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Uncle Gene Rosen and the Kids


From a wise facebook poster named Lars:

Follow · about an hour ago
Plant obvious discrepancies for people to find that lead nowhere but you can make truthers look crazy and keep the public divided. Ask yourself why would a professional psyop keep making such sloppy mistakes. They wouldn’t. Who benefits from making truthers look cold for attacking this guy and claiming the parents are actors? Who benefits from dividing the public? This is yet another divisive gambit.
It is working really well. I have seen some very prominent researchers from the 9/11 truth movement publicly ripping to shreds other very prominent researchers from the 9/11 truth movement – that disagree on whether Sandy Hook is a psyop/false flag or not. This includes individuals that have worked together, and have shown respect for one another. Now, with the stroke of a pen (keystrokes), alliances are broken and humiliating public tongue-lashings are dealt-out – that can never be undone.
Mission accomplished. Divide and conquer.
The bastards in the ivory towers really know what they are doing. The only thing they fear is a united citizenry, and they make absolutely sure we do not unite.
How long will the Ruling Elite be able to point-out our differences and get us to divide ourselves? When will we find common ground more powerful a force of attraction (unification) than our differences provide a power to repel and keep us divided?


  1. This is so nutty that i am now ALMOST getting suspicious! Ha ha.. the man has Creep factor, pedo style. just my reaction, not stating it as uch. Great post.

    • I agree Dawn. The first time I saw this guy PEDOPHILE rang out in my head !

  2. Ya so he has a point, but i highly doubt the agenda is to break up the small faction of,…..WAIT. maybe they would, but itS HARDLY the main or only agenda. Multi tasking is the order of any day with the cabal.

    • Always be muti tasking is the NWO motto 🙂

  3. O.K. then…

    Who’s arguing that Uncle Carbunkle is anything but a charlatan? Its Obvious these creatures are creepy characters. We eat psyops for breakfast at COTO. By noon, they are turds heading to the worm factory.

    I fail to see that “Truthers” are demonized and divided. Rather, the rest of the MSM chowing populace is “Punked” and/or scatter brained into fudgesicles of a nonsensical nature.

    JG — don’t give any credit to the ivory tower eunuchs. Example — Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs defame received a 75% “raise” { Go LOOK at his Fucking Face at }. These fuckers deserve our scorn and laughter as the corporate criminals that they are. When Karma comes to claim his soul, it will not be pretty, it will be UGLY like his inhumane works. Whatever. Dung piles like him are ubiquitous at this time.

    There are those who KNOW, and there are those who DON’T. I was gonna say “BLOW” just for the rhyme of it, but what the hay.

  4. Boom, I am, like you, one who does not think these monsters are invincible. The point this guy is making is one that I’ve seen as well. There ARE 9/11 truthers that don’t see Sandy Hook as a psyop. I’ve argued with them on facebook and elsewhere.

    I’ve also seen the 9/11 truth movement itself being torn apart by inhouse fighting over how the towers came down. My point has always been, yea we can have our differences of opinion and speculate on the how and whys of these false flags but the one constant should be that, in the end, the how doesn’t really matter. What matters is the who and the why. We shouldn’t sweat the details to the point that we fall prey to their divide and conquer game.

    Which is why at the end of this guy’s rant I posted that we need to form a united front. It’s the only way we win.

    If you listen to the Max Igan vids PD put up, he states pretty much the same thing ole Lars here is saying. I think it’s spot on.

  5. LOL…you have to look at this and read the comments that go with it….

  6. **** – 5 stars. Love it JG. 🙂

    Hey Coto, remember to tweet these to your twitter accounts when you post a big fat obvious piece like this. We need to spread this hoax must faster and harder than 911. If we are to proudly wear the red mark because we choose to forgo the blue pills and vaccines, let’s email and tweet these Handy Schnook posting out to the masses.

    A life we save may be our own.

    • Thanks Pd. This hoax is bigger than 9/11 because it involves children same as OK City. People are more affected by children being killed and more apt to shush you for even entertaining the thought that “they” would murder innocent children. Yea, we need to push this bs as far and wide as we can in my opinion as well. It’s been all over facebook which is where I found “lars” comment above. So many in agreement that something is not right and yet a few still bashing those having the gall to question the obvious when children are dead!

  7. Soo here we go “national inquirer” with wacky clacky totally unverifiable looneytoon cartoon rumoroid hemorrhoid heroism soul medicine for the weepybrained slippin in twat souce.



  8. “Engaging youth is an integral step in preparing the nation for all hazards,” said FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate. “Youth have a unique ability to influence their peers and families to be more resilient, and children play an important role in disaster preparedness, during and after a crisis.”

    Ahhhh more CIty year red jackets starting at the elementary school level.. Hitler youth anyone? See something say something kiddies, even if it’s your own mommy & daddy !!!

  9. “Youth are highly effective messengers for reaching and influencing parents and other adults.”
    “Youth who are engaged today will ensure a future generation of prepared adults.”

    Go forth and spread the word of the state children!

  10. Paul Joseph Watson – Prison – January 22, 2013

    2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jim Garrow shockingly claims he was told by a top military veteran that the Obama administration’s “litmus test” for new military leaders is whether or not they will obey an order to fire on U.S. citizens.

    “I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not”. Those who will not are being removed,” Garrow wrote on his Facebook page, later following up the post by adding the man who told him is, “one of America’s foremost military heroes,” whose goal in divulging the information was to “sound the alarm.”

    It also follows reports on Sunday that General James Mattis, head of the United States Central Command, “is being told to vacate his office several months earlier than planned.”

    In July 2012, the process by which this could take place was made clear in a leaked US Army Military Police training manual for “Civil Disturbance Operations” (PDF) dating from 2006. Similar plans were also outlined in an updated manual released in 2010 entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations.

    On page 20 of the manual, rules regarding the use of “deadly force” in confronting “dissidents” on American soil are made disturbingly clear with the directive that a, “Warning shot will not be fired.”

    Given that second amendment advocates are now being depicted as dangerous terrorists by the federal government and local law enforcement, Garrow’s claim is sure to stoke controversy given that Americans are seeing their gun rights eviscerated while the federal government itself stockpiles billions of bullets.


  11. This post has to do with charges leveled to “someone” on Truth and Shadows…

    The viciously elegant Ms Cheri Roberts:

    “I happen to have a couple audio recordings of phone calls with one of them admitting to their penchant for little girls standing in corners (and I am NOT referring to Mr. Ruff). So if you have no qualms about a pedophile in your midst and propping up or otherwise supporting their “theories” and delusions God save us all.”~Cheri Roberts

    Now, does this have ANYTHING whatsoever to do with anything but a vicious, lowly and cowardly slur to everyone here who might have known Ms Precious in the past?
    Talk about reaching for the shit bucket as “argumentation”. And she holds herself out as some above the fray serious thinker and researcher.

    If the ‘C’ word crosses my mind I won’t print it here…but oh how tempted I am. Since this is the first I have ever heard of the bitch, I certainly have no worry she is referring to me. But now as it stands, she is attempting to get us all looking sideways at each other. This is one of the most underhanded tactics I have seen used by a “Truther” in the whole time I have been blogging.

    She now claims that I have crossed the line to “cyberstalking” by posting some remarks on her thread that called her out for some obvious hypocritical remarks. I have no intention of reading or posting on her site again. If she thinks “popularity” is all that counts – she boasts to more than a thousand hits a day, and has literally “thousands” of facebook friends…
    Keeryst on a kracker, what hubris.

    You are very lucky to have gotten beyond this witch Mr Ruff…what a holier than thou oinker this sow is.


  12. I just visited her page and left my own calling card. I think she’s as fake as a three dollar bill. Did you read her bio ? I read it AFTER I posted my comment. Then I commented on her bio. If she’s a truther, I’m Michelle Obama !

    • Oh btw, Is Cherie Roberts her REAL NAME 😀

      • So she doth claim. And she counts you, I think, as a T&S’er.

        • My comments haven’t cleared moderation.. ha… ya think they will? If they do, yea, I’ll be called another cyber stalker from T&S a blog which I have never posted a comment … Oh and I don’t use my real name..horrors! How do we know she’s using her real name?

        • Her “debunking” is laughable. She picked the items easiest to say.. hey that’s a buncha bs. Low hanging fruit for sure.

      • I noticed she will not post your first one Deb…because you “don’t know what you’re talking about”…wow, that was specific, aye?

        This twitch doesn’t have the labia for debate…but she sure can “put you in your place” for being a wacky wanko and any other limpid lingual tepid wing wang she an will up.

        But our ex-president Ford…now he’s got the same aggressive chops that she won’t allow on her site, except with those who agree with her views.

        Wazzit?? Hypodermic? Hypochondriac, Hyperthermal ????
        Wagndangdoodle snoodle, I think it’s called HYPOCRISY.

        Yup with a capital H and a sure-nuff.

        I’ll have to read the bio of Ms Priss…


    • Thanks for showing up there and seeing the little three ring she has going…

      I haven’t been back to see this yet, but as soon as this posts I will.

      Oh and Señor, would you like some more Anglo-Saxon from me to add to your little list?


  13. Another comment to T&S that I want documented on COTO

    I’ve got a feeling that we are going to get the shrinking violet treatment here from Painter Wells…

    “I’m scared…I am not going to talk to the mean rude man.”

    This is the same dodge that OBF used constantly. It still amazes me that there are so many thin skinned nanny huggers that get the vapors over calling them out for their “bullshit”
    There was a national best seller by that title BULLSHIT, by a professor of communications, that was reviewed on NPR with Teri Gross.

    The author explained how valid the term is for what it is used for, as it covers the aspects of calling someone a ‘liar’, of something a “lie”, without determining/accusing, that what is being said is willfully dishonest or whether it could be innocent mistakes. That the term had come into general use precisely for it’s usefulness.

    It adequately covers a lot of situations, and has an edge to it that is recognized as “strong language.” But strong language is just that, strong language is not merely the use of some Anglo-Saxon phrase, but any language that drives a point home assertively. Calling a person a liar is much harsher than saying bullshit. But if it is shown that it is a lie, or an ignorant statement, bullshit has covered both, and if it is merely a statement made in ignorance, one hasn’t ‘stepped over the line’.

    In this rather dainty point of view of these precious souls, they misframe “assertive” as “aggressive.” They assume that ‘strong language’ implies out of control anger, although one who can use such assertiveness effectively is very much in control and articulates precisely what he means in a direct and frank manner. This is what is called, “honest communication.”

    In certain circles honest communication is looked down upon as crass. You will find this attitude in gatherings of such people as Congressmen, and priests, and schmoozing con men. And you will find this attitude rubs off on the led by the nose TVPeople.

    When frank and honest communication is called an “attack,” it is time to question the attitudes and language of the genteel, for those who so readily confuse a strong assertive argument in frank language as an “attack”, will also confuse other aspects of argumentation. They often miss the gist of things, and scramble all manner of signals.

    I could go on with a survey of examples but I won’t. I will just end by saying, I don’t cater kindly to bullshit, spoken or written.


  14. Here’s what I posted.. in case it never shows up there

    aiting moderation.
    January 22, 2013

    So your real name is Cheri speak? How do we know that? Whatever your name is, it matters not. It just matters that you posted this ridiculous article debunking nothing of real substance.

    Perhaps you can answer some questions since you pretend to have all the answers? Why is there no video of the shooter crashing through the school window? In fact, how did that skinny kid crash through that super enforced glass window in the first place, carrying HOW MANY FIREARMS AND AMMO? You seriously believe that story? If you believe he shot his way in, why would two women charge a man armed to the teeth with guns blazing?. You buy that? Wow, I got some swampland you might like.

    Or the one about the school nurse who was reported as coming eye to eye with Adam and identifying him and then when interviewed by George Stephanopoulos(sp) says she hid behind the computer desk and only saw his feet? Which story is the correct one? If the latter is the case, than NO ONE could identify the shooter in the school. Speaking of that, why was Adam, the alleged shooter, found with his brother’s ID? A brother who hadn’t seen him in at least two years? In fact, there is no trace of Adam since 2009. What about the body they said they found in Ryan Lanza’s NJ apartment? How can they make a mistake like that? Certainly that had nothing to do with the “chaos of the event” at SH. That report too has fallen down the Memory Hole.

    Let’s skip to creepy Gene Rosen since you have so much sympathy for him. This liar who can’t keep his story straight and is seen over and over ad nauseum pretend crying and wailing. Why on earth would a bus driver stop at his driveway and drop off a group of “traumatized kids?” Who was the bus driver that would do such a thing? Who was the man with the gruff voice who comes and goes according to who Gene is telling his story to? Who was the mother with “the frozen face” that he speaks about over and over and over again whose child was on “the lsit”? How did he know which children died when “the list” hadn’t even come out yet?

    United Way’s SH page was one of those published before the event. Joe Lieberman has taken charge of the distribution of the over 8 mil they have collected to date. Speaking of collections. Why did no tears Robbie Parker solicit donations for the facebook donation page which his “friends” posted on December 14th the day after his daughter was “blown away.”.. What are they collecting for? Were they too poor to pay for her funeral? I think not ,living in Newtown. WHy are ANY of these people collecting donations? FOR WHAT? Why do we only see the same parents and family members over and over and none of the others? Why were none of the parents permitted to see their children’s bodies even those that specifically asked to see them ? Isn’t that sop that families need to ID their family members that have passed? Why were the bodies spirited away in the middle of the night? Why were the parents, except for the ones like Robbie Parker, the McDonnells and the Sotos who were all over tv, guarded by a cop at each of their doors and not permitted to speak to anyone? Do you find ANY Of this suspicious?

    And the coroner.. OH the coroner… so much wrong with his press conference.What was he talking about when he said “I hope it doesn’t crash on their heads” ? He said the shootings were done with the long weapon which was in the trunk of the car. ???????

    THere is SO much more to go over but I don’t have the time to do so here. I’ll close with, WHERE IS ANY EVIDENCE THAT A CRIME TOOK PLACE? Where are the videos, the still photos of the inside of the school, bodies being removed…only person we saw on a stretcher was being wheeled by one paramedic down the long winding road to the firehouse and another older looking woman being placed in a ambulance who looked just fine. We didn’t even see the rest of the children (600 of them) being moved to the firehouse or ANYWHERE.

    Ok Cheri, you got a LOT of debunking to do and evidence of a crime to produce. Otherwise, you will have proven yourself to be just another tv zombie that believes whatever the Anderson Cooper CIA types tell you to believe..
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 22, 2013

    Wait, I just read your bio which I should have done first. Well, that explains everything now doesn’t it? A “truther” YOU with that background? I think not.

    • Ah…I see why she won’t publish your comment Deb; too many substantive things to worry her little Payton Place head about.

      What a bullshit game this squatdiddling pretender plays.


    • After reading the bio:

      “Cheri works as a Marketing Director and Publicist for a variety of businesses across the country. By embracing and including today’s Social Media tools and the power of live events, she teaches companies the value of accessibility and human interaction to a “Brand” and how to capitalize on that in the current marketplace. As a business networker and promoter she is fearless and…” ..bla bla bla..
      . . . . . .

      A trained bot of the Public Relations Regime…yup a PR Gal and a “real go-getter” {grin} Certainly knows self promotion AKA self praise.

      But it is not her background but her foreground that hits the spot as a bot. Pop bullshit is what it is. After all she promotes herself as someone who can SELL anything. I’ve met a lot of PR clackers in my long life. Cheri spews the same typical blather whipped to lather.


      • I know nothing about her other than what I’ve just read on that page. She’s all flash and no substance.. and that picture… blowing kisses? lol yea, she looks like a serious journalist.. she looks more like someone trying to drum up more male friends for her fabulously popular facebook page 😉 Who does she think she’s kidding?

        • Yea…the picture is a “come on” shot, the same thing as the chicks who wear those tight Lycra pants – “fuck-me pants” as we used to call them in LA…

          You can tell a slut by their style. Now, I have nothing against sluts. I LOVE sluts. But I don’t like arrogant fizzy ditz-pots who think Truth is a popularity contest. This beeyach is so full of herself that she leaks from the seams.

          She is worth scoping for a time, every time she slips and cracks her ass I want to hear the thud.

          It is a good idea to get a good scan of a gate-keeper.


  15. LOL..yes she won’t post my “accusations”.. WHAT? Note how she left my REAL accusations for her little fans to see so they can all ride to her rescue. None of the people who agreed with her knew a thing about SH inconsistencies. What a friggin’ phoney. She made me mad and when I’m mad I’m not nice. Here’s my reply to little miss shill.

    I thought you were not posting anymore because it’s your son’s bday. What’s the matter, can’t you get your ass outta the chair ?

    Thats ok phoney little….what do you call yourself again….an activist truther?…. Really? Whats with the blowing kisses photo?. Is that a photo of a real activist truther with a real name? real activist would take someone like you seriously, darlin’. You’re a nasty, little fraud..

    I copy and pasted and saved my questions to you and have posted it on MY blog that receives over 700 – 1200 views a day. I also will post it on facebook with your “real” name and distribute it amongst REAL truthers along with your response. You just dissed the wrong woman.

  16. Now just wait a fukkin minute….

    On Cheri Pop blog there is this exchange:
    . . . . .

    “Who was arrested and detained that day?” –911ARTISTS – January 22, 2013

    “Be specific Paul” – C. R. – January 22, 2013
    . . . . . .

    This is what passed for logic? How can Paul be more specific if he is asking who was arrested and detained? Is he supposed to provide the names he is asking for?

    O’ Cheri the Gatekeeper…and you lump others for “attacking you” when presented with substantive information and questions as to how you are avoiding it…and here you are avoiding again, as if your reply makes any rational sense.

    Yes, I think Cheri is someone our “little gang” should keep an eye on and nail every time she pulls one of these disingenuous gambits.


    • Did ya see her reply to Paul?

      January 22, 2013

      Be specific Paul 😉

      January 22, 2013

      Who was arrested and detained at this event?
      C. R.
      January 22, 2013

      No your question is not clear Paul. Eat a banana and try to formulate one again 🙂

      Wow, she’s clever in her retorts, eh? Enough of Ms Big Head. I’m blowing kisses as I blow her stench off ……… 😀

      • Yea Deb, I posted her first response, she elaborated more and edited it in for a bit of ‘snark’.

        We’ll see if she’s up to posting my reply to you and her.


        • Oh she did it.. she called me a disgruntled T&S’er… lol Yes, I’m a nameless no bio bitch !

  17. Well. Will, too bad she won’t post anything “our gang” has to say “of substance”.. biatch. I have to go have a look over there to see for myself what you have just posted…..

  18. Your on top of it Deb

    • “In the disputed CNN footage, at time stamp :08 seconds, police can be seen running around a curved landscape feature from which diagonal lines radiate on the parking lot asphalt. At 1:02 (one minute and 2 seconds) the same clip is played again, more extensively. Officers run onto a long, curving white sidewalk next to a building. A utility room of some sort can be seen on the roof, near a metallic, grill-like device, perhaps a solar collector.

      An examination of a satellite photo of Sandy Hook shows no such grouping of features. An examination of the satellite photo of St. Rose of Lima School, however, shows the exact features in detail. It is nearly indisputable that the the site where the officers are shown running is St. Rose of Lima School, not Sandy Hook.

      In the CNN report, the second appearance of the footage takes place in the context of a cut to Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police at a press conference on that day.”-Pak Alert
      . . . . . . .
      I saved the jpg’s on the story to file. They should be posted here.


  19. Shepard Ambellas was PD. He’s on it again here. This article is SO timely considering this very subject was on my list of questions to MS Thing..

  20. They aren’t going to get away with this one, their house of cards has blown away like a tornado hit it.

    The shots from St Rose should be displayed with aerial shots of Sandy Hook side by side.

    JG — PD??


  21. I posted this there, she never posted my other remarks after JG’s either:
    . . . . . . . .

    Cheri Speaks Bullshit,

    I don’t care if you post my comments or not, you are a hypocrite and a gatekeeper.

    This Sandy Hooks hoax is falling apart like a house of cards in a tornado, and with it your phony reputation blows away with it.

    Your reply to Paul is telling. He asked who was arrested at Sandy Hook. Then you tell him it makes no sense to ask such a question. The question is valid and you should acknowledge it, because there were arrests made.

    If you recall the three tramps at Dealy Plaza, the bells should be going off for you.
    But you are obviously here to dampen the bells and with them the truth.

    And now you call criticism of your phony gatekeeping, an “attack”. At the same time you praise this Ford creature for his flame posting, which verifies my opening sentence here.

    Plus you don’t have the guts to post these criticisms unless you can find some snarky remark to come back with. That’s three strikes toots, your out.


  22. Btw…. RT has turned into another mouthpiece for the state and never has it been more evident than this clip with this shill:

    • Yes very disappointing…I liked her alot too…but this thing called “a little bit of evidence”…well foogin aye baby, we have such an accumulation of circumstantial evidence, and MO, and MOTIVE…

      WTF ???????????????


      • That’s why they use pretty girls to report the news 😉 the only pretty girl journalists that have been on my tv that seem legit that I can think of are Amber Lyon & Naomi Wolf. I’m sure there are others but I just woke up and my head hasn’t cleared yet. Who knows those two may have another agenda as well. Who do you trust?

  23. Deb,
    Cheri cleans walls and windows Check out all that she tossed down the Mammary Hole…
    . . . . . . . . .

    Cheri Speaks Bullshit then redacts it…all the evidence, not of flame wars but of her own hypocrisy – even removing G. Fords well received flamethrowing that I called her on in a post that never made it online at all.

    Cheri is Spookworx hosting twats like Painter who squats to pee. And now she can pretend nothing ever happened because it’s all down the Memory Hole.

    Cheri dribbles Bernay’s sauce where ever she sits.
    . . . . . . . .

    Although it will never be published I left this after seeing her handy dandy maid work.


  24. Yea, Will, went there just now when I read this. Flame war? No, more like grease fire. People said things that she had no answer for or called her out on her utter bs and she slid away from their questions in her snake oil she’s selling. Journalist? Truther? hell no. Activist maybe… activist in Cass Sunstein’s army would be my guess.

    Those people on there praising her article as a great piece of journalism? OMG… hand me the puke bag.

    • There is trouble developing on Truth and Shadows as well.

      Paul Zarembka, a prominent “Truther”, is trying to get my voice shut down there because of my ‘repugnant’ “tone”, which he feels intimidated by, and feels that other do and will as well.

      When Craig first published that story on Sandy Hook, Zarembka, wrote in that he thought it was a mistake to publish something like this that would taint the whole ‘truth movement’….

      Craig replied that he disagreed, and refused Pauls advice to retract the article. But this morning Zarembka posted this other comment.
      He want’s my “dominance” of the thread curtailed, by number of posts by one person per day limited, or limiting the “attack” mode, bla bla, the same gate keeping bullshit we got from Cheri.

      This is my response to him – as yet unpublished:

      Paul Zarembka, and Craig,

      Paul says:

      “If we need to cite constitutional amendments, the 1st amendment should entitle us to form on our judgments and express them freely without suffering verbal abuse.”

      If we are going to site the 1st Amendment, I shall site it myself in light of the above comment. These issues have been in contention from the time that freedom of speech has been considered a natural human right. What Paul is complaining about is “repugnant speech and ideas” – these are protected under the 1st as well.
      We have covered this issue here time and time again as well. I have spoken to it myself in at least a couple of my commentaries here.

      Paul complains that the “tone” of my argumentation is not something he can support.
      And further claims that I am contributing to virtual civil war on this blog,

      It is my contention that the “tone” of my argument falls into the category of protected free speech I just alluded to. As far as the claim that I am contributing to a ” virtual civil war” can be said to be so only so far as I consider that civil war to be generated by those who would disregard my rights to self defense by spurious and factually errant argument. And then turning around and complaining about the “tone” of my argument as having greater bearing than the historical and rational facts surrounding what are natural rights.

      I have not called for either Paul’s or Painter’s remarks to be extinguished, expunged, or done away with in any other way than by rational argument. I would also note that I consider their arguments and ideas to be repugnant from my position. But you do not find me wishing to curtail their attendance to this debate but in fact encourage and invite their attendance.

      As far as my “dominating” the debate and “word count” – it is not my fault, that anyone else is incapable of putting word to print and posting here. I have also spoken to the difference between assertiveness and aggression. We could even refer to the child’s rhyme of “sticks and stones,” but I am very concerned that something such as “tone” is going to be left to override substance in debate.

      Now to that substance as it pertains to Paul’s answer to the quote he took from me;
      I recognize that Paul made some short remarks as to the Parker situation, but I do not see that in any way to have been a successful argument against the assertion that the event was a false flag.
      Second, I did not say that Paul had not made a contribution to the argument on the 2nd Amendment. But he has complained to both issues as connected here. I repeat my assertion that there have been no rational contributions beyond his opening remarks about the Parker situation, which has trivial weight as far as whether or not this event was a false flag.

      I have asked Painter to answer a two part compound question:

      > Do you believe that the “federal government” is acting on legitimate authority?

      > If so from where does this authority derive?
      . . . . . . . . . .

      There has been no further response from Painter from that time.
      I now invite Paul Zarembka to give his answer to the same.


  25. This from Truth and Shadows:

    “For what it is worth I am hereby asking everyone to stop posting on Cheri’s blog and to stop discussing her article and the other issues that came up there of a personal nature since I don’t want to spoil the conversation here by mixing in personal attacks and personal issues. It is better for all concerned to just drop it and I appologize to everyone involved especially Craig for bringing this controversy here by linking to her article. Everyone is going to do what they are going to do but I had to ask in an effort to cool off the situation.”~Adam Ruff

  26. Yea, why give her the views she so craves and doesn’t deserve? Does Adam know she scrubbed all of our comments?

    • Yes indeed Adam knows that she scrubby dub dubbed her troubles away.

      A boycott of BitchWorld is in order, her views are inconsequential at this point. Cheri has choked on her own bullshit.


  27. 2012-01-23

    Dear Mr. Rogue, you wrote:

    If [Ms. C.R.] thinks “popularity” is all that counts – she boasts to more than a thousand hits a day, and has literally “thousands” of facebook friends…

    My understanding was that she had (including me) one-thousand-and-one readers a month and some five-thousand-five-hundred Facebook friends.

    You were absolutely correct when you wrote:

    [A] vicious, lowly and cowardly slur to everyone here who might have known Ms Precious in the past? … But now as it stands, she is attempting to get us all looking sideways at each other. This is one of the most underhanded tactics I have seen used by a “Truther” in the whole time I have been blogging.

    My jaw kind of dropped how quickly she stooped to her dangerous & damning (but vague) accusations, albeit without a name. I gotta believe that she was hoping for someone to contact her, get the name, do the cyber-smearing on T&S of the target for her, and then forever thereafter have that be part of that person’s “permanent Google record.”

    This was on top of the way (I felt) she mischaracterized Mr. Ruff’s words and actions that I saw read on her page, as well as everyone else attracted by the link to her “debunking” like a moth to the flame. And this was on top of her lame, low-hanging fruit, “debunking only that which was designed-to-be-debunked” article.

    My last posting never made it out of moderation, but one of things I brought up:

    I don’t need to know how you came about such audio and phone records or if they are the sexual deviance confession you claim them to be, although those questions do come to mind in addition to the strange mileage you get from them.

    But then true to spooky ways, *POOF*!!! Now, it is all gone. My words. Mr. Rogue’s words. Ms. JerseyG’s words. And many of Ms. C.R.’s words. Cleaning of the tracks; no such threats were made, nor were any issues with her Partido Uno Debunking of Sandy Hook-’em ever uttered.

    Her blog history is re-written. Almost. I was set up to receive email notifications. I could and probably will recreate most of both sides of the discussion after my entrance, as part of my effort to document (and stand behind) my words. Kind of ironic that the purging of comments from under her “debunk” article puts her in the position of not standing behind her own words.

    Mr. Ruff asked politely:

    [everyone:] stop posting on Cheri’s blog and stop discussing her article.

    Any future postings probably will never get out of the moderating queue. And for the sake of Ms. C.R.’s “target” on T&s, sound advice.


    • The only comment I read there that could be properly cited as a Flame, came from someone calling himself, Gerald Ford, it was full of colorful language and insults. And this is one mon Cheri embraced wholeheartedly, and with great enthusiasm, loving the term “Conspiracy Pornographers” that Ford used.

      I suppose you have been to T&S this morning and read the personal “attack” on me by Paul Zarembka? I use the term “attack” tongue in cheek, as a satirical turn-around on how it is thrown at me.

      I have actually been fairly subdued in my “aggression” against these automatons that do not recognize how feeble and precarious a thread our rights hang by today.

      I have emailed Craig, and so far received no response. I know that Zarembka has ‘clout’ as a “leader of the Truth Movement”, and do wonder at this effect it could have on Craig. So I asked straight up, which is my nature.

      Things are coming down hot and heavy now from every direction. The fools who do not grasp the true extent or nature of their rights are now acting as party to their destruction. I believe the strongest possible arguments must be made against this true and complete idiocy. and calling it true and complete idiocy is hardly hyperbole in this crisis.


  28. “It is interesting to note how Hybrid gets aggressive and steps over the line…but the “decent” guys he hangs with don’t denounce him. I find his “leadership”in these attacks to be toxic.

    There have been numerous studies that have shown that the same unbending authoritarian personalities that are attracted to police work also have such poor impulse control that they are frequently involved in domestic disputes. And those very same “authoritarian personalities” tend to make up a large percentage of gun owners.”~painterwells – January 22, 2013 – CheriSpeaks blog
    . . . . . . . . . .

    “Unbending authoritarian personalities”?

    There is a distinct and vast difference between having unbending allegiance to the principles of freedom and liberty, and displaying authoritarian tendencies. It is ludicrous to call passionate argument against authoritarian governance “authoritarian.”

    And then to site the “studies” so sited pertaining to ‘police work’ as in anyway applicable to my arguments against a despotic police state, strikes me as so much rhetorical double-talk.

    I am more and more amazed at people who cannot distinguish between assertiveness and aggression. Aggression can proceed under a ‘smiling face’ just as well as by rough language. It is in the intent of the speaker, and what that speaker’s goal is that determines whether it is aggression or not; not the “tone'” in the delivery.

    It should be noted that Amerikans have been “sweet talked” into giving up their rights by slick rhetoric, than by any hard core screaming demagoguery.


  29. I ended a comment with:

    Cheri dribbles Bernays’ sauce where ever she sits.

    This is of course in reference to Edward Bernays. And I would characterize it as a deep and cutting remark. I would also insist it is true.

    So be it.


  30. “Incidentally, it should be noted that all of America’s mass shootings have been committed by males. So what do we do with the American testosterone factor?”~Painter

    Since Painter is a twat, and squats to pee, there is no problem with him. So I suppose he would deal with the “American testosterone factor?” by castrating all males with a substantial pair.

    I have never read the words of such a self proclaimed wuss as this in my life. This guy is a dedicated Utopian Socialist that really believes the government is going to care for him and gives a shit whether he dies or not. He is one of the most pathetic delusional pantywastes I have ever encountered. And he is sublimely ignorant to boot.

    Hahaha, now all that is left on the second half of that thread is that pathetic conversation between little frightened Painter and his mommy figure, the firm but understanding CheriSpeaksBullshit…what a soap opera.


  31. Here is another excellent article by Jon Rappoport.
    I think JG especially should read this, and try to get a grasp on where Rappoport is really coming from.
    . . . . . .

    “And Seitz-Wald calls Rense and Weidner conspiracy theorists? It’s he who doesn’t have eyes to see. If he did, and actually watched these bizarre interviews, he too would be disturbed. But instead, he’s ready to cast “conspiracy theorists” as people who believe nothing happened at Sandy Hook and no one died.

    That’s one of his missions in the article, and he’s willing to grossly misrepresent Rense and Weidner to achieve the objective.

    His tactic is classic. Attack the people whose ideas you want to neutralize, don’t carefully examine and report what they’re saying, and along the way attribute to them ideas they never had.”~Rappoport


  32. As for Sandy Hook, we have every rational reason for great suspicion as to this being a psyop. It is far from “wacky” to posit that a system that has an encyclopedic count of this Modus Operendi as well as open and stated Motive, it simply would be unjustified on any reasonable argument to give the ‘government’ and the Public Relations Regime the benefit of the doubt. The system itself is not a ‘person’ who has the right to be “innocent until proven guilty” – neither do officers of the state have 5th Amendment right to remain silent, until and unless they give up their positions of authority.

    As officials of the state apparatus they act under the color of authority and duty bound to answer to the demands of the people as to there knowledge. To claim this is in the public interest should be seen as redundant – but as the relationship of the ‘government’ to the people has been turned around completely during the course of history, most people haven’t the slightest idea as to the power of their individual and collective rights. Openness in government is now seen as some alien concept because of psychological conditioning.

    The tables have been turned so that people accept that the state has the authority to know every single detail of our lives while remaining totally hidden from our eyes. So few seem to comprehend that this is the very definition of a totalitarian state, one that has usurped every power for itself, leaving the people absolutely powerless.

    There are ramifications for every word I have said here. Some of them will seem so shocking at this point as to be held in disbelief.

    Such is the following argument; it is my assertion that it is in the public interest to know, to have it proven and verified as to the victims of this massacre. To not to simply be assured by the authorities.

    The consequences of this event are too critical to leave any questions unanswered. The rights of the parents to be left alone to their grieving is a given, but the rights to public disclosure of the details of the deaths of their children is equal to their personal rights. It is the state – the authorities who owe us the answers to prove the event happened as now claimed, and to verify the deaths of these people.

    No one was allowed to physically view the remains of the children, not even the parents. It is public knowledge that at least one parent requested to see their child’s actual body, and this request was denied. What was the reasoning behind this denial? And why is it seen as unreasonable to suspect some sinister agenda as behind this denial?

    It is in the public interest to be told who was detained and why they were released from custody.

    It is in the public interest to know why there are no videos available from the purported security camera system installed in the school.

    An open and public inquest should be made on the Sandy Hook event.

    These issues have nothing to do with morbid curiosity, they have to do with reasonable answers being given as to an event that has led to a controversy over our right as a people to keep and bear arms. A great number of people and public commentary has attempted to claim that this is ridiculous, that the issues are totally unrelated. This is simply absurd. It is too obvious that the event and the sudden rush to new gun regulations are intimately tied to one another. But if one points this obvious fact out, one is called “paranoid” and a “conspiracy theorist.”

    But even more bizarre is the attempt at historical revisionism as to the 2nd Amendment. And there have been some Kafkaesque stretches of the imagination made here as to the meaning of the Amendment and why it was included in the Bill of Rights, so much theater of the absurd. And that these absurdities are made by men of some intelligence is the most shocking feature of this whole thing.


  33. Aye, every point you make above is a “normal” request/expectation in a Republic where the Rule of Law is actually followed.

    For those waking up from wherever they’ve been sleeping, We the People are under attack from moles within government, media, banking/wall street, pretty much everywhere. These moles simply “change” the law with whatever writ they have at hand and proclaim it “the New Law”. It is surreal and of such a brazen nature as to confound the sheep. At any other time, treason of such a sort would be seen for what it is, and rooted out.

    But the sheep are asleep, mesmerized, or too beaten down to add 1 + 1 = 2.

    What we are watching is a Horror Movie in Real Time. Better head for the exits.

  34. it is simply a matter of fact that Adam Lanza has not been proven guilty of murdering these people beyond a reasonable doubt. There has been not a single witness to identify him as the killer, of either his mother or the children and adults at the school.

    The amount of carnage committed, to be attributed to one shooter in the allotted time is enough to cause reasonable doubt. And this doubt is in no way assuaged by the odd behavior of the authorities and the mainstream press. There is proven fraud in CNN’s helicopter footage of the “police charge at Sandy Hook”, proven to be footage of a drill at a preschool in the very same town of Newtown. There is helicopter footage of BOTH long guns being removed from the Civic asserted to have been driven there by Adam Lanza. The first reports given by the FBI forensic team stated that there were only two weapons found on the accused and dead assailant. It is absurd to suppose that the rifle now said to have caused all of the wounds would not have been seen or discovered at the scene. it is absurd to suggest that the later reported brass casings amounting to some hundred rounds could have been mistaken for ejected casings from either handgun.

    And the reasoning of the authorities has not been consistent with certain facts as we know them to be. There are so many unexplained anomalies, ones that have been gone over and highlighted that it is trivial to list them yet again.

    To take as coincidence that this event sparked the push for Gun Control is simply Naïve and mortally gullible.


  35. Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Gun Control Email: You’re ‘Literally Surrounded,’ They’re ‘Coming For Your Guns’

    “You and I are literally surrounded. The gun-grabbers in the Senate are about to launch an all-out-assault on the Second Amendment. On your rights. On your freedom,” reads the opening of McConnell’s email…


  36. Have you seen this? Foreign agents there at Sandy Hook? Also, read some of the comments:

    I found this at
    (Thank you for posting this and thank you for all your research.)

    Listen carefully at about 3:10 or 3:11 mark of the timer in the video – the police/military are not speaking english!?! What language is it that these people are speaking?

    • Pig Latin?

      Yea it sounded like a foreign language, but I couldn’t make out what it could be..??


    • There is really a LOT of info on SandyHookTruth…have you scrolled down that page? some interesting stuff about tha mortgages way down the page…
      The most interesting thing that I found is that John Trentacosta owned the property adjacent to the Lanza’s, 34 Yogananda. John Trentacosta is the CEO of Newtown Savings Bank and is also on the Federal Reserve Advisory Council.


  37. Thank you to Max for this information:

    The details that stuck with me the most — and the details which I felt most conflicted about putting in print — were Veronique Pozner’s descriptions of the damage to her son’s body [Noah Pozner]. He was shot 11 times; she told me that his jaw and his left hand were mostly gone. … “We all saw how beautiful he was. He had thick, shiny hair, beautiful long eyelashes that rested on his cheeks. He looked like he was sleeping. But the reality of it was under the cloth he had covering his mouth there was no mouth left. His jaw was blown away.”


  38. The comment, description, all of it above, was from a rumormillnews’ post. Is it considered normal protocol to have foreign agents working on local cases?

    What was the point of your comment above on the Posner boy’s wounds?

    It is absolutely logical to say that 11 wounds is the work of a rifle (on full auto I should think. Not even “burst” fire.). To think that (some kid like Lanza?) pulled the trigger 11 times into the face of a child is ludicrous. To imagine that a cold-blooded professional killer who got off on the wet work did the job is far more logically acceptable. Note, this is just one child (if true).

    Your comment(s) above regarding pistol casings versus rifle casings holds a lake full of water versus the non-hunting dog story posited by the fiction maker story tellers.

    • The point of the comment above is that I have not been of the ranks who believe it is a totally faked scenario using actors, etc.

      And I want to state for the record here that I have never accepted the position that this was entirely staged and it was all actors and such. I have made speculations at certain points that this could b possible. But my central hypothesis is that there were indeed these killings, but that it was a hit by black-op pro’s and that Adam Lanza is a patsy.

      Until it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that Lanza was the killer, I am sticking to this hypothesis. My back up would be Lanza as MK Monarch shooter…because the killings were too efficient for some autistic kid acting alone, and the forensic report of him found dead with only two handguns really spoils the official story – and would need a very convincing explanation as to why something as obvious as the Bushmaster wasn’t seen right away with the dead Lanza.


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