Posted by: dawnatilla | January 21, 2013

Lupe Fiasco keepin’it REAL at Obama Inauguration.


my question: surely they must have known about his political standings?(or non standings) ???



  1. what does it mean to check the box: This Post is Super Awesome

    • Equivalent to “like” only the blog contributor gets an extra special email saying who thought it was super. The email also has a selling opportunity for the contributor to go around to that person’s blog and “like” something.

      • Thanks Mr. the Uno….appreciated .;)

  2. Nice job Lupe 🙂 What did you think you live in a free country?!

  3. Loopy Fiasco sums up the last four years. Food and Liquor are the call for today. He’ll eat Prawns and drink Montrachet at 120 a pop, Joe will get loopy and cry knowing he’ll never be president though he thinks he is now. Likely because we all know Barry is ineligible.

    Joe, you’re an idiot

  4. Always been sus about “looping fiasco” after listening to an interview on radio & him at occupy. The 1i symbolism of the above pic almost caps it for me.
    The world is a stage, & the curtains are slowly being revealed.

    • It is no secret that he has been given unto thee Industry , , he illustrates that in the song “lightwork”..which is REALLY the reason I became a fan. But record after posting this very picture I was like…Ya RIGHT . NOTHING is accidental in that world. O, any world for that matter . ;]

    • “Looping”..?

      • looping fiasco, seems appropriate for the world we live in..
        Just my take 🙂

        • looping fiasco…how appropo…for the entire kit and caboodle…not just lupe!! Nice.:_


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          We used thought.

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