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Duping the Truthers.

Jonathan Kay Was Right All Along… Sort Of

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Managing Director, Adamus Defense Group

[A careful and systematic investigation of the 9/11 Truth Movement by intelligence professionals has categorically found “footprints” of multiple police and intelligence agencies that now actively direct many if not most activities.] read more


Watch Secretary Clinton’s Testimony on Consulate Attack in Libya

By: Larisa Epatko
[At a Senate hearing Wednesday morning that got testy at times, outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took responsibility for the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and said lessons would be learned and steps taken to improve security. She testified again before the House in the afternoon.] read more

Highlights video

“The Untouchables” – video

[More than four years after the financial crisis, not one senior Wall Street executive has faced criminal prosecution for fraud.

Are Wall Street bankers simply “too big to jail?”

In The Untouchables, FRONTLINE producer and correspondent Martin Smith investigates why the U.S. Department of Justice has failed to act on credible evidence that Wall Street knowingly packaged and sold toxic mortgage loans to investors, loans that brought the U.S. and world economies to the brink of collapse.] read more



Working the TRIAD of Problem-Reaction-Solution 24/7 . In April 2010, I posted the COTOHOOK, The deal that would find Bin -Laden to Dupe or “Hook” the American Grunion. We saw that staged event play out with the state-sponsored killing of Navy Seals in the chinook and the recent suicide by committee of another Naval Seal.  Sandy “Hook” was the raid on the compound and the name for the Elementary school just another part of the cryptic “in your face” for coto.  What clue in Sandy Hook gives you the event coming next?  I have my idea. What’s yours my fellow awakened?

My favorite piece of evidence thus far in the hoax of New World Town. It just screams DUPE!!!



  1. Thanks to Oz down under for the Duff article “Duping the Truthers.” I hear they are going to take the last of your guns Oz. even the antique muskets and powder pistols.

  2. A tidbit for the crew

    • Thanks V. This was out in 2011.. wonder how I missed it. Looks good. I’m going to watch over the weekend.
      Here is where you can watch the entire doc:

  3. Thursday, January 24, 2013
    West Point Defines “Domestic Enemies” to Prepare Troops to Take On Americans

    Dees Illustration
    Brandon Turbeville
    Activist Post

    Soldiers and police in America take an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. But knowing who is a domestic enemy of the Constitution can be confusing to a young grunt. So a West Point think tank decided to broadly define what a domestic enemy may look like to ensure soldiers follow orders when the time comes.

    In a study recently published by the West Point Combating Terrorism Center entitled, “Challengers From The Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right,” Arie Perliger, the author of the study, attempts to present a picture of an America infested with dangerous “Right Wing” domestic terrorists lurking in the shadows and waiting to launch an attack on government establishments, agents, and minorities.

    In the study, what Perliger defines as the “Far-Right” is actually a mixture of race hate groups with ordinary militias, anti-abortion activists, Libertarians/Anarchists, and “conspiracy theorists.” Perliger suggets that this “Far-Right” contingent is glued together by an identification with an “anti-federalist” ideology as well as a belief in a “New World Order.” According to Perliger, these groups are concerned with the “corrupted and tyrannical nature of the federal government and its apparent tendency to violate individuals’ civilian liberties and constitutional rights.”

    Perliger, who is the director of terrorism studies at the West Point Combating Terrorism Center writes in the Introduction to the study that its purpose is to provide “a conceptual foundation for understanding different far-right groups and then presents the empirical analysis of violent incidents to identify those perpetrating attacks and their associated trends.”

    For all the repetition of the terms “terrorism” and “violent” however, it is important to mention just how broad a definition has been assigned to this term in recent years. As Madison Ruppert of End the Lie writes in his article, “West Point study identifies ‘violent far-right’ with recognizing tyrannical, corrupt nature of government,” “It is worth noting that the federal government is quite tyrannical and corrupt with a federal judge ruled the government can claim the legal right to assassinate Americans without any charge or trial while never explaining the legal basis, engage in widespread illegal surveillance (which is dramatically increasing) and indefinitely detain Americans.”

    Ruppert continues by stating, “If those aren’t violations of individuals’ civil liberties and constitutional rights, I don’t know what is.”

    Yet, while Perliger defines three different branches of the “far-right” – racist/white supremacy movement, anti-federalist movement, and fundamentalist movement – the author lumps the three different branches into one, all while conveniently ignoring pertinent facts that might not back up his claims.

    Perliger’s paper notably lacks mention of the fact that a great many “racist/white supremacy” organizations are themselves either partially or even entirely staffed by law enforcement agents of government intelligence. Likewise, Perliger entirely conflates race-based movements (also likely infiltrated and controlled by government agencies) with what he labels the “Christian Fundamentalist” movement. This, as Madison Ruppert points out, is described with a complete lack of understanding (intentional or otherwise) as to what “fundamentalism” actually is.

    Yet, the “anti-federalist” movement (itself a variety of movements mixed together to provide an easier category for Perliger and his readers), is the most interesting when evaluating the West Point paper. According to Perliger, this “movement” is centered around a belief in a “New World Order,” and the recognition of the “corrupted and tyrannical nature of the federal government and its apparent tendency to violate individuals’ civilian liberties and constitutional rights.”

    In this regard, Perliger writes,
    The anti-federalist rationale is multifaceted, and includes the beliefs that the American political system and its proxies were hijacked by external forces interested in promoting a “New World Order” (NWO) in which the United States will be absorbed into the United Nations or another version of global government. They also espouse strong convictions regarding the federal government, believing it to be corrupt and tyrannical, with a natural tendency to intrude on individuals’ civil and constitutional rights. Finally, they support civil activism, individual freedoms, and self government. Extremists in the anti-federalist movement direct most their violence against the federal government and its proxies in law enforcement.
    In further summarizing the “anti-federalist” viewpoint, Perliger writes,
    The anti-federalist movement’s ideology is based on the idea that there is an urgent need to undermine the influence, legitimacy and practical sovereignty of the federal government and its proxy organizations. The groups comprising the movement suggest several rationales that seek to legitimize anti-federal sentiments. Some groups are driven by a strong conviction that the American political system and its proxies were hijacked by external forces interested in promoting a “New World Order,” (NWO) in which the United States will be embedded in the UN or another version of global government. The NWO will be advanced, they believe, via steady transition of powers from local to federal law-enforcement agencies, i.e., the transformation of local police and law-enforcement agencies into a federally controlled “National Police” agency that will in turn merge with a “Multi-National Peace Keeping Force.” The latter deployment on US soil will be justified via a domestic campaign implemented by interested parties that will emphasize American society’s deficiencies and US government incompetency. This will convince the American people that restoring stability and order inevitably demands the use of international forces. The last stage, according to most NWO narratives, involves the transformation of the United States government into an international/world government and the execution and oppression of those opposing this process.
    Indeed, anyone even faintly aware of historical and current events would be hard-pressed to argue with the so-called “anti-federalists” in their analysis.

    Regardless, in light of the recent push for citizen disarmament, the paper tellingly states,
    Linda Thompson, the head of the Unorganized Militia of the United States details the consequence of this global coup: ”This is the coming of the New World Order. A one-world government, where, in order to put the new government in place, we must all be disarmed first. To do that, the government is deliberately creating schisms in our society, funding both the anti-abortion/pro-choice sides, the antigun/pro-gun issues…trying to provoke a riot that will allow martial law to be implemented and all weapons seized, while ‘dissidents’ are put safely away”. The fear of the materialization of the NWO makes most militias not merely hostile towards the federal government but also hostile towards international organizations, whether non-profitable NGOs, international corporations, or political institutions of the international community, such as the UN.
    Perliger, of course, does not attempt to challenge any of Thompson’s claims as they are presented in this short quotation nor does he attempt to debunk any of the claims made by the “anti-federalist” communities that he so concisely repeats in the statement above. While, admittedly, it is not a stated goal of the author’s study to defend his position and debunk those of his subjects, one would also be justified in concluding that Perliger does not attempt to defend his case simply because disproving the claims made by the “anti-federalist” activists as he presents them would impossible for him to do in a convincing manner.

    Yet the purpose of the paper is not to provide legitimate information about these groups as much as it is to terrify the reader – West Point and other military trainees – into believing that anyone who rightly supposes that their government is overstepping its bounds, violating their rights, or moving forward in otherwise unconstitutional directions is a conspiracy-obsessed, right-wing, racist fanatic who is intent on killing military, police, and minorities.

    Unfortunately for the author, however, a careful reading of his own argument causes it to fall apart at the seams.

    After postulating numerous reasons for the alleged violence of “far-right” groups ranging from political, socio-economic, geographical, and operational possibilities, Perliger attempts to turn to the actual numbers.

    At first, Perliger’s presentation of thousands of violent attacks per year (using 2010 statistics) is quite shocking since such attacks are not known to the general public and the mainstream media has not seized upon them at every available opportunity as one would expect. The actual level of violence in its own right, whether reported or not, would be concerning to say the very least.

    These numbers would be an even more concerning situation if they demonstrated that such attacks were on the rise.

    Unfortunately for the government argument, however, this is not the case as even Perliger has to admit when he says, “Hence, in periods during which many streams of terrorism have shown improvement in their operational capabilities and, as a result, an increase in their tendency to engage in mass casualty attacks, the violent American far right shows stagnation, at least in terms of its ability to enhance the harm it generates.”

    For instance, while the term “right-wing violent attack” might conjure images of lynchings, executions, or mass terror attacks, the statistics, even those presented by Perliger, tend to show a different reality. Indeed, the type of “attack” referenced in Perliger’s study is entirely unclear in terms of just what would constitute a “right-wing violent attack.”

    Indeed, when examining Perliger’s statistics, one can easily see that well over half of the “attacks” being described are actually proxy “attacks” (loosely defined term) against property, “foiled attacks” (which are wildly undefined, especially since the overwhelming majority of any foiled terrorist attack in the United States has been directed by the FBI), “heavy damage to property,” and “cross burnings.”

    Likewise, with so many acts of property damage and racial symbols being later determined to have been directed by the “victims” themselves, one must also call these numbers into question since they are left unclear in the study.

    Of those attacks designed to cause “mass casualties,” the Oklahoma City Bombing was no doubt included in the statistics, an obvious government-run false flag operation.

    Yet, even among the 42% of “attacks” described as involving “specific human targets,” the incidents are not necessarily connected with any political, racial, or religious origin. As with any attempt at methods of divide and conquer, there is the very real possibility that any violent attack leveled against any individual of minority status or non-right-wing political ideology is thus considered to be a “specific human target” attack. Under such loosely defined rules of categorization, since the incidence of “specific human targets” were overwhelmingly one on one or (at most) two on one altercations, a simple shoving match between two individuals in which one could be remotely considered right wing, racist, or religious could then be delineated as a violent right-wing attack.

    Since Perliger easily allows his own political bias to appear during the course of the paper and, since much of his political theory is based upon Israeli political scientist Ehud Sprinzak’s Iceberg model of the structure of political movements, it is apparent that Perliger’s own methodology is likely devised in a manner that would allow even the most distant and unrelated events seem directly related to the core of political ideology Perliger has set in his sites.

    Such a concern is only compounded by the fact that one of Perliger’s main sources for his paper is the Southern Poverty Law Center, a notorious race-baiting organization that routinely accuses anyone who disagrees with the company line in regards to government policy as racist and potentially violent and dangerous. Not far behind, of course, is the citation of the Anti-Defamation League, an organization of similar race-based incredibility.

    In the end, Perliger’s report is nothing more than just another cog in the wheel of a military-industrial complex on overdrive in its attempt to brainwash new military recruits into believing that a terrorist lurks behind every bush. More importantly, these new recruits are being trained that such terrorists are no longer shadowy Muslims hiding in caves in Afghanistan, but good ol’ boys, gun owners, and average American citizens that will eventually have to be dealt with.

    • Great info about the West Point “study” Veri…

      This ‘click’ of perspective is already playing out in the gatekeeper ‘blogs’ – the cointelpro counter agents posing as “Truthers”

      • It is interesting to consider the Triplethink Newspeak deep mindfuck of defining the Domestic Enemy as “antifederalists”, when in fact the “National government that poses as a “federal government” is ultra vires to the “Federal Constitution” which these “antifederalists” attempt to defend.

        This language is beyond Orwellian and firmly Kafkaesque.

        Theater of the Absurd as surreal as Becker…”zero zero zero”..



    “The most striking support of this hypothesis is the event itself, the “dustification” or “vaporization” of up to three million tons of steel in less than one second.

    Interesting how Duff identifies himself as one of the agents he speaks to withe the lie in quotes above.”


    • The reason that it is an obvious lie is that if three million tons of steel were vaporized in less than one second, regardless of the mechanism that could acheive this, there would no longer be a Manhattan.
      The secondary result of such vaporization would be an explosion in the megaton range.

      An attendant reason is that three million tons of steel did not “go missing” at WTC.


  5. Hahaha.. I knew that article would get you goin’ rogue. I liked it and I like Duff. I tend to agree with most of what he writes. Is he disinfo? Who knows, with his background and contacts it’s very possible but I tend to like where he’s coming from so until that changes, I’ll keep reading his stuff.

    Directed energy weapons make sense to me. We have no idea what type of toys they played with that day. Again, I say..they threw everything they had at 9/11. Why wouldn’t they? They even toasted cars that day.

    Eleven years later… one can only imagine what they have at their disposal now.

    • Since you don’t understand physics Deb, you have no concept of what three million tons of expanding Fe gas would do when it meets the H2O in the surrounding atmosphere. If you know how a fuel air bomb works, what you are talking here is a three million ton fuel air bomb = 3 megaton blast. That would have taken out lower Manhattan instantly – it would not be there today.

      But if you want to buy Duff’s “fairy-dust” that is up to you.



      That “Gordon Duff” is Errol Flynn playing Kevin Costner – also proving the contention of time travel in the mix ;


  6. Ya know the old song done to a lilt, “Bullshit makes the world go round”. as is always discussed here, let common sense prevail. This doesn’t rise much above common school yard politics in a rough neighborhood. And a rough neighborhood we live in. Lets not feed the derisive nature of what’s going down. We’ve never been told the truth, lets not add to the dung pile and anchor our feet in smelly sludge. Gotta keep a clear head.

  7. Here’s one for you PD that I’m sure you’ll relate to. As discussed by you on a recent posting this talks about the number 9 and it’s implications to malignancy.

      • Regardless of interpretations that may be put to it, Revolution Number 9 is an amazing and brilliant example of Muzik Koncrete, and very advance sonic artistry.

        Sit and read the Ninth Amendment to the Constitution while listening, and consider the chaos of this music as manifest because the understanding of that Amendment has been lost.

        — Awroogah Kompellarosa


        • In my case, I don’t profess to not having a tin ear but I absolutely hated that tune from day one a long time ago. The “Ancient Knowledge” one is right out at the forefront on a line of acceptability/ credulity but I thought I’d out it to see where it goes.

      • It’s the whole enchilada Willy. Thanks V. It’s magical to me now. Rev9 and we all move on.

    • They can change matter to energy but not vice-versa. CERN keeps them busy and frustrated. The want to be GODS and CREATORS but they can only destroy. It’s a demigods dilemma for the committee scum. Nice video and graphic V. 🙂

  8. “By liberals, I simply mean those people who accept big government as a given, regardless of their political affiliation.
    For them, big, bigger, and biggest government is a rock-bottom assumption that requires no thought. The sun comes up every morning, and there is big government.
    This assumption supersedes anything written in the US Constitution explicitly limiting the power of central authority.
    Where there is conflict between that document and the actions of government, the Constitution automatically takes a back seat. It is looked upon as a primitive, ancient, and worn-out set of ideas.

    In their eyes, they are working with reality, whereas Constitutionalists have a quirky and disturbing obsession that clings to absolute Principle.”
    –Jon Rappoport


  9. I realize this is way off subject but this is one to share. I believe this is a glimpse of an interaction with our true place in the realm of things. We’re being kept away from our rightfully heart felt place in reality by those that would and do manipulate our perceptions for their own short sighted deluded ends.

  10. Here’s a definite fit to this posting
    HomeForumSupport UsActivist StoreContributorsDocuments/LegislationQuotesContact Us
    Saturday, January 26, 2013
    Is “Gray State” a Psy-Op?
    Michael T. Winter, Contributor
    Activist Post

    In answer to the question posed in the title of this piece, this writer does not have a definitive answer one way or the other. There are, however, several aspects of this trailer that point to this being a psy-op. If you are on a website that would post this article, then there is very good chance you’ve seen the trailer for the movie Gray State as seen below.

    Condensed, the movie addresses what it would be like if FEMA began round-ups and executions of US citizens. The trailer, 2:40 long, seems to have one goal in mind; to instill fear in the viewer. It is devoted to violent graphic scenes of round-ups; direct head shot executions and intimidating footage of faceless FEMA soldiers goose stepping toward defiant, rioting citizens. The trailer is laced with heavy machine gun sounds, buzzing helicopters, people screaming, and death; lots of death.

    On the surface, one might applaud the intrepid director and crew, facing down Hollywood (much ado is made of this fact in interviews), and, even more so, having the stones to make a movie depicting our government in such a harsh light. But the surface is just that; a surface and we live in an age of deception.

    Thanks to the Internet reformation, the plans of the globalists have been laid bare. The tricks they employ are numerous and come at us from every angle. This movie trailer would appear to satisfy two of their primary objectives within the paradigm of this deception. The first objective of the trailer is to instill fear and hopelessness into the population, which it effectively does. The second feat accomplished is to give warning of what is yet to come.

    It is well documented that globalist-controlled Hollywood is complicit in these types of ‘pre-alert’ efforts by allowing television shows and movies to become vehicles of warning to the populace. There is massive evidence pointing to this modus operandi; 9-11, here and Sandy Hook, here are two recent examples. There are many more, but this space does not allow for a list, and this is not the focus of this piece.

    We cannot claim that we weren’t warned in advance of any number of calamities; those in the past and those yet to come. The globalist stamp is all over this project. The globalists, (one might think not human by their actions) are just people at the end of the day, and people make mistakes. The Aurora, Co. shooting was rife with errors, here, and here. Sandy Hook was even worse, here, from a production standpoint (which from a globalist view was a production, no less so than a staging of Othello at the Met).

    There are a number of ‘tells’ associated with this project. A ‘tell’ is a term used to describe the actions (and thus indicators) of a deception. Most commonly referred to in conjunction with gambling and gamblers themselves, the term is apropos here as applied to markers that this trailer is (in all likelihood unbeknownst to the entire cast and crew) a project of globalist emanation. The trailer focuses on real-life proposals by the elites, such as RFID chips, QE IV, and martial law. Sub themes include empty grocery shelves, cameras in homes, the ripping apart of loved ones and the heavy boot of the state. At the end of the trailer, the last shot shows a pyramid, a favorite image of the elites.

    Google and YouTube, two of the most powerful (globalists owned) Internet companies on the planet are fully on board with the promotion of this trailer. A Google search brought up Gray State after typing in only ‘gray st’. After ten pages (11 listings each page) it didn’t slow down – the listings went on and on. What movie trailer in history has yielded such buzz? Remember, this is a trailer. No release date was announced then and none has been forthcoming, (This in itself is suspect. The trailer was made in 2011 and here we are in 2013. There is zero information online pertaining to a release date. It appears the trailer was made and that was it. One could almost call it a mini-movie production of and by itself.)

    Most of the numerous links are to alternative news sites such as Prison Planet. Many of the site links are to dis-info shill sites known for being so. There is a great consistency to all the links – in every one there is a hyperlink to the trailer. It would appear the primary goal is to get people to watch the trailer. On YouTube, there are 492,260 views and numerous pages of ancillary interviews and analysis. These analysis focus on the feasibility of the concept of Gray State becoming a reality. In one interview with an actor in the trailer, he stated there was a lot of work to do in the “trailer.” He held up his fingers in the “Quote-Unquote” sign as he said “trailer.” That type of hand gesture is used to indicate (among other things) that what is being “quoted” is not the actuality of what is being inferred.

    Research into the production company for Gray State, Hot Head Productions, from Minnesota, proved to be a dead end. There is a website for a Hot Head Productions in New York, but not the company sought. The only site discovered relating to the correct Hot Head Productions is here, but the phone number on the site is to a locksmith that has had the same number for seven years.

    There is very little information on David Crowley, the director and writer. There are many sites with interviews of him about the trailer, what it means to society, etc. etc. But there is nothing on the man himself. In this age of LinkedIn, FB, Twitter and the like, one would think there would be something on the guy, but there is nothing. His bio indicates he likes making movies, (but does not list any) and that he was in the army. That’s it.

    A search to discover the source of the initial funding remains unknown, not for lack of trying. None of the interviews reveal this fact. One interview has Crowley claiming the trailer cost six thousand dollars to make. The trailer has tanks, helicopters, exploding buildings and uber-expensive military gear. It doesn’t take an MBA to know that, with all the explosions and heavy duty armaments, tanks etc. it cost a hell of a lot more than six grand to make. Where do these resources come from? In an interview with Crowley, he claimed the trailer generated $67,000.00 in investment money. He indicated this would be used to create a media package to help draw investors for the movie. Wait a minute! The trailer was allegedly created to bring in investors. Now that that has been done, and $67K has been brought in, that money will be used to…draw investors?

    The company that supplied the weapons and heavy armaments is The Bullet Exchange, here. The owners of The Bullet Exchange are revealed to be David Crowley (Director and Writer, GS), Mitch Heil (Director of Photography, GS), and Danny Mason, (Lead Actor, GS). The company’s C.V. reveals that they worked on two other movies, Pandemic, here and Problem Solving the Republic, here. Both movies underlying meme is the government is staffed with malevolent people intent on bearing us ill will. Crowley’s bio on the site lists “Experience: 5 years Army infantry, squad leader, Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan”. Heil shows, “Experience: Five years in the 82nd Airborne, Deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months and Iraq for 14 months”.

    The question to be posed is this: How do Crowley and Heil go from being gung ho soldiers to dissident filmmakers? How do they accomplish this feat of rebellion whilst drawing on their contacts accrued from years of military service? One would think, if Team Crowley is genuinely rebellion minded in their project, that the Army, if not discouraging the film, would certainly not endorse the project to the point they help supply the gear to make it a reality. This smacks of psy-op collusion.

    Psy-ops are the children of one acronymed agency or another. To obtain tanks one needs permission of the Federists and, well, tanks. Tanks come from the government, and the government would not willingly loan out tanks to be employed in a movie depicting them in this harsh light unless someone, somewhere had not granted approval. If this movie was independent and truly anti-government as claimed then it makes sense they would not have the cooperation of the government for the trailer.

    The underlying message the trailer imparts rolls across the screen to the sound of guns blazing, “With every weapon of the state turned against us, how long can we resist?” There is no hope offered in this trailer. There is no ‘resolution’ and no happy ending – nothing but fear and panic inducing images and sounds. It is really little more than another salvo, fired by the elites, to further diminish our feelings of security and well being. Rather than succumb to the fear, there are wise words to ponder as an antidote to soul poisoning fear. “Only focusing on what is wrong is a trap that just feeds the machine. We must really focus on creating what we want, even if doing so only makes it easier for future generations.”

    The elites want us to focus on negativity. This mindset, aided via media projects like this ‘trailer’ succeed in germinating fear and negativity. Perhaps this trailer is not disingenuous at all, and is exactly what it purports itself to be. But in this age of deception where the globalist enemy controls every aspect of our existence, the chances of this being a genuine concept trailer are slim. Based on the results of this cursory investigation as outlined above, one might conclude Gray State just doesn’t add up. From a globalist point of view, why make a whole movie (costing many millions), when for a fraction of that cost, they can create the same amount of fear just by pushing a well-made trailer?

  11. V, pretty odd that it’s just a trailer for almost two years now isn’t it? I don’t like these videos that are all dark with no hope offered. These words in your post rang especially true for me….they are my words as well:

    ” Rather than succumb to the fear, there are wise words to ponder as an antidote to soul poisoning fear. “Only focusing on what is wrong is a trap that just feeds the machine. We must really focus on creating what we want, even if doing so only makes it easier for future generations.”

    “The elites want us to focus on negativity. ‘

    Yep, they want us to be cowering in fear of the almighty unknowns, They are not gods, they are not invincible. It”s in acknowledging that, that we derive our power.

    • I seen this trailer some ago, that’s why it jumped out at me in my meanderings through alternate news sites. As soon as I started reading it, I knew this belonged on C1 to be discussed. The read I get is that this should this be the case, is an expose’ that they’re stooping to tactics like this to keep up their agenda of instilling fear as all they’ve got over us. It smacks of knee jerk reaction on their part that they realize they’ve overplayed their hand. As I’ve stated before commenting on other postings, I take my thoughts from the knowledge of terror bombings used in WW2 on cities in Germany by the (sic) good guys that people got tired of being afraid and life went on between raids.
      In their propaganda campaign here to keep us in a state of suspended animation, this is nothing more than a cheap trick from the bottom of their arsenal. Can’t wait for the sequel.

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