with Occupy Philly. Not one of them was cloned 🙂

    Dawn, I don’t think you’ll find any fans of Gaga’s here. Personally, I find her utterly disgusting. Her perfume commercial looks like a recruitment ad for Lucifer. At least Madonna was an original demon.

    • Not a fan either, wasnt looking to find any either! &hoping you didnt smell her perfume by spraying it on you. It has been tested to contain synthetix blood, semen, belladonna and a “virus” to attack the pineal gland. Kind of like Coke and fluoride but FASTER.

    • Madonna original??? Ha! There isnt a shred of difference between gaga and madonna! Except age and and abilities! Madonna has never written asong , (has several lawsuits spanning her career for stealing other peoples songs)or played an instrument whereas gaga plays piano and actually knows how to sing and write music. Both illuminati assets from the gate.

  5. By “original” I meant Gaga was copying off of her. I don’t like either of them….both demons in my eyes 😉

    Oh and I think Gaga became famous after her friend Lina Morgana became a blood sacrifice to the monsters… and I’m not talking gaga’s “litte monsters” It really creeped me out when I first read the story about their “friendship”. Then all these videos came out…

    • yes. tis a trip..esp. her habit of saying “kill the bitch”also, remember Selena? well one day gaga is showing off her shirt for the day…its a bloody pentagram with knives going thru it, with “selena” in the middle…of the shirt gaga says: “its probably the raddest shirt ever”

      • Thought you might enjoy reading this about Shania Twain who is a descendent of Zacharie Cloutier – Guess who else are her relatives?? Chelsea Clinton
        ***Hillary Rodman Clinton

        SHANIA TWAIN – Ancestor of the Merovingian Royal Bloodline
        In regards to the symbolism surrounding Shania Twain.
        Her show begins on December 1, 2012 in Caesars Palace, in the Colosseum.
        The Colosseum was built for Celine Dion when she was contracted for a 3 year stint, entertaining on a permanent basis at this venue.
        Interestingly, Celine Dion is from Quebec, and more symbolically, from the Canadian Shield, which relates to the Shield of Orion.
        Shania Twain, as well, harkens from the Canadian Shield, from Timmins in Northern Ontario.
        The Canadian Shield is the largest exposed ROCK in the WORLD, filled to the brim with nickel, gold, silver, and many other resources.

        The name SHANIA TWAIN is multi-layered from a symbolic perspective.

        SHANIA TWAIN = SHAAIITWANN = SHAITAN, or the LIGHT BRINGER, the one who brings KNOWLEDGE, according to Arabic teachings.
        From the word SHAITAN we get the word SATAN, without the Christian evil overtone implied.

        SHANIA TWAIN = ST-WHANANIIA or simply ANANNIA, another name for the Flood Goddess.

        Shania Twain’s birth name is EILLEEN REGINA EDWARDS.
        REGINA = A-REIGN = A-RAIN (flood) = AREIYN = ORION.
        EDWARDS = ED/TED/THEODORE/THEO/GOD RAW, or simply the Sun God RA.

        Born: August 28, 1965 = 08/28/65 = 08 Flood /28 Moon/Month Regeneration /65 or 6+5=11 Death.
        The number 65 coincides with 5 on the 6th clockface = 5+6= 11 Death again.
        Or, if taking the whole year 1965 = 1+9+6+5 = 21 coincides with 9 on the 2nd clockface.
        The number 9 and 11 together suggest the creation of a New World, and suggest again, the sacrifice of 911.
        When 21 coincides with 9 on the 2nd clockface, adding 9+2=11, yet again.
        Shania was born in August, making her a LEO, or LION.
        As Shania begins her contract at Caesars Palace, she is 47 years old.
        Adding 4+7 = 11 Death, once again.

        In 1995, the WOMAN IN ME album brought her immense fame.
        The video for this album was shot amongst the PYRAMIDS of EGYPT.
        The Pyramids of Giza relate to Orion’s Belt, just as the Canadian Shield relates to Orion’s Shield.

        Through Shania Twain’s maternal great-grandmother, she is the descendant of Zacharie Cloutier.
        Common descendants of Zacharie Cloutier include:
        Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall
        Chelsea Clinton
        Hillary Rodman Clinton
        Celine Dion
        The Dionne quintuplets
        Angelina Jolie
        Beyonce Knowles
        Avril Lavigne
        Alanis Morissete
        Canadian Prime Minister Louis St.Laurent
        and Shania Twain … amongst many others.

        The name Cloutier has strong etymological ties with Clotaire, the name of three kings in the MEROVINGIAN DYSNASTY. As well, the name may also be an homage to SAINT CLOUD (522 AD), also of the Merovingian Dynasty.

        Notice that the Saint’s name is CLOUD, as in RAIN, WATER, or FLOOD.

        In 2009:

        Shania Twain was rated as having the PERFECT FACE, by scientists.
        The study, led by the University of Toronto and the University of California, San Diego, appears in the journal Vision Research.

        From this little bit of historical record, it becomes more obvious why this person has been conjured up to fulfill this role in her 3D life experience. Albeit, without any knowledge on her part, and without any sinister intent. This is just the way this 3D illusory plane is put together with all of its hypnotic subliminal characteristics.

        For this reason one is able to fully comprehend the forces driving her to unbelievable success, … to ultimately carry the Olympic Torch on the symbolic date of January 1, 2010 at the age of 44, in Timmins Ontario (AT-ORION), on the Canadian Shield, on its way to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver that began on the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, February 12. … and now to ride triumphantly and victoriously, into Caesars Palace, the Temple of the Great Gods, just 77 days before January 30, 2013, … the 80th anniversary of Hitler coming to power.

        • Bluesky, can you tell me where or how you were able to deduce all of this information about Eileen? I have a basic understanding of numerology, but pales in comparison to your knowledge. Very interesting for sure.

  6. yea, Al Jolson was a Satanist demon from Hell neegah poser who worked for Hillary Clinton in a time machine scam.
    The REAL Hellary is on icebernetics and this old cow is the clone and half to dice is loaded and half the dice is cheese. And vaporized steel is one of the biggest bullshit myths since Moses was found in the bulrushes. So you landed in da right spot indeedy Niki rooroo, tinhats and plastic party horns.


    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony – “Complete Bullsh-t”

    This guy says it was “scripted”. Does anybody want to wager that it was not? I didn’t think so.

  8. As usual much of the technology used against US citizens is not widely published and is considered classified. Same with clones, robot people and synthetics. They have been around since the early 90’s I believe. of course many deny this – all truth is to be researched as needed! I started noticing some people do not look human at all anymore- Lindsey Lohan the human, was under mk ultra programming until it started to fail much like Brittney’s did. They cannot always re-program these women so they often kill them and it saves time and trouble just to send in a replacement, whatever that might be. Easy. Since they hide so much from the world. There is a reason several dozen high level bio scientists were all murdered in just one yr! They knew too much. There are a few known cloning facilities in the US. Ex military have written about these – also ex CIA. Not so hard to believe. If you want the truth that is. Dulce and Bull Run are two. The four types of “clones” that are used by the Illuminati

    1. actual clones

    2. synthetic people

    3. organic robotoids

    a. How the memory of a person is transferred for the organic robotoids

    4. doubles (look alikes)

    • “Ex military have written about these – also ex CIA.”~Skyblue

      So, have you never heard of the idea that there is no such thing as. ex-mafia – and the same applies to ex-CIA?

      Look up the term Manichean Devil. Try not to project personal fantasies of them having more power than they actually have. Try to keep some perspective, and grasp that ‘speculation’ is just that.

      Remember the “All Powerful Oz” was simply perception manipulation.

      It is a good idea to have a firm foundation in the 101’s of science and technology before buying into every science fiction plot ever conceived as reality.

      A lot of “conspiracy folk” want to go on their ‘gut feelings’ and intuition, while ignoring empirical evidence and rational construction of argumentation. I prefer critical thinking for answers over the flavor of a burp to come to my working hypothesis.

      That is not to say I do not allow for intuitive considerations, no to the contrary, they are great leads to follow. But in the final turn, all should be vetted through the rational mind to come to any firm conclusions.

      “This is not a story my people tell – this is something I know myself.”
      ~Laurie Anderson

      [yes she’s a robot too…look at her NAME]……….{grin}


      • Of course there have always been people who have regretted their associations with nefarious groups and quit them. They are called insiders and they often pay with their lives after they tell. Mafia, whatever. As for the cloning issue – I believe it is an insider issue and highly classified. So to dismiss this so quickly when you know so little is a bit suspect! Ever heard of the notion that the guv lies to the people?? Remember – Everybody once believed the Earth was flat too. Just because nobody is putting this issue on the cover of Rolling Stone, does not make it false or ridiculous. Yes they can create a synthetic person at whatever age they want to- you must start thinking differently from normal human development. They are robotoid-not human. This is perhaps beyond your ability to fathom which is understandable. Believe what you want, of course. Keep in mind that the PTB literally killed dozens of scientists over these past few yrs- probably because they had alot to tell and there would be no reason to murder them unless their info would be damaging. Yes, they are hiding a great deal about synthetic people who currently walk around us every day. They murdered the microbiologists, and they surely can remove anybody else blowing their cover on the cloned people they use in front of our heavily used media. Article here:

        A Career In Microbiology Can Be Harmful To Your Health

        • ” They are called insiders and they often pay with their lives after they tell. Mafia, whatever. As for the cloning issue – I believe it is an insider issue and highly classified. ” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? Did you actually just try to pass that off as illuminating information??? That there are mob whistle blowers ?? REALLY? Also, you come here into a group of [people WRITING articles about the very things you seem to think A. we don’t know about or B. That you seem to think you know more about? Lets PRETEND you do KNOW MORE, for the sake of argument…Why would you be combative and holier than thou when you are obviously among the members of this blog…pretty much only sociopaths do that kind of self unaware shit …are you operating with a full set?

        • ***” Keep in mind that the PTB literally killed dozens of scientists over these past few yrs- probably because they had alot to tell and there would be no reason to murder them unless their info would be damaging.” DUH. *** “They are called insiders and they often pay with their lives after they tell. Mafia, whatever. ” DUH. ” Remember – Everybody once believed the Earth was flat too. Just because nobody is putting this issue on the cover of Rolling Stone, does not make it false or ridiculous. are you for real? ARE YOU?

      • Hybrid is , well.. a am I…that’s how we know this entity speaking as Sky Blue is a clone, or worse…an ex mafia of an ex mafia, pretending to be …ex mafia..LOL 🙂

  9. You sound like an old lady stuck in the past..talking about shit like its not happened….classified this and that…you read like a conspiracy 101 dork! not only are you preaching to the choir, but preaching with the very basest of foundations. to use an analogy, you are trying to astound with addition, while in a class of Advanced Calculus. stop before it gets any sillier.. practice AWARENESS…. you dont seem to have any perception or ability to size up a situation or judge a person or situations present state in order for you to respond in like or in kind. step back, breathe, and regroup.

  10. Oh come now, Dawnatilla and Hyrbridrogue1?! Wasn’t it Barnum & Bailey, the Yew Hork attorney firm that said, “Bring in the Clownes!”?!

    Clones, Clowns. Clowns, Clones. Watching D.C. and their fellow hucksters, showcases a police line-up of clowning crooks. They seem to emanate from a single line source of psychopaths, bent out of shape, full of hot air, and twisted like the creatures a real clown might blow up into an evil balloon animal.

  11. Aha- yes. First you dismiss cloning…..saying it has to be done a cetain way, Which is hilarious! As none of you know anything about CLONING! But you think you can critique how one does it?? Too funny. When I bring up robotoids and synthetics you shift to attack mode. Suddenly there is no discussion of the subject anymore – just childish criticism. I see. Again – very suspect that you all pretend to uncover corruption yet when certain subjects like CLONING come up, oops, not interested in an intelligent exchange. Yawn. Perhaps this site was set up by the illuminati as a front by some handlers. I noticed every time something interesting was posted from an outsider- you pulled your gang attack behavior. No wonder so few post here. Dawn – try to remember you reap what you sow. And Evil communications corrupt good manners dear.

    • Let me tell YOU something DEAR… you are full of the proverbial crap. No one here shrinks or balks at anything…what u may be perceiving is a shrinking and balking of your highly irritating and psychopathic nature!! Im going to hazard a guess that you are NOT in your earlier years (no it doesnt matter, but Im creating a profile for you )AND you are either new to the movement, OR has a family member that is in Military, or you just read a really good book. You are probably not married or divorced…because honestly, you have nagging busybody housewife written all over you. You come here to a blog that you have incorrectly perceived as NOT knowing what you , the most illuminated in all the world, could know. lady, please believe, you have brought nothing to this table but a waste of time typing responses to your absurd statements!!! you want to talk “evil” communications? take your superstitious bullshit warning and shine it on yourself you fucking TROLL !!! COTO crew Im in favor of blocking this pathological liar and nutcase .

  12. Dawn- Hmmm – now you switch over to discussion of one’s marital status and age? Well, I do believe this speaks volumes as to your character. One might ask why you need to become so verbally abusive & rude over a simple opinion shared about the use of cloning?? How odd and how immature, especially for one who claims to be so savvy in these conspiracy matters. You say you folks do not balk, do you? Example -“Clones are not generated as fully grown individuals.” One of your crew says cloning is simply not possible yet gives no reason why he says this. It must just be the truth! You seem terribly angry about a mere difference of opinion. Then you resort to alot of childish personal attacks. You see there is no point in having an intelligent debate with people like you because you are unable to control your emotional instability. Of course my posting which shows Hillary Clinton being a high level illuminati generational pawn along with many other well known celebs went unaddressed….When info which the PTB do not wish to be discussed is revealed, it goes unaddressed. This tells me this site is run and operated by the illuminati. Your bizarre and caustic responses simply make you look foolish. Either you really are as gullible as you act or you are being controlled. Whatever it is- know this. You cannot block the truth Dawn. No matter how much you try.

    • Me block the truth? Ok thats are one stupid fucking cunt and Im going to do everything I can to have your ass ELIMINATED from this blog. fucking STRAIGHT NUTCASE. .

    • miss anne smith…is that like John Smith…only faker?

    • explain to me right now how I block the truth or I will respond..via Adrian Lamo (hacker of the decade and has huge crush on me..I only act unevolved around irrational little twits who actually accuse and perceive the exact OPPOSITE of what I am about. I could CARE less what you think of me…I am merely curious as to how you will explain to me how I block the truth.

  13. skyblue…we all have our own personal views and opinions on things here. There aren’t many things (if any) that all of us agree on in full.

    To call this an illuminati blog is ridiculous. If you have all this inside information on celebrities being replaced by clones, info we don’t seem to have, than I’d say we should be accusing YOU of being illuminati, Otherwise, where did you get your information from? What source? If it’s not direct, than how do you know it’s true?

    • I admire your calm…I cant stand irrational sociopaths ..Miss Sky Blue would be having a straight ASS KICKING IF SHE WAS ANYWHERE NEAR ME!!.,

  14. SHES probably a hired cyber bully…one of those losers who would waste time attempting to separate her brothers and sisters. she should be hung from her toes.

  15. skyblue817 has several profiles, all new online. various nondescript places including Asian ones..

  16. Dawn, skyblue didn’t answer my question yet, did she? I prefer to let trolls hang themselves and they always do. Accusing you or this blog as being Illuminati made me laugh, not mad….such a childish and stupid accusation she made.

    She/he? doesn’t stand a chance of separating anyone here. Others have tried and failed. We disagree here, sometimes vehemently but we are joined by mutual respect. If that’s what this ID is trying to do, they sure picked a weird way of doing it and the wrong place to do it..

    Remember… “the only winning move is not to play” …..Ignore her. Hard to do, trust me I KNOW. If she’s here simply to cause trouble, she will disappear as quickly as she came.

    Btw, How do you know she has multiple profiles? Are they a he or she? Having multiple profiles doesn’t make you a criminal. A few here have other IDs as well, my alter is jerseydebil 🙂 Many, in fact, I’d say most honest people online have more than one “handle” and very few use their real name.

    • Ya wasn’t really pinning her as anything..oh wait, I was wasn’t I ? Lol. To have some newcomer come here and try talk s*** and make outrageous claims but what’s FUNNIER is how she attempts to illuminate us with Conspiracy 101 for beginners.!! ” oh hey the mafia has whistleblowers ” and ” hey you guys Hilary is Illuminati ” on a fucking post ABOUT Hilary , where the obvious facts don’t need reiterating .( Hillary a part of the cabal?? No skyblue say it isn’t so!!!!!!! Hhahahahah )

    • I just googled Skyblue 817 and a bunch of nondescript Asian sites came up. So did an AnneSmith. naturally one expects a bunch of skyblues but not necessarily with the same number in user name. Doing an image search came up with FOUR pictures of MINE done here for COTO ( Like COTO purse, Lenin is a Pimp, and a couple of others.) And then a bunch of pics of young Asian girls appearing to be the same but who knows.;) no YouTube account , highly suspicious! ( Haha JK on the last part.) HEY MISS KNOW IT ALL : RIDDLE ME THIS, TRIFLING ONE, IF YOU KNOW SO DAMN MUCH, GIVE ARE THE NAME OF THE OFF WORLD GROUP IN A HOSTILE WORKING ALLIANCE WITH THE ILLUMINATI !! OR NAME THE SECONDARY OFF WORLD GROUP THAT MAKES THE ILLUMINATI LOOK LIKE PATHETIC PUPPETS!!? ANSWER THAT FOR ME !! DO YOU KNOW THE DEFINITION OF A TROLL? DO YOU GO TO OTHER PEOPLES HOUSES AND TELL THEM HOW TO DECORATE, HOW TO LIVE? you’re a balllsy little shit and I don’t mean in the good way, its more like sheer ignorance to THE inherent dynamics IN DEALING WITH PEOPLE IN A clear and rational manner. It’s a case of YOU JUST NOT GETTING IT. SO, under advice of the honorable second in command , I’m am now enacting my refusal to acknowledge you. Have fun talking to yourself. Good luck with that ego. People just LOVE dodgy little girls who think they know everything …Yup.

    • She has no differing name or handle just skyblue817 and a bunch links made of squares indicating Asian language.

  17. Haha.. that’s tellin her girl 🙂 The worst thing(or the best) you can do to a troll is ignore them ..making them a non entity pffft !! 😉

    • indeed Jg ❤

      • Hi again ladies! I skipped reading your remarks as I suspected they might be rather petty and mean. But here’s some info about CLONING. Enjoy.

        ,The Bilocation of Hillary Clone-Clinton
        Posted on February 6, 2013 by Cathleen
        Alcruin and Flutterby

        In 2008, during the American presidential election campaign, US Senator Hillary Clinton’s handlers began to get clumsy and she was seen in two different places at once on a number of separate occasions. And not just in Iowa and New Hampshire.

        Someone sees Hillary Clinton at a function across town at, say, 1.30pm. And then, when they compare notes with a Democratic Party co-worker later that day, they learn that Hillary was also seen back at the hotel at 1.30pm, three miles away. And her clothes were different, or her hair was different, or her makeup was different, and the people with her were different. Or, after a speaking engagement, the car drives Hillary Clinton away to Location A, where she is seen to get out of the car at, say, 10.45pm. But a co-worker sees her at 11.00pm at Location B thirty or forty miles away, except that Hillary Clinton and the car have not left Location A. And they couldn’t drive that fast anyway, and Hillary’s clothing or appearance is different, and the people with her are different. And the next day, arriving for an early morning meeting somewhere, Hillary comes from Location B, not from Location A. Meanwhile, she is seen having a late breakfast at Location A with different people. And so on.

        How many different Hillary Clintons are there?

        It is suggested that over half the US Presidential hopefuls in 2008 were human clones. There were several of each of them. Was Hillary Clinton one of these or several of them? And how are the voters to discriminate?

        A picture of the young Hillary Clinton can be seenhere. Notice the physiognomy: the smile musculature, the cheek pouches, the placement of the nose bridge, the upper eyelid line. Now look at who the official Hillary for President campaign site wanted you to vote for in New Hampshire (picturehere). The same woman, but older? Look at the right hand side of her mouth. Any moles visible? There are other pictures here and here and hereand here. Same woman again, but older? Trick of the light maybe? Moles there notice, but no moleshere. What about here? Moles or not? Now for the mystery woman. Who is this? Or this? Recognise the smile? Know the name from somewhere? The same as this perhaps? And where did this one come from? Or this, or this?

        In that run of pictures, there were fifteen images of which three were repeated. But how many different individuals were shown? Three? Four? When we and others first began running this story, the Hillary for President campaign immediately changed its lead picture from this to this. That image was then changed again after a bit. Their current favourite official regulation version of Hillary Clinton can now be viewed here.

        And for afficionados, here is a picture of one of the Hillary Clinton clones taking instructions from a clone-handler called George McGlaris in Dover, New Hampshire, on Monday 7th January 2008.

        A quote from the Hillary Clinton for President website was germane: “President Clinton writes about his life with Hillary and how she has been an agent of change for 35 years.”

        What was the major issue in election-alert America in 2008? It was the physiognomy, stupid.

        The use of human clones in American political management is only now becoming apparent. The last US President not to be cloned was John F. Kennedy. Usually, when a President or major American public figure ceases to be compliant to the demands of the controlling corporate elite, they are quietly killed, cremated and replaced with lookalike, mind-controlled clones. These days, at the Camp David human clone laboratories (Maryland) and elsewhere, it is possible to produce an adult human clone from originator DNA and a lab-double in less than 36 hours.

        The history of this covert human cloning technology is now emerging. By the late 1970s, using monochromatic laser light technology, researchers within the Russian security community created a holographic apparatus which could record the entire memory of the living brain of a chosen human individual and store the data content of that brain on stable computer hardware. The Russians used inaudible high-frequency sound waves to create a complete three-dimensional picture of the brain. They discovered that their ultrasonic cerebral hologram process duplicated and stored the entire memory of the person in a coherently recoverable form. The Russians now had what they wanted to create working lab-clones for deployment. The same technique could be used to download someone else’s memory into another (different) person, in this case a lab-double, and natural doubles could now be reprogrammed to take on the full memory database of the person being replaced. More background here.

        Lab-doubles are generated using DNA infusion. Here the DNA of the person chosen to be duplicated is collected, amplified, processed and prepared for the infusion process into the new host body. The DNA infusion completely overrides the DNA of the living human host, physically transforming the host body into a visual replica of the chosen body. However, the residual host body DNA can still be detected, and identified, within the lab-double using sensitive DNA testing procedures. Where do the human host bodies come from? Covert kidnap, abduction and fake disappearance programmes. Many of the abducted human host bodies are those of children. And, of course, any of these abducted human hosts can be subjected to brain programming manipulation as well as to complete ultrasonic cerebral downloads.

        In one curious incident, a Europe-controlled cell of US Rothschild minions within the US security community learned that the Russians were using duplicated clones for many of their leading Kremlin operatives. By this time the Americans had obtained similar brain programming and ultrasonic cerebral download abilities to the Russians. This technology had been fed to them from the Rothschild clone labs in Europe. The US military tried to use identical US-controlled clones to penetrate the Kremlin. Kremlin lookalikes were produced in America and were secreted into Moscow via the US embassy. However, the Russians were tipped off and became aware of the detail of the plan in advance. They let the US clones through into the Kremlin, downloaded their memories and programming and then reprogrammed them for Russian use. The Americans became perplexed as to what had happened because their infiltrated Kremlin clones were not carrying out their US programmed orders. It was an exotic case of double-agent meltdown. For sometime, nobody in the US knew which Russian clone was which. This engendered subtle difficulties for the Americans at international conferences.

        When President George Bush Snr left office in 1993, he was Clone Number 34 in his DNA originator line. Most of his previous 33 clones had been used and terminated at that point. When President Bill Clinton left office in 2001, he was Clone Number 21 in his line. When a President is terminated and cloned, it is standard practice to do the same with his close family members. If this is not done, they immediately notice the difference and cause difficulties.

        Human clones are not ensouled and do not, therefore, have access to the higher dimensions through reflection, intuition and spiritual practice. No soul means no God-connection. And no God-connection means that clones have an inherent vulnerability to religious manipulation and deceit.

        The higher dimensional data-links which ensouled humans have, help them to appear quick, flexible and alert in conversation, particularly when stressed. The absence of this potential for minute-to-minute inspiration or revelation in clones gives rise to a simplistic body language and inappropriate physiognomic responses in complexly nuanced situations (picture example here). It also means that when faced with metaphorated questioning or elliptical comments, they can appear slow, dim or confused. Anything that human clones are confronted with which falls outside their specific day-to-day conditioning or expectation engenders childlike conflict-signalling and tantrums (picture examples hereand here). For this reason, two or three clones are kept up and running for each principal at any one time. They are very nearly identical in appearance, but some look younger or more innocent than others, and some have superficial tissue differentiations that cannot be concealed by makeup when viewed in close-up or under strong light.

        If two different clones of one individual are interacted with at a conference on successive days by an ensouled human, the differences are often very evident. “Which George did you speak to today, Tony?”

        With regard to a clone’s irrational conflict-signalling and out-of-comfort-zone tantrums, Hillary Clinton can boast considerable previous form. Ask anyone who has worked closely with her. She’s not just scratchy; she can be hysterically ballistic. The summer of 2009 provided a famous example. Hillary fractured an elbow in a furious physical fight with a senior colleague at the US State Department in Washington DC. On Wednesday 17th June 2009, the US Secretary of State lost control of herself and lashed out viciously at the US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan,Richard Holbrooke.

        The argument and fight arose from a shouting match between the two concerning North Korea. Holbrooke had just confronted Clinton with two facts about the US’s handling of the North Korea fiasco. First, he let Clinton know that he was aware that agents of the US State Department, acting for Clinton, had tipped off the North Korean government about the presence of the two Current TV journalists on the Chinese border near North Korea. Second, Holbrooke told Clinton that he was also aware that Clinton had personally sabotaged an effort by the Swedish Ambassador, the Chinese Foreign Ministry and Albert Gore to secure a quick and safe release of the two Current TV journalists from North Korean custody. As a consequence, the journalists were unnecessarily detained in the North Korean presidential headquarters known as the Puzzle Palace.

        Richard Holbrooke and Hillary Clinton’s screaming match then went physical. Hillary began to physically attack Holbrooke. Holbrooke defended himself and during the altercation forced Hillary to the ground causing her right elbow to fracture. After her fight with Holbrooke, Clinton was treated at The George Washington University Hospital before going home. She later underwent surgery to repair the damage on Friday 19th June 2009. This photograph here, taken on Monday 22nd June 2009, shows Clinton’s injured right arm. It is said that much of the exchange between Hillary and Holbrooke was recorded by State Department security cameras. Inside the Beltway, Richard Holbrooke suddenly became the most popular person in town.

        Another celebrated Hillary Clinton tantrum occurred back in the 1990s during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Investigating unusual noises at the White House one evening, a Federal Secret Service agent discovered the First Lady in a well-lubricated lesbian sexual encounter with the regular White House prostitute known as Susan. Clinton responded by attacking the agent with a heavy glass ash tray. In fairness, it should be remarked that Susan was never exclusively lesbian in the services she provided for the US governing class. Current CIA Chief Leon Panetta and ABC talk show host George Stephanopoulos both caught genital herpes from Susan at White House socials.

        Having no soul and no God-connection means that human clones have no spiritual processing power; they cannot function at the level of values, morals, ethics, compassion, honour or decency. Indeed, they have nothing within their intellection which energises or articulates such concepts in their consciousness. Human clones do, however, have a very powerful survival instinct. Under sustained pressure or threat they become amoral, manipulative fighting machines without spiritual stops or conscience. What you can get away with is what you do; lying is the core modus operandi; honesty about facts on the ground is self-injurious weakness; a spectrum of alternative views on an issue is a spectrum of aggressive enemy positions; unscrupulous elimination of opponents replaces dialogue. Human clones are perfect for politics, banking, the armed forces, religion, schooling and theft. Easily mind-controlled by the hidden negative elite, clones are the visible drivers of systemic evil.

        Human clones are also prone to making extraordinary bloomers when speaking in public, and not noticing their mistakes. George Bush Jnr has an extensive back catalogue of such infelicities. For example, speaking on Australian television in September 2007 about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York on the 11th September 2001, one of the Bush Jnr clones said: “And I believe those of us who live in liberty have a responsibility to promote forms of government that deal with what causes nineteen kids to get on airplanes to kill three thousand students.” (See 3.44-3.55 on this YouTube video clip here)
        Later in the same month, the same Bush Jnr clone was reported by CBS News as follows: “He (President George Bush Jnr) dismissed concerns about lack of political progress in Iraq, saying people there are still recovering from the brutal rule of Saddam Hussein. Then, pounding his lectern, the president said, ‘I heard somebody say, “Where’s Mandela?” Well, Mandela’s dead because Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas.’ The actual former South African president, of course, is still very much alive.” (CBS 20.09.07)

        A university-educated, experienced and ensouled politician would not regularly make grotesque slips of this kind. But if he did misspeak occasionally, he would notice immediately and correct himself. In the later clone years, Bush was never able to do this.

        One thing, however, which George Bush Jnr was able to maintain to the last was his suspiciously consistent clone-smile. He always had a switch-on perfect smile ready for the camera. Switch-on perfect, switch-on perfect, switch-on perfect; it never changed. Ensouled human beings – even experienced actors – cannot do this; their smiles are always moderated by the ‘spiritual’ circumstances and context of the camera-call. Their physiognomies betray a slight change of texture, a strained tension, a fuller or slightly less full beam. And the eyes often say something the smile does not. They still smile well, but they smile differently each time. This is not the case with clones. Clones are robotically identical each smile.

        US President Barack Obama furnishes a good example. On Wednesday 23rd September 2009, Obama hosted a reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. During this event, he stood for 135 separate photographs with visiting foreign dignitaries who were in town for a major UN meeting. As this rapid-fire slideshow from Eric Spiegelman demonstrates, the US President had exactly the same smile in every shot. Spiegelman put his compilation on Vimeo shortly after the Met event and gave it the title: “Barack Obama’s amazingly consistent smile.” The 135 raw photoshots he used can be found on Flickr here.

        But what about Hillary Clinton? Is she really a tribal subset of mind-controlled clones? Follow the DNA. It’s there in the lavatories, handkerchiefs, discarded nasal tissues, cosmetics applicators, bedroom dust, cutlery, drinking glasses and coffee cups. And look out for the little black box under the clothes. It’s smaller than it used to be in the famous George Bush Jnr photographs (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here andhere, plus comments here), but it can still be seen on a windy day.

        More information about the use of human clones in American political management can be found here,here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here,here, here, here and here.And there is a more recent clone-pertinent update here (27.04.12).

        Read more here:

        • Skyblue I now know what the problem is. You offer this stuff as ego fulfillment. You want to be known as knowledgable and having previously unknown info, so you THINK. well I can guarantee you that you are barking up the wrong tree. Now SHOO!

          • You people have not posted anything here which is unique or important. And now that we know from your comment that “high level” people would never be cloned….well, it all makes sense! haha. you’re getting more amusing every day!

        • HOWEVER, AWESOME LINKAGE .!actually read some info I haven’t read before !

        • However I believe Hillary to be in her full faculties and there is no reason to clone her . She is so high level ‘NATI it is inane to suggest she is a clone. And yes she has always been a carpet muncher.

          • …”she is so high level ” ??? Between your filthy language, name calling and your ludicrous reasoning, it is rather surprising you people bother commenting at all.

            being high level is the reason why she cannot be cloned huh? well genius nobody can say you didn’t try to make some kind of a point even if much of what you is double speak and contradictory. You force me to backtrack to illum 101…..see when people are high level, that means they have a special importance and therefore those “high level” folks actually WOULD be the ones to clone. comprende?

            • you HAVE some nerve coming here and being an abusive bitch on someone else’s blog, and then still accuse OTHERS of being abusive. Take a hint, you aren’t wanted here ! We welcome all people who are MATURE, and who aren’t here to gratify themselves . You don’t fit that role .

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