Posted by: dawnatilla | January 20, 2013

Evacuate- Perpetrate



  1. Good stuff! but do we know if this was posted the morning of 12/14?…there is no date on it.

    Also, according to this article,
    she was obsessed with school security for years. Odd, that her school suffered such a fatal security breach 2 years after she uttered the words “not on my watch”!!

    • “..but do we know if this was posted the morning of 12/14?”


      Safety first at Sandy Hook… It’s a beau­ti­ful day for our annual evac­u­a­tion drill!…
      — Dawn Hochsprung (@DHochsprung) Octo­ber 17, 2012

      • thanks! I was late in trying to get an answer for this!! ❤

      • Thanks for the verification Will.

        Dawn, when you have something like this that needs a verification date, please make sure you have it before you post. It makes a world of difference whether it was posted in October or December 14th. Thanks 🙂

        • And for you dear JG, something by Rappoprt that, if you give a fair hearing my temper your temper in regards to him.

          It is an essential take on the danger of television with deep insight:


          • Will, have you heard the conversation between Rense & Weidner regarding the smiling families of slaughtered children? Do you know of their explanation for the behavior of the parents? That they are souless non-human beings…Archons. Nothing akin to what Rappoport is basing his assumption on. Seriously, Will, Rappoport is full of shit on this whole event. No doubt people are tv zombies and influenced by it but that’s not the case here. When your 6 year old is slaughtered you don’t smile for the tv cameras and you certainly don’t advertise the facebook donation page on tv the day after she’s killed. Such bs.

            Personally, I think the parents who have been spotlighted over and over again have not lost children and are being paid handsomely for their “performances.” That would explain the United Way fund being “handled” by Joe LIEberman, large sums of which I’m guessing are going to the Parkers, the McDonnells and the Sotos.

            Check out this latest vid and note at around 18/19 mins in the “greiving woman” from the Aurora shooting. That little bit of evidence and the fact that the United way has collected millions in a very short time and being supervised by the grand zionist himself, LIEberman is very telling indeed.

            • “That they are souless non-human beings…Archons.”

              Oh hell why didn’t I think of that, of course. More of those fucking lizards…jeeeze JG, thanks for setting me straight.


              • FormerWhiteHat suggested that they were clones as well…

              • Dawn & Will, He asserts they were so programmed by tv that they forgot their children/family members were SLAUGHTERED?.. BULLSHIT with a cherry on top!

                I didn’t say they were Archons, I said they didn’t lose a child/family member and were getting paid royally for their loyalty to the cause. Did you even read the rest of my comment?

                Didn’t you see the links Rappoport posted on his article? Rense & Weidner? I didn’t listen to those because I had already heard their take on the Sandy Hook smiling victim’s family members in which both agreed they were ARCHONS.

                Good god… your such a fan of rappoport and such a hater of tv that you can’t see any other reason for their strange behavior?

                • I do not think that is what was stated. as I understood it, he was hearing others explain it that way, which he found to be absurd! Hold on,I find piece…

                • ok, I believe it was offered as an example oh his theory, because he never has stated that he was sure anyone died and has said that it is possible…

                  “I know you’ve just lost your daughter, and I can’t imagine how you feel at this moment, but you see, when we interview you, we want to honor her life. This is your chance to let people all over the world know what and who she was. Her spirit, her interests, her hobbies, what her friends felt about her. You can show the world how alive she was and how happy she was, and you can remember that and you can even smile…”

                  And the mother of that daughter hesitates, pauses, thinks about what she really feels, and then decides the television producer is right and she’ll go along with it.

                  Nevertheless, in the interviews with those people (and others) whom I’ve mentioned above, something else is also happening. Something beyond the pale. Something that includes the power and force and influence of television, but something that goes past that.

                  • Exactly Dawn. I don’t know if you have children but I do. I have a grown son and daughter and 5 grandchildren. If anything like that happened to ANY of them… there is no way in hell anyone on tv could get me to NOT show grief. There is no makeup artist in the world that could hide the bloodshot eyes or the bags under my eyes from being up all night crying and reliving the last time I saw my loved ones. I could not only not go on tv but I’d have a hard time facing or talking to anyone but immediate family members and very close friends. THAT is a normal way that every grieving person I have ever come in contact with behaves.

                    Rappoport obviously has no children or doesn’t give a crap about them if he thinks loving parents can so easily be swayed by a tv news person after their child was slaughtered. But seriously, I believe this nonsense he’s putting forward is a distraction from what really happened and is probably still happening in Sandy Hook.

            • “Seriously, Will, Rappoport is full of shit on this whole event. No doubt people are tv zombies and influenced by it but that’s not the case here. When your 6 year old is slaughtered you don’t smile for the tv cameras and you certainly don’t advertise the facebook donation page on tv the day after she’s killed. Such bs.”

              when did he state that he thought these were actually grieving parents who were smiling? Personally, the way his article is today,he is SPOT ON!

            • also,Jon is probably trying to appeal to audience types who are groomed and still subscribing to network news action,, so he includes all possibilities in order to not limit the information being accepted or considered…which is a a good idea…as not doing so will turn people away for sure. what do u think?

              • I used to think Rappoport was an honest journalist.. My views have changed since he was pushing, same as Jones & Mike Adams that Lanza was on SSRIs and going with the whole.. the drugs made him do it bs.

                • Also, Gordon Duff has stated that he has sources that prove Sandy Hook was an Israeli operation which of course would be the reason Jones et al are trying to push Lanza as the shooter.

                  • personally I find that too be an absurd suggestion! to what end? besides, ISRAEL/AMERICA…IS THERE A DIFFERENCE??? ❤

                    • He links to that for the reason Dawnatilla says, to present all of the various views he has encountered.

                      As far as having an open mind – I didn’t say I agreed with all of those various theories, or any one in particular. I have my own take on this. I think it was a team of assassins who abducted Lanza, killed his mother, pulled off the massive hit and killed Lanza, leaving him there as the patsy.
                      As a sanctioned hit they had their getaway planned by being covered by agents within local law enforcement.

                      I also think this hit was sanctioned by the highest powers puppeting this ‘government’ and that there was coordination from the top to to local authorities.

                      That is my general hypothesis. There are aspects that are also indecipherable, and still up for fitting into this general theme.


                    • And a very good theory it is. I wonder about Adam though. Was he dead long before Sandy Hook? For no one to see him in years…. really strange even for an autistic kid since he was out and about prior to that.

                    • And, as if summoned by us alone …

                  • “Gordon Duff has stated that he has sources…”

                    Yea Deb, Gordon has as many secret unnamed sources as MSM.

                    You think Rapopport is full of shit? Well I think that Duff is a provocateur and cointel. And you know I have no love of Israel.

                    I don’t think you read Rappoport’ with care, and that your bias is set and that is that for you. Rappoport gave a variety of other’s perspectives on Sandy Hook without judging them, and encouraging those who have these angles to keep digging. He did not pick one out and say it is right.

                    I think he is being much more open minded than you are on this Deb.
                    And also, I don’t give Rinse nor Weidner any credence either.

                    So, we have two diverse points of view here, and neither will change the other’s mind. We’ll have to live with that.


                    • I have to agree…on the last statement..and Israel .there are at least 64 names in the movers and shakers dept of the US Govt that are Dual Citizenship Israeli’s . yes I will find list now.

                    • .Will, why does Rappoport link to the Rense/Weidner show when they believe the “victims’ relatives are Archons? I’m quite confused by that. Muddying the waters even more perhaps?

                      As far as being open minded… what’s that you always say?”? don’t open your mind so much that your brains spill out 🙂

                    • He includes it because I believe he likes to offer all views like I said! ” A mind is like a parachute, it doesnt work if it isnt open” Frank Zappa.:)

                • I still believe he is honest!His articles to me sound like sincere writing and the thing is, he keeps it open…not stating EXACTLY what went on because its true,we cant 100% for sure say whats what…

                  • He very much puts forth what he thinks happens. What are you talking about? What, because he lists what everyone is speculating at the end of his article. Oh no, he’s got an agenda same as Alex Jones.

                    • What I am talking about is regarding Sandy Hook and his “many things could have happened” attitude..he NEVER. omes out and says these ARE grieving parents with murdered children,, who acted like they were told. he only suggested that as being. a working dynamic in media! Also, if you think he has xan agenda, that kind if thing is usually suspected due to certain directions and leanings. To What and for. Whom do u believe his agenda to be ??

                • Again, he was using that Lanza / pill thing to DEMONSTRATE the many dynamics of such events, not Stating with Finality or that it was his only take on it….?

        • yes , for sure..:) It was something I didnt even think of looking at as I was rushing to post…what a dork!! 😉

        • yes sorry, was rushing!

  2. Going by the cabals predilection for humor , twisted likenesses. I’m sure it was purposeful and (enjoyable) to them

  3. Active Shooter Preparedness

    It does not work America. 1.6 billion rounds and an army of govt. paid pycho MonarK shooters wins everytime.

  4. U.S. Geological Survey

    WASHINGTON — A magnitude 4.0 earthquake rattled Maine on Tuesday at 7:12 p.m., U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said, but there were no reports of damage. The quake struck 4 miles south-west of Hollis Center and about 100 miles north of Boston, at a depth of 6.7 kilometres, seismologists said.
    According to USGS, people in New England, and in its geological extension southward through Long Island, have felt small earthquakes and suffered damage from infrequent larger ones since colonial times. Moderately damaging earthquakes strike somewhere in the region every few decades, and smaller earthquakes are felt roughly twice a year.


  5. The real drill? This guy thinks so. India’s attack last year during the Olympics was a test. Corbett reviews the scenario well.

    As in Sandy Hook, the object and objective are different. Cascading infrastructure failure and the Karina test for weapons confiscation are a small part of the plan.

    In Lieu of Predictions in a single post I am marking them on the vortex matrix and posting them in Headers.

    #8 EMP ASSAULT – #1 IRAN = 9

    3=Pakistan 6= Turkey

  6. ‘Sherrie Questioning All’ has started a new website dedicated to all the Sandy Hook anomalies:

    • sweet!

    • Boomer…I see nothing there but the title, and an opening blurb.

      Did you see more?


    • Thanks Boom… that’s a good website!

      • I guess it won’t load for me.

        I didn’t see anything there but what I described before.


  7. Will,That happens to me too sometimes. Usually with pictures and usually when my computer resources are low. It might come up for you later.

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