Posted by: dawnatilla | January 21, 2013

COTO accessories

my purse is the MOST!

my purse is the MOST!



  1. Copying a recent exclamation from a COTO soul — “SWEET!”

    And for the dumb and dumbered down, dumbing back to the dumbest Klown around, ‘cept for all the other Dumbest Klowns COTO Knows to be KKKlowns — “There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say, we know there are some things we do not know.
    But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know.” ~ United States Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld

    I excoriate and expectorate at an increasing rate of exclamatory centralized concupiscence of the obviously continuously flatulent class. What else can we surmise?

    I SHOUT into the chemtrailed skies — Where is Tom Murphy? { similar to where is Waldo? “}. Tom Murphy — the icon and extension of the State’s “story” of 9/11. Where art thou ole slave of the State? Killed for knowing too much? Rather, Killed for knowing too little? snicker. COTO KNOWS, and we have noticed the obvious exit of thine bullshit on the pastures of verdure and green. Hast thou fallen afoul of thine superior vultures? Your name is still “smoking” on the COTO page. YOU — the FOIL of ALL who think critically and crush your diaspora most rapidly wonder at your quick exit from the alt pages, once 9/11 moved to page 11? Are you alive?

    WE don’t care — as your ilk are clones of KKKatie. Now, Known Knowns of the Known Gnomes of Fascism. As you smirk in your cubicle, WE pull the plug on your ignoble future. As I look out my second story window, at the wall of chemtrails built East to West, yet held back by the prevailing winds blowing East to the coast, I wish you a cold colostomy bag hanging from your portent belly. May your words turn to worms and eat up your first.

    WE are witness, to the deformities and aspersions cast upon TRUTH.

    • Damn… See what COTO accessorizing does!!!! Whistles bells claps tweets shares copies pastes. Heart swells laughter ensues ascension clicks …streams and manifests. Cheers! Thinking Coto wristbands next with particle beam transmitter this IS what they use to beam people, right? Lol

  2. That’d be, “May your words turn to worms and eat up your emanations”. The World deserves the Truth. Lies are but condemnations of the speaker.

  3. Lovely Nicotilla!

    Here’s something to stuff in there. Why so obvious? Coto knows now. Who stays and who goes. And I go willingly.

    PART 2

    PART 3

    PART 4

    • Honorable Puddy, you have just inspired my self written article, coming up tonight 🙂 maybe morning 🙂

    • was it fake,contrived…the Lupe Fiasco thing? I feel he has been honest all these years despite being “owned ” musically by the Illuminati industry. here, he is shown old footage of his old neighborhood and friends in Chicago, and he starts to cry and takes quite awhile to get it together, due to the fact that alot of those people he saw are dead or imprisoned..and he knows that rappers are hored to keep the blacks down, and he doesnt seem to like it, and I dont know how he appeases his bosses, but his songs seem on the level to me lyrically,tho I know negative (low) types of sound frequencies are also used…Ive cued it to just before they turn back to studio, to spare u the quick bio of his rise to fame

    • but where is the proof that some of these kids were not satanically ritually killed? nobody has been able to rule this out and there are numerous facts supporting this including well know satanic codes being communicated throughout sandy hook event. the truth is none of us should be saying “nobody was hurt” – because we do not know the whole truth.

      • SKY, it is my inclination to say ” I know for a FACT it was a Sacrifice..”” anyone kidding themselves or hung up on the word. Satanism as being too silly for them, should realise that all wars, attacks,bombings, are MASS sacrifices. to MANIFEST a dark, low vibration, which is their “god” and the kind of energy that is emitted by people in sheer terror, torture, pain, etc and CHILDREN are THE GOLDEN SACRIFICIAL LAMBS. ALso Google Michael aquino NSA, MAIN perp of luciferian principles being instilled in themilitary .and a pedo,killer, and all around ass munch.

    • is this narrator an American citizen? regardless- why does he start this series by quoting a well known FREEMASON- Henry D. Thoreau?? the freemasons are the ones you people say you are against here on this site! I hope I can get my “heart space” right……next thing ya know this guy will be on Oprah with his new best selling book!

      • Sky…. If we were to limit our sources of knowledge by how “good” or nice somEone iS in OUR eyes, why that would be a limiting and absurd experience.and impossible. Even tho we are blasting away at those who are snakes in the night, I for one and I think the entire crew here, are not judging or condemning, we are revealin.g with the rest of those on that path, regardless of good bad or ugly. All the knowledge in all the universes is culled from ALL beings in every possible situation . It (ascension, knowledge, growth , ) is made possible BECAUSE soUls chose the dark path. Its the very essence of experience and why we are here. By your logic, u woyld have to stop listening to half the music you probably listen to right now If u were to know their affiliations, agreements and. Blood ties to the Illuminati.

        • At this point I observe that most people- not all- but the masses, choose to turn away from the truth. They neither search for the deeper meanings nor do they desire to really know them. Yes- this is a choice. As for the freemasons and their agenda, they never worshipped a Judeo-Christian God. How do I know this? I know some freemasons personally! From day one- Degree one, a freemason must agree to lie and cover up ALL crimes other freemasons commit! This is done UNDER OATH in a ceremony where the said freemason vows to agree to never reveal another freemason’s crimes under penalty of DEATH. Once a person goes down that path and is complicit in hiding crimes for another person, they have turned from morality and decency and they are commiting crimes against humanity. Imagine what they vow amongst each other by the time they get to 33 degrees. There you have the people in sandy hook – killing 6 year olds and laughing about it. PURE EVIL. Freemasonry runs our world. They worship egyptian gods. They are the children of disobedience. I gave up rock music after I learned about oaths taken by the musicians and the origin of the satanic roots involved.

          • The freemasons you know are NOT those of the BLOODLINE. Ans thats who we refer to. Im pretty sure ‘regular’ members are not aware of the dynamics.

            • Dawn – makes no difference whether the ignorant men join freemasonry and do not know the secret agenda or not. ALL freemasons must swear and take oaths to conceal masonic crimes against humanity. period. that is the FIRST DEGREE of FREMASONRY for everyone. so they cannot cry boo-hoo – I never knew how satanic freemasonry was! later degrees require them to say they agree to “walk in spiritual darkness”…..this is why you have men in courtrooms all across the world placing their arms up when they are guilty and asking for another freemason to bail them out. by freemason law, even if the guilty accused mason is a rapist or a pedophile, the mason judge or attorney is BOUND by oath to keep them from prosecution! that starts at the beginning of freemasonry. they know what they are doing. “The obligation of a first degree Freemason (Entered Apprentice degree): ”

              “Binding myself under no less a penalty than that of having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by its roots, and buried in the rough sands of the sea at low-water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty four hours, should I ever knowingly or willingly violate this my solemn oath and obligation as an Entered Apprentice Mason. So help me God, and keep me steadfast in the due performance of the same.”

            • Freemasons = Satanists = Sodomy = Sexual Crimes against Children. These are all the same. Connect the dots.

              • Ok lets. Get something straight right the f*** now. First, when and why did this become a lesson in Freemasonry for me? Im an author here and if I need information, I have it.if If I dont, I know where to look and who to go to. At what point did you somehow get the idea that 1. I am saying Sandy Hoax had nothing to do with the cabal as I call it.2. At what point did you feel I needed lessons from you? im more than aware of the sordid shit that goes on and is promoted by them. Ive become QUITE adept at seeing.So, kindly stop with the freemasonry 101. Thanks.

      • Dawn- please watch this as it talks about how freemasonry promotes sodomy and violations of children. this is a huge secret! I know what I know.

        • A big secret..a youtube video? Haha okay. if you say so. I dont get ky info feom videos. Usually, woefully. incomplete.. again. STOP PREACHING TO CHOIR PLEASE!!

  4. sorry…go to 3:26…the cue did not work

    • what?? you said – I feel he has been honest all these years despite being “owned ” musically by the Illuminati industry.

      how on earth does one sell out to the evil elite, pimp oneself for money and fame and then “stay honest”?

      • Quite easily…this is a planet of polarity…such extremes in oppositions. Do you not realise the duality present in many people if not all?

      • Besides I meant he was straight forward regdarding his standings on the industry,politics, and refusing to sing the shit that keeps his nrothers down like all the rest of them. That IS the role of any famous rapper. Keep the blacks shootin, dealin and in prison

  5. And mislead all youths if possible. Pushing the message of Its cool to drink, drug, fuck and focus on shit to BUY. Esp if u are 15.hahaha fucked up!

  6. Hi skyblue817

    John Robison warned all Masonic leaders in America that the Illuminati had infiltrated into their lodges back as far as 1789. Those who originally created the lodges were believers in God or at least deists who believed in one creator and a brotherhood of men. It was Weischaupt who masterminded the inifiltration and takeover along with the Jesuit Vatican scum and Khazar and Muslim frauds.

    Thoreau and others in history were not taken in by them and many walked away from it before their deaths. Masonry has continued to decline to less than half of their highest membership. It is under the “Geometry” that the honest dwell and above the knight and master where the scum dwell.

  7. Skyblue….I don’t rule out Satanic sacrifice at all. In fact, I think the children that were spirited away by darkness of night were not dead but instead alive and taken elsewhere for said sacrifice which would explain not allowing the parents to see their children’s bodies. That is unheard of and I can’t believe people think that is an acceptable way for the “authorities” to act. What parent would not want proof that it was their child in the casket??

  8. Skyblue… don’t worry , you will nEVER see Max Igan on Oprah 😉

  9. COTO is about to unleash something, (hopefully) that will be seen world-wide.

    hee-hee … watch the game … snicker, snicker …

    btw – love the purse.

    • thanks ! and I am counting on it! (coto )

  10. M? What are u talking about? What game? the Super Bowl?

    • When else but when the worlds eyes are watching?

      • M, wtf? Stop being so cryptic 😀 Email me with details please? I promise not to tell;)

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